Chapter 165 - A Straight Split

TCM’s theory of maintaining health depended on how one eats. Thus, the dishes were more lightly prepared than those from a restaurant. However, Jiang Qinghan was satisfied with the meal, since it proved Su Tao’s culinary skills after making such light-tasting food into delicacies. Yan Wujin was particularly fond of the roasted chicken, since he was fighting Yan Sha over it, and smiled. “How did you prepare this chicken? Why does it have a faint taste of herbs in it?”

Su Tao smiled as he explained, “I just happen to have some herbs in my medical box, so I added some codonopsis root in it that’s good for you.”

Nodding his head, Yan Wujin sighed, “That isn’t all to this meal, right?”

Su Tao smiled as he responded, “You may consider this as a medicinal cuisine!”

Pointing at the kelp soup that’s common in many households, Yan Wujin asked with a smile on his face, “What about this?”

Su Tao replied as he peeked at Jiang Qinghan, “Wolfberry and Peach Kernel Kelp Soup, a medicinal cuisine good for females.”

However, Su Tao didn’t go into details about it. He noticed Jiang Qinghan’s hormonal disorder, and this soup can help decrease hormone secretion in the body. The main reason that patients were experiencing this was due to the overflow of the female’s sex hormones, which could be regulated with wolfberries and peach kernel.

Jiang Qinghan fell into pondering before she scooped a spoonful from the bowl. She gently blew on it before taking a sip and her brows loosened up. There’s a wolfberry fragrance in the soup, and despite being unusual, the flavor was distinctive.

The medicine cuisine that Su Tao has prepared for the Yan Family wasn’t done intentionally but on a whim. However, he had paid more attention to Yan Wujin and Jiang Qinghan’s conditions.

Since she had classes in the afternoon, Yan Sha swiftly cleared two bowls of rice in just a short while and praised with a smile, “This is so much better than Grandfather’s cooking. You can handle our lunch in the future!”

Su Tao swiftly explained, “I’m only coming here occasionally, since I have other things on hand.”

Yan Wujin nodded his head and asked, “How’s the Three Flavour Hall? How’s Liu Jianwei?”

Su Tao smiled. “He has integrated himself into the Three Flavour Hall. He’s also actively taking heavy duties, and his mentality has also drastically changed since he got here.”

Gravely glancing at Su Tao, Yan Wujin sighed, “He’s a ferocious general if he’s used right. Otherwise, you’re just playing with fire, and you have to be cautious.”

Su Tao naturally knew that Yan Wujin was reminding him out of goodwill, so he replied, “I know what I’m doing.”

After dinner, Su Tao washed the dishes as well. By the time he came out of the kitchen, he had noticed that Jiang Qinghan had changed into a set of white martial clothes. She was holding onto a sword while standing in the courtyard. With a smile, Yan Wujin’s eyes squinted. “She’ll have to teach you something since you’re her disciple. Since she’s here now, let her teach you a set of swordplay!” 

Su Tao followed Yan Wujin to the courtyard. The eastern side of the yard was decorated with a well-tended vegetable field, and it’s even been split into chillies, tomato, and cucumber on the bamboo rack, adding an agriculture field to this residence. On the other side was a stone table with two camphor trees beside it. Despite being in the late autumn, they’re still flourishing with lush green and the thick branches extended out of the two meters wall with rustling noises coming from them due to the wind.

“Observe!” Jiang Qinghan said as she started to move. She was like an agile swallow with the sword turning into a python, flickering with cold light the moment it was unsheathed and it gently swayed like a willow.

Several actions, she leaped with her sword pointed towards the sky. Her wrist trembled as she brandished her sword in the air. When she descended, she landed in a vertical ‘T’ shape. Her body was leaning backward with her right foot on the ground, and her left foot was facing the sky vertically. Under the rays of the sun, her sword glittered as she maintained that posture for a few seconds before her right foot wrung on the ground. She started to spin like a spinning top and the trajectory formed circles before she straightened her body up, and her left foot gently tapped on the ground. Her sword morphed into bolts of lightning with every single clash leaving a crackle in the air.

Su Tao’s eyes flickered with shock. He never expected Jiang Qinghan’s sword-dance to be so beautiful. He suddenly felt like a king in ancient times watching entertainment performances like these.

“Sword aura rumbling like thunder, and as calm as the gleaming reflection of sunlight when retracted.” This poem could be used to describe the brilliance of Jiang Qinghan’s sword-dance.

