Chapter 158 - Wang Guofeng's Schemes

Wang Guofeng had been waiting for Bai Fan's call. He knew that Bai Fan was a dangerous person, and being too close to him would be akin to dancing with a wolf, and the slightest mistake would result in his entire reputation being destroyed. However, the thought of revenge still pulled him and Bai Fan together. Humans would change. He had to take the risk despite being on the wrong path. A deviation had occurred in his life, and roles also changed, which made him feel furious and reluctant.

A few months ago, he was the only leader in TCM with all the seniors backing him. With his superb medical skills, good reputation, and image, he had become the idol for the newer generations, and the future heir of TCM's spirit. However, Su Tao's appearance had overshadowed him, making Wang Guofeng feel like a defeated hound. Not only did he lose to Su Tao numerous times, but even his fiancée had left him. His path had been too smooth since young, so he had a tough time finding his determination and confidence due to the setbacks.

"How is it going?" Wang Guofeng asked.

"Lou Zi'an has already promised the plaque for our new company. Money can make the world go around, and Lou Zi'an is a greedy fellow that wavered before benefits!" Bai Fan smiled, "Rest assured, after the official documents are done, Su Tao's cosmetics company will face an awkward situation. They will become stepping stones for us! How can a cosmetics company that's not acknowledged by the TCM circle obtain the consumer's trust?"

Wang Guofeng gently breathed out before he replied, "I have looked into the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, and I was shocked. I managed to figure out most of the ingredients, but there are two special herbs that I'm unable to determine. This is also the greatest disadvantage we have with the Three Flavour Cosmetic International!"

Wang Guofeng was competent at reaching the same conclusion as Bai Fan. With a smile, Bai Fan responded, "Although we lack two ingredients, I'm confident that, with our products, we won't be inferior to the Three Flavour Cosmetics International. They're walking on the path of branded goods, so we'll choose the regular consumer route. If we compete, I'm confident that we can suppress the other party with our price!"

Wang Guofeng knitted his brows, but he did not dare to blindly agree. Competing in terms of price was bound for both sides to heavily suffer, so he faintly said, "I have already acted as a go-between for you to contact Lou Zi'an. As for the rest, you can handle it, right?"

Bai Fan smiled as he teased, "Brother Guofeng, don't think of getting away from this so easily. The company is established under your name, so you can't just wash your hands off this matter!"

The cosmetic company was set up under the name of them both, the Medicine Deity Corporation. It was invested by the Medicine King Valley, and Wang Guofeng being the person responsible for the company to use the latter's influence to strengthen the company.

Knitting his brows, Wang Guofeng unhappily said, "I have made it clear to you that my attention is all on work, so I don't have any leftover attention in managing the business."

Shaking his head, Bai Fan responded, "Brother Guofeng, I know that you're worried about your reputation. You're worried that the company might not do well and ruin your name. But please be rest assured that you only have to focus on your medical skills, and I'll focus on making the company bigger. You can sit back and enjoy becoming a billionaire!"

Wang Guofeng still felt something was amiss, but Bai Fan was the only one that he could rely on right now, or in other words, exploit. He originated from a celebrated TCM family and had been free from worries since young. Thus, money didn't pose temptations to him. The reason why he's into this was because, with the status as the Medicine Deity Corporation's founder, he felt that it could make his resumé better; not only was he a capable Physician, he could even use his skill to gain his wealth.

After he hung up the phone, Wang Guofeng slowly walked towards his desk with a document opened on the screen, "Authority of the industry enters into the market of TCM herbal products." This was a manuscript, which Wang Guofeng had gotten a famous reporter of the Southern Weekly Paper to write through his connections. The article started off with the chaos in the TCM market right now, with lots of companies waving the banner of TCM to produce inferior products that were harmful to the consumers.

Although there wasn't any name-pointing, it had vaguely mentioned the Three Flavour Cosmetics International's products. Their price was too high, using the starvation marketing method to leave consumers in suspense. As for the effects of their products, it's being inspected and investigated by relative departments.

At the end of the article, the reporter even vaguely gave out a directory of companies that were founded by those in the TCM circle. It's meant to tell the readers that those companies mentioned were trusted, with the Medicine Deity Corporation's name on it to increase their reputation. This article had a strong misleading factor. Although it seemed official, it's incredibly biased.

