Chapter 154 - Saving Someone's Future

When Jin Guoxiang loosened his grip, tears welled up in Dong Likun's eyes as she walked over. "Divine Physician Su, you're the benefactor of our entire family!"

Jin Guoxiang nodded in acknowledgment with a smile. "This has been how people are, fighting for wealth and status for their entire life to know that health is the most important. Without you, we would still be in sorrow about our daughter. Zhitong is the future of our happiness."

"I understand your feelings. Parents would always worry about their children." Su Tao walked towards Jin Zhitong with a smile and took her pulse. Although she was still unconscious, her pulse was beating strong with her qi and blood flowing like an average person. Even the portal veins on the lower abdomen have recovered pretty well.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao wrote a prescription. "This is for strengthening the body and boosting her metabolism. Take it every morning and night, and she'll recover in roughly a week."

"In just a week?" Dong Likun exclaimed in shock.

"As the saying goes, it takes a hundred days to naturally recover from a heavy injury. If she recovers by herself, it will take roughly three months. The medicine is meant to strengthen her body, since she has been lying on the bed for a long time. So the medicine will heal her body much faster." Su Tao patiently explained. Actually, there wasn't a need for him to explain in such detail, but he did it to assure the patient's next of kin.

Every medicine has its side effects, even for TCM, and it would affect the body if it was improperly used. The reason why he explained it to them was to alleviate their worries, since he could tell that this couple has been extremely heart-broken about their daughter.

Jin Zhitong's body was already stabilised, and his trip here was just a simple visiting, like how surgeons would check on their patients to look at their recovery.

Suddenly, Jin Zhitong woke up and saw a young man talking to her parents, which she swiftly figured out that he must be her savior, so she weakly said, "Thank you!"

Su Tao walked over and smiled. "There's no need to be so polite, just recovering quickly will do. I heard from your father that you're in your second year of high school, soon entering the third year and your grades are pretty good as well. You must recovery swiftly so that you can focus back into your studies!"

Zhitong felt a warmth in her heart from Su Tao's dashing appearance and she replied, "I will certainly not let my parents and you down!"

Su Tao felt that this girl was really strong. People weren't the same, and Su Tao could tell that she was brought up well, despite being born into a good family, unlike others that were born with a silver spoon. He inwardly sighed. His luck was pretty good. If he had saved a demoness, then his current mood wouldn't be this good.

To allow Jin Zhitong to rest, everyone left the room, then Su Tao swept a glance at Jin Guoxiang's right leg. The sensitive Jin Guoxiang instantly caught that and pondered if Su Tao had seen through the problem with his leg. But he had also heard that TCM's treatment consisted of Inspection, Listening, Smelling, and Inquiring. But Su Tao's medical skills were extraordinary, so he might be able to see through the problem that he couldn't mention. He held an expectation in his heart that Su Tao might be able to treat the old injury from the battlefield years back.

Having a nurse brew a pot of Longjing, Chen Jingyi smiled. "This is the specialty of Yuhang City, the taste is guaranteed genuine!"

Taking a sip and looking at the green tea leaves, Su Tao smiled. "This must be the West Lake Longjing that costs roughly ¥5,000 a catty."

After a brief shock, Chen Jingyi smiled. "I never expected Physician Su to also be an expert with teas."

"I've just briefly looked into it. Drinking tea is the best way of maintaining health, and the Longjing Tea is good for treating high blood pressure. It can even reduce body fat for those who drink it often, a pretty good healthcare product."

Jing Guoxiang occasionally added a few words into the conversation between Chen Jingyi and Su Tao, giving out a harmonious atmosphere amongst them.

Feeling that it was about time, Su Tao nodded his head towards Liu Ruochen before the two of them stood up and bade their farewells.

Chen Jingyi and Jin Guoxiang sent the two of them to the lift, and when the elevator closed, the Chen Jingyi noticed a sullen expression on the latter's face. He figured that Jin Guoxiang probably had something to say, but he did not get his wish fulfilled, so Chen Jingyi asked, "May I ask if there are other matters?"

With a faint smile, Jin Guoxiang ridiculed himself, "I intended to get Divine Physician Su to take a look at the injury on my leg, but I wasn't able to talk about it. It looks like he did not notice it, either."

Chen Jingyi finally realised what was going on, so he responded, "TCM strongly emphasizes that physicians are not to knock on the patient's door. So if you don't mention it, he naturally won't ask about it, either."

After a brief stun, Jin Guoxiang exclaimed, "How am I supposed to know about that rule?!"

Chen Jingyi smiled and swiftly responded, "Let me be the middle-man, then. I've also taken his number earlier. I'll call him right now."

