Chapter 149 - News in the Emergency Room

Chen Jingyi fell into a dilemma after hearing Jin Guoxiang’s intentions. After all, Su Tao wasn’t part of the representative team, nor did he have a good relationship with Lou Zi’an. So if he allowed Su Tao to treat the patient, wouldn’t that be disrespecting Lou Zi’an? It’s fine if it was an ordinary person, but Jin Guoxiang was someone with status and authority. He even came over from Qiongjin just for his daughter’s illnesses.

“This…” Chen Jingyi rubbed his chin as he replied, “I’m afraid that it’s improper. Mainly because Su Tao isn’t a doctor of this hospital, so we know nothing about him. That leads to another question, who will be responsible if something happens?”

Lou Zi’an added, “His origin isn’t clear, nor is he someone from the TCM Association.”

Knitting his brows, Jin Guoxiang said in a resolute tone, “How about this. Let him perform the treatment, but if anything happens, we will take full responsibility as the next of kin!”

Hearing Jin Guoxiang’s words, Chen Jingyi inwardly sighed. He knew that the former was intending to stake it all in on this. Actually, he wasn’t optimistic of Su Tao either. After all, Su Tao was too young, and experience came with age in the medical world. That’s a fact, since those older doctors would have more experience in treating patients. Every single one of those doctors in charge of a patient had gone through at least eight to nine years of clinical experience.

But Su Tao looked to be in his twenties, so how much experience could he even accumulate?

Chen Jingyi knew that Jin Guoxiang wouldn’t budge, so he gave in, “Fine, but you have to sign the waiver form before the treatment begins! The hospital will only loan out the location, and whether the treatment is a success or failure, we take no responsibility!”

Jin Guoxiang nodded his head, since he knew that the old fox, Chen Jingyi, was just trying to look after his own hide. “Let’s not delay and have the waiver signed quickly, then.”

Liu Ruochen softly asked beside Su Tao after seeing the latter’s face without any expression, “Am I being a little too meddlesome to bring work for you?”

“Well, I do feel a little uncomfortable in my heart.” Su Tao smiled faintly.

Liu Ruochen sighed. She could tell what Su Tao was feeling in his heart. As someone with talent, ability, and ambition, he’s currently being buried by China’s system.

She smiled. “I acted on my own, so if you’re not willing to treat, I can talk to them.”

Rolling his eyes, Su Tao sourly said, “There’s no such thing as an arrow turning back after it has been fired. How could I not see that you’re trying to fight for me? So I can’t let you down, and I will surely do it well since it was a stage that you have fought for me.”

Liu Ruochen blinked and smiled. “Seems like you’re not stupid after all. But I can tell that there are other matters bothering you.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “I’m considering if I should fall for you since you’ve been thinking for me all the time. What do you think I should do?”

Sourly looking at Su Tao, Liu Ruochen dismissed, “Stop uttering nonsense. You still have the mood to joke around now?”

Su Tao took a breath before his gaze turned solemn. “Rest assured, I will do my best.”

Liu Ruochen smiled. “As a competent doctor, as long as you start to treat someone, there’s no reason in holding back.”

“What? There’s news in the emergency room of the People’s Hospital?” The reporter of the Zheyuan Morning Papers’ Society Column, Cheng Peini, immediately hung up the phone and her blood started to boil. With the rise of the internet, traditional papers were falling, since most influence news could be obtained online. Not only was she the reporter of the Zheyuan Morning Papers, but she was also a reporter on the society column at the corporate's official site.

She was just vexing over tomorrow’s news on the website. Initially, she thought that there would be an article waiting for her in the Three States Forum Exchange, but she never expected China’s representative’s failure, which left her to worry about tomorrow’s article.

She arrived at the hospital by car half an hour later, and when she saw the familiar faces standing outside the emergency room, her eyes lit up. It looked like she’s pretty lucky and there’s undoubtedly an article that awaited her. Aside from the representatives of China’s TCM, Kim Jung-ho was there as well. According to what she knew, South Korea's representative had already left Yuhang after the exchange, so there must be another reason that Kim Jung-ho stayed behind.

If she could interview that hunk of the Three States Forum Exchange, it would be a pretty good source of an article for her. At least, it would attract the attention of teenagers.

“Mr. Kim Jung-ho, it’s a surprise to see you here. Let me introduce myself; I’m a reporter for a newspaper in Zheyan. I was also present in the exchange this afternoon, which you have participated, and I witnessed your miraculous skills. May I ask what you are doing here? Are you perhaps going to save a patient?” Chen Peini went up and asked with a smile on her face.

