Chapter 141 - Someone Hiding in the Washroom

Yan Jing dragged her sandals while heading to Hua Yan’s room after she hung up the phone. Seeing Hua Yan being all curled up while her back was against the wall with the lamp beside her bed still lighting up her knitted face, Yan Jing could tell from a glance that Hua Yan lacked any sense of security. She walked over and pulled the blanket before gently putting Hua Yan’s hand back in, then bent down to peck Hua Yan’s forehead with affection filling her eyes.

Coming back down the living room, Yan Jing went to the liquor cabinet but did not touch the alcohol and chose the herbs that were brewed by the housekeeper after a brief pondering; the prescription that Su Tao had written for her, which had been extremely effective. Even the pain that she would feel on her abdomen on cold days had turned better. With the further help of the Beautifying Cream, the scar had also faded by a lot. Sometimes, she would wonder, wouldn’t she just be the Poisonous Widow in name alone if the scar completely disappeared one day, since there wouldn’t be any venom on her spider tattoo?

After she finished drinking the medicine, she felt a comfortable sensation spreading throughout her body. Even if it had tasted bitter, she knew that it was for the sake of her illness. Lying on the bed covered in white beddings, Yan Jing’s eyes slowly closed and she fell into slumber.

She saw a familiar silhouette in her dream. As she got closer, she realised that it had changed to someone else. Su Tao grinned as he said, “Chairman Yan, you’re tired, stop running anymore. Sit down and enjoy the scenery along the way.” At his words, Yan Jing stopped. There was a teapot by the stone table, which Su Tao proficiently brewed, and Yan Jing felt herself smiling the entire time…

When Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall, he immediately rushed to the washroom. Due to the alcohol that he drank in the pub, his bladder was filled to the max. But when he pushed the door open, he was utterly stunned by the next instant.

There was a naked woman with her wet hair draped by her shoulders. Her skin was white with a perfectly sculptured voluptuous figure. Su Tao swiftly closed his eyes as he screamed, “Who are you, and why are you here?!” It was as if such a scene had tainted his eyes.

He actually had no choice but to be the one screaming, since it was too awkward. At least he would rather be the one screaming.

“……?” In that instant, when Su Tao pushed open the door, the woman took ten-odd seconds before she screamed with an earth-shattering voice!

Shit, this woman’s voice is lower than me! Time to run!

Su Tao was stunned for a long time before he swiftly closed the door and walked away. He actually couldn’t recall who that woman was. 

Cai Yan wasn’t home, and Xiao Jingjing’s figure was a little ampler compared to that woman, so he continued to eliminate possible choices in his heart. He was actually worried in his heart, what if it’s the girlfriend of Wang Peng, Zhao Jian, Chu Huilin or Liu Jianwei? Wouldn’t that be extremely awkward?

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Jingjing asked in puzzlement as she walked out with an oversized shirt with a bear picture on her chest.

Su Tao was a little awkward as he stood by the wall and pointed at the washroom behind him, which resounded rushed noises accompanied by a woman’s voice, “Pervert, lecher, did you do that on purpose?”

Her words had left Su Tao momentarily speechless before he suddenly recalled something and placed his arms by his waist. “Isn’t that the males’ toilet? So why is there a woman inside showering?”

Xiao Jingjing’s face turned red, since she knew that Su Tao must have seen something that he shouldn’t. Lowering her voice, she whispered, “The heater in the females’ toilet is faulty, so we can only use the males’ toilet for today. But there has always been an issue with the males’ toilet; it couldn’t be properly locked. I’ve reminded Wang Peng and the rest to not go in without checking, but I never expected that Master would be the one to charge in…”

When he heard Xiao Jingjing’s explanation, Su Tao’s body straightened even more as he asked, “So think about it carefully, I cannot be blamed for this matter, right? Since I wasn’t doing it on purpose.”

Xiao Jingjing nodded her head before she whispered, “You can say that, but you’ve still seen something that you shouldn’t.”

Waving his hand with his brows knitted, Su Tao replied, “I did not see clearly, anyways. So who is it inside? She doesn’t seem to belong to our Three Flavour Hall!”

Xiao Jingjing was briefly stunned before she reminded, “She said that she’s a friend of yours, surnamed Mo!”

“Since when do I have a friend with a Mo surname?” Su Tao pondered for a long time, but he still couldn’t figure out who was the one inside the bathroom.

While the two of them were busy chatting, the door was pushed open with a creak, revealing an adorable face with her brows tightly knitted. Her lips were pouting with her anger flashing in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Su Tao was the first to say, “Mo Sui’er? Why is it you?”

Mo Sui’er was rubbing her damp hair with a towel while furiously stomped her feet. “Why can’t it be me?!” This little girl was still in her budding age and ignorant about the matters between men and women. She only viewed her own body as her most precious item, now that another guy has completely seen it, one could imagine how bashful she was.

However, Su Tao’s next actions had utterly left her speechless. He first waved his hand at Mo Sui’er before he turned to the washroom, and a moment later, the splashing noise of toilet flushing rang out.

