Chapter 155 - Using Kettle to Wash Underwears

Strictly speaking, Jin Guoxiang's condition was more severe than his daughter’s, in Su Tao's view. It was mainly due to the injury has gone into the veins and bones for a long period of time, becoming a grave illness. This was a tough question for both TCM and Western Medicine alike. It’s a difficult problem that is impossible to be treated within a few sessions. Although Jin Zhitong's condition might sound terrifying, it was fine after the cause of the illness, the deformed portal veins, was reformed and well-nursed. Jin Guoxiang's condition, on the other hand, had seeped into his bone marrow. If it wasn't treated in time, the vital organs would be next. At that time, even a deity wouldn't be able to save him.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao still told Jin Guoxiang the truth of his condition. He was afraid that Jin Guoxiang might not put the importance of treatment in his heart. The moment his condition flared up, it would go out of hands.

Dong Likun felt extremely grateful for Su Tao for the treatment of her daughter and husband. She even invited Su Tao for a meal, but it was refused by the latter with the excuse of returning to Hanzhou, expressing his gratitude for the invitation in the process. However, Chen Jingyi still arranged for the vehicle from the hospital to send Su Tao and Liu Ruochen back to the hotel.

Looking at the leaving vehicle, Jin Guoxiang's gaze flashed with complicated emotions before he turned to look at Chen Jingyi. "It’s no wonder why there are quite a number of TCM Physicians in those high-ranking medical teams. It turns out that TCM is so magical."

Nodding his head with a smile, Chen Jingyi responded, "I've seen many experts, but all of them are at least half a century old. This is the first time for me to see such a young one like Physician Su."

Jin Guoxiang could hear the meaning behind Chen Jingyi's words, the latter was implying that Su Tao was already equivalent to those experts. Cupping his hands towards Chen Jingyi, Jin Guoxiang thanked, "President Chen, I have to first thank you for your help with regards to my daughter. If you hadn't gotten Physician Su, I'm afraid my daughter would have had to suffer even more. Secondly, I apologise for my rude words in the past, I was too concerned about my daughter's condition."

Chen Jingyi also felt gratified. He could guess that Su Tao must have spoken a few good words for him in front of Jin Guoxiang, which led to the drastic change in the latter's attitude right now. At the same time, he was grateful to Su Tao for knowing how to be tactful, so he modestly replied, "It was by luck, I never expected Physician Su to be with the TCM representative team that I have invited over. It's Zhitong's fortune instead."

Jin Guoxiang sighed, since it's undisputable that Su Tao's the benefactor of Zhitong.

Sitting in the vehicle, Liu Ruochen cast a glance at Su Tao, who was looking at the scenery outside the window, with a smile. "Why did you refuse the meal with Major General Jin? Isn't your motive to forge a good relationship with him?"

"Haste gets nothing done." Su Tao faintly smiled as he continued, "Why? You feel that I'm very snobbish?"

Liu Ruochen sighed, "I'm just saying that the new generation Physician King has to curry favor with influential officials."

Shaking his head, Su Tao responded, "It's not currying favor, but knowing how to forge connections with my ability. As Physicians, it's down to your fans if you will be respected by others. Every single patient of ours are fans and as they accumulate, they will become seeds to make you famous."

Liu Ruochen was briefly stunned by his words before she sighed, "You have a strong utilitarian heart!"

"So what?" Su Tao refuted, "Seeking achievements and benefits while promoting TCM isn't contradictory, right?"

"It's not. Many physicians think that saving lives is their natural duty. For the sake of spreading their reputation, they would even occasionally give up on the treatment fee." Liu Ruochen nodded her head as she smiled. "But you're not that of a hypocrite!"

If it was another physician, they would probably even not mention the treatment fee to curry favor with Jin Guoxiang. Although Su Tao has refused his fees, he had also refused the opportunity to have lunch with Jin Guoxiang. Naturally, as the bystander, Liu Ruochen could tell that Su Tao was using a long-term plan for major returns.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao responded, "Despite not being a hypocrite, I can still survive in society well. But if the situation is so special that it needs me to act, I won't refuse to turn to another person. Turning into a dignified gentleman."

Liu Ruochen sighed, "Sometimes, I'm wondering what sort of person is needed to bear the banner of TCM. Wang Guofeng is definitely not possible, since he lacks the wits. I initially thought that you might be possible, but this thought of mine has wavered again."

Su Tao was shocked as he glanced at Liu Ruochen. "Your judgment is a little hurtful, have I done something wrong for you to lose your confidence in me?"

Liu Ruochen smiled. "Shouldn't heroes be selfless and occasionally devote to others? On the contrary, I feel that you're a little greedy and perverted."

