Chapter 152 - Existing in the same generation

A resounding ringtone woke Wang Guofeng up from his slumber. He’s currently experiencing a head-splitting headache from drinking too much last night. He gently bumped the lady beside him with his brows unhappily knitted. “Why are you still here?”

He only remembered bits and pieces of what happened yesterday.

The lady stretched her waist and grudgingly sighed, “People always say that whores are heartless, but I never expected that you’d be even more heartless. Trying to get me out of your sight after having all that pleasure?”

Wang Guofeng drank too much last night, so he casually took the name card that came in by the door gap and asked for a beauty. Taking a closer look at the woman right now, he wouldn’t want to bed her if he could choose again. Her hair was in a mess, and her skin was poor due to the overuse of cheap cosmetic products. Although her face still looked pretty exquisite, it was still way below his standards.

Frustrated over his drunken mistake, Wang Guofeng took out a ¥1,000 bill from his wallet, placed it on the table and ordered, “You have ten minutes to leave now!”

The woman had already worn her clothes and tucked that bill into her collar before wearing another laced-blouse. Wang Guofeng’s attitude didn't anger her. Instead, she smiled. “Keep my name card. Remember to call me if you miss me, you were pretty wild last night, and I’m still lingering on it.”

Wang Guofeng weakly sighed before he fiddled through his briefcase and found a sealed cigarette box, then took out a cigarette. He wasn’t someone fond of alcohol and tobacco, but he needed it right now to calm his restless mood. After the woman left, Wang Guofeng took a shower, while he instantly checked himself. Fortunately, he wasn’t struck despite not using a condom, which made him feel relieved.

After he came out of the shower, his phone rang again. When it picked it up, Lou Zi’an’s stern voice came from the other side, “Guofeng, you’re too disappointing last night!”

Hearing Lou Zi’an’s words, Wang Guofeng was terrified and his hands started to tremble. Even the phone nearly fell onto the ground before he tried his best to remain calm and asked, “Team Leader Lou, what’s wrong?” His first thought was that he was busted for getting a prostitute last night. If that’s really the case, then his reputation would be completely ruined. The young leader in TCM looked for a prostitute to vent his emotions after losing the tournament. He would be eternally shamed if it went out.

After a brief silence, Lou Zi’an responded, “You drank too much and forgot what happened last night, right?”

Wang Guofeng bitterly smiled. “Although I drank too much last night, I don’t think I’ve done anything out of bounds…”

“Why did you drink so much?!” Lou Zi’an continued with resentment in his tone, “Turn on your computer or search this term ‘TCM Hero’ with your phone, and see what you’ll find.” 

When he finished speaking, Lou Zi’an immediately hung up the phone. He was furious in his heart. Wang Guofeng was determined to be the successor, a target to be groomed. Although he lost to Su Tao in the Physician King Tournament, Lou Zi’an still had faith in him. He had even directed resources towards Wang Guofeng. But in the end, not only did Wang Guofeng terribly lose during the Three States Forum Exchange, he was also such a disappointment in such a critical moment.

Lou Zi’an was currently regretting in his heart. If he knew about this, he wouldn’t have trusted the instigation of the Medical Dao Sect to obstruct Su Tao’s entry into the TCM Association. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such an awkward situation today, the hero that saved TCM had no relation to the representative team that he had formed. How humiliating was that?

Wang Guofeng went onto the browser on his phone and keyed in the terms, and a page appeared. It was the one written by Cheng Peini, and not only was it on Zheyuan’s website, it even held a half-page article on Zheyuan Morning Papers. After reading the entire article, Wang Guofeng’s emotions could only be described as surging waves. A mouthful of blood gushed from his throat before Wang Guofeng quickly took napkins on the desk to wipe the traces of blood off the corner of his mouth.

Jealousy could kill a person, and Wang Guofeng finally knew the reason how Zhuge Liang managed to kill Zhou Yu through anger in history. The feeling of defeat was really something that could drive someone insane.

He quickly sat on the bed, closed his eyes and started to meditate. After a long while, his face flushed with a smear of pink and managed to suppress the anger through meditation.

But even so, Wang Guofeng was still bothered by this matter. He knew that Su Tao was powerful, but he never expected that the latter would rush over from Hanzhou to join in the fun, and even give him a resounding slap to the face while he was at it.

“He must be doing this on purpose!” Wang Guofeng gritted his teeth. He would not attack unless he was attacked. His mindset has also changed through the numerous tastes of humiliation, and it has changed from jealousy to hatred!

Wang Guofeng immediately dialed Bai Fan’s number. He always considered himself as a benevolent person and didn’t like to resort to plots. But he would not be soft-hearted after even his bottom line was being violated a few times.

