Chapter 161 - Another Encounter with the Police Belle

Using ‘ruthless’ wasn’t that accurate for Su Tao. Instead, perhaps ‘cheap’ was more suitable. Who could have expected that someone who had won over tens of thousands would take the opportunity in the bathroom to call the police? So, by the time the police arrived, Boss Leopard simply wanted to cry without tears. He had been leading this syndicate for years, so how could they never experience this before? There were people that tried to report them in the past, but he never felt so timid and sullen like today.

He was played by a smart person, so even when he was being cuffed, he didn’t dare to look at Su Tao. Although this person was young, he knew how to read minds, and Boss Leopard was afraid that his thoughts might be read.

“Who called for the police?” The police officer asked as he looked around.

“I did!” Su Tao raised his hand with a smile.

The police officer briefly looked at Su Tao before exclaiming, “So it’s Divine Physician Su. I’ll need to trouble you to make a trip back to the police station with us for a statement!”

Because of a small incident, Su Tao had gotten familiar with the local police station. As police officers, it’s an occupational hazard that they would often fall ill or suffer injuries. Thus, they’re all practically customers of the Three Flavour Hall, and in this trade, the relationship between patients and doctors was a little unique. Unlike other trades, where they would treat their customers as a god, it was the other way around in the Three Flavour Hall.

Chu Huilin was nervously following behind Su Tao. That’s how humans were, feeling guilty when they’ve done something wrong, like a burglar committing a crime. Even if they were found by a weak and feeble elder, their first reaction would be fleeing.

When they arrived at the police station, the other police officers immediately noticed Su Tao and gave their greetings. Chu Huilin wasn’t aware that Su Tao had a special story with these officers. In the interviewing room, Su Tao frankly spoke before the door was pushed open. Inspector Zhao came in with his eyes squinted and he waved his hand towards the officer recording the statement. “Brew a pot of tea from my office, use the tea leaves inside.”

The tea leaves inside were surely of good quality, and Inspector Zhao’s unconcealed respect for Su Tao had left the latter’s face a little red.

The officer recording the statement smiled before he went out. With a smile that was worn on Inspector Zhao’s face, he said, “Divine Physician Su, you’ve done me a great favor this time, you’ve given me a huge contribution!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned when he heard those words, so he asked in puzzlement, “What do you mean?”

Inspector Zhao explained in a solemn voice, “That Boss Leopard was a roaming habitual criminal. He has been staying in Hanzhou City under different names. Two years ago, there was a homicide case for an unlicensed moneylender, and he’s wanted in the entire country. In a while, he’ll be handed over to the city’s criminal police.”

Su Tao also never expected such a development to the situation. Recalling the complicated gaze of Boss Leopard, he now knew why the latter didn’t dare to speak; he was panicking and lost his sense of direction.

The door was knocked, so Inspector Zhao opened the door with a respectful expression instantly on his face. “Captain Jiang, nice to meet you! Sorry for disturbing you so late, it’s mainly because the criminal was a little dangerous, and I’m afraid that it might not be safe in our station, so he needs to be shifted for security reasons.”

It was the gorgeous police Bella, Jiang Qinghan, in her uniform. She wasn’t wearing any cap and her hair was tied in a ponytail, revealing her smooth forehead. Her brows were curved, her nose was exquisitely tall, and her rosy lips emanated a gloss. Although she did not put on any makeup, she still possessed the unique charm of a woman.

Sweeping her glance on Su Tao’s face, Jiang Qinghan was briefly stunned. She had a deep impression about this person. It was because of his help that they busted the underground placenta research facility.

“You again?!” Jiang Qinghan asked.

Standing up, Su Tao smiled. “It’s me alright!”

Inspector Zhao was briefly stunned before he asked, “You two know each other?”

Su Tao’s eyes lit up as he sighed, “It’s not as simple as knowing each other!”

Jiang Qinghan’s brows were raised, since she could clearly hear the other meaning in Su Tao’s words, but she did not bluntly point it out. She turned to Inspector Zhao. “You guys have arrested a formidable figure today. The suspect is a core member of the nationwide gambling syndicate. He has been in the Nanyue Province for a few years and only returned to Hanzhou two years ago. When he was younger, he hid his name because he was involved in an aggravated assault case and even changed a few identities in the process. He’s extremely cunning, not only is he involved with the gambling den, but he is also an underground boss. But none of the police from Hanzhou nor Yuezhou could capture him.”

With an awkward smile, Inspector Zhao swiftly responded, “Didn’t we catch him now? But it was Divine Physician Su that caught him, we only dispatched the police.”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head before she turned to Su Tao and said in a solemn manner, “Although you’ve captured Boss Leopard’s group, I hope that you do not show off your ability too much. After all, capturing criminals is our duty.”

Cocking his head, Su Tao sighed with a bitter smile, “I only chanced upon him. Furthermore, isn’t it easier to solve the case if the police had more help?”

Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows before she sighed, “Your words and logic are twisted… Forget it, I’m just advising you out of goodwill, and there’s nothing I can do if you insist on continuing.”

Su Tao could understand Jiang Qinghan’s goodwill. She was advising Su Tao to distance himself from those dangerous figures, since she knew how terrifying they were. They would even kill without batting their eyes.

After a simple statement, Su Tao and Chu Huilin were sent out of the police station. When Su Tao saw the latter sullenly hanging his head down, he inwardly sighed. After this incident today, Chu Huilin should know to distance himself away from gambling. Otherwise, he wouldn’t care about him either.

Su Tao had told Chu Huilin through actions that firstly, the latter didn’t possess the talent to gamble. If he wanted to win money on the table, he would need real skills to back it up. Secondly, even if his luck was pretty good, and his skills had undergone a drastic increment, it’s still insufficient, since he couldn’t accept the mutual deception on the table. So he would get himself deeper into this shit if he fell into it.

Chu Huilin shook his head and smacked his lips. “I’m sorry that I lost all your money.”

Su Tao was briefly stunned. He never expected that Chu Huilin would still be worried about this matter, so he smiled. “You’re wrong, I did not lose it all. When I handed it over to you, I have already taken my capital back.”

Chu Huilin acknowledged before his mood loosened up and he responded with embarrassment, “Rest assured, I will not gamble anymore. I have learned from today’s lesson. There’s nothing good that comes out of gambling.” Thinking about how that sum of money was conned so easily, he felt his heart wrecked.

Su Tao revealed a gratified smile before he replied, “Small gambling can improve your mood, but big ones will harm yourself. It’s good that you can figure this out. Since this matter has already passed, don’t hold onto it. One must learn to know how to look further for us to pursue higher aspirations.”

“You’re right!” Chu Huilin felt gratitude for Su Tao. If it wasn’t for Su Tao, he would probably fall deeper into his addiction. Although he knew when to stop, for the time being, it might harm himself and his reputation if he fell too far in it.

The city’s criminal police had sent three to four vehicles over and Boss Leopard was escorted to a black bulletproof vehicle, with Jiang Qinghan issuing out orders. She looked cautious and calm, and the officers were also happy to be ordered by her and all of them got themselves busy. After the escort left, Su Tao and Chu Huilin slowly walked out of the station and noticed a jeep had stopped beside them. The window wound down and Jiang Qinghan’s face was revealed. She faintly said, “Get in, I’ll send the two of you home.”

Chu Huilin was briefly stunned before he glanced at Su Tao. There’s naturally no reason for Su Tao to refuse this offer.

Jiang Qinghan dropped the two of them by the entrance of the Old Street before she drove off. Chu Huilin curiously looked at Su Tao before he asked, “Do you know that Captain Jiang?”

Su Tao sighed before he weakly shook his head. His fate with her wasn’t as simple as an acquaintance.

After Jiang Qinghan returned to headquarters, she issued simple orders. It’s already 11 p.m. As an officer, Zhang Zhen reminded with a smile, “Captain Jiang, you can return first. You’ve already worked overtime for so many days, go back and accompany your daughter.”

Sorting out the documents, Jiang Qinghan smiled. “My daughter has already grown up, and she can take care of herself. If I go back and accompany her all the time, it might make her unhappy, instead.”

Zhang Zhen sighed, since he knew that Jiang Qinghan had a stubborn character that belonged to those that’s impossible to advise, so he said, “Then, I’ll go first.”

Once Zhang Zhen left, the office soon turned quiet. Jiang Qinghan had already gotten used to this life, and only being busy with her work made her life interesting.

Many years ago, Jiang Qinghan wasn’t like this. She was like every other woman that would put most of their time in their family, taking care of her husband and teaching her daughter and lived an ordinary life. It was until her husband passed away in an operation that made her character change. She had submitted her application to be transferred to the criminal police, using all her ability and keen observation skills to become an outstanding police officer.

She finally finished her work at midnight, so she stretched her waist and left the station. There was a black vehicle that stopped outside with a man in a western suit standing by the car with a cigarette in his hand. When he saw Jiang Qinghan, he swiftly flicked the cigarette in his hand away and extinguished it by stepping on it with a smile. “Qinghan, I’ve been waiting for you to finish work!”

“Xu Rui, haven’t I told you a few times now not to do this?” Qing Jianghan helplessly shook her head with a bitter smile.

Xu Rui opened the door, and after Jiang Qinghan boarded his car, he casually said, “Men cannot be too obedient, or how can they woo beauties?”

“How am I a beauty? Look at me, always wearing my uniform without any smile on my face. I’m not gentle at all.” Jiang Qinghan responded.

When Xu Rui started his vehicle, he smiled. “If you’re one of those that would always dress up and buy branded bags, how would I be this infatuated with you?”

Jiang Qinghan turned her head over and glanced at Xu Rui. He was genuinely an outstanding and successful man, and if she met him before her husband, perhaps she might fall for someone like him. But her heart had already turned cold, so it’s impossible for her to fall for another man.

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