Chapter 148 - The Hope

Lou Zi’an’s father was a countryside doctor, which had a significant influence on him. Thus, Lou Zi’an instantly tried to get himself into a medical school when he finished his university entrance exam. However, he failed to exhibit his full potential in the exam, and his points weren’t high, he only barely made it to the borderline. But after the adjustment, he managed to get into the TCM course. He’s a smart person, and from the very first day, he knew the uncertainty in TCM. But since he had stepped into this trade, then he would have to think of his own future and forge a path for himself.

Through hard work, he managed to form a good relationship with the teachers and the leaders of his school and retained in his alma mater after graduation as an executive.

Although he wasn’t excellent in professional knowledge, he was good when it came to management. Thus, he had quickly become the backbone of the university through his administration and continued to climb higher. When an opportunity arrived, he left his job and managed to gain a decent footing in society with his relationship. But he also knew about his flaws. Despite being a learner of TCM, he had to rely on professionals if he wanted to go higher. Thus, he spent an enormous sum of money to maintain his relationship with the TCM Association, and would often participate in the TCM Association’s activities, becoming a familiar figure in it.

Naturally, he had also once suffered a significant loss. There was once when a quality issue arose in the herbs that he was going to resell, and even nearly got kicked out of the industry. But at that crucial moment, a few of his friends came out to speak for him and fended off the danger. After that experience, he placed all his attention to maintaining his relationship with those professionals.

As for the TCM Association, they were more than happy that someone was willing to help. Thus, Lou Zi’an had taken complete charge in some matters.

Although he was only a team leader, he was still an authoritative figure in TCM, so everyone had to give face to him. But Su Tao had refuted him in front of everyone and even poked where it hurts. Lou Zi’an had long forgotten about his TCM knowledge after being in the business field for so many years, so he had always lacked confidence when facing a specialty. In other words, he was feeling inferior! Thus, it was appropriate to describe him as a frog in the well.

At the same time, he also looked down on TCM from the depths of his heart. If he had a choice, he would rather get closer with the Western Medicine Association. After all, they’re more well-received, and their system was also more perfected. Regardless of earning money or status, it was higher than TCM.

Thus, he felt humiliation from Su Tao’s contempt.

Knitting his brows, Lou Zi’an said, “Although we’re all part of TCM, we speak with our strength. It’s a fact that we’re unable to do anything to the patient, and we have to face this reality. Why deceive others and deceive oneself?”

Su Tao responded, “Although you’re the team leader of the representative this time, you cannot represent all the TCM personnel, not to mention TCM itself.”

Lou Zi’an suddenly laughed, “Oh? If I can’t, you can? Young man, don’t be too arrogant. I know that you’re this year’s Physician King, but that doesn’t mean that your invincible and can treat any illnesses!”

Glancing at Lou Zi’an, Su Tao replied, “I know my limits, and I naturally know what can be treated and what cannot be treated. However, Blood Swollen Diseases aren’t incurable illnesses. At least I’m 90% confident in it!”

One must leave leeway to himself, and 90% was just Su Tao being modest.

However, Lou Zi’an sneered at his words, “Arrogant, but I’m afraid that you will not get what you wish. You wouldn't be able to treat the patient even if you wanted to.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled. “As for that, you’re not the one to decide.” He turned to look at Chen Jingyi. As the president of the hospital, this person had enough authority to decide on this matter.

An awkward expression appeared on Chen Jingyi’s face, since the situation here was a little complicated. Su Tao and Lou Zi’an clearly came together, but what’s with the contradiction between them?

Lou Zi’an suddenly said, “President Chen, he’s not part of the representative team, and we will not take any responsibility if anything happens!”

Chen Jingyi sighed and helplessly smiled. “The two experts of TCM have already taken a look at the patient, and I’m afraid to say that it’s really tough for TCM to face this problem. I’ll try and persuade the patient’s next of kin to have them agree to the surgical procedures, instead.”

Liu Ruochen’s eyes suddenly lit up as she interrupted, “President Chen, I’m requesting you earnestly let Su Tao have a try. Although he’s not part of the representative team, his ability is even higher than my own. So it might really be possible for him to treat the patient.”

Chen Jingyi instantly fell into a dilemma.

Lou Zi’an glared at Liu Ruochen and felt a rage in his heart. He initially intended to get close to Liu Ruochen. After all, she was the only one in the Three States Forum Exchange to be undefeated. But since she had gone against him numerous times, he’s currently thinking about how to get Liu Ruochen out of his circle.

There’s no need for a disobedient person, and that had always been Lou Zi’an’s principle. Compared to that, Lou Zi’an was more inclined towards building a good relationship with Wang Guofeng. Even if the latter had failed, he was still easier to talk with.

Su Tao shook his head towards Liu Ruochen. He was hinting that some things cannot be forced. Seeing Su Tao’s signal, Liu Ruochen felt pity for the girl and she sighed.

When everyone came out of the room, Jin Guoxiang strode towards the group in large steps and nervously asked, “How’s my daughter doing?”