After a few leaps, Jiang Qinghan was one with the sword. Leaping into the air, she gently twisted her body and the sword was pointed towards Su Tao before she wrung herself backward. When she landed on the ground, she landed in a split with her eyes flickering in confidence. She quietly remained in that position with only the sword waving under the autumn breeze.

“Brilliant swordplay! It’s too beautiful!” Su Tao couldn’t help calling out as he clapped and praised.

Although Jiang Qinghan had been busy with her work, her swordplay hadn’t declined. She tossed her sword into the air and Su Tao caught it in surprise. Jiang Qinghan waved her hand towards him, signalling him to come over. “Okay, your turn now.”

“Ah?” Su Tao was stunned. He was too busy admiring Jiang Qinghan’s charming bearing that he had forgotten the move set. Thickening his face, he said, “I wasn’t focused back then, and forgotten a few of them. Can you show it to me again?”

Jiang Qinghan’s face turned dark with disappointment and dissatisfaction in her eyes. Her tone turned grim as she demanded, “Put your hand out!”

Switching the sword to his left hand, Su Tao stretched his right hand out. Jiang Qinghan whipped his hand twice with a branch that he had no idea when she got it from; it was like a teacher punishing a student. Although she did not use much force behind it, it still felt numb from the whip. Furthermore, Su Tao could feel an itch and numbness in his heart as his heart throbbed.

Jiang Qinghan sighed. The reason why she did that was to leave him an impression. After all, Su Tao was no longer young, so she should leave him some face.

On the other hand, Yan Wujin took out a square paper and tobacco and started to roll cigarettes. He only smiled when he saw Jiang Qinghan’s actions. Martial Art wasn’t as easy as TCM, since it emphasised a strict teacher producing a brilliant student. With a stern face, Jiang Qinghan took the sword from Su Tao and she started her sword-dance once again.

Su Tao gathered all his attention on her movements. With the foundation of his medical skills, not only could Su Tao observe the motions, but he could also work out the changes of her joints, muscles, and veins to figure out where she exerted her strength. Even though the Pulse Art had talked about using force as well, it was completely different from Jiang Qinghan. Su Tao could sense an invisible aura flowing into the sword along with her dance, and that aura would be unleashed every single time she brandished her sword.

Retracting her sword, Jiang Qinghan turned to look at Su Tao. “Seen it clearly this time?”

Su Tao replied with a smile, “I think I can give it a try now.”

When he received the sword, Su Tao could feel a slippery warmth lingering on the sword hilt. He started to perform the sword-dance, and although he lacked the graceful appeal, when compared to Jiang Qinghan, he managed to link the moves pretty well.

Yan Wujin had already rolled his cigarette and started to smoke. He wasn’t surprised that Su Tao could perform Jiang Clan’s Swordplay well and he even looked a little proficient in it. Su Tao’s strength flowed well in the moves, and the small variations weren’t something to be belittled, since other people would take a long time before they could achieve that. However, Su Tao had already figured it out on his first try, which was shocking enough!

Jiang Qinghan’s expression was grave as she watched Su Tao. She felt disbelief that Su Tao could perform it so well on his first try. Furthermore, she had also started to reflect on the Jiang Clan’s Swordplay, which had been passed down through her family, as she watched Su Tao’s movements. She even gained enlightenment on some moves that she was stuck with. So this move is meant to use the muscles here to exert more force!

Su Tao’s knowledge of the human body’s muscles and bones far exceeded Jiang Qinghan. Thus, he was able to execute the swordplay easily. At the same time, he could feel a surge of heat rising from his Dantian with his forehead covered in beads of sweat. He looked at the latter and smiled. “Master, is there any mistakes with my moves?”

Jiang Qinghan gently coughed before she glanced at Yan Wujin, who was smoking, and faintly said, “It’s pretty good, but your movements aren’t smooth enough. Practice this set two more times, and we’ll call it a day.”

Su Tao obediently smiled and started to practice the sword-dance. This time, it was executed much faster, since he was getting more proficient with his use of muscles.

Seeing the awkward expression on Jiang Qinghan’s face, Yan Wujin extinguished the cigarette and walked towards the former’s side. “Two more times is enough.” When he finished his words, he turned and returned to the house.

Jiang Qinghan helplessly shook her head. How could she not understand Yan Wujin’s words? That meant that two more times was enough for Su Tao to be proficient with it, and practicing anymore would just be a waste of energy.

As Yan Wujin walked into the house, he let out a long sigh. He initially held the intention to give Su Tao a try by accepting him as a disciple for his daughter-in-law. But looking at things right now, Su Tao might be able to inherit all his skills with some effort!

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