Chapter 140 - Life’s a Joke

“Please don’t kill me!” Steven realised at this moment that he had encountered a ruthless person. Despite the refined and cultured appearance of Su Tao, he’s actually a deranged person.

Doctors were often said to be the ones closest to death, so you could call them angels, as well as devils.

With a cold gaze, Su Tao slowly pulled the trigger and fired a shot that shocked everyone.

Even Vera couldn’t help covering her mouth, since she never expected that this incident would result in a murder. But with a smile, Su Tao reached his hand out with the ammunition clip, that he had taken out without anyone knowing.

He wasn’t familiar with guns in the past, but he saw how Xia Yu dissemble the Blackstar Pistol, that the latter had taken when they were destroying Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao’s lair. Out of curiosity, he gave an effort to understand the whole composition of the gun, that’s practically nothing compared to the structure of a human’s body. Thus, Su Tao had only spent half an hour to familiarise himself with dismantling guns.

Standing before the crowd, Su Tao started to dismantle the pistol like performing magic.

“You…” Vera was speechless, since she had been startled earlier. As for Steven, his eyes rolled backward and he had fainted on the floor, losing control of his bowels from the scare.

Su Tao tried kicking Steven, whom did not react, then glanced at Zheng Chaoyang. “So foreigners would also get scared and pee their pants. What a pity that many Chinese couldn’t witness this scene and think that even a fart from a foreigner is fragrant.”

Holding onto his head, Zheng Chaoyang felt the anger blazing in his heart. He knew that Su Tao was insulting him for kissing up to Steven. Actually, thinking about it, Zheng Chaoyang wasn’t any different from the traitors in war, using his own power to humiliate his own fellow countrymen for the foreigners.

Su Tao wasn’t a barbarian, the reason why he was so harsh with Steven was that the latter was too arrogant, even when standing on the soil of China, thinking that he’s of a superior species.

Vera looked at Su Tao with a complicated look. She long knew that Su Tao knew martial arts, and she also understood his character. He might look warm and friendly, but once his bottom line was touched, he would show a side of violence without budging.

Hearing the commotion inside, a robust man and a middle-aged woman took the lead. When they charged in and came to Vera’s side, she nervously said in Russian, “Are you alright?”

Shaking her head, Vera replied, “I’m fine, it’s safe being with Su Tao. They’re the ones not fine.”

With a cold flicker in her eyes, Sarah glanced at Steven before she lifted him up with one hand and said with somewhat proficient command in English, “How dare you to touch the heir of the Ormond Family! You can wait to bear our rage!”

When she finished speaking, she heavily threw Steven on the ground. Standing to the side, Zheng Chaoyang actually did not dare to utter a word, since the aura from this middle-aged Russian woman was too terrifying.

After venting out the anger in her heart, Sarah calmed down a lot more before turning to look at Su Tao. “Stay away from my missy, or watch how I’ll snap your neck.”

Su Tao’s lips parted, but he was speechless. Even his powerful heart was startled by Sarah.

There were several robust, and bald Russian bodyguards behind Sarah with their shirts stretched apart by their build. Just glancing at those men alone could cause those goons to lose the will to fight.

Vera sighed, “Sarah, I’ve told you many times that you cannot treat Su Tao in this manner!”

Sarah stood unyielding as she responded, “Missy, please trust my judgment. This brat isn’t a good person, don’t be fooled by his fake act. Let’s go!”

Looking at Sarah’s big build that covered Vera’s graceful figure, Su Tao helplessly sighed. Sarah was a loyal servant, similar to the character, Nanny Rong from My Fair Princess. She belonged to the type that could take a gun for her master, and when she felt that her master was being threatened, she would do all she can to eradicate the threat.

Actually, Sarah’s subconscious was right. Su Tao and Vera had formed a type of restraint through romance. Love was a double-edged sword; it’s either you hurt me, or I bedded you. As someone that had whatever she wanted in life, the only thing that could hurt Vera would be, undoubtedly, love.

Su Tao walked out of the pub without anyone following him; no one was foolish enough to follow him. When he flagged a cab, his phone suddenly vibrated. Vera had used Secretary Li’s phone to send a message over, “You’re dashing today, looking especially manly.”

He smiled, since there’s a difference in taste from the Western and Eastern parts of the world. Girls from the east would prefer talented men, while western girls would prefer those with charm and courage. Vera felt that the reason Su Tao beat them all up was because of her, which made her feel a sweetness in her heart. She suddenly understood why the female protagonist would fall in love with the male protagonist, since they saved them in stories. Having a taste of it, it had deeply imprinted into her mind and felt especially sweet.

Sitting beside Vera, Sarah was engaged in a call. She’s investigating the background of that Steven.

