Chapter 146 - Hope

“Fairy?” Liu Ruochen pursed her lips when she heard that form of address before she chuckled, “How am I, an ordinary woman, linked to the term ‘fairy’?”

Su Tao replied with a deadpan expression while looking at her, “There’s this celestial aura around you that makes others feel that way. Now that you’ve denied it, I’m more rest assured now.”

“Rest assured about what?” Liu Ruochen blinked, looking puzzled. Her eyes were exceptionally seductive, as if she could pierce through the heart of others with her gaze.

Su Tao didn’t dare to look into her eyes, since he was afraid that she could read his thoughts. He smiled. “Rest assured to joke with you.”

Nodding her head after a brief stun, Liu Ruochen replied, “I’m very open-minded, so feel free to joke with me. I can take your jokes.”

“Generally, those that can be joked around with are those with good relationships with others.” Su Tao smiled. “Actually, jokes can also be considered a form of intimacy. After all, who would go around joking with strangers?”

Liu Ruochen shook her head. “One must know when to draw the line with jokes. After all, it can hurt the feelings of others, as well.”

Su Tao was left stunned after hearing her words, since what she said made sense. Wait… did I get purified by the pure energy around her again?

Since they weren’t familiar with this city, they circled around the hotel before they returned. When they entered, a young man was gracefully walking towards Liu Ruochen. Shock briefly flashed on Liu Ruochen’s face while the man casually swept a glance at Su Tao before explaining himself, “Miss Ruochen, my representative team is on the journey back, but I stayed behind because of you.”

Liu Ruochen gently sighed. She wanted to pull her hand back from Su Tao’s grip. However, Su Tao was grabbing ahold of her hand too tightly. But she wasn’t annoyed; on the contrary, she felt warmth, so she mildly replied, “Mr. Kim, I know myself, and I don’t think that I’m so great that you would stay behind for me. But even if that is your true intention, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help you.”

Su Tao praised in his heart. Liu Ruochen was a perfect example of a good woman. She’s courteous, even with someone looking so outstanding like Kim Jung-ho, unlike those fangirls that start screaming ‘Oppa’ the moment they see a long-legged Korean man.

Looking at Kim Jung-ho, Su Tao had to admit that this was a handsome man. Although Kim Jung-ho was one or two centimeters shorter than him, his body was well-maintained. His face was skim with edging chins, a pair of slender eyes and a modest smile that made him look friendly.

Glancing at Su Tao, Kim Jung-ho asked with a smile, “This is…?”

Liu Ruochen finally pulled her hand back and replied with a smile, “A friend of mine!”

Kim Jung-ho’s gaze briefly examined Su Tao before he said, “He looks pretty young, and I even mistook him as your younger brother.”

Su Tao was instantly unhappy from Kim Jung-ho’s words. The latter was clearly trying to suppress him in terms of age, so Su Tao faintly smiled. “It’s called having a babyface. My actual age is older than Ruochen, and I’ve also seen your information. I’m even a few months older than you!”

Fooled by Su Tao’s acting, Kim Jung-ho was briefly stunned before he apologised, “I’m really sorry about my lack of manners!”

Koreans followed a strict etiquette to use formal speech when you see someone older than you. Actually, this was something that originated from China, but it had already disappeared in modern society. Only South Korea still followed this tradition.

Teased by Su Tao’s act, Liu Ruochen rolled her eyes at the former before smiling at Kim Jung-ho, “Mr. Kim, it’s getting late, so I’m going back to my room to rest. I’m afraid I’ll have to take my leave here.”

Disappointment flickered in Kim Jung-ho’s eyes before he persisted, “Miss Ruochen, I stayed behind for you. I only wish for a chance to speak with you privately. I wonder if that can be granted?”

Liu Ruochen shook her head and replied, “I’m sorry, but I cannot give you that chance. If my actions have hurt you, I apologise for that.”

Glancing at Su Tao, Kim Jung-ho probed, “Is it because of him?”

Liu Ruochen sighed, “You’re overthinking, it’s not because of anyone. I just feel that I shouldn’t give you any hope. Our relationship is only that of opponents in the Three States Forum Exchange, and I would be disrespecting you if I said otherwise to you.”

Kim Jung-ho sighed, “You’re a good woman, and I swear that I will not give up on you.”

Su Tao looked at Kim Jung-ho from the side, but no matter which angle he analysed from, the latter belonged to the category that could capture the hearts of women; an authentic long-legged Oppa from South Korea that possessed superior medical skills and status. Even Wang Guofeng wouldn’t be his match if he pestered Liu Ruochen.

Su Tao closely followed behind Liu Ruochen and smiled. “That Kim Jung-ho seems to be a passionate man. Why don’t you chat with him? After all, he’s staying behind for you.”

Liu Ruochen suddenly stopped with her lips raised. “You can look for him if you’re interested.”

 As a straight man, Su Tao was instantly covered in sweat from hearing those words. He smiled, “Chen’er, you’re really evil!”