Wang Guofeng was confident that once this article was published, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International's credibility would be significantly affected. At the same time, it could also increase the fame of the Medicine Deity Corporation, killing a bird with two stones.

Wang Guofeng was prideful, and he's unwilling to be behind someone. But he had to admit that he's inferior to Su Tao in terms of medical skill, so he's trying to apply pressure on Su Tao in other factors like the resources that his family and his predecessors have accumulated. It's impossible to rely on the medical skills of one person to carry the banner of TCM, and a massive influence was also needed. Thus, Wang Guofeng was trying to tell Su Tao to back off from his leadership position in TCM through his complicated network of relationships.

So what if your medical skills are superb? If your peers or the TCM circle do not acknowledge you, everything is still futile!

The road stretched out with yellow luminations from lamps by the two sides of the road. There was an artificial emerald lake with a black construct situated at the center of the lake with someone sitting on it. It wasn't his first visit to the Golden Bay, but his feelings were the same every time he came here. Sometimes, it looked like a park, villa, or even a pyramid to him.

It didn't matter what it looked like; the crucial factor was the difference in his view that made the scenery look different.

His status had also changed from a few months before. Not only was he the doctor in charge of the Three Flavour Hall, but he was also the youngest Vice-President of Jianghuai Hospital, the Honorary Chairman of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, and even a Physician King. A bunch of powers was starting to gather around him, along with extraordinarily talented people.

Life will only be exciting with growth and development. The higher you stand, the scenery that you will see will also change accordingly.

Just like how he and Yan Jing started out badly. At that time, Su Tao felt disgusted by her; she's like a blood-sucking vampire that would squeeze the worth out of those beneath her while she accumulated her wealth and live a high life. But as he got closer to her, he realised that this woman actually wasn't that loathsome. She turned out to be warm-hearted and bore a pitiful history. Whether her hands were really stained with blood or sins, at least she was genuine when it came to treating him.

Xia Yu stopped the car by the gate and waved his hand before leaving when Su Tao got down.

After interacting with Xia Yu, Su Tao realised that he was pretty interesting. Although he didn't have any outstanding ability, he's a natural when it came to hiding. He didn't have a strong presence no matter where he stood, so not many people would take note of him when he was hiding.

Su Tao knew the motive for Xia Yu to follow him, but he still couldn't fulfill the latter's dream for the time being. Many things needed to be slowly accumulated to forge a majestic blueprint, or haste would get nothing done instead.

Pressing on the doorbell, it wasn't the housekeeper that opened the door, but a familiar, charming face.

Qin Meimei was wearing a flowery-lace cheongsam with her ample bosom sticking out with a fox-furred scarf around her shoulders. Her hair was tied together and formed into a flower bud that revealed her exquisite ears. Compared to before, her complexion was much better, and even her face looked suaver with plump and bewitching lips.

Su Tao examined her before he reminded, "You're wearing too little. It's easy for you to fall ill."

Qin Meimei smiled. "Women have a phobia for wearing clothes, why don't you treat me?"

Women weren't fond of wearing clothes because they wanted to boast their figure to others. Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. "If it's someone else, I don't mind giving a prescription so that they won't even feel cold in winter, even if they don't wear thick clothes. But you've just recovered from a major illness, and your body still needs nurturing, so you can't take medicines that are too strong for your body."

Qin Meimei glanced at Su Tao in disappointment before she shrugged her shoulders. "Wearing more clothes is impossible, I'll just be sick then."

Women were truly stubborn!

Su Tao followed Qin Meimei into Yan Jing's villa while looking at her graceful figure and sighed. Although some illnesses were disasters that the heavens have determined, some of them were caused by themselves.

When he entered the living room, he instantly caught the eye of Hua Yan on the couch, playing with a doll. He immediately went over and greeted, "Hey, Little Bella, how are you?"

Hua Yan slowly raised her head and stared at Su Tao for a long time before she finally reacted and ran over with joy in her eyes. "Uncle Su, you're finally here to see me!"

In that instant, when Hua Yan dived into his embrace, it was witnessed by Yan Jing. For some reason, she felt sour in her nose, but she bore it down since Qin Meimei was around.

Yan Jing had noticed Hua Yan's reliance on Su Tao. She wasn’t upset that her daughter was drifting from her. She only felt heartache. Hua Yan was all alone in her tiny world without any outside contact.

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