Chapter 142 - Who's the Savior

The night felt cold due to late autumn in Hanzhou. Moonlight shone into the room with a silhouette standing by the window patiently listening to the complaints from the other side of the call.

“Senior Sister, I really can’t take another second here anymore! That fellow’s a lecher and miser! My innocence is all ruined by his hands! I’m not against your decision of having me working here, but how can my wage be that little? Two thousand-odd? That’s only enough for me to eat! Senior Sister, why don’t you take pity on me and let me return? Don’t you feel heartache for me who’s so pitiful and even got humiliated?” Mo Sui’er shot all her grievances like a machine gun through the phone.

With a gentle sigh, Liu Ruochen replied, “Sui’er, must have patience. I have my reasons for sending you to the Three Flavour Hall. You’re talented and smart, a medical genius that is hardly seen in a hundred years. If you stay in the Aqua Cloud Stream, it will only hinder your development. There are always skies above skies, and it can be considered fortunate to meet Su Tao. Furthermore, as a physician, you ought to be more independent. You’ve also seen many male bodies from being a physician, so stop making a big fuss!”

After a brief pause, Mo Sui’er bit on her lips, before she indignantly said, “That’s what makes me angry the most! Do you know how it feels to have your precious body seen by others and treated worthless?”

Liu Ruochen was stunned, before she soon realised why Mo Sui’er was so depressed. As a physician, Su Tao was used to seeing female bodies. Thus, it was natural that he wouldn’t be bothered seeing Mo Sui’er’s body, and it was this cold shoulder that made Mo Sui’er furious.

With a smile that seemed like the bright moon in the sky, she responded, “Sui’er, I know that you have something against Su Tao, but I hope that you will learn from him. With your talent, I’m sure you will be able to learn more things.”

Mo Sui’er weakly smiled, “Senior Sister, I'm just complaining. Rest assured, I will listen to you and learn all of Su Tao’s skills to bring our sect to a greater height!”

Mo Sui’er’s childish thoughts teased Liu Ruochen as she smiled. “If Su Tao asks you anything about the knowledge of our Aqua Cloud Stream, don’t hold back anything from him, either.”

“Why? Senior Sister, there are many secrets in the Aqua Cloud Stream that cannot be revealed to outsiders!” Mo Sui’er replied unhappily with her brows knitted.

With a sigh, Liu Ruochen responded, “We have to work together if we want TCM to progress. Western medicine is flourishing because they shared their cases and knowledge. Our TCM is too old fashioned by keeping secrets to ourselves, hindering development, and I wish to break this stagnation.”

After a brief stun, Mo Sui’er refuted, “The Medical Dao Sect is the strongest sect right now, and our Aqua Cloud Stream can work together with them to put your thoughts into effect!”

Liu Ruochen lamented while she shook her head, “I have already discussed this matter with Master in the past, which she was against it. Thus, I don’t think that the Medical Dao Sect will agree on it as well. The powers in the TCM world are already divided right now, so if we wish to break this stagnation, we will have to introduce a new power!”

“You feel that Su Tao is that new power?” Mo Sui’er roughly understood what Liu Ruochen’s intention was.

However, Liu Ruochen did not answer her question directly, but responded, “You can consider him a seed, just like you.”

After a brief silence, Mo Sui’er’s tone turned firm. “Senior Sister, I know what to do now.” Although Mo Sui’er liked to throw a tantrum sometimes, she was also still an unsophisticated girl deep in her bones.

Liu Ruochen replied with a gentle tone, “After the Three States Physician King Tournament ends, I’ll come to Hanzhou to look for you.”

Mo Sui’er instantly smiled. “Senior Sister, with you standing out, we will surely win!”

Shaking her head, Liu Ruochen bitterly smiled. “Our opponents are extremely strong; both Japan and South Korea have sent their strongest formation to attend this tournament.”

In a confident voice, Liu Ruochen declared, “The combination of you and Senior Brother Guofeng can defeat any opponent out there!”

“Thanks for your encouragement. For the glory of the country and TCM, I will surely do my best!” Seeing that Mo Sui’er’s mood had turned better, Liu Ruochen felt relieved. Truth be told, she was also worried about having Mo Sui’er far away from home.

This Three States Physician King Tournament was represented by Liu Ruochen, Wang Guofeng, and three others, the most talented figures in China’s TCM world. Liu Ruochen has tried to apply for Su Tao to take part in this, but she was rejected. Despite being the final victor of the Physician King Tournament, Su Tao’s fame was still incomparable to Wang Guofeng.

Although his complete victory and suppressing strength meant that the TCM Association had acknowledged Su Tao, his future path would also be tougher since he didn’t have any foundation, nor did he belong to any sect. She even found out that the Medical Dao Sect and Medicine King Valley were working together to obstruct Su Tao’s entrance to the TCM Association.