Su Tao had proven that he did not do that on purpose, but he had an urge that was beyond his control.

By the time Su Tao came out from the washroom, Mo Sui’er and Xiao Jingjing were no longer by the door. After pondering for a long time, he decided to go to Xiao Jingjing’s bedroom.

Mo Sui’er was seated on her bed, fuming with anger while Xiao Jingjing tried to coax her. It was indeed a tough question for Xiao Jingjing as well, since her Master had completely seen Mo Sui’er’s body!

Su Tao coughed and decided to apologise. “I was too urgent, earlier. I’ll get someone to fix the heater tomorrow, nothing similar will happen again.”

Glaring at him, Mo Sui’er felt angered and ashamed at the same time.

“Furthermore, the fog was too dense earlier, so I’ve actually seen nothing. I’ll probably forget it with a night of sleep, so don’t be too bothered by it.” Su Tao tried to ease out the atmosphere with a joke.

Biting on her lips, Mo Sui’er softly said, “I’ll leave this damn place tomorrow, so it won’t concern me if you fix it or not! Furthermore, it’s nothing even if you’ve seen me. You managed to see, but you didn’t manage to touch anyways!”

Su Tao was speechless at how open-minded she was, so he slapped his head and finally thought of the problem. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

Fuming with anger, Mo Sui’er said, “Isn’t it because of that Senior Sister of mine? She insisted that I work here!”

Liu Ruochen’s figure instantly appeared in Su Tao’s mind, then he asked in doubt, “Isn’t your Aqua Cloud Stream developing well? So why did you come here to cadge for meals?”

“Do you think that I wanted it?!” Mo Sui’er was young. Although she knew that Su Tao was joking with her, she still started to bawl, since the grievance that had been all pent up poured down like an endlessly heavy rain.

Su Tao was caught by surprise before he swiftly signaled to Xiao Jingjing with his eyes to request for her help to comfort Mo Sui’er. However, he never expected that Xiao Jingjing would pout and she shrugged her shoulders, washing her hands off this matter.

Was this disciple of his still brooding over him seeing the body of another woman by mistake?

Tears of a woman were the greatest lethal weapon in the world. Although Su Tao had flaunted himself to be peerless when it came to flirting with girls, he was still helpless at this moment. Without a choice, he lowered his tone and apologised, “Fine, it’s all my fault. Forgive me this once with your generous heart. As for the Three Flavour Hall, our door is always open for you, so you can stay however long you like. I’m more than happy to welcome you.”

Wiping her tears, Mo Sui’er cunningly smiled as she snorted, “That’s more like it!”

Exchanging a glance with Xiao Jingjing, Su Tao was really defeated by Mo Sui’er’s realistic acting, so he sighed, “Did Liu Ruochen really ask you to come over and help me?”

Mo Sui’er felt that it wasn’t that awkward anymore after they talked about it. “Indeed, but you have to pay me a salary as well. I don’t have a high request, just ¥10,000 a month will do for me!”

Su Tao waved his hand with his brows knitted. “Stop, stop, stop. I take back what I’ve just said, go back to where you’ve come from!”

Staring at Su Tao, Mo Sui’er’s face turned to grievance before she looked at Xiao Jingjing. “Am I asking too much?”

Xiao Jingjing wasn’t in the right position to speak. This little miss really knew how to make high demands. The average salary of those in Hanzhou was only about ¥2,500, only the top of the iceberg could obtain a salary over ¥10,000. Not to mention that it’s even smaller for doctors in Hanzhou, those that receive such a high wage were at least in the Head Departmental levels.

“Your demands aren’t high. But this place of mine is a small temple that cannot afford a Buddha like you.” Su Tao said earnestly.

“How petty!” Mo Sui’er’s complained in indignance, “Then what’s your price, how much can you pay me!”

Su Tao responded, “¥3,000 a month, inclusive of your food and lodging. We’ll intern for three months first, with a salary of ¥2,400, and if your performance is good, we can transfer to full employment early.”

The two of their gazes intertwined with sparks flying out. Su Tao knew that Mo Sui’er didn’t have a choice to work here; it was forced upon her by Liu Ruochen. So as long as Liu Ruochen didn’t allow Mo Sui’er to leave, she would have to stay here. Thus, Su Tao had the advantage in terms of this negotiation.

After a long silence, Mo Sui’er finally gave in and she said in a soft voice, “Fine, I won’t be staying to be squeezed dry by you for long, anyways. I’ll leave after a brief period, so I don’t have to haggle too much with you.”

When Su Tao left Xiao Jingjing’s room, his thoughts couldn’t help running wild. Mo Sui’er’s figure had a peculiar taste to it. Compared to those fully matured figures, hers had a budding charm to it.

However, he was suddenly curious. What if the one in the toilet wasn’t Mo Sui’er, but her Senior Sister, Liu Ruochen? How magnificent would that be?

Lying on the bed, Su Tao pondered over the reason behind Liu Ruochen’s actions. When the latter looked at him, it was like a housefly seeing a poo, like bees seeing honey. Was he really that attractive to her?

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