Chapter 163 - That Gorgeous Silhouette

Wang Song left after being in Di Shiyuan’s office for twenty minutes when he received a call. After he left, Di Shiyuan sighed as he explained, “This is Wang Song’s character, and he can be a little forceful sometimes.”

But everyone knew that Di Shiyuan was the most forceful one in Hanzhou’s medical field. Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “The reason you chose him was that he’s similar to you, right?”

Di Shiyuan sighed, “In the two months when Qiao Dehao was the President in Jianghuai Hospital, he created a foul atmosphere in the entire hospital. Right now, not only is there an issue with the management, but finance is also problematic. Wang Song is a talent when it comes to management, so he might be able to resolve this. As for the contradiction between Chinese and western medicines, they’ve existed since a long time ago.”

Di Shiyuan also came from western medicine. Although he had changed to try and revitalise Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department, that didn’t mean that everyone else had the same idea. Even if Di Shiyuan was forceful, he was still someone with tolerance. Wang Song was a little stubborn, so he needed results to convince him to change his view.

Su Tao sighed. He knew what Di Shiyuan meant. After a brief pondering, he suddenly felt enlightened, so he smiled. “I’m starting to get worried now. Are you trying to force me to lead here?”

Di Shiyuan was briefly stunned by Su Tao’s intelligence to see through this act between him and Wang Song. With an awkward smile, he replied, “Why? You don’t dare to lead?”

Su Tao had seen through the psychological tactic played by Di Shiyuan and Wang Song. The two of them were trying to force him to make some achievements in the TCM Department. Thus, that was why Di Shiyuan had informed Wang Song to speak in a way of looking down on TCM on purpose.

This was a tactic frequently used by Di Shiyuan!

Su Tao felt that he was getting trapped by Di Shiyuan’s plan more and more. Initially, his TCM Department Head was just a title, but the latter was now forcing him to bring Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM on the same level as the western medicine. All of that was too well-planned, to the point that Su Tao had no idea how to refuse them.

After a brief hesitation, Su Tao smiled. “It’s my duty, to begin with. Since you’re thinking so highly of me, I will surely do my best.”

Di Shiyuan revealed a gratified smile and felt that Su Tao was more pleasing to the eyes the more he saw the latter. Di Shiyuan smiled. “I believe that you will not disappoint us.”

When Su Tao was about to leave the office, he noticed two TCM books on Di Shiyuan’s desk. After a brief stun, he asked out in astonishment, “Why are you researching this?”

Di Shiyuan also did not conceal his intentions. He smiled. “When I was working together with Old Tang in the past, I’ve already felt that TCM is miraculous. Now, after I have interacted with you, it has changed my view quite a bit.”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “TCM is deep and unfathomable. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been passed down for five thousand years. It’s just that there hasn’t been any development by the later generations, which is why TCM has declined.”

Di Shiyuan nodded his head bore he walked to Su Tao and patted on the latter’s shoulder. “But you can change this current situation.”

After Su Tao left the office, Di Shiyuan flipped the books as he hummed a tune. Just yesterday, the President of Yuhang City’s People’s Hospital, Chen Jingyi, got someone to look for him with the intention of ‘borrowing’ Su Tao to Yuhang. But Di Shiyuan had ingeniously rejected it.

Su Tao was a gem that Di Shiyuan must keep in Hanzhou. The former held a vital position in the development of the Hanzhou Healthcare System, so Di Shiyuan naturally hoped that Su Tao could grow under his wings. At least he could help Su Tao deal with those unfavorable elements.

Then again, protection wasn’t conniving. Di Shiyuan needed to occasionally encourage, which was what he tried to do today, except Su Tao had seen through it. But that didn’t matter. With his understanding of Su Tao, that fellow was someone who kept his promises. Although he might look modest, he had an unyielding stubbornness deep in his bones that others couldn’t rival.

After Su Tao left, he casually flagged a cab and headed towards the Yan Family’s residence. Since he has decided to learn martial arts, then he had to spend some energy on it. In an age where guns and explosives weren’t allowed in the market, learning martial arts could protect him against other people bullying him. Furthermore, martial arts were also beneficial to him researching in medical skills. Since ancient times, there have been records of martial arts grandmasters refining their bones and cultivating their Qi to the point of being immune to all poison.

Pushing open the door of the Yan Family’s residence, Su Tao walked in. There wasn’t anyone in the living room, but there were two cups of fragrant coffee on the table. Knitting his brows, Su Tao walked a few steps in and realised that the bedroom on the first floor was dark, with curtains pulled and the bedding folded.

Letting out a sigh, he suddenly heard splashing sounds coming from the bathroom and walked over. He saw a charming silhouette sitting on the stool washing clothes with the basin filled with women’s underwear. That silhouette wore a white shirt with her back facing Su Tao while leaning forth.

