Chapter 143 - The Crook and the Hypocrite

Wang Guofeng’s face flushed with rage when he returned back to his room, then he took out a condom from his pocket with a self-ridiculing smile. He initially intended to take a further step with his relationship with Liu Ruochen with this Three States Physician King Tournament, but reality had given him a resounding slap. A predator would never let go of its prey, his words to Liu Ruochen were just to vent out the dissatisfaction in his heart; it’s unrealistic for him to let go of Liu Ruochen.

The reason why Wang Guofeng placed such importance on Liu Ruochen wasn’t just her outstanding appearance and medical skills. It was because she’s also the Sect Master of the Aqua Cloud Stream, and she had an important position in his plan to bring TCM to a greater height.

He initially planned to propose after winning in the Physician King Tournament, since it’s unlikely for Liu Ruochen to refuse him in such a grand spectacle. After that, he would kiss Liu Ruochen before the entire country that made the two of them the ideal couple to the masses.

But it has all gone down the drain because of Su Tao’s appearance.

Wang Guofeng hated Su Tao, he never expected the lecturer from Hanzhou’s branch university would become his greatest obstacle. If he could make a choice again, he would do everything he could to eliminate the threat while he still could.

Wang Guofeng came to the window’s ledge and opened the bottle of mineral water, taking two gulps to ease the internal heat in his body. Suddenly, his phone rang, stunning him. He hoped that it was from Liu Ruochen, but when he answered the call, a resounding voice rang out from the other side, “Brother Guofeng, am I bothering you by calling you at this timing?”

Knitting his brows, Wang Guofeng responded, “Bai Fan, stop beating around the bush. Cut the unconventional greetings between us.”

Bai Fan sighed as he shook his head. “Pretty arrogant for someone who was pulled down from the divine altar.”

“If you don’t want to get to the main topic, then I’ll hang my phone now.” Wang Guofeng coldly replied. Bai Fan had poked the sore spot.

Bai Fan laughed, “Just joking. I heard that you’re participating in the Three States Physician King Tournament, so I called you to offer my best wishes!”

Wang Guofeng felt his mood turning better as he replied, “I’m afraid that you didn’t call me for such a simple reason. Speak, what scheme do you have in mind?”

Rubbing the mustache that he had newly kept, Bai Fan said in a solemn tone, “I want to talk about us cooperating for a project, how can that be considered a scheme?”

News had already spread about Bai Fan imprisoning his master. Although Xu Tiande’s character was bad, TCM paid great importance to the practice of honoring one’s master and respect his teachings; a day as master, a father for life. Although Bai Fan had become the new Medicine King, his reputation was still ruined due to him betraying his master. It wasn’t wise for Wang Guofeng to cooperate with Bai Fan, but he knew that, sometimes, he couldn’t resort to the proper ways to achieve his dream or to take revenge.

Letting out a breath, Wang Guofeng said, “Stop the suspense!”

“I investigated Su Tao, and he has recently established a cosmetic company, the Three Flavour Cosmetics International with investments from other sources. They’re focusing mainly on skincare products, and their initial start has been a success.” Bai Fan briefly paused before he continued, “The predecessor planted the tree, while the successors enjoy the breeze. Since someone has opened this market, why don’t we follow the trend?”

Wang Guofeng’s eyes lit up as he replied, “You’re saying to establish a cosmetics company, too?”

Looking at the blue and white porcelain on the desk, Bai Fan responded, “I have already researched the Beautifying Cream produced by their company and analysed their formula. After a few tests, I might not be able to reproduce the original product, but I can guarantee 60% of the initial effect.”

Wang Guofeng also saw a business opportunity in this and said, “Since you’re so confident with your product and think that it’s worth a try, why do you want to pull me along?”

Lowering his voice, Bai Fan responded, “Because I hope to obtain the support of the TCM Association to suppress the Three Flavour Cosmetics International!”

Shock flickered across Wang Guofeng’s eyes. Although Bai Fan did not completely speak his plans, Wang Guofeng could still roughly guess it, so he replied in a solemn tone, “I still need time to consider this, since the reputation and status of the TCM Association cannot afford to be tarnished!”

Bai Fan smiled, “I’ll come and look for you tomorrow. I believe that you will be satisfied with our cooperation!”

Since he had no reason to refuse, Wang Guofeng replied, “We’ll talk about it when we meet!”

Hanging up Wang Guofeng’s call, Bai Fan smiled. Just as he had guessed, Wang Guofeng was someone with ambition. Despite how gentlemanly he looked, he was also a scheming fellow with ambition for his future.

If Bai Fan considered himself to be genuine scum, then Wang Guofeng was a hypocrite, and the cooperation of a crook and hypocrite would surely be able to produce a pretty good chemical reaction!

The television was currently broadcasting news regarding the forum between China, Japan, and South Korea’s medical studies. Although it’s packaged as an exchange, it is actually a competition, since the two other countries came with the hope to prove the medical studies of their own country.