"Will I look like a hypocrite?" Jin Guoxiang awkwardly asked.

Chen Jingyi shook his head and hand together. "You'll look like a fool instead of a hypocrite if you don't get him to take a look at you."

Jin Guoxiang was left speechless by Chen Jingyi's words. As someone from the military, he wasn't offended by the latter's joke. But it was mainly because he didn't understand the thoughts of a healer; seeking help was a smart move, and hiding your illness from being treated was foolish.

When the lift reached the first floor, Su Tao's phone lit up and he answered, "President Chen, is there any other matters?"

Glancing at Jin Guoxiang, Chen Jingyi smiled. "I'm seeking your help on behalf of a patient!"

Su Tao knew that Jin Guoxiang wasn't able to bear it in the end, so he replied, "I'll be right up."

He had a pretty good impression of Jin Guoxiang, and the latter was also a celebrated person. Although Su Tao didn't care about fame, he wasn't one that would abandon an opportunity to have an influential official owe him a great favor.

Naturally, he wouldn't show his motive openly, since that glance from before had already caused a reaction in Jin Guoxiang's heart.

Seeing a bad smile hung on Su Tao's lips, Liu Ruochen sighed, "So your plot succeeded?"

Su Tao knew that Liu Ruochen had also noticed Jin Guoxiang's leg, so he replied, "Why don't you treat him?"

Liu Ruochen shook her head and sighed, "He only acknowledges you right now, and he wouldn't be assured if I was the one doing it."

It's normal for patients to be loyal to their doctors. The moment you obtained their trust, it wouldn't be easy to waiver them.

Chen Jingyi had arranged an empty room for them by the time Su Tao returned to the eighth floor. Jin Guoxiang pulled up his trousers and revealed his leg, which Su Tao gently pressed on a few acupoints before saying, "This is an old injury, and it should have been ten-odd years now. It's caused by a bomb fragment that nearly disabled your entire leg, but you're able to walk like a normal person due to the proper treatment and your recovery ability. It's really not easy, but this leg of yours will be completely gone in less than two years if you don't seek help about it. Worst-case scenario, you might even need an amputation. Have you been feeling numb in your legs recently on rainy days?"

When Su Tao finished speaking, Jin Guoxiang revealed shocked on his face. Su Tao was right on. Nodding his head, he bitterly smiled. "I thought that it would be over if I just bear it!"

Jin Guoxiang gave Su Tao a feeling of a strong man, and at the same time, it was also probably due to his pride that he didn't want to be a handicap to be taken pity on by others. Deepening his voice, Su Tao sternly said, "Big illnesses are often derived from small illnesses. But it's not too late now, and I can still treat you."

Hearing Su Tao's words, Jin Guoxiang felt more relieved in his heart. Actually, he had gotten his leg checked, but according to western medicine, this leg of his was practically disabled, and they even suggested him to amputate it so that it wouldn't affect other areas. This was also the hidden reason why he didn't want his daughter, Jin Zhitong, to undergo surgery.

Although there were disabled generals in history, his strong pride didn't want to take pity from others. Furthermore, it'd be tough for the future development of his career if he was genuinely crippled. Generally speaking, no one would give an important position of the military to a disabled person.

If Su Tao could treat Jin Guoxiang, he wouldn’t just be treating his illness, but his future!

Su Tao first got Jin Guoxiang to lay down on the bed and opened his medical box, then took out his needle box to perform acupuncture on the Jin Guoxiang's leg. Jin Guoxiang's issue wasn't at all inferior to his daughter’s. His old injury was too severe, not to mention that it was left untreated for an extended period of time. The problem had practically spread to the bones and veins, and what Su Tao could do right now was force a portion of the toxic gas that had accumulated in Jin Guoxiang's bone out.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao stowed his needles and slowly breathed out, "Your leg cannot be instantly treated, it will take some time. I will give you a prescription later, and I will also need to perform acupuncture once a month. In half a year, it will be completely treated."

Jin Guoxiang could understand the reason behind it, since it would be too unrealistic if the illness that bugged him for ten-odd years would be instantly treated. When Jin Guoxiang came down from the bed, he slowly took a few steps and realised that the powerless feeling that he felt had disappeared. It was replaced with a hot air surging up from the bottom of his feet that made him feel comfortable.

With gratitude filled in his eyes, Jin Guoxiang said, "I rarely admire someone in my lifetime, but from today onwards, you're one of them." What he said were words from the bottom of his heart.

Su Tao modestly replied, "You're praising me too much. Despite that, I'll still be taking the treatment fee every single time. It won't be much, just ¥100 every single time, and housecall starts at ¥500!"

Hearing Su Tao's words, Jin Guoxiang knew that Su Tao was just joking around with him.

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