Chen Jingyi helplessly replied, “We have placed her symptoms of vomiting blood under control for the time being, but we will have to resort to splenectomy if you want it to be treated permanently!”

The spleen didn’t affect a fully grown adult that much in the view of western medicine, nor would it affect the lifespan of the patient. The spleen functioned as a source of blood when one was young, but that function would go dormant upon reaching adulthood and become a hidden organ. The function would only be revitalised if there’s a situation of massive bleeding.

“No!” Jin Guoxiang decisively replied, “We cannot leave her with an incomplete body.”

Chen Jingyi sighed as he bitterly smiled, “Major General Jin, this is the most suitable method after our specialists have examined the patient.”

Jin Guoxiang continued, “Although removing spleen can temporarily put her illness under control, there’s a possibility that it might affect her future without this organ. I cannot accept such a simple and crude removal treatment method. If you guys can’t do it, we’ll switch her to another hospital.”

Chen Jingyi bitterly smiled. “I can only say that our ability is limited. If you don’t believe us, then you can do as you wish.”

Jin Guoxiang snorted and waved his hand, looking extremely dissatisfied.

Dong Likun also couldn’t accept this outcome, so she walked to Jin Guoxiang’s side and persuaded, “Guoxiang, how about we listen to the doctors and allow Zhitong to undergo surgery?”

Seeing his wife’s face covered with tears and her eyes swollen, Jin Guoxiang felt his heart aching as he tried comforted, “Likun, rest assured. I have already contacted my comrades to seek their help to find the best specialist in the country. We cannot lose faith, and we must firmly believe that there must be other methods that can treat Zhitong.”

After talking to his wife, he turned to look at Lou Zi’an’s group and slightly bowed. “Although you guys aren’t able to treat my daughter completely, I still have to express my gratitude for putting her condition under control and giving us hope.”

With a smile instantly plastered on his face, Lou Zi’an looked overwhelmed by the favor and replied, “It’s part of our responsibility as healers.”

Kim Jung-ho felt depressed at how shameless Lou Zi’an was. He was the one that kept the patient’s condition under control, so how did it turn to the latter’s merit instead? It was only because of Liu Ruochen that he came here. Kim Jung-ho helplessly sighed and murmured to himself in Mandarin, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person in my life!”

Liu Ruochen looked at Jin Guoxiang and Dong Likun. The two of them were blessed with outstanding looks. Although they’re in their forties, they still managed to maintain their bodies pretty well. Whether it was their speech or actions, they gave out a sense of steadiness and elegance. But it was a pity that they were left helpless due to their daughter’s condition.

Subconsciously turning to look at Su Tao, Liu Ruochen saw the former’s gaze was calm like the pond. However, she could feel the helplessness and rage in his heart. As a doctor, seeing a patient that you can treat, and yet, you’re not able to do so was an extremely depressed feeling.

As everyone brushed past the couple, Liu Ruochen suddenly stopped and walked towards the two of them. Su Tao turned around and cast a glance at them. He saw the two of them constantly nodding their heads, while Tong Likun was keeping her tears contained. Soon after, Dong Likun’s face flushed with excitement, while Jin Guoxiang’s face revealed a solemn expression. His brows were tightly knitted, as if he was considering something.

“I have said what I needed. You can put it this way; if even Su Tao can’t treat her with TCM, then she only has one choice laid before her; remove the spleen through surgery. But as past cases have proven, there’s still a chance that her illness might relapse.” Liu Ruochen patiently explained.

Jin Guoxiang sighed, “Why should I believe in him, even though so many specialists couldn’t treat my daughter?”

Liu Ruochen replied, “You must have gone to the battlefield before, right?”

“I have!” Jin Guoxiang nodded.

“Then is the outcome of the battlefield determined by a group or a single person?” Liu Ruochen blinked her eyes as she gently asked.

Knitting his brows for a long time, Jin Guoxiang responded, “One person, who is also the soul and hero of the army!”

Liu Ruochen smiled, “You’re right. Why don’t you view your daughter’s illness as a battle? The rest isn’t important, but the main factor here is if the hero has appeared, then Su Tao is that hero that you’re waiting for!”

With simple words, Liu Ruochen had convinced Jin Guoxiang!

Jin Guoxiang was also greatly affected by Liu Ruochen’s words. In fact, he had already wavered. If there’s a chance for his daughter to recover, as long as it’s a hope and possibility, he would give it a try, no matter what. But on the prerequisite that as long as it didn’t concern any organ removal.

“Guoxiang, how about we let him give it a try?” Liu Ruochen convinced Dong Likun. For a fairy like Liu Ruochen to have an unconditional belief for Su Tao, it was the greatest convincing factor.

Jin Guoxiang let out a long sigh before solemnly said, “Fine. If he can treat Zhitong, then he will be my benefactor!”

When he finished speaking, he strode towards the leaving crowd in big steps. He was willing to take the risk to try!

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