Chapter 167 - Heavenly Eyed Song & Treasure Purse

Bai Fan invited Wang Guofeng as a guest to his private villa in Huaibei under the disguise of discussion about the development of the Medicine Deity Corporation. But Wang Guofeng knew that the actual purpose was that Bai Fan wanted to flaunt his wealth. When Xu Tiande was in control of the Medicine King Valley, the sect grew and accumulated a terrifying amount of wealth. However, Bai Fan was even more vicious and cunning than Xu Tiande, thus, the development of the Medicine King Valley grew even more ferocious under his leadership.

Bai Fan was more cunning than Xu Tiande, even most of the information that She Wei obtained was secretly given to her by Bai Fan. Thus, the power behind She Wei had a good impression of Bai Fan, which was the reason why the Medicine King Valley wasn’t affected by the fall of the Nie Family. On the contrary, they merely switched boats and even obtained benefits.

This villa must be something that Bai Fan had secretly purchased many years ago and only started to renovate after he had imprisoned Xu Tiande. Strictly speaking, Wang Guofeng could be considered as his first guest. Although Wang Guofeng lost several times in the hands of Su Tao, his medical skills were still something publicly known. Furthermore, the Wang Family had a noble status in the TCM industry. If Wang Guofeng could join the Health Ministry’s leading medical team, that would mean three Imperial Physicians originated from the same family, a glory that other families could never achieve.

Bai Fan knew that he walked on the unorthodox path, and it’s practically impossible for him to enjoy the highest honor in the TCM industry like Wang Guofeng. Thus, he needed someone clean to cooperate, and Wang Guofeng was undoubtedly a good choice.

Wang Guofeng was surprised by Bai Fan’s lifestyle. Although he knew that Xu Tiande had led a luxurious lifestyle, he never expected that Bai Fan was also living an unimaginable lifestyle. Although he said that he had no idea what meat was being used to barbeque, he had an idea in his heart. There were several types of meat that were categorised as having a precious wild taste, like camel meat, which was famously noted in the Tang Dynasty as part of the Imperial Cuisine.

There was even a story about it. The Senior Member of the Grand Secretariat in the Ming Dynasty, Xie Jin, once wrote about the delicacies of the world with the High Official in the Board of Rites, Lu Zhen. 

Lu Zhen once said in admiration, “I heard that the taste of camels is unparalleled in the world, but it’s a pity that we don’t have the opportunity to try it.”

Xie Jin replied to him as he boasted, “I was fortunate to come across it once, and the taste is truly unrivaled.”

Knowing that Xie Jin was boasting, Lu Zhen purposely took some elephant’s tendons from the Imperial Kitchen and informed Xie Jin, “His Majesty bestowed me some camel’s meat yesterday, and I’m inviting you over to enjoy it together.”

Immediately, Xie Jin came knocking on his door for it. But when he left, Lu Zhen sent a poem to the former, “Hanlin Imperial Academy hath a fool, surnamed Xue. Since at which hour hath the Imperial Kitchen slaughtered a camel? if 't be true I doth not forswear, how would I findeth out the truth?”

That meant that even high officials who hadn’t tried the meat knew how precious it was.

Wang Guofeng felt complicated when he ate the camel’s meat. He thought of how his grandfather and father worked for their entire life and only became comparatively well-off; it was completely different from Bai Fan’s lifestyle. Suddenly, a desire rose in Wang Guofeng’s heart. Why shouldn’t he rely on his medical skills to create a fortune and make his life more comfortable?

When Bai Fan noticed that Wang Guofeng was about to finish, he waved his hand towards Ole Seventh. The latter came over with a silver box, which Bai Fan placed beside Wang Guofeng with a smile. “Your dividends in advance!”

Glancing at the box, Wang Guofeng faintly said, “The Medicine Deity Corporation has yet to earn any profits, and you’re giving out dividends already?”

Bai Fan laughed, “Brother Guofang, the Medicine Deity Corporation will surely prosper with our cooperation. The instant our products enter the market, this sum will only be scraps. Use it for now, and let me know when you’re out of money. Putting it in a nutshell, I’ll be responsible for your lifestyle in the future!”

Wang Guofeng knew that Bai Fan was trying to tie them to the same boat; even his reputation had been exploited in the Medicine Deity Corporation’s advertisement. There’s already no path of return for him, and the money that Bai Fan gave him was also his gains after contributing. Raising his cup, Wang Guofeng smiled. “Let’s hope that the Medicine Deity Corporation will succeed!”

When Bai Fan gulped down his cup, his phone suddenly rang. He knitted his brows and answered in doubt, “Got it, pay attention to them and inform me of any actions!”

Seeing Bai Fan’s brows knitted, Wang Guofeng asked, “Is there a problem?”

Knocking his fingers on the table, Bai Fan sighed, “I’ve just received news that the two fellows, Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang, are heading towards Hanzhou.”

“Hanzhou? They’re going to look for Su Tao?” Wang Guofeng asked out after a brief stun.

After Bai Fan analysed the issue, he calmly replied, “Tang Nanzheng was the one that invited them. Although his skill is mediocre, he has a good reputation and is also one of those famous oldies in the TCM circle.”