Kim Jung-ho was caught by surprise after seeing a reporter. But as someone with a good relationship with celebrities in South Korea, he would also face the media quite often, since there would be paparazzi staying near him to seek a material source.

Kim Jung-ho swiftly showed a gentlemanly bearing and explained with a smile, “It was purely an accident that I’m here. But I’m afraid that it’s not appropriate for you to interview me, since we’re all busy saving a patient right now.”

“Oh?” Cheng Peini knitted her brows. As a reporter, her strong curiosity willed her to find out more about this situation. With so many of China’s TCM representatives gathering in the People’s Hospital, could it be that there’s a huge figure falling ill?

Soon, she took note of the patient’s next of kin standing by the corridor, it was Jin Guoxiang and Dong Lukun.

Jin Guochen was generally a low-profile person, so he practically wouldn’t show himself in public. But Dong Likun, who was standing beside him, was a famous person in Yuhang City as the Chairman of Falcon Cooperation. The Falcon Cooperation was a state-owned industrial cooperation, and after the reformation, it became one of the most significant state-owned assets in the province. Even the few core real estate projects in the Zheyuan Province had the shadow of the Falcon Cooperation. Aside from real estate, their business also involved business estate, logistics, foreign investment, and electronic commercial, a big shot in the province.

She had once interviewed all the famous entrepreneurs in the province, and Dong Likun was one of the dazzling representatives amongst the female entrepreneurs. But at this moment, her make-up was bland and she was looking haggard. Her eyes were also swollen with tears flickering. There wasn’t any image of a business elite on her.

Through her analysis, Cheng Peini had roughly figured out the situation here. That man that was filled with a dignified bearing should be Dong Likun’s husband, and the patient in the emergency room should be related to Dong Likun. So China's TCM representatives and Kim Jung-ho should be here for the patient inside the emergency room, and it looked like the patient was still in a critical state, judging from their grave expressions.

Everyone was busy, and it really wasn’t appropriate for Cheng Peini to conduct her interview now. After a brief pondering, she dialed her informant.

Once the news had already spread out in the People’s Hospital, everyone knew what was happening. When her informant explained everything to her, Cheng Peini looked shocked before she questioned, “You’re saying that a person who is not a representative of China’s TCM is conducting the treatment for the patient?”

“Correct, everyone was curious about him and tried to search for his information online. He had just obtained this year’s Physician King title, so he’s pretty formidable!” The informant said as she continued, “But speaking in professional terms, trying to treat the Congenital Anomalies of the Portal Venous System through TCM is simply impossible. Even if a surgery is conducted here, it would require an extremely experienced senior surgeon to take charge of it.”

Chen Peini smiled. “So you’re not optimistic of him?”

“Yeah, even the specialists of our hospital are helpless. So if an outsider treats it, wouldn’t it look bad on us?” The informant smiled, “But the problem here is that the patient’s next of kin are great figures. Even President Chen is having a headache on this matter since they’ve refused the solution that the hospital has given them.”

“Alright, thanks for your source. I’ll treat you to a meal if the article gets good attention!” Cheng Peini smiled.

“So with our relationship, you’re not going to treat me to a meal unless I provide you information?” The informant smiled.

Since Cheng Peini was anxious about the situation in the emergency room, she wasn’t in the mood to talk to her informant. After half-heartedly replying to a few sentences, she hung up the phone. But when she came back to the emergency room’s door, she realised that everyone’s gone.

The emergency room was locked, but Cheng Peini reacted resourcefully. She pressed on the intercom on the wall and the door opened up with a nurse asking, “What’s going on?”

“I came with those specialists earlier, may I ask where they are now?” Cheng Peini lied. As an outstanding reporter, it’s practically a professional trait to lie.

Knitting her brows, the nurse briefly communicated with the person beside her and replied, “They have already gone into the surgery room.”

Cheng Peini continued the act, “Then let me in quickly; they left something with me!”

The two nurses exchanged a look before opening the door. Under the nurses’ help, she changed into a sterilised surgical uniform set before being brought to the observation room. This was not where the surgery was conducted, but there was a huge glass that could watch the entire surgical process clearly.

Cheng Peini felt nervous and excited, since this was her first time witnessing a surgery. Would it be as bloody and shocking as shown in dramas?

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