Chapter 144 - Shame of China’s TCM

Sitting on the rosewood chair in Tang Nanzheng’s house and taking a sip of Pu’er tea, Su Tao was currently watching the news report on the Three States Forum Exchange with Tang Nanzheng. The latter had his brows tightly furrowed. Although he had retired, he’s still passionate about promoting TCM.

It’s not tough to join the TCM Association as long as you have a recommendation and be punctual in paying the fees. Higher positions could also be bought with money, aside from the President, Operations Vice-President, and Chief of Secretary. A Vice-President would cost ¥100,000, while council members cost ¥20,000.

However, obstructions were blocking Su Tao from trying to get into the TCM Association with the management bringing out rules and regulations.

Feeling a rage rising the instant he recalled those faces, and Tang Nanzheng said in dissatisfaction, “I’ve seen it clearly now. The management in the TCM Association is just a bunch of arrogant pricks. You’re facing obstruction from entering the TCM Association just because you have offended the Medical Dao Sect!”

After lowering his teacup and spinning it in his hand, Su Tao briefly admired it before he said, “Old Tang, I can understand your current mood. But I’ve told you before that it doesn’t matter much to me if I can enter the TCM Association.”

Tang Nanzheng thought that Su Tao was speaking in a fit of rage after hearing his words, so he slapped his thighs. “Don’t be dejected, a gem like you can shine anywhere. Senior Song has a great expectation of you through the Physician King Tournament, and he’s also helping you in this matter.”

Su Tao felt a little touched upon hearing that. Although the TCM had foul people, there were also sincere people, and they're the reason why TCM could still be inherited and progress steadily. There were only two minutes of the forum in the news, and the prejudice could be seen from how much the Television Station had cut from the program. Otherwise, the interview with the Japanese and Korean representatives wouldn’t be cut off.

Su Tao sighed. Someone must have a motive in this forum to try and use this matter to bring benefits to other stuff. You couldn't just look on the surface on many things.

He analysed, “There’s a clear drop in South Korea and Japan’s economy from the change of policy in our country, which resulted in a decrease of tourists exiting the country. Thus, the two countries came with the hope to make this forum a hot topic so more people can pay attention to their countries.”

Nodding his head, Tang Nanzheng worriedly said, “From the forcefulness of Hamasaki Masaki and Kim Jun-ho’s words; they must be confident in their own strength. I’m starting to get worried if our representative will be able to compete against them.”

After a brief stun, Su Tao asked in puzzlement, “Why are you so pessimistic?”

Remembering the bad memories, Tang Nanzheng sighed, “Japan and South Korea have good soil and ambiance, and China’s TCM has suffered several setbacks. So we’re covered in wounds. The exchange from three years ago is still vivid to me. Regardless of theory or practical skill, China’s TCM was completely suppressed, which could be considered a shame for us. Although we have chosen many elites over the past years, I’m afraid that we still won’t be able to obtain any advantage!”

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao smiled as he persuaded, “Don’t be so negative, who knows, a miracle might occur.”

“We might actually have a chance if you’re there.” Tang Nanzheng bitterly smiled.

Su Tao let out a modest smile before he tried to ease out the atmosphere, “Old Tang, you’re overestimating me. Actually, I just want to quietly live my life as a pretty boy most of the time.”

Tang Nanzheng knocked his finger on the desk as he patiently said, “With great power comes great responsibility. Since you have the ability to hold the banner of TCM, you cannot back down from it!”

Su Tao felt a fire burning from being brainwashed by Tang Nanzheng, but he still calmly replied, “I won’t let you down when the time comes!”

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Tang Nanzheng’s phone suddenly rang. He picked it up in front Su Tao and sounded two acknowledgments before his face was replaced with grief. Judging from his expression, Su Tao could tell that the Three States Physician King Tournament had ended with their defeat.

Placing his phone to the side, Tang Nanzheng took a long time before sighed, “It was a shame for us again. In our competition with South Korea and Japan, we lost four rounds with South Korea, and three with Japan. The essence and knowledge of our TCM is actually sullied in our hands! I’m really ashamed!”

Tears started to fall from the corner of Tang Nanzheng’s eyes when he finished speaking. Looking at him, Su Tao felt respect for this old man who disregarded his pride and cried in front of him. But he had no idea how to comfort the former. Even he felt a heavy heart at this moment.

After leaving Tang Nanzheng’s house, Su Tao took a deep breath with a complicated mood. Although he didn’t have any ambition, his manly valor still urged him to do something about it.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao first called Xiao Jingjing and informed her to hand the phone over the Mo Sui’er. When Mo Sui’er took the phone, she could hear Su Tao’s solemn request from the other side, “What’s your Senior Sister Liu Ruochen’s phone number?”

