Chapter 147 - Frog in the Well

What would the majority in the world pursue in their lifetime? Power, wealth, and status. But when they obtained all of that, they would realise that their health was beyond their control, despite what they possessed. Worldly possessions did not come when we’re born, nor could they be taken away with us after our death. In the end, we’re just a pile of ash when we die. Although there might be those that try to seek immortality, like how Emperor Qin dispatched people all over to seek immortality.

Despite all the power, wealth, and status, no one could control the life and death of themselves and others. This had also been the sore spot of humanity, which was why wishes would typically be about health.

Jing Guoxiang was 48 this year, and also one of the youngest leaders in the country. As one of the main focuses for grooming in the Southeast Military Camp, he was young and promising. But at this moment, he only felt powerless and despair. Despair was never the word for him, despite when he roamed the borders, fighting terrifying enemies. But his daughter was currently critically ill with a 90% chance of dying.

He took a deep breath when he heard sounds coming from the gate of the emergency room. He walked out and saw Chen Jingyi with a group of people following him, and they entered the surgery room. When Chen Jingyi saw Jing Guoxiang, he introduced, “These are specialists from the TCM Association, accompanied by the Divine Physician of South Korea, Mr. Kim Jung-ho himself!”

Jin Guoxiang solemnly nodded his head and replied, “I will leave my daughter in your hands. If you guys can help her, I will surely thank you heavily!”

Chen Jingyi responded, “Major General Jin, this is our responsibility, and I assure you that we will do our best!”

When they walked into the surgery room and changed into the surgery uniforms, Lou Zi'an took note of Su Tao following them and asked Liu Ruochen with his brows knitted, “Who’s this person?”

“Su Tao, this year’s Physician King!” Liu Ruochen sighed at the fact that Lou Zi’an only realised him now.

Lou Zi’an’s tone instantly turned unhappy. “What’s he doing here? He has an issue with his identity and origin, nor is he part of the TCM Association!”

Liu Ruochen replied, “He’s a friend that I have invited over, and I believe in his medical skill. If you feel that he shouldn’t be here, then I will leave as well!”

“You!” Lou Zi’an did not expect that Liu Ruochen, who was usually mild, would suddenly threaten him. “Liu Ruochen, do you know what you’re doing?! As a member of the TCM Association, you should obey the orders given to you by the organization. What you’re doing right now has violated the rules, in which, I can request to the TCM Association to have you expelled!”

“There are only doctors and the patient right now; there’s no national boundary or organization!” Liu Ruochen responded.

Lou Zi’an took a deep breath. He still needed Liu Ruochen right now. Although there’s Kim Jung-ho, he’s, after all, a Korean. Thus, Lou Zi’an still had his guard up against Kim Jung-ho in his heart. Suppressing the unpleasantness in his heart, he said in a solemn voice, “Fine. He can come with us. But don’t cause any trouble!”

Watching everything from the side, Su Tao only felt how detestable Lou Zi’an was at how high he’s holding his head.

Lou Zi’an did not come help for the sake of the patient, but the president of the hospital, Chen Jingyi had asked for his help. At the same time, the patient’s background was also unusual. Su Tao could tell that Lou Zi’an was a person blinded by power and an indifferent person, which he could tell when the latter started to doubt his entry to the surgery room. Most people would speak out for the disturbance that might cause to the patient if there were too many people around, but Lou Zi’an suspected his identity and qualifications, instead.

Before entering the surgery room, they were briefed by the doctor in charge of the patient. The patient’s name was Jin Zhiyong, 18 this year and suffered from Congenital Anomalies of the Portal Venous System. The portal venous system meant the veins leading to the liver, and due to anomalies, blood couldn’t be delivered appropriately. This would result in the taxing pressure on the veins, which caused the liver to swell and a twisted esophagus. So when there’s a flare-up of the illness, it would cause the patient to vomit blood, having black stools, and ascites. Severe cases would even lead to veins rupturing and causing internal bleeding to the organs.

After hearing the explanation done by the doctor, Kim Jung-ho confidently smiled, “Isn’t it an easy problem to resolve with western medicine? Just operate on the patient and remove the spleen to lessen the pressure on the veins.”

The doctor-in-charge awkwardly smiled, “But the patient’s next of kin isn’t willing for us to do the operation. They feel that removing the spleen would make the patient incomplete.”

Although Kim Jung-ho specialises in TKM, he was also versed with western medicine. Shaking his head, he sighed, “Surgery is the right method to remove the factor that causes high blood pressure. It’s a vein that we’re talking about, and it can't be resolved through ordinary means except for surgery!” Kim Jung-ho then turned to briefly look at the x-ray films before he added, “But I can only give the conclusion after seeing the patient and having a full body check-up done.”

The doctor-in-charge instantly viewed Kim Jung-ho with high regards after he heard the latter’s analysis. An expert would know about this, and in a matter of a few minutes, Kim Jung-ho had already formed a rough analysis based on his brief explanation. It was sufficient to prove that Kim Jung-ho was someone capable of the same trade!

