Chapter 139 - How much does this bottle cost

Although this was a hotspot for foreigners, and the investor was also a Russian, the second owner was Chinese. So when the customer service manager realised that an incident had occurred, he immediately called for the second owner.

When the second owner saw Zheng Chaoyang, his brows knitted due to the infamous reputation of this thug. He instantly knew that this matter wouldn’t go so easily, so he smiled. “Young Master Zheng, how about giving me some face and let this matter rest? Everything your friends have spent tonight is in the house, how about it?”

Although the second owner didn’t know Vera’s identity, he knew that she’s a regular customer to his pub. Out of professional ethics, he felt the need to protect his customers. If word got out that his pub wasn’t safe, who would dare to come?

Giving a glance at the boss, Zheng Chaoyang replied, “Boss Jin, do I, Zheng Chaoyang, seem like someone that would covet the bill? This has nothing to do with you, so stay away from it, or I’ll trash your pub.”

Boss Jin’s face turned stiff, since he knew that this thug was someone that would do as he said. Just some time ago, the pub next door was trashed by him. In the end, Zheng Chaoyang wasn’t even affected by that matter. The boss of that pub even came before Zheng Chaoyang and kowtowed!

Helplessly glancing at Vera and Su Tao, Boss Jin stood to the side with his gaze inconsistently changing. Right now, all he could do was pray for the two of them. They could offend anyone else, but they just had to offend this thug.

Realising the problem that she had caused, Vera glanced at Su Tao, who had remained calm, before speaking to Zheng Chaoyang, “Your friend, Steven, wanted me to drink a cup or two with him, which I have already done that. So what are you guys trying to do now? Forcing me to go on the bed with him?”

After a brief stun, Zheng Chaoyang smiled. “Interesting, I like how straightforward you are. My friend has taken a fancy to you, what’s your price for a night?”

“I do not lack money!” Vera replied with her brows knitted.

Glancing at her ample bosom, Zheng Chaoyang said, “You want to act fucking virtuous? Who’s not lacking money these days? Only I, Boss Zheng, dares to say those words. But you’re also saying that you do not lack money?!”

With a sigh, Su Tao stood before Zheng Chaoyang. “We’re all here to relax, and it’s all mutual consent. Why blow this matter up? It wouldn’t look good.”

Zheng Chaoyang grinned. He realised how full of crap this fellow was. Despite his young age, Su Tao spoke in such a mature manner. Zheng Chaoyang hadn’t seen anyone of his age who dared to talk to him in such a way. His hand grabbed ahold of Su Tao’s collar as he mocked, “Who are you to dare to talk before me?!”

Zheng Chaoyang wouldn’t be able to find a reason to deal with Su Tao if the latter stood to the side and said nothing. Now that Su Tao had spoken, Zheng Chaoyang now had a reason to mess with this brat.

Seeing Zheng Chaoyang making a move, Vera knitted her brows. She feared that Su Tao might suffer, so she took out her phone, intending to call Secretary Li. But the instant when she took out her phone, it was snatched away by a goon. Her phone was then smashed on the floor by that goon before giving two stomps at it. “Boss, this chick was trying to call the police!”

Despite his connections in the Public Security Bureau, Zheng Chaoyang didn’t want trouble. Seeing that one of his men had acted so swiftly, he praised with a laugh, “Small Six, well done!”

Suddenly, Zheng Chaoyang exclaimed, feeling that his wrist that was used to hold onto Su Tao’s collar felt numb before his entire arm started to twitch.

With a smile, Su Tao looked at Zheng Chaoyang. “Don’t keep your head high all the time. There are always people that you can’t afford to provoke!”

At this moment, Zheng Chaoyang still hadn’t recovered from the previous incident and was puzzled why he had lost control over his arm that felt numb. He suddenly figured that Su Tao might be skilled, so he instantly retracted his arrogance and ridiculed, “Fuck, do you even dare to fight so many of us? I’ll put my words out right now. In Hanzhou, there’s no one that I cannot afford to offend!”

Su Tao sighed, since he did not wish for this matter to develop into a fight. It would just make him feel like a thug. No matter what, he was still a famous doctor in Hanzhou that was well-respected.

However, he had to admit that he really felt like trashing Zheng Chaoyang when he looked at the latter.

“Let’s go!” Vera whispered as she pulled Su Tao.

Su Tao shook his head. “I’m afraid that we won’t be able to do that.”

With ten-odd people, Zheng Chaoyang surrounded the two of them in layers with Steven walking forth and smiled with his eyes narrowed while waving towards Vera. He said in Mandarin, “Young Master Zheng, just throw that man out. Vera is a friend of mine, so don’t hurt her.”

Waving his hand, Zheng Chaoyang felt that the numbing sensation on his wrist had disappeared, so he let out a long breath. With a cold sneer, he pointed towards Su Tao. “What are you guys still waiting for? Throw him out, now!”

“Zheng, if you show me sufficient sincerity today, I will sign the contract tomorrow for you!” Steven fanned the fire from the side with ridicule in his eyes. He felt that Su Tao was laughable for faking a strong front.

Standing to the side, the second owner, Boss Jin, shook his head as he prayed for Su Tao. He was praying that Su Tao could just leave quickly so the latter wouldn’t have to suffer any pain. Suddenly, the manager whispered in his ears, which instantly left the owner, stunned. Boss Jin then swiftly pulled Zheng Chaoyang to the side. “Young Master Zheng, you can’t blow this matter up today. That youth has a background, which I have already investigated it.”

Zheng Chaoyang knitted his brows as he declared, “What bullshit, this daddy has met every single reputable figure in Hanzhou!”

Lowering his voice, Boss Jin whispered, “He’s the lover of the Poisonous Widow!”

Zheng Chaoyang was briefly stunned with hesitation flickering in his eyes before he snickered, “Isn’t it just Yan Jing? Why should I be afraid of her? You wait and see. The day will come when I get her to blow my flute!”

He had spoken out his inner thoughts. Through his numerous encounters with Yan Jing, he had been deeply attracted to her elegant bearing. He even fantasised about her kneeling before his legs and how he tossed her around in bed. So when he heard that Su Tao was the lover of Yan Jing, he was instantly blinded by waves of jealousy.

Even without Steven, he would also deal with Su Tao. Who knows, Yan Jing might even look at him in a new light because of this matter.

Boss Jin’s face turned ugly. He felt that Zheng Chaoyang was too arrogant. Even if the latter had some power, how could he be compared to the Overlord of Jiangnan’s underground society? But since he had already done his job to remind him, he could only stand to the side and keep himself out of this matter.

Rubbