Chapter 162 - The Youth on the Painting

As the vehicle stopped close to the Yan Family’s residence, Xu Rui watched Jiang Qinghan get off the vehicle with infatuation in his eyes before he drove off. He was successful in his business, the chairman of Hanzhou’s largest security company with thousands of people working for him. He’s responsible for security in banks, schools and even private companies. He was 38 this year, he once had a brief marriage, but it was a tragedy that his wife died early. Thus, he could now be considered a highly eligible bachelor, and he could be considered as a perfect partner of the police bella, Jiang Qinghan, whose husband had passed away as well. It was also under someone’s intention to put the two of them together.

Xu Rui never lacked women in his life, but he had kept himself away from them for Jiang Qinghan. However, Jiang Qinghan’s heart was cold like a jade. He had been pursuing her for years now, but he still couldn’t move her heart. But this was how men were; they would always want to obtain something that they couldn’t.

When Jiang Qinghan walked off, Xu Rui helplessly shook his head before he turned his vehicle around and left.

Jiang Qinghan unlocked the door and gently pushed it open. When she came to the living room, she was astonished to see Yan Wujin brewing tea. “Dad, why are you still awake?”

Helplessly shaking his head with a bitter smile, Yan Wujin replied, “Old people don’t sleep much, just four to five hours a day is enough for us. Since you always leave early and return late, I might as well wait for you today to chat since it has been some time since I’ve seen you.”

Jiang Qinghan walked over and took a sip of the tea. “Dad, you can ask me anything.”

Looking at this daughter-in-law of his, Yan Wujin sighed, “That man is called Xu Rui, right? I’ve investigated him, and even though his lifestyle was a little messy when he was young, he has been diligent in pursuing you for the past two years. Shasha has already grown up, and I’ve asked her opinion about this matter. She also feels that you should remarry; after all, life is long, and you’re still young…”

Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows before she unhappily replied, “Dad, we’ve already talked about this matter many times. I do not intend to remarry, all my focus is on my work, and I don’t have any extra energy to look into a relationship.”

Although Yan Wujin was a martial arts grandmaster, he’s just an ordinary old man with his daughter-in-law. His eyes flickered with worry. “Qinghan, Yan Sun has passed away for so many years, so why are you still holding onto it? If he sees you right now, I’m afraid that he won’t be at peace.”

“Dad, Yan Sun died for me.” Jiang Qinghan spoke out in a solemn voice as she continued, “And I’ve also been investigating the person that killed him for the past few years. One day, I will certainly take revenge for him!”

Yan Wujin shook his head. He knew how stubborn this daughter-in-law of his was, so he bitterly smiled. “There’s no need to bear it all by yourself!”

Seeing Yan Wujin being all emotional, Jiang Qinghan’s heart softened. “Dad, don’t worry. I will take care of myself, and I will not put myself in danger.”

After a brief pondering, she changed the topic, “I met Su Tao again today.”

“Oh?” Yan Wujin asked out in puzzlement, “He recognised you?”

Jiang Qinghan sighed before she faintly said, “That brat is smart, and he must have recognised me. But he just didn’t want to talk about it.”

Holding onto his chin, Jiang Qinghan grumbled, “Dad, you…”

“I will die one day, and it’s good that there’s someone to take care of you and Shasha.” Yan Wujin knew that Jiang Qinghan wasn’t in agreement with this matter, but she wasn’t against it, either. It looked like her impression of Su Tao was pretty good.

When Jiang Qinghan came to the second floor, she went into her daughter’s room. The style of Yan Sha’s room was unlike other girls. There wasn’t any princess deco with a treasure sword hung on the wall. Aside from her desktop, there were also papers and a brush on the desk. After covering Yan Sha, her gaze fell onto the incomplete painting on the table. She went over to open the painting under the dim light and was briefly stunned. It was a long path with a short-haired youth bearing a medical box by his shoulder. Although the painting wasn’t precise, it was pretty evident that it’s Su Tao, her newly accepted disciple.

Why is Yan Sha drawing Su Tao?

Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows before she returned the painting to where it was. The first awakening of love was something that all girls would experience sooner or later.

After leaving Yan Sha’s room, Jiang Qinghan returned to her own bedroom. She stared at the wedding photo of her and Yan Sun that was hung on the wall for a long time before a tear rolled down on the corner of her eye. No one would expect that the brave and decisive police bella would have such a weak side.

Su Tao briefly stopped outside Di Shiyuan’s office before stepping in. Just as he had expected, the motive of him coming here was to meet with the new president of the hospital, Wang Song. Because of Qiao Dehao’s events, Wang Song still needed some time before he could assume the post after some arrangements.

When Su Tao walked into the office, Wang Song stood up from the couch with a smile on his face. He gently shook hands with Su Tao before he turned to smile at Di Shiyuan. “I really never expected that Su Tao would be so young, what a surprise!”

Di Shiyuan nodded his head with a smile. “Heros have emerged from their youth since ancient times. At our age, we’ve reached the limit in our career and ability, how can we still create more miracles?”

Wang Song quickly smiled as he responded, “That’s why the future is in the hands of the young, and our job is to lay out a path for them to create a more glorious future.”

Su Tao had no prior understanding with Wang Song, but he could tell that the latter was a person good with communication at this moment. Not only was he neither servile nor overbearing when talking to Di Shiyuan, but he would also occasionally reveal his inner qualities. He was certainly a level above Qiao Dehao, and thus, one could tell how much energy Di Shiyuan had spent on selecting a new president.

“The reason I called you both here today is to let the two of you meet. After all, you guys will be colleagues in the future.” Di Shiyian said patiently.

Wang Song nodded his head as he analysed, “Through my observation so far, there’s an issue with the Jianghuai Hospital. The treatment and salary of ordinary doctors is too low, with their salaries tied with titles. This policy must be removed, and we must re-examine everyone based on their ability. You get what you work, and those hard-working ones should be receiving higher pay.”

Di Shiyuan agreed with Wang Song’s analysis as he smiled and turned to Su Tao. “What do you think?”

Holding his chin, Su Tao added, “I feel that although the current Jianghuai Hospital is a comprehensive hospital, we must be managed through branches. They cannot be mixed. Taking TCM as an example compared to other popular departments of western medicine, they have less patients when compared to the latter. So if we use performance as a standard, it’s a little biased, and it will surely affect the hospital’s future development.”

Wang Song felt a little unhappy in his heart that Su Tao was opposing his suggestion. He knitted his brows as he refuted, “You cannot deny western medicine just because you’re a physician. Major profits from most hospitals come from western medicine, and it's natural for us to increase their pay.”

When Wang Song spoke out, anyone could see his system of values. He clearly didn’t believe in TCM, which was natural. With western medicine holding power, Su Tao, who came from a TCM background would be at a disadvantage.

Although Su Tao was just analysing the issue, it was because he had dragged TCM to make a comparison with western medicine.

He sighed. Wang Song and Qiao Dehao were two different extreme people. Qiao Dehao’s idea was that all doctors were the same. But it’s fine even if you don’t have the ability, as long as you hold a higher title and more experience. But Wang Song’s idea of workload would significantly decrease the loss of income for some departments, and it’s unfavorable to the hospital’s development as a whole.

Knitting his brows, Su Tao patiently explained, “President Song, you’re misunderstanding me. What I meant was that we should maintain a balance of income between departments. This way, we can ensure the development of the hospital.”

Wang Song changed the topic, “There’s an important medical conference in a few days, will you be participating in it?”

Di Shiyuan watched the whole situation from the side. The reason he called for these two was so that they could build up their relationship together. However, he never expected that they would start to argue after a few words. However, his face remained calm, since he wasn’t too bothered by this. The President and Vice-President were practically mortal enemies and bound to have conflicting views that wouldn’t be resolvable in a short time. It’s something that would slowly die down as time passed.

He nodded his head, going along with Wang Song’s topic, and they started to predict what would be in the conference. The reason for this conference was to push the reformation of public hospitals by eliminating the high cost of medicine, and resolve the public’s issue that seeing a doctor was expensive. It’s meant to guide and lead social medicine standards by creating diversified layouts.

Casting a glance at Su Tao, Wang Song faintly said, “This can be considered as favorable for Physician Su.”

There was a sting in Wang Song’s words, since he was speaking with sarcasm. Not only was Su Tao the Vice-President of the Jianghuai Hospital, but he also had a Three Flavour Hall, which was a model case for social medicine. However, he was also pointing out that Su Tao couldn’t give his full in the Jianghuai Hospital.

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