Chapter 157 - Ruthless Wind Fluctuates More

Yan Jing was personally cooking, fixing up a few dishes. Although the taste was ordinary, it was contending. Watching how Su Tao added food into Hua Yan's bowl, Qin Meimei silently ate, then she smiled. "Chairman Yan, why don't you hire Su Tao as your daughter's personal bodyguard and maid? This way, you won't have to worry about her not eating properly."

Staring at Qin Meimei, Yan Jing sourly said, "Don't joke around with Hua Yan." Hua Yan had a sensitive heart, so Yan Jing was afraid those words might affect her.

Qin Meimei awkwardly sighed. She knew that Hua Yan was the weak point of Yan Jing that cannot be touched. She changed the topic, "Chairman Yan, how's the matchmaking that I've introduced you previously? Are you satisfied with him?"

Yan Jing subconsciously glanced at Su Tao before she replied without a trace of expression on her face. "The Professor of a University, too old-fashioned and I don't like him."

Qin Meimei burst into laughter as she responded, "I introduced you to a fitness coach the other time and you said that he's too bulky, so you hoped to find someone modest and elegant. Now that I've found you a cultured man, you're saying that he's old-fashioned? I really can't figure out your taste, why are you getting me to help you find a match if you don't like them?"

"Can't you eat properly?" Yan Jing coughed.

Smiling with a pleased expression, Qin Meimei waved her chopsticks, "Forget it, let's eat, then."

Yan Jing's gaze would occasionally peek at Su Tao and Hua Yan. The two of them acted as if they hadn't heard Qin Meimei's words, which made her feel complicated in her heart.

It was just as Qin Meimei had said, she had been trying to find a match recently for Hua Yan's sake. She saw an article recently saying how a child's growth would be affected if they didn't have a father figure in their childhood. Even if she had been through relationships, she still wanted to try for the sake of Hua Yan, to try and give her daughter a perfect family.

Qin Meimei left in a commercial vehicle after dinner. Although there wasn't any logo on the car, the price of it was no less than a million. However, this vehicle was meant for urban areas, so it couldn't go at high speed. With her solid backing, there's no one in Hanzhou's Traffic Department that would dare to mess with her, and they chose to close an eye on this matter.

The autumn wind blew. Hua Yan was resting against Su Tao's shoulder. Her eyes were already closed, she was sleeping. Yan Jing looked at Hua Yan, her brows loosened up with dimples on her cheeks, as if she was having a good dream.

Yan Jing wanted to take Hua Yan from Su Tao, but the latter shook his head. Thus, Yan Jing smiled, since she didn't want to wake Hua Yan up, either. Su Tao gently patted Hua Yan's back and brought her to her bedroom on the second floor, then gently placed her on her bed. Letting out a little groan, Hua Yan turned around to face the wall and continued her sleep.

The two of them exited the room with light feet before Yan Jing let out a long breath, "I never expected that she would be asleep so quickly today. Usually, she would only sleep at 11 p.m. or midnight."

Su Tao knew what was she going to ask. She's going to ask about Hua Yan's condition, so he briefly organised his words, "Judging from her reaction today, she's already used to a normal family. You can try and bring her out to walk, like strolling around this area. When she's used to this region, then you can try and bring her to other places."

Yan Jing bitterly smiled. "I've actually tried that before but she lost control."

Su Tao saw how helpless Yan Jing was. She was a powerful underground boss, but even she was helpless against her daughter's autism.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao patiently said, "The two of you are mother and daughter, she will open up to you one day. For an autistic patient, letting her be sealed up in her own world might seem to be protecting her, but it's actually cutting her access to the world."

Pondering over Su Tao's words, Yan Jing sighed, "I will do my best to try. Furthermore… since she trusts you so much, can you come more often to accompany her?"

Su Tao straightforwardly agreed, "That's for sure. Hua Yan and I are best friends now, so it's natural for us to meet more often."

Looking at Su Tao with a complicated gaze, Yan Jing sighed, "I feel fortunate to meet you."

Su Tao was briefly stunned by her words, since he never expected that Yan Jing would be so frank. He smiled. "You've finally spoken the words in your heart. But I don't like the current you."

"Oh?" Yan Jing looked at Su Tao in puzzlement and felt that Su Tao was a cheapskate, not liking her even though she's throwing kind gazes at him.

The autumn wind blew like blades that shook the distant trees. Su Tao's eyes seemed like they could penetrate as he looked into the distance and smiled. "The Venomous Widow in my heart is an odd woman that wouldn't show her happiness or rage on her face. She's strong, calm, and reserved. She could convert all pain into her motivation, and she’d grit her teeth to face it when encountering a predicament."

