Chapter 160 - Upholding Virtue and Condemning Evil

Since Su Tao had already experienced it a few rounds ago, it's time for him to unleash his prowess. With his ability to observe someone down to the finest details, nothing could escape his eyes. With this, he was able to grasp the thoughts of others or the so-called “mind-reading”. Although it wasn't 100% accurate, it was still at least 90%. Thus, a scene which made even Chu Huilin feel dumbfounded appeared. In just a few rounds, there were stacks of cash laid before Su Tao, with a rough estimation of around ¥70,000-80,000.

When the two preys saw how ferocious Su Tao was, they were also no longer interested in playing and were convinced to leave by the people assigned to them. Boss Leopard's face turned even more ugly. Not only did he have no income from this, it even affected his future income. Although that sum wasn't much, he felt helpless, since Su Tao's eyes seemed to be able to see through anything, which nearly left him collapsed. Gambling should be an exciting activity, but it had turned dull and meaningless.

With another win, Su Tao smiled. "It's not interesting to keep winning. How about this, you'll play Huilin!"

Chu Huilin awkwardly smiled. "But I don't have any capital."

Taking ¥4,000 from the table, Su Tao faintly said, "I'll give the rest to you. We'll split half if you win, and it's on me if you lose."

How is that your money? It's clearly all won from us! Boss Leopard gritted his teeth while he thought in his mind, but he liked Su Tao's idea. If Chu Huilin was the one playing, then there's a chance for them to win it all back!

Chu Huilin could tell that Su Tao's skill wasn't just a level higher than his. With Su Tao beside him as his adviser, all he needed to do was listen to the latter. However, when Chu Huilin started playing, Su Tao suddenly said that he's having a stomach ache and left after asking for the bathroom.

Seeing how Su Tao left everything to him, Chu Huilin could only grit his teeth and play. In the end, the mental pressure was too great, and with Boss Leopard determined to win back all the losses, Chu Huilin easily lost one round.

When Boss Leopard saw Chu Huilin's hands trembling as he held onto the cards, he smiled. "Old Chu, the money is all your friend's anyways, just play. Why are you being such a coward and dare not to call? If you continue, you will only keep losing money. How about this, let's be more straightforward and play bigger."

Chu Huilin gritted his teeth. He was usually someone calm, but at this moment, he felt his blood rushing to his head, so he responded, "Sure, let's play bigger, then."

Boss Leopard chuckled, which revealed his yellow teeth, and he replied, "Let's go. Others will not participate in this, just the two of us. All cards facing down, and I'll follow however much you play."

Although Chu Huilin had noticed that Boss Leopard was aiming for him, he was triggered at this moment and he went along with it. "Deal! We'll go with ¥10,000, then!"

"¥10,000? That's uninteresting, how about ¥20,000?" Boss Leopard cast a glance at the stacks of cash before Chu Huilin. He roughly estimated that there's still about ¥30,000-40,000.

Nodding his head, Chu Huilin agreed, "Sure, ¥20,000, then!"

After Chu Huilin threw ¥20,000 into the pool, Boss Leopard called, while others chose their sides. Instantly, the cash pool reached nearly ¥100,000. This was considered a huge sum, even for Chu Huilin with his palms sweating. If he won this round, that would mean that not only could he win back all the money he lost, he could even earn a small amount!

Boss Leopard was calm with his cards faced down. Chu Huilin started to get restless, so he finally took a look at his cards. It's Three-of-a-Kind with 3 '8'! Since he had a pretty good hand, he started to be calmer and he started to increase the bet.

Seeing the money before Chu Huilin decreasing, a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Boss Leopard's lips before he said, "Old Chu, I'm not trying to pressure you. Although I've not seen my hand, I'm certain that I can beat you."

With a gentle snort, Chu Huilin responded, unconvinced, "Then show your cards!"

Thus, Boss Leopard slowly flipped his cards with a faint smile.

Chu Huilin instantly bounced up as he looked at Boss Leopard with disbelief and his eyes widened. "How is it possible? Golden Flower?!"

Not only was it Golden Flower, but it's also the biggest combination possible of 'AKQ'. Although Chu Huilin had also gotten the Golden Flower, Boss Leopard was the banker, so it was his loss. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? There's only one conclusion to this, it’s that Boss Leopard has cheated, and it’s a trap that the latter had set for him!

"You must be cheating!" Chu Huilin raged as he pointed at Boss Leopard.

Shaking his finger, Boss Leopard faintly replied, "Old Chu, admit your defeat. Don't point fingers at us when you lose. Earlier, when your friend was winning, did we point out fingers at him and suspect that he's cheating?"

Rage flashed in Chu Huilin's eyes before he swept his glance at everyone present. He finally realised that this was a trap, and all of them were in this together!

Boss Leopard had been intending to get some money out of Chu Huilin, but he never expected that the latter would be so cautious and always spend whatever he brought with him. He would never borrow any money, so Boss Leopard didn't have any chance to push Chu Huilin into his scheme. Most importantly, the brilliant performance by Su Tao today made Boss Leopard decide to abandon this prey.

