Chapter 164 - Little Su will follow Master’s words cautiously

Jiang Qinghan felt helpless against the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. As a police officer, she wanted to catch the ones behind the scenes and bust them. However, the province had already informed her that they would be handling Xu Jiangang, and they also did not give any special praise to the Hanzhou Police Department. This attitude made Jiang Qinghan’s heart turn cold, since that meant that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company must have a special relationship in the province. So even if one or two of their lairs were eradicated, it’s impossible to uproot all of them.

She sat on the couch with her legs crossed. Women were usually gentle, but having a rigid one would occasionally stand out. She wore a white shirt with a cartoon printing on it. Her neck was fair with a trace of calmness on her face that made her look mature. There’s also a mole on the corner of her left eye that made her look dignified and even more charming.

“When did you recognise me?” Jiang Qinghan asked in a stern tone with curiosity.

“From the first time we met.” Su Tao frankly said, then continued, “Yan Sha showed me a photo of you. Although you look a little different from the photo, I still managed to recognise you from the first glance.”

After being briefly stunned, Jiang Qinghan asked, “I’m different from my photos?”

“You’re a mother filled with affection and tenderness in the photo, but you have this killing aura with your uniform that strikes fear in criminals in real life.” Su Tao sugarcoated his words while flattering in earnest.

Jiang Qinghan sourly cast a glance at Su Tao before she changed a posture. Her pink bra was tightly wrapping her ample chest, and due to the loose collar of the shirt, a wonderful sight could be seen with a sweep of a glance.

The two of them briefly remained silent before Su Tao suddenly recalled something and asked, “Why did you make two cups of coffee if there’s no guest around?”

Jiang Qinghan’s gaze briefly fell on Su Tao’s face before she said, “Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

With a sour smile, Su Tao responded, “Who would want to hear lies?”

Jiang Qinghan faintly smiled before she said, “When my husband was still alive, I would make two cups of coffee during our free time.”

Suddenly, Su Tao’s face turned awkward as he looked at the coffee. Did that mean that he drank the coffee that belonged to her dead husband? Su Tao couldn’t help feeling a little weird despite his strong mentality.

Noticing Su Tao’s thoughts, Jiang Qinghan continued, “Rest assured, the cup is new. It was just a habit I couldn’t get rid of.”

Su Tao suddenly started sweating a little. It was like he could feel Jiang Qinghan’s husband’s ghost hovering in the air, staring at him. He smiled in embarrassment. “You and he must have a deep relationship.”

Shaking her head, a weak smile appeared on the corner of Jiang Qinghan’s lips. “When he was still alive, we didn’t get to meet often, and I often took him for granted. It was only after he’s gone that I realised how good he was to me.”

Su Tao nodded his head, and just when he wanted to enquire further, a cough suddenly rang out from outside. Yan Wujin walked into the yard, holding onto a fan. It’s already autumn, but Yan Wujin still brought around a fan out of habit. It’s just like how some would wear sunglasses at night or a hat in summer. Even if it wasn’t practical, it was still worn due to style.

Naturally, putting it in the eyes of the crowd, some would even talk behind them for being a fool.

When Yan Wujin saw Su Tao and his daughter-in-law talking, a smile appeared on his face. “It looks like there’s no need for me to introduce you both.”

Su Tao quickly stood up and moved to the one-seater couch that’s on the side. On the other hand, Jiang Qinghan started to skillfully brew some tea. “We’ve met a few times in the past, and today is our formal meeting.”

Yan Wujin knocked his fan on the table and reminded, “Let Little Su brew the tea!”

Su Tao reacted quickly, since he knew what was Yan Wujin trying to do. He swiftly took over from Jiang Qinhan, and through the process, his fingers gently touched Jiang Qinghan’s hand, which made Su Tao feel weird in his heart from the cold touch.

He swiftly finished brewing the tea and filled several cups before coming before Jiang Qinghan and kneeled. A man should have dignity, but kneeling before his parents and master are rightful. Jiang Qinghan took the cup of tea and a sipped before she gently said, “You’re not a disciple that I have personally accepted. But since you’re my disciple now, you will stay as my disciple. As your master, I have eight words for you. Root out the strong and support the weak!”

“Your disciple will follow master’s words cautiously.” Su Tao responded.

Clapping his hand, Yan Wujin smiled. “Good! Good! Good! Have Little Su stay behind and have dinner, then.”

Jiang Qinghan indifferently replied, “I’ll go to the kitchen and prepare for lunch.”

Su Tao quickly walked over and said, “Let me do it. Allow me to show my skills to master and grandmaster!”

Yan Wujin nodded his head in satisfaction. As the phrase that flowed in the society, etiquette was essential between the master and disciple, and as the saying goes, a day as a master is equivalent to a father for life. Since Su Tao had gone through the ceremony, that meant that he’s a member of the Yan Family now. Or put it this way, without the identity as Jiang Qinghan’s disciple, It might cause gossip, since there’s still a distinction between men and women, even though Su Tao was a lot younger than Jiang Qinghan. But with their master-disciple relationship, Su Tao would be able to freely enter the Yan Family’s residence without any worries.