"An odd woman?" Yan Jing chewed over Su Tao's words before a faint smile appeared in her eyes.

Nodding his head, Su Tao said in a serious tone, "Don't disappoint me!"

"So what if I'm disappointing you?" Yan Jing replied sourly.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao responded, "Then I'll feel that I'll be losing a scenery in life!"

Every woman had a different temperament, and all of those were sceneries of totally different styles. The scenery that Yan Jing gave others was an oasis in the boundless desert, giving others a feeling full of vitality in any predicament.

Yan Jing stretched her finger out and jabbed Su Tao's forehead. "That mouth of yours is pretty good at entertaining people. This Big Sister nearly got touched by you."

Su Tao held onto Yan Jing's finger before placing it on his chest. "Feel my heartbeat if you don't believe me, then."

Yan Jing sneezed before she retracted her hand and sourly glared at Su Tao. "It's too cheesy, I'm getting goosebumps!"

Su Tao laughed, he also couldn't differentiate if what he just said was the truth or a lie. However, those words came out of him naturally. "Oh right, where did your seductive speech go?"

Curling her lips, Yan Jing sourly replied, "What's the use of saying and not practicing it?"

"Then why don't you come and practice?" Su Tao pursued.

Yan Jing was stunned by Su Tao's boldness, since this was pretty bold. She threatened, "Then we'll practice here on the spot, do you dare?"

How was Su Tao someone to be threatened? He took a step forth and embraced Yan Jing's waist with invasive light flickering in his eyes.

Yan Jing also never expected that Su Tao would be so direct. Her first reaction was that she had fallen for Su Tao's trick. Perhaps he had been waiting for those words. So what's going on? He took advantage of her, but she's responsible for it now?

Su Tao was practically playing with fire by doing this to her! But after a brief thought, wasn't she the one that lit the fire?

However, thoughts soon disappeared in Yan Jing's mind and were replaced by the comfort. Her body weakened as she felt a relaxing sensation spreading throughout her body. It was a comfort that nearly made her feel intoxicated. She suddenly felt an urge to abandon everything else and just sink into this warmth.

However, her innate habit made her swiftly recover from this and she pushed Su Tao away. Feeling that it wasn't enough, she even raised her hand with the intention of slapping Su Tao. But when her hand was about to reached Su Tao's face, she suddenly stopped.

"Why stop? You can't bear to hit me?" Su Tao looked at Yan Jing with her body fragrance burrowing into his nose. Although Yan Jing looked like she wanted to slap him, her eyes were filled with gentleness.

After her hand gently touched Su Tao's cheeks, Yan Jing took two steps back and smiled. "Why hit you? This Big Sister doesn't even have enough time to love you. It's getting late, so I'll get the chauffeur to send you back."

When she finished speaking, she calmly took out her phone and called the chauffeur. A few minutes later, a black commercial vehicle drove over. Su Tao sourly smiled. Yan Jing's intention to ask him to leave was too obvious.

She must be afraid of him!

Looking at Su Tao boarding the vehicle, Yan Jing squinted her eyes. The wind was blowing so hard that she felt her heart fluctuating.

She has never lacked outstanding men in her life, but there weren't many that would leave her absent-minded. She couldn't help thinking of her former husband. He and Su Tao were completely different people. Her former husband's character was firm, persistent, and he was also calm when it came to handling stuff. He gave out a dignified bearing. On the contrary, Su Tao's bearing was graceful and humorous that would make her feel happy all the time.

She analysed her inner thoughts. Perhaps it was because of the changes in life that caused her heart, or to say her taste, to change. At a younger age, women would feel a lack of security, so they hope to find a strong man to shield them from the storm and forge a harbor for her. When they've matured, women would lack emotional trust and hope to find a man that would bring joy to their lives to share the joy of life.

Yan Jing sighed, now she knew why there would be women keeping a pretty boy. So it's to satisfy the emptiness in their hearts.

She's a smart person, and she knew that Su Tao wasn't like those pretty boys that would do anything for money. If they continued to interact, she's actually afraid that she would rely on him even more. If Su Tao was someone that could be drawn over with money, then she might let nature take its course to put on an act. It was precisely because Su Tao was becoming more and more important whether in her business and life, so she wouldn't want to puncture that layer of paper.

“How is it the more ruthless the wind, the more my heart sways? As if it's a speck of dust, wildly dancing amongst the wind. The more I want to firmly clutch onto my resolution, the more courage is dispersed within my hand. I will turn into a giant, stepping with strength and step on the dream…"

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