Admiring women was an artistic study. It didn’t mean that the fewer clothes they wore, the more charming they would be. On the contrary, it was those small leaks that made others go crazy.

Su Tao never expected that there would be such a charming back figure. He was stunned looking at it for a long time. The woman also felt something unusual, so she slowly turned around. When she saw Su Tao, she jumped and asked with her brows knitted, “When did you come in? Why didn’t you say anything when you came in?”

This woman was Yan Wujin’s daughter-in-law, and also the Master of Su Tao ⁠— Jiang Qinghan.

Today was her day off, and since she was seldom home, she ended up doing all the housework. Thus, she wore casual clothes at home. But it was this casual style that made her even more charming in Su Tao’s eyes. Since she had been washing clothes, there was a massive patch of damp on her shirt that gave an impactful alure in addition to her graceful figure.

How could Jiang Qinghan not notice Su Tao’s lecherous gaze? She looked down at herself. However, she treated Su Tao as a younger generation. She wore her police uniform, so who would dare to be so disrespectful with their gazes at her? Her expression froze before she solemnly said, “You go out and wait, I’ll come out later.”

The corner of Su Tao’s lips rose. Not only did he not feel bashful, he even felt a little pleased. He felt that this Master of his dressed up way too shocking at home, and at the same time, he felt blessed that he could find himself such a gorgeous master.

But through his understanding of Jiang Qinghan, she’s a pretty stiff woman. She belonged to the category of those that couldn’t tolerate any sand in their eyes and shut strangers out.

It was mainly due to her occupation. Although female officers were often seen on the television, most police officers were men in their daily lives due to the unique nature of their work.

Despite her appearance, Su Tao felt that there must be a story behind Jiang Qinghan's choice of this occupation.

After briefly sitting in the living room, Jiang Qinghan came out with a jacket. She then sat on the couch and calmly said, “Yan Sha’s at school and my father-in-law is usually playing chess right now. You should call before you come, and if I’m not at home, wouldn’t you have made an empty trip?”

As for the brief awkward moment in the bathroom, Jiang Qinghan wasn’t too bothered about it. After all, Su Tao was her disciple in her heart, and a generation younger than her. So there’s no need for her to bicker about it with a younger generation, not to mention that Su Tao didn’t actually see anything. She was wearing clothes, and it’s not like she would lose a piece of flesh if others looked at her. Furthermore, women liked to be looked at, being watched by a young boy ten-odd years younger than her proved that she still had charm.

On the other hand, Su Tao felt that if he hadn’t come so abruptly, how could he see such a view in the bathroom and see that charming scenery? However, he said otherwise from his mouth, “I’ll pay attention to that in the future!”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head before she pointed at the coffee that was brewed. “No one touched that coffee, you can have it.”

Su Tao first took a sip to hide his awkwardness. Although it was instant coffee, the taste wasn’t that bad. Putting the cup down, he asked, “You must have known by now that you’re my Master, right?”

Jiang Qinghan pursed her lips, since the way Su Tao asked was pretty interesting. It sounded a little weird and also like a tongue twister, so she replied, “We’re just master and disciple in name. My father-in-law the one actually teaching you.”

Su Tao’s gaze fell onto the glass not far away before he walked over with a cup of coffee. He did not notice it the previous time he was here, since there were trophies with joint photos on it. They were all won by Jiang Qinghan from the internal competition in the force. He smiled, “I never expected Master to be so formidable and win so many trophies. How admirable.”

Shaking her head, Jiang Qinghan responded, “They’re just empty titles, they’re nothing much.”

Su Tao asked with a smile, “Then what’s considered ‘much’ for you?”

A light flickered in Jiang Qinghan’s eyes as she responded, “As a police officer, we must eradicate evil and uphold righteousness in society.”

Su Tao nodded his head with adoration in his eyes before he clicked his tongue. This master-in-name of his was truly a woman filled with righteous energy. After a brief pondering, he asked, “How’s the investigation with the underground placenta research facility?”

Jiang Qinghan helplessly sighed, “There’s a massive chessboard behind this, and it involves other provinces, which makes the investigation more challenging. Xu Jiangang is smart. He refused to work with us, bearing all the responsibility in this matter. Therefore, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company isn’t held responsible. As for the other underground facilities of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, we couldn’t dig into them and pluck them out.”

After a brief stun, Su Tao asked, “The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company still has other underground research facilities in other provinces?”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head with a bitter smile. “The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has treated China as their live subject experiment location, and according to my initial investigation, there are at least eight other underground research facilities out there. Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao’s placenta research facility was only one of them.”

Su Tao felt puzzled, so he asked, “Since you know where the problem is, why can’t you guys get rid of them?”

With a bitter smile, Jiang Qinghan replied, “Because there’s someone behind the scenes covering this up!”

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