Wang Guofeng muttered, “The two of them heading for Hanzhou immediately after Three Flavour Cosmetics International branding crisis, there must be a link, and I’m not having a good feeling about it.”

Bai Fan smiled. “We’ll just take whatever they throw at us. At least right now, we’re holding the advantage! Su Tao and his company have already been pushed into desperate straits!”

Although Ole Seventh was coming with more meat, Wang Guofeng’s appetite also dropped due to the sudden change in his mood.

Song Sichen always intended to visit Hanzhou. Mainly because it’s one of the famous tourist cities in China, and also the genius in TCM, Su Tao, came from Hanzhou. Thus, he instantly agreed to Tang Nanzheng’s sincere invitation. As for Dou Fanggang, Tang Nanzheng spent a little more time, since he’s a little more inflexible. Tang Nanzheng had to find a few people close to Dou Fanggang before he managed to invite the latter.

The two of them were renowned grandmasters in the TCM industry. Diagnosis was Song Sichen’s forté, with the nickname of Heavenly Eyed Song. His diagnosis was even more accurate than the western medicine’s equipment. On the other hand, Dou Fanggang had the nickname of Treasure Purse. When he was young, he read an ancient record of TCM that made him an expert in prescription studies. There’s a treasure trove in his mind of TCM’s folk remedies and secret prescriptions. He did wonders when it came to the usage of herbs, with tons of people coming in daily to seek his medicine. The two of them were also the cornerstone of the TCM Association, which was the reason why they were the soul in the previous Physician King Tournament’s judge panel.

There’s an interesting and appealing house opposite the Yang Family’s old residence, there wasn’t any signboard on it, but there were two levels in this house. The first floor was an exhibition with all sorts of dishes displayed along with their introductions, cooking method, and tastes. Aside from that, there were also introductions of knives and other cuisines. This was one of the scenic areas of Hanzhou, the Huainan Food Museum. Ordinary tourists could only tour around, but there’s actually a secret here. There’s a small courtyard behind the museum, a restaurant that served authentic Huainan Cuisines.

Companies that were entertaining distinguished guests mainly used the restaurant, and since this was a museum, the chef was naturally a grandmaster. This was also the location that Yan Jing had decided to host Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang to show their respect.

When Song Sichen walked in, he glanced around the decorations on the wall before he smiled. “I never expected such treatment after coming to Hanzhou. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to guarantee such treatment if you come to Xiangnan.”

Su Tao quickly replied, “Hanzhou is just a third-tiered city. Although our city isn’t big, we still have some foundation when it comes to culture. Disguising it as a meal, I actually invited two seniors over to experience Hanzhou’s culture.”

Although Dou Fanggang was quite the obstinate person, he’s also someone that knew how to give respect when it’s given. He nodded his head with a faint smile. “There’s actually no need for this. If you want us to speak good words for you in the TCM industry, Old Tang’s face is already sufficient.”

The waitress wore cheongsam when she came in with the dishes. Su Tao faintly smiled. “Let’s talk while we eat.”

Huainan’s cuisine was generally light in flavor. As someone from Nanyue, Dou Fanggang wasn’t unfamiliar with the food, but Song Sichen felt that the dishes were a little too light for him. Su Tao had already thought about this beforehand and had arranged a few spicy dishes. Song Sichen could naturally see through the former’s intention, and felt that this little fellow knew how to deal with people pretty well.

Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang were fond of alcohol, but they’re still getting on their age. Thus, a few cups were enough to make them feel elated, and they became more casual with their words. As someone who excelled in interaction, Yan Jing smiled. “Since everyone here is renowned in the TCM industry, I believe everyone must have some interesting experience, right? Why don’t you guys share some to fulfill my curiosity?”

Su Tao praised Yan Jing in his heart. Although she disguised it as a way to share interesting things, it was actually meant to satisfy their sense of achievement. Firstly, it could ease out the awkwardness in the atmosphere and also flatter the two people indirectly.

Tang Nanzheng smiled as he clapped his hands. “This is a good idea, let me go first. I once participated in a wedding and noticed that the groom had a serious issue of pimples. His entire face was covered in pimples, and he came looking for me at the wedding. After I gave him a piece of advice, he called me three days later to tell me that the issue has been resolved. Why don’t you guys guess the method that I’ve used?”

Song Sichen smiled. “There are many reasons for pimples. Old Tang, you’re deliberately making it hard for us with this question!”

Holding onto his chin, Dou Fanggang said, “Could it be an allergic reaction? No, that’s not right. I’ve only heard of the females having an allergic reaction in the bridal room, but I’ve never heard of guys having an allergic reaction.” He shook his head shortly after to deny his speculation and gulped down the white wine in his cup.

How could Yan Jing not guess the reason for women having an allergic reaction in the bridal room? But even someone as experienced as she couldn’t help feeling the burning sensation on her face. The scale of these physicians’ conversation wasn’t just ordinarily big. To them, it’s as if sex was as regular a topic as wearing clothes!

Tang Nanzheng turned to look at Su Tao and asked with a smile, “Little Su, have you figured the reason out?”

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

In Chinese Weddings, after all the tiring process of fetching the bride, dinner… it ends with the marriage being consummated in the bridal room. So by saying that the newlyweds were going to the bridal room, it meant sex.

As for the allergy reaction in females, it has something to do with sperm.