Boss Leopard grinned as he unbuttoned his collar to reveal his tattoo and mocked, "Old Chu, we cannot be considered as friends, but we can be considered as gambling mates. If you feel that you're not having fun here, then you can scram as far as you want. Naturally, if you can't take this lying down, then we don't mind playing with you. I've seen lots of people like you, trying to be shameless when you lose money."

When Chu Huilin saw the few of them walking in his direction, he suddenly felt a little fearful in his heart. After all, he had only learned the breathing technique to strengthen his physique. In terms of fighting, how could he fight with these people?

Spitting a mouthful of phlegm on the ground, Boss Leopard dragged Chu Huilin's collar and pushed. His companions had already opened the door and Chu Huilin rolled out of the door. Since this building was a little narrow, and Chu Huilin was a little plump, his body was stuck in the corridor. Boss Leopard and his group laughed out before they went over and gave him a kick and hollered, "Get lost!"

As a reputable doctor, since when has Chu Huilin suffered such humiliation? But in the territories of others, he had no choice but to lower his head. He felt a sour pain all over his body, especially his left ankle, which was sprained from before, or even fractured.

"What's going on?" Su Tao appeared and watched Chu Huilin being kicked out of the door before he inwardly sighed. Even if he knew that Boss Leopard would take care of Chu Huilin, he never expected that it would be so fast. Furthermore, they had done it in such a way that left no leeway for them, and his subordinates were also being so arrogant.

"*Sigh* Let’s leave!" At this moment, Chu Huilin felt ashamed. He just wished the suffering to end with him.

Su Tao smiled. "What about the money?"

Shaking his head, Chu Huilin bitterly smiled. "I lost it all!"

Casting a glance at Boss Leopard, Su Tao sighed, "I never expected that you would lose it all so quickly!"

Chu Huilin misunderstood, thinking that Su Tao was holding a grudge that he had lost the money, so he weakly explained,"They cheated and made me lose everything in one round!"

Su Tao sighed and patted on Chu Huilin's shoulder. "Well, since you can see through this, then what I've done is not in vain."

Hearing the meaning behind Su Tao's words, Ch Huilin was stunned. "You did that on purpose?"

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled, "Yeah, I did that to tell you that no matter how much you win, it can all be lost in a single round. They have been setting up a scheme to cheat your money by pulling you in slowly. Speaking in their terms, you're the prey here and they're the predator to slaughter you after you've fattened up!"

Seeing how logical Su Tao's explanation was, Boss Leopard's first reaction was that Su Tao must be someone from the same trade, so rage flashed in his eyes. "I never expected that you’d know the ropes. Since you know, why bother coming over and cause trouble? The grudge of obstructing others from making fortune is akin to killing the enmity of killing parents!"

Helping Chu Huilin up, Su Tao faintly looked at Boss Leopard and smiled. "There are good and bad ways of making a fortune. You people have resorted to swindling to make a fortune, and all the money you people make carries the blood and tears of others. Do you know how many families you people have destroyed?"

Seeing Su Tao reprimanding him, Boss Leopard's eyes turned red as he raged, "Fuck, you still dare to reprimand this daddy? See if I don't kill you today!"

Boss Leopard rolled his sleeves. All the anger that he had been holding back was unleashed. He sped towards Su Tao, but before he could raise his hand, he was jabbed in the waist. Instantly, his body was paralysed and he collapsed onto the ground.

Seeing Boss Leopard screaming in pain, everyone was terrified by this scene. They had been swindling for a living, and in terms of fighting, only Boss Leopard was a little better here. But even he was dropped to the ground with a jab, so how could the rest dare to go up?

Su Tao kicked Boss Leopard. He didn't have pity for such people. He had previously met a female psychotic patient, whose husband was scammed and borrowed a few million before fleeing. But in the end, those creditors turned to her and threatened her every few days. Due to the intense pressure, she fell into a trance-like state, and even her heartbeat was out of tune. She was akin to a zombie.

If it was a gamble without any tricks, it's fair to lose or win. But these people had approached others with the intention to swindle them, they even set up a scheme and pushed others onto the road of no return.

"The police are here! Someone called the police!" Someone took out a phone, and when he heard from the sentry, he spoke in panic.

"Quick, destroy all the evidence and find a place to hide the money!" The one that answered the call couldn't be bothered about Su Tao. For them, money was more important than anything else. If they were caught, then all the money would be confiscated!

Seeing a few of them starting to hide the money, how would Su Tao give them this chance? He took several steps forth and his hands flashed like bolts of lightning. He jabbed a few people on their waist and all of them fell to the ground howling in pain like Boss Leopard.

Astonishment flickered across Chu Huilin's eyes while he occasionally felt the aching from his waist and guiltily said, "Why don't we leave now? After all, we've participated in gambling as well!"

After putting everyone on the ground, Su Tao turned around with his hands behind his back and smiled. "What should we be afraid of? I was the one who reported it, so our actions are called upholding virtue and condemning the evil."

Chu Huilin's heart jolted. So it turned out that Su Tao wasn't using the bathroom, he had gone to call the police instead!

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