Both Japan and South Korea’s medical studies were considered a branch of TCM. Many years ago, the two countries have once tributed to China, and China would send their officials stationed in the two countries. For countries that were lacking behind in terms of development, the medical officials of a bigger country were always welcomed. Just like how bigger countries would provide support for weaker countries with outbreaks of diseases. But it was a pity that China had suffered invasion once and fell down from their throne as the most powerful country in Asia. Although they’ve become more prosperous with each passing day, they’re still lacking behind in the eyes of South Korea and Japan. So in the view of those two countries, coming to China was akin to stronger countries providing aid to a weaker country.

Mo Sui’er’s gaze would occasionally glance at the screen with an arc rising on her lips. Aside from her Senior Sister, Liu Ruochen, her Senior Brother Guofeng was also on the television.

“Sui’er, your Senior sister is so pretty.” Wang Peng held his chin as he sighed, “I never expected that there would be such an outstanding woman, she’s like a fairy!”

Casting a pleased glance at Wang Peng, Mo Sui’er said, “My Senior Sister is the publicly known Saintress in the field of TCM. As for you, you can stop dreaming about that. She’s engaged with Senior Brother Guofeng, and if it goes as expected, they will get married at the end of this year.”

Wang Peng widened his mouth before he glanced at Wang Guofeng in disdain and cursed, “That fellow is the one dreaming, in my eyes. Look at his sharp nose, horse face and sloping brows. I’ve never seen someone that looks so unlucky!”

Hearing how harshly Wang Peng insulted Wang Guofeng, Mo Sui’er’s face turned red from the fuming rage. She took the aluminum plate from the table and threw it in the direction of Wang Peng, which the latter had easily dodged before he pulled a face at Mo Sui’er.

Seeing Wang Peng bullying Mo Sui’er, Xiao Jingjing swiftly walked over and reprimanded, “Wang Peng, why are you bullying Sui’er? Be careful, Master might deal with you later!”

Wang Peng smiled as he shrugged. “There was a difference in our opinion of beauty, it’s considered a civilised discussion. I believe that she won’t tell on me just because of that!”

Recalling Su Tao’s frivolous face, Mo Sui’er snorted, “Don’t worry, compared to your master, Wang Peng is cuter!”

Xiao Jingjing helplessly shook her head at how deep Mo Sui’er’s prejudice for Su Tao was. She turned and walked towards the door. Since Cai Yan hadn’t been around in the Three Flavour Hall recently, she had been the one taking up all the responsibility. She’s a tough woman that managed everything properly and was also the only one that Mo Sui’er had a pretty good impression of in the Three Flavour Hall.

The representative of the group from Japan had his name written by the side, Hamasaki Masaki, the youngest amongst Japan’s group that’s proficient in TCM. There’s a difference between Japan and South Korea, Japan respected the fact that TCM originated from China, while South Korea had changed TCM to TKM, Traditional Korean Medicine for the sake to promote nationalism and strengthen the confidence of their citizens.

Although the TCM specialists in Japan respected history, it didn’t mean that they acknowledged the current standards of TCM in China.

With an awkward accent, Hamasaki Masaki said, “We have encountered many outstanding peers from China through this forum, but their standard is too terrible that it makes me lament. Through this, I hope that China can promote TCM so that it can develop further.”

His words had caused the faces of the team that represented China to turn ugly while Hamasaki Masaki spoke in an aloof tone, as if he was the true successor to TCM. At the same time, he was also hinting about the poor standards of China’s TCM that didn’t possess the qualifications to represent TCM.

Sitting beside Hamasaki Misaki, Kim Jun-ho took over the topic, “Unlike Mr. Hamasaki, I am here to promote the TKM of our Republic of South Korea. Even if TCM was once in the lead in the whole of Asia, the TCM of modern times are akin to fossils, plagiarising from our TKM in many ways. I’ve come here with the aspiration of my peers in South Korea to hope that more people can come in contact with our TKM. Let TKM replace western medicine and become an important component of China’s medical system.”

Kim Jun-ho’s words were undoubtedly arrogant, which Wang Guofeng and the team from China had rage flashing on their faces.

As the representative of China’s team, the camera angle was turned to Wang Guofeng, so he coughed before solemnly saying, “Both Mr. Hamasaki and Mr. Kim have expressed my thoughts. I hope that there are no boundaries between countries in terms of medical knowledge. All of them are perfected for the sake of everyone’s health. As a Chinese proverb goes, he who visits should be treated like a guest. I believe that they will not be disappointed with this trip to China!”

Although he wanted to express his dissatisfaction in his heart, he still maintained a good demeanor. He did not directly start a conflict with the two other parties, in which the few seniors of the TCM Association nodded their heads at the bearing that Wang Guofeng had shown.

But it was a pity that the citizens before their televisions did not have that good of an inner quality. All of them started to talk about how cowardly Wang Guofeng was. They’re already insulting you by your door, and you embraced it without fighting back. Wasn’t that humiliating for the country?

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