When the vehicle arrived at Vera’s home, Sarah reminded after following Vera back into the house, “Miss, I have just issued the orders to get a few of our members stationed in England to deal with Steven’s family.”

Vera sighed and her gaze coldly flashed, “Are you trying to find a reasonable excuse so that my father can seize their properties?”

After a brief stun, Sarah asked in a soft voice, “Miss, how can you speak like that about Master?”

In Sarah’s heart, the Master of the Ormond’s Family was the wisest Patriarch in the world. Any decision made by him was brilliant, leading the family to progress towards a grand target.

Waving her hand, Vera’s face flashed with exhaustion as she sighed, “I’m tired, let me rest now!”

After Sarah left, Vera pulled all the curtains and she went to shower. By the time she came out, she had already changed into casual pajamas. She suddenly recalled that she had no idea if Su Tao made it home safely, she wanted to give him a call, but realised that her phone was smashed back in the pub.

When Su Tao came out from the cab, he remembered Yan Jing’s grumble from before. He pondered if he should inform her about this matter. Although he wasn’t afraid of Zheng Chaoyang’s revenge, he felt an obligation to inform her about it, since it had occurred on her turf.

“Chairman Yan, are the Zhengs powerful in Hanzhou?” Su Tao asked with a smile.

“Where are you right now? Aren’t you together with Vera?” Yan Jing’s sour voice could be heard from the other side.

“We just went our separate ways since something occurred.” Su Tao kicked a pebble. It rolled ten-odd meters out.

“Related to the Zhengs?” After a brief hesitation, Yan Jing replied, “Only Zheng Feng can be considered something. He’s currently the Chief of Hanzhou’s Tax Bureau. His father was a retired Provincial Party Committee member. He used to be arrogant in the past, but he has gone low-key now. It’s nothing, even if you’ve beaten him. He’s just a divisional head.”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao replied, “It’s not Zheng Feng, but someone called Zheng Chaoyang, who looked pretty bossy.”

Yan Jing acknowledged, so she pondered for a long time before saying, “It should be Zheng Feng’s son. He also has a daughter, Zheng Chaoxia, a famous developer in Hanzhou. Chaoyang, Chaoxia, they should be siblings. My relationship with Zheng Chaoxia is pretty good, so I’ll let her know about it and get her brother to apologise to you. As for you, don’t go around, making enemies and lowering yourself to his level.”

Su Tao understood Yan Jing well. He knew that she was a protective woman. Without caring for who was in the wrong, her logic was to get the other party to apologise first. With an awkward smile, Su Tao replied, “Forget about the apology, you do as you see fit.”

Yan Jing smiled before she responded in satisfaction, “You’re learning how to be obedient and know to report to me first.”

Su Tao sighed, “Isn’t that because I’m afraid of your emotional words? Right, how’s Cai Yan and She Wei now? Can I take a look at them? There's still toxin in She Wei’s body. Although it’s well under control, I still have to check up on her!”

In a sour tone, Yan Jing replied, “You’re not worried about She Wei, but that lover of yours, Cai Yan, right?”

Su Tao smiled, “Chairman Yan knows me well.”

Yan Jing’s felt that her feelings were complicated before she silently took a deep breath. “Rest assured, they’re doing well. Although Nie Haitian still hasn’t confessed, he and those that broke the law won’t be able to escape with She Wei’s testimony. We’re at the last stage now, when the remnants are all swept up, She Wei will be safe. As for Cai Yan, I can guarantee her safety, and Cai Zhongpu will also be released as well.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao sighed, “What a perfect ending.”

After a brief silence, Yan Jing probed, “I’m curious. Do you have another intention for getting Cai Yan to follow She Wei?”

Su Tao was briefly stunned by her words. Yan Jing truly deserved her reputation, not only was she vicious, but she’s also as cunning as a fox. With a smile, Su Tao replied, “Yeah, I asked her to go and cheat She Wei’s fortune!”

Yan Jing slowly exhaled, “You planned your scheme too well. Although the Nie Family has fallen with their negative assets being seized, they’re still a powerful empire.”

With a smile, Su Tao replied, “Why don’t you help in this matter and make it done?”

With a faint smile, Yan Jing responded, “Your plan has already worked. When I met She Wei two days ago, she was full of praise for that daughter-in-law of hers!”

Daughter-in-law? Su Tao was stunned for a long time before he recovered. Why did this term sound so prickly to his ears?

Hanging up the phone, Cai Yan and Yan Jing’s faces flashed in his mind. He had always wanted to be a loyal man and not be a fickle one in love. But life’s a joke. When you have so many beauties around you, how could you guarantee that you’d only love one?

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