At 7 a.m., Kim Jung-ho was already on his way home. He held onto his boarding pass and boarded the plane. Instantly, a female attendant came over to take his luggage and shelved it in the commercial section’s luggage rack before saying in Korean, “Mr. Kim, welcome to this plane.”

Doctors were an extremely well-received occupation. Not only did they enjoy a high salary, they even enjoyed an illustrious status in society. Naturally, the experience was needed to become a qualified doctor. Kim Hung-ho smiled and glanced at her name tag. “Thank you, Miss Su-jin.”

Kim Jung-ho was a famous person in the Republic of South Korea and was often on the headlines of the entertainment magazine. Thus, the air stewardess of South Korea Airline was excited upon seeing him. Because it was still early, Kim Jung-ho turned on his laptop and skimmed through the news in the country before he helplessly shook his head with a smile. Just as he had expected, the brilliant performance of South Korea’s representative team had been spread out along with the return of the team. His close-up photos were everywhere along with the title, “TKM has proven that TCM has declined! - South Korea’s Team resounds throughout China.”

After briefly browsing through the news, Kim Jung-ho closed the window and rubbed his brows. If there wasn’t the play last night, he might have the same thoughts as those physicians in the country and rejoice over their achievement. But at this moment, Kim Jung-ho had a heavy heart when he realised that China’s Team wasn’t the real standard of TCM.

He rarely admired someone, but Su Tao’s godly acupuncture technique had exceeded his understanding. Simply putting it, he was like a baby that had just learned how to walk, while Su Tao already knew how to fly.

Kim Jung-ho couldn’t figure out how Su Tao managed to remold the portal veins with just two awn-needles in the entire process.

When Newton encountered difficulty, he would switch to researching the theological behind it, which Kim Jung-ho felt the same mentality right now. Could it be that Su Tao is a deity sent by the heavens with the ability to revive the dead with his hands?

After taking a deep breath, Kim Jung-ho’s phone suddenly rang. It was still early, so he answered it. His grandfather, Kim Kwang-hyun’s voice resounded.

“Jung-ho, why didn’t you come back with the team?” Kim Kwang-hyun’s voice sternly resounded. After all, he had placed all his efforts onto Kim Jung-ho, and the latter also did not disappoint him in becoming a symbol of TKM; however, he didn’t entirely approve of this grandson’s conduct and felt that Kim Jung-ho must be fooling around, since stayed behind in China for another day.

“Grandfather, I stayed in China to exchange skills with a few people in the same trade.” Kim Jung-ho explained after pondering. Although that wasn’t his original intention, the outcome went as he had said. He had an unofficial contest with Su Tao and Liu Ruochen.

“Oh? Someone that can interest you?” Kim Kwang-hyun also found it unusual, so he asked, “Didn’t you compete with Wang Guofeng in the forum exchange? Was the report fake?”

The South Korea Media would often forge news to protect the dignity of their nationality. So Kim Kwang-hyun’s first reaction was that the story was fake.

Shaking his head, Kim Jung-ho replied, “It’s not Wang Guofeng. I’ve encountered someone younger and more formidable!”

Kim Kwang-hyun understood Kim Jung-ho’s character, and the latter seldom lies. Thus, his tone had turned solemn, “Oh? Could it be that he did not participate in the exchange?”

“Yeah! China’s team this time was too chaotic; they even forbade such a powerful person to participate. Grandfather, have you ever seen a TCM-style of surgery that doesn’t require any scalpel except the Nine-Palaces and Eight-Trigrams Acupoint Guarding, and Awn-Needles Forming Bridge?” Kim Jung-ho excitedly recalled what happened last night.

Hearing Kim Jung-ho’s explanation, Kim Kwang-hyun asked a few more details before he took a deep breath and analysed, “Jung-ho, this trip of yours to China was worthwhile. I never expected that you would witness a godly skill like the Heavenseizing Hand, also known as the Saint Hands of Xing Lin!”

“The Heavenseizing Hand? That’s the Heavenseizing Hand?!” Kim Jung-ho had also heard of the description of the Heavenseizing Hand throughout history. It could be said that anyone that studied TKM wished to obtain such a heaven-defying skill like the Heavenseizing Hand. It was known to be a godly skill that could alter the Life and Death Register of the netherworld.

Kim Kwang-hyun sighed, “Jung-ho, I’m afraid that he will overshadow anyone who is in the same generation as him, and you’re not an exception.”

Shaking his head, Kim Jung-ho firmly said, “Grandfather, I believe in my own strength. If there’s a chance, I will surely gloriously defeat him with all that I’ve learned. The Kim Family of TKM will surely resound throughout the world!”

Kim Kwang-hyun smiled with a gratified expression and responded, “I’m rest assured with your words now. If there's a chance, I would like to witness the Heavenseizing Hand for myself.”

After a brief pondering, Kim Kwang-hyun had formed a plan in his mind and smiled. “Grandfather, I will surely fulfill your wish!”

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