Liu Ruochen turned to look at Su Tao and saw the latter's brows knitted while he looked at the x-ray films. Could he have noticed something?

When everyone entered the surgery room, the patient painfully vomited blood. It was a delicate girl with a pale face and her eyes shut. Due to the massive loss of blood, she had also fallen unconscious, and through his previous analysis, Kim Jung-ho had already gained some trust, so he walked towards the patient and started to take her pulse.

Traditional Korean Medicine was also known as Eastern Medicine. The foundation was based on TCM and Silla Kingdom’s acupuncture technique and medicine usage. At the same time, they had also absorbed the techniques of Xianbei and Mongolia.

Opening up the medical box that he had carried with him at all times, Kim Jung-ho retrieved an exquisite needle box. He took a thumb-size needle from the box and slowly inserted it into the patient’s lower abdomen before putting six more needles in.

Su Tao’s eyes flashed with praise. Kim Jung-ho’s acupuncture technique was extremely accurate. He had performed acupuncture on seven locations on the patient, which the vein’s anomalies lied. Through his patient, he had alleviated the patient’s situation and she was no longer vomiting blood.

He used the plum-blossom needles, and his knocking technique was well-refined. He had at least gone through ten-odd years of training. Generally speaking, it was used for treating neurodermatitis, but Kim Jung-ho had used it to clear the clogged acupoints. In the eyes of those from the same trade, this was undoubtedly a fresh innovation. Compared to Wang Guofeng, who was stuck to the old, fossil ways, this was on another level, which made Su Tao believe that it was reasonable that Wang Guofeng lost.

Pressing his fingers on the patient’s lower abdomen a few times, Kim Jung-ho knitted his brows. He seemed to have encountered a challenging issue. Roughly a few minutes later, he shook his head, helplessly. “I can't treat the root of this problem, and I can only put it temporarily under control.”

Seeing that even Kim Jung-ho was helpless against this, Lou Zi’an instantly felt a chill in his heart. Kim Jung-ho was the leader of the representative team that possessed marvellous medical skills, and even Wang Guofeng had lost to him. But, even someone like him has failed, wouldn’t that mean that the rest were also helpless?

Lou Zi’an turned to look at Liu Ruochen and ordered in a jittery manner, “Why don’t you go up and try?”

Liu Ruochen knitted her brows. She was unhappy with Lou Zi’an’s tone. But due to her mild nature, she wasn’t willing to argue. Thus, she went up and took the pulse of the patient, and ten-odd minutes later, she gently sighed, “The patient is suffering from Congenital Anomalies of the Portal Venous System. It’s classified under Blood Swollen Diseases in TCM. Although it can be alleviated with herbs, it cannot be permanently treated unless western medicine’s approach of surgery is taken here. The illness will surely relapse at a later date!”

Lou Zi’an’s face turned dark as he responded, “If that’s the case, we can only try and alleviate the illness and try to persuade her family for surgery!”

Kim Jung-ho did not speak any further. He had taken decisive action to save his own hide. Although he had ways to treat the patient, there’s still a risk factor in it. Although Liu Ruochen was extraordinary, she was still more focused on gynecology, after all. Thus, she did not have a deep knowledge of other matters. If it was Wang Guofeng, perhaps he might have a 30% chance of success.

He only came here with the thought of spending more time with Liu Ruochen. As for treating the patient, there were consequences that he had to consider. After all, if he failed, not only would he have to bear the responsibility for it, it would also affect the reputation of TKM.

The surgery room fell into an awkward silence and no one spoke. The other representatives also went up to take the patient’s pulse and ended with the same conclusion as Liu Ruochen.

The Congenital Anomalies of the Portal Venous System was tricky and belonged to the blindspot of TCM since it had something to do with the veins in the body. Even if TCM got into surgery a long time ago, like how Hua Tuo, the famous surgical physician that invented the chinese anesthesia drug back in the days, most physicians were still at the level of observation, hearing, consultation and cut standard. Also, with western medicine growing prosperous, TCM no longer went into surgeries.

Chen Jingyi sighed. He could only try to alleviate the awkward atmosphere. “Since the specialists have no way to resolve this issue, we can only talk about it later. Nevertheless, it’s still a great contribution that you guys can alleviate her condition!”

Lou Zi’an sighed with self-ridicule, “There’s a focus on everything, and TCM specializes in nursing the body and maintaining health. It’s an undeniable fact that it's weaker in terms of surgery.”

Kim Jung-ho knitted his brows when he heard Lou Zi’an’s words. He couldn’t agree with the latter’s view. TKM came by itself and was even acknowledged by the UNESCO. But in the end, TKM was still TCM, so how could there be anyone in the world that would look down on his own studies? But at this moment, Kim Jung-ho did not want to interfere in this matter and kept his silence.

On the other hand, Su Tao shook his head and smiled, which looked like ridicule in Lou Zi’an’s eyes.

With a solemn voice, Lou Zi’an said, “Everyone’s doing their best, and yet, there’s someone who only knows how to make a joke.”

Su Tao sighed, “I’m only laughing at someone being a frog in the well. TCM is vast and profound, so how much do you even know about it?”

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