When the two of them were about to enter the lift, Liu Ruochen’s phone suddenly rang, and an anxious voice resounded from the other side, “Ruochen, why are you not in your room? Where are you right now?”

Furrowing her brows, Liu Ruochen replied in puzzlement, “Taking a walk with a friend, what’s wrong?”

Lou Zi'an sighed, “There’s a patient in critical medical condition in the People’s Hospital of Yuhang City. They’re seeking our assistance, knowing that the representative team from the TCM Association has gathered here!”

Nodding her head, Liu Ruochen asked, “What about Wang Guofeng? If he can’t do anything to help, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do any better than him.”

Shaking his head, Lou Zi'an said with resentment for his disappointment of Wang Guofeng, “Wang Guofeng drank too much and is even injured. For the time being, he won’t be able to do an outpatient. The hope is all on you now.”

Glancing at Su Tao, Liu Ruochen replied, “I’m currently in the first floor’s lobby. Are we going together or will I head there myself?”

After a brief pondering, Lou Zi'an responded, “There’s a vehicle waiting for us down below. I’ll join up with you in a bit!”

A few minutes later, Lou Zi'an brought a group of people and they walked out of the lift. His mood instantly lightened at the sight of Liu Ruochen. Although the young man standing beside her was a little familiar, his attention was soon caught by another silhouette as he walked over.

“Mr. Kim, why are you still here?” Lou Zi'an asked in pleasant surprise.

“I have some private matters to deal with, so I’m prepared to return at a later timing!” Kim Jung-ho took a deep look at Liu Ruochen, and sparks flew from his eyes. But it was a pity that Liu Ruochen had utterly disregarded him, which left him a little disappointed.

“Mr. Kim, if I may be so bold, I ask for your assistance. There’s a patient in critical condition. With your medical skills, it will surely be resolved, if you’re willing to help!” At this moment, Lou Zi'an couldn’t be bothered with too much. After all, losing Wang Guofeng as the backbone, it wasn’t a fail-safe plan to rely on Liu Ruochen alone. So if the Physician King of South Korea was willing to help, it could increase the chance of success.

After a brief hesitation, Kim Jung-ho rubbed his chin and asked, “Will Miss Ruochen be coming along as well?”

Lou Zi'an was briefly stunned before he nodded his head with a smile. “Naturally, she will be coming to treat the patient with you.”

Without any hesitation, Kim Jung-ho replied, “Then let’s not delay. Saving lives is the natural call of duty for doctors.”

Lou Zi'an felt assured before the vehicle from the People’s Hospital arrived. After arranging for everyone to board the vehicle, Lou Zi'an and Kim Jung-ho sat together and chatted with enthusiasm.

Lowering her voice, Liu Ruochen sighed, “Lou Zi'an is a major figure in TCM. He was initially a medicine merchant, but because of his relations in the circle, he would often participate in TCM activities. He’s also the team leader of China’s representative team this time, so you can try and get familiar with him, it will be beneficial to you.”

Su Tao smiled. “Thanks for your reminder. But I would prefer to depend on myself in many things.” His impression of Lou Zi'an was ordinary, but he knew that someone like Lou Zi'an wouldn’t turn into your enemy, even if you didn’t make friends with him.

However, Liu Ruochen abruptly said, “If you want to revive TCM, steadiness is the key to success!”

They arrived at the People’s Hospital half an hour later. Being the core hospital of this city, the number of patients did not decrease, despite this timing. The hospital had opened up a path for them, so the vehicle was able to stop by the emergency building smoothly. From the arrangements, Su Tao could guess that the identity of this patient wasn’t ordinary.

A middle-aged man in military uniform paced around by the door of the emergency room, and a gorgeous woman was choking with sobs on a chair. “Old Jin, I wouldn’t want to live as well if anything happens to our daughter!”

Jin Guoxiang’s face was solemn with his brows tightly knitted. Seeing how his wife, Dong Likun, sobbing, he comforted, “Rest assured, I have already informed the hospital to treat Zhitong at all costs!”

Wiping her tears, Dong Likun shook her head and said in despair, “The physician earlier already said that it’s impossible except for surgery. Old Jin, you’ve always been busy with work and never cared about us. Now, you can only regret while she’s critically ill!”

Jin Guoxiang felt repressed in his heart, but he did not dare to face his wife. He left this area for the passage of the stairs. Although he had taken out a cigarette and lighter, he did not light it up. After a brief pondering, he called the president of this hospital, Chen Jingyi, “President Chen, this is Jin Guoxiang. How’s my daughter’s situation?”

Chen Jingyi replied with the truth, “We’re doing all we can, and the specialist team of TCM just so happens to be here for an exchange. We have already found them, and they might be able to bring hope for the patient. But if they fail, then you have to be mentally prepared and allow your daughter to undergo splenectomy!”

Just hope? Jin Guoxiang helplessly sighed. Looking at the empty stairs, he hugged his head in despair.

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