Su Tao started the work as soon as he entered the kitchen, while Jiang Qinghan watched from the side. After seeing that Su Tao was even more skillful with his knife work compared to her, she returned to the living room. When she saw Yan Wujin sitting by the tea table, she walked over and said, “I never expected Su Tao to also be good when it comes to culinary!”

Nodding his head, Yan Wujin smiled. “I’ve lived for so many years, so I still have some eyesight. That brat will surely make it big in the future.”

Jiang Qinghan sighed, then asked out of worry, “Su Tao is just twenty, and Yan Sha is fourteen. Will there be a problem if the two of them come in contact together for a long period?”

Rolling his eyeballs, Yan Wujin smiled. “What problem is there? Are you worried that Su Tao might gobble up Yan Sha?”

After being briefly stunned, Jiang Qinghan reminded, “Dad, don’t tell me that you intend to put Su Tao and Yan Sha… Yan Sha is still too young!”

Yan Wujin waved his hand and smiled. “In terms of age, Su Tao isn’t that much older than Yan Sha. Just let the Senior Brother and Junior Sister interact by themselves, and if a relationship blossoms between them, that’s also good news. Your mother-in-law and I are also martial siblings. Although she went ahead of me, our relationship wasn’t ordinary. Even after so many years, I still keep myself single for her!”

Jiang Qinghan was left speechless, since she never expected that her father-in-law would have such thoughts. She sighed, “Dad, what generation is that…” In the generation when Yan Wujin was young, women getting married at fourteen or fifteen wasn’t unusual. But in the current age, girls at fourteen were just considered to be budding. So whether it was by law or morals, it’s not something acceptable.

With a faint smile, Yan Wujin comforted, “Don’t worry too much, Su Tao isn’t one without a sense of propriety. With me and you watching, nothing will happen.”

Jiang Qinghan had gotten the confirmation from Yan Wujin. So it turned out that Yan Wujin wasn’t just accepting a disciple for her, but even with the attitude of seeking a son-in-law for her as well.

People get more stubborn as they get older, and Jiang Qinghan knew that this father-in-law of hers wasn’t someone that could be easily convinced. Inwardly, she felt that she should control the relationship between Su Tao and her daughter. Yan Sha had already undergone her first awakening of love, and Su Tao was also a young and vigorous youth. If the two of them couldn’t hold back and tried the forbidden fruit, the one who would suffer would be her daughter.

Su Tao swiftly finished roughly half an hour later. By the time Yan Sha returned, Su Tao had already prepared four dishes and soup on the table. Yan Sha’s school was a half-day today, and she was already famished. So her first reaction, when she came back, was to charge to the dining room. When she saw Su Tao in an apron with a plate in his hand, she was shocked before she laughed out, “Why are you cooking? Is it edible?”

Helplessly glancing at Yan Sha, Su Tao sourly said, “Don’t eat if you’re not confident in me!”

“If I don’t eat because you tell me not to, then wouldn’t it make me lose face?” When she finished speaking, she reached out for a piece of roasted chicken with her hand and shoved the chicken wing into her mouth.

Glancing at her, and seeing that she was still going to use her hand to take more food, he immediately stopped her with a smile. “My goodness, can’t you have some hygiene?”

Yan Sha was pressing forth while Su Tao stopped her. Yan Sha was entirely different from her mother. She was filled with the aura of youth and impulsiveness.

Girls and women were naturally two different flavors, since girls would have an underripe aura around them. But they’re fresh, something that no one would get tired about. Women were like blossomed flowers or a juicy fruit. Because Yan Sha had practiced martial arts, she was more healthy than those of the same age as her. But comparing her to the body of a matured woman still made her look underripe.

The scene of Su Tao and Yan Sha making a mess was seen by Yan Sha when he walked in. She knitted her brows and unhappily said, “What are you guys doing?”

Yan Sha stuck her tongue out while taking two steps back. She still felt a little aching on her chest when she was stopped by Su Tao’s arm. Pouting her lips, she grumbled, “I was just trying to see if there’s any poison in the food, but he insisted on obstructing me!”

Jiang Qinghan glared at Yan Sha before she reprimanded, “Stop speaking nonsense, be more decent. Go, wash your hands now. We’ll start eating soon.”

Yan Sha shrugged and headed towards the washroom as she hummed a tune, while Jiang Qinghan faintly said, “Yan Sha is a little unreasonable at times, please don’t put that to heart.”

Su Tao quickly smiled. “But this shows that we’re close. If she doesn’t care about me, it will make me feel awkward instead!”

Knitting her brows, Jiang Qinghan did not continue to speak. Perhaps she was too sensitive here. Even if Yan Sha had any thoughts about Su Tao, the latter was already someone in society. So he would naturally not lower himself to Yan Sha’s level. At most, he just treated Yan Sha as a little sister.

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