Knitting her brows, Mo Sui’er sneered, “Are you trying to pursue my Senior Sister? Let me tell you. You better give up on that th…”

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by Su Tao. His voice coldly resounded, “Cut the nonsense, I don’t have the time to chat with you. Give me the number now, or you can get lost from Three Flavour Hall this instant!”

Mo Sui’er was briefly stunned. Although Su Tao lacked the elegance of a gentleman, and his mouth was a little cheap, her impression of his temper was still pretty good. Mo Sui’er knew that there must be an urgent matter for Su Tao to try and contact Liu Ruochen. Thus, she instantly gave it to him. But before Mo Sui’er could ask for the reason, Su Tao had hung up the phone, causing Mo Sui’er to furiously wave her hand. She controlled the urge to smash it on the floor when she recalled that this wasn’t her phone.

Liu Ruochen was briefly stunned when the screen lit up. She’s currently in a conference, and it wasn’t appropriate for her to pick up the phone, not to mention that it’s from an unknown number. Thus, she had immediately rejected the call, but a brief moment later, a message was sent over, “This is Su Tao, where’s the location of the forum exchange between the countries?”

After a brief thought, Liu Ruochen sent Su Tao the address, “The Milkyway International Conference Center in Zheyuan Province’s Yuhang City.”

After she replied, the other party went offline and Liu Ruochen sighed. Her first reaction was to ponder if Su Tao was planning on coming over.

But she soon dismissed this thought. Even if Su Tao managed to rush over, it’s no longer possible for him to change the situation, since the other party was extremely strong. Although she had won two matches, the other party did not send out their strongest contestants. As for Wang Guofeng, his result was a loss and win.

Although the forum was said to be an exchange, it was actually a competition between the three countries, which China lost badly. The other party even researched about the representative of their team, Wang Guofeng. It resulted that even if Wang Guofeng managed to win once, there was some element of luck in it, that explained why his face was so dark right now.

When the host announced the closure of the forum, the team from South Korea obtained the final victory, with Japan being the second. As for China? They’re naturally at the bottom.

Kim Jun-ho walked towards China’s team and first shook hands with Wang Guofeng before walking towards Liu Ruochen and smiled. “Physician Liu, your beauty is really outstanding. I never expected there to be such an outstanding female physician like you in China. Regardless of your looks or skill, you’re comparable to Dae Jang-geum of my country!”

Liu Ruochen was dressed in white, making her look graceful, looking akin to a fairy. She faintly smiled. “China’s TCM has a long history, and with your knowledge, you should know that there are many legendary female figures who were Physicians in China’s history. Western Han Dynasty’s Yi Shuo, Jin Dynasty’s Qian Guang, Song Dynasty’s Zhang Xiaoniangzi, and Ming Dynasty’s Tan Yunxian. All of them were famous Divine Physicians for their medical ethics.”

Struck by the eloquence of Liu Ruochen, Kim Jung-ho’s face was full of admiration and he smiled. “In my heart, you’re not at all inferior to those female physicians. If there’s a chance, I would like to invite you to Seoul as a guest and let the residence of South Korea have a look at your grace.”

Liu Ruochen smiled. “If I’m heading for Seoul, it won’t be as a guest but to let the people of South Korea witness the grace of our TCM.”

As the representative of South Korea’s younger generation of physicians, Kim Jung-ho had never lacked women. But they were tasteless compared to Liu Ruochen. If Liu Ruochen was willing to step into South Korea’s entertainment industry, she would definitely be extremely popular amongst the directors. After all, women with such grace without any makeup were scarce in South Korea.

Kim Jung-ho found Liu Ruochen a little interesting, since she had more backbone than that Wang Guofeng. Raising his thumbs towards Liu Ruochen, he said, “You’re an odd one, and I will remember you. I believe fate will bring us more meetings in the future!”

When he finished speaking, Kim Jung-ho elegantly left and Liu Ruochen sighed while looking at his silhouette. Standing in the opposite faction, you might think that Kim Jung-ho was an arrogant person. But if you’re on the same team as him, you would feel that he’s talented and the backbone of TKM. Thus, his bearing could be considered as a form of confidence.

Compared to that, Wang Guofeng was too conservative, without the bearing of a commander, which also showed the current atmosphere in China’s TCM. Most people just stuck to the old ways with no intention of changing. They’re just keeping their secrets to themselves. 

Constantly comparing would only make one frustrated. Wang Guofeng was outstanding, but it’s limited in a specific range. The world was so vast, and there’s no lack of talented people. Liu Ruochen silently sighed. Wang Guofeng’s path had been too smooth, so she hoped that the setbacks he suffered now could make him stronger.

Failure wasn’t terrifying, but it’s frightening to lose the desire to win!

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