When she hung up the phone, a message was suddenly sent over from Wang Guofeng, “Who are you talking to?”

Liu Ruochen sighed upon seeing this message. Although Wang Guofeng had realised her intention to distance herself from him, he did not back down. On the contrary, he pursued even harder, instead. After a brief consideration, Liu Ruochen chose not to reply to the message and headed towards her bedroom. However, the doorbell rang, so she walked over and saw Wang Guofeng standing outside the door through the hole.

After a brief consideration, Liu Ruochen decided to open the door. When the door was opened, Wang Guofeng’s stern expression had instantly turned gentle and he smiled. “I tried calling you, but your signal was busy, and you also did not reply to my message, so I was worried and came to take a look at you.”

Liu Ruochen calmly replied, “It’s nothing much, I was just chatting with Sui’er.”

Wang Guofeng walked in on his own accord, and Liu Ruochen also couldn’t obstruct him. He first looked around the room before he smiled. “Sui’er also complained to me, so I came to find you to talk about this matter. Isn’t this arrangement a little too inappropriate?”

“Oh?” Liu Ruochen knitted her brows as she calmly replied.

Sitting on the chair, Wang Guofeng glanced at the cup of scented tea on the table while he gently knocked his fingers on the table with a smile. “If you want to give Sui’er an opportunity with an internship, I can find a better place for her. There’s no need to let her go to a third-tiered province like Hanzhou to waste her talent.”

Flickers of dissatisfaction flashed in Liu Ruochen’s eyes as she replied, “You’ve witnessed and experienced Su Tao’s strength for yourself, so you should know that Sui’er will be able to learn more things by his side.”

Hearing Liu Ruochen’s words, Wang Guofeng instantly felt extremely unhappy, so his voice deepened, “Ruochen, it wasn’t the first time now, do you think that it’s proper to praise another man in front of your fiancé?”

Taking a deep breath, Liu Ruochen knew that Wang Guofeng finally released the displeasure in his heart, so she replied without any expression, “Let’s call off our engagement. I never agreed to it. It was just my master’s wishful thinking.”

Hearing her words, Wang Guofeng’s expression was soon taken by surprise before it turned into anger and he questioned, “Ruochen, how can you do this? We’ve studied together since young, and we have also built a foundation in our relationship. From the day I came to know things, you’re my wife. Despite so many outstanding ladies trying to approach me, I did not care about them at all because I already have you, and that’s enough for me!”

Liu Ruochen sighed, “Guofeng, I have only regarded you like a Big Brother in my heart. You have many merits, you have high attainments in your medical skill, and you’re also talented. But you cannot confuse family affection together with love. Actually, I have already told my master about it. But at that point, she felt that we were too young to decide, and we might have a chance to be together in the future.”

Wang Guofeng was stunned before his face turned ugly. “Have you fallen for that fellow, Su Tao?! I’ve noticed that there’s something wrong with your gaze when you first met him for the first time!”

With a bitter smile, Liu Ruochen shook her head. “Why dragging others into our matters? I admire Su Tao because of his medical skills. None of us are comparable to him, and that’s a fact! Actually, it’s a good thing to have someone like him in the TCM world, since he can bring miracles and a future to TCM!”

Wang Guofeng finally couldn’t stay seated. He bounced up from his seat with a cold gaze. “The future of China’s TCM should be in my hands! He’s nothing!”

Liu Ruochen sighed and weakly smiled. “Is that why you stopped him from participating in the Three States Physician King Tournament? And even obstructed his path into the TCM Association?”

Wang Guofeng nodded his head. “Yes. There’s an issue with his history, to begin with, no one knows where he came from. As an organization that places great importance on discipline, we cannot accept anyone that doesn’t have a file on him!”

Disappointment flashed in her eyes as Liu Ruochen sighed, “I’m extremely disappointed in you. I never expected that you’re actually such a narrow-minded person.”

Wang Guofeng waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “I’m narrow-minded? I shouldered the entire future of China’s TCM, and I thought that you could understand me and stand by my side. But it looks like I have gotten it all wrong. Since you have your pride, I have my arrogance. Now that we’ve come clean about this matter, there’s no need for me to continue to pester you. As you’ve wished, our engagement is canceled. But the day will come when I prove to you how laughable your choice is today!”

When he finished speaking, he stomped out of the room.

Liu Ruochen knew that Wang Guofeng was deeply hurt, but she had to stop it before this matter got worse. She didn’t wish for the relationship between them to become even more complicated. It’s just that she was helpless that Wang Guofeng was filled with enmity for Su Tao. If Su Tao hadn’t appeared, Wang Guofeng would undoubtedly be the most shining star in TCM. But it was a pity that things did not go as he wished, it turned out that he’s not the only savior!

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