Knitting his brows, Su Tao sighed with a disdainful arc on the corner of her lips. "Every hero in history had their stories beautified. They're actually no different from others, they have emotions and desires as well. They will also be tempted by money and beauty. The only difference between them and others is that they possess an outstanding ability that shadows their flaws."

It was an enjoyment to chat with Liu Ruochen. Although Liu Ruochen would question him, it made Su Tao feel comfortable. Liu Ruochen's charm lies in the fact that she didn't have any lethality. She's like a gentle jade, smooth and chilling to the touch, carrying a natural purification. He could feel his internal heart calming down by chatting with her.

When they returned to the hotel, they saw Xia Yu, who was already waiting here for quite some time. Liu Ruochen knew that they're about to part, so she reminded, "Be careful of Lou Zi'an when you're back."

"What can he do to me?" Su Tao asked with his brows knitted.

Liu Ruochen sighed, "Based on my understanding of him, he will definitely take revenge on you after humiliating him yesterday."

Su Tao's expression suddenly turned mature and he casually smiled. "I'll deal with him when the time comes. Right, didn't you say that you're going to go to Hanzhou with me? Your Junior Sister has been missing you back in the Three Flavour Hall." Su Tao's ability to lie was at great heights, he even acted as if it was all real.

His words had caused Liu Ruochen to seriously hesitate before she shook her head with a smile. "I still have other matters to attend to. I'll knock on your Three Flavor Hall if there's an opportunity in the future."

Su Tao stretched his hand out to initiate a handshake with Liu Ruochen. Although her hand felt somewhat rough, there was a wonderful feeling that started to spread out from his palm that made Su Tao's heart shiver. Could this be the legendary shake from my soul? Liu Ruochen was indeed, someone closest to him in the TCM field.

Shoving the luggage at the trunk of the vehicle, Xia Yu sat at the driver's seat and smiled. "That woman seems to have fallen for you."

Su Tao playfully smiled. "What makes you think so?"

Xia Yu analysed, "When a woman falls for a man, her eyes would often follow that man full of affection. Those are the eyes of Liu Ruochen when she looks at you, not concealing the yearning in her eyes. Why don't you take her? I've investigated her, and she’s worth a few hundred million. She's a renowned physician with high standing in society, and her background is solid as well, her grandfather is…"

"Stop, stop, stop!" Su Tao sourly interrupted Xia Yu as he continued, "Why do I feel that you're asking me to woo her?"

Xia Yu tapped on the steering wheel as he replied, "Are you still not a man when such a peerless beauty is practically throwing herself at you?"

"That's how you put it…" Su Tao crooked his head as he pondered about it before he sighed, "But for some reason, I feel that something's not right."

The atmosphere briefly froze before Xia Yu recalled something and asked, "Right, did you drink from the kettle yesterday?"

Su Tao was briefly stunned before he replied, "Yeah I did, aren't kettles meant to be used?"

"Haha!" Xia Yu burst into laughter, "I've previously heard stories about the kettles in hotels having another usage for them. Some females that are obsessed with cleanliness would even use them to wash their panties."

Rolling his eyes, Su Tao gagged, taking him a long while to calm it down before he said, "Where is their public morality?"

Lou Zi'an's office was located at the South Third Ring Road in Yanjing. This used to be a pretty well-known privately-ran printing factory, which was moved to the Fifth Ring Road. It was brought by Lou Zi'an as his daily-used office. He had many employees, but there's not much for them to do, normally. Most of them were just holding a title and salary without doing any work.

Lou Zi'an regarded this place as a nursing home, most of his employees were friends and families of those in his circle, so he had been managing this place well.

After he returned from Yuhang, his mood hadn't been good so his secretary wasn't having a good time. He asked for a meeting, but only three to four people turned up. He even had to personally call them to get them here, so his mood could be imagined.

There wasn't any substantial content to the meeting, it was just his grumbles regarding the current TCM system that caused Vice President Jia De, who didn't have any actual power, to knit his brows. In the end, he could only bear it down. After all, Lou Zi'an was the one calling the shots here.

When the meeting ended, Lou Zi'an had noticed a person waiting outside his office with a half-burnt cigarette in his hand and another hand behind his back. That person was looking at the distant sky, and when he saw Lou Zi'an, he took out a blue and white porcelain ashtray to extinguish the cigarette with a smile, "President Lou, I've been waiting for you."

Lou Zi'an walked over and shook hands with that person with a smile. "Bai Fan, it's been a few days since we met, and you're looking more dignified. Quick, come in and have a seat."

"Thanks!" Bai Fan smiled and nodded his head before reaching out for his briefcase on the ground.

Lou Zi'an peeked glances at that briefcase. He knew that Bai Fan was definitely here with a request. As for his help, it'd have to depend on whether the documents in the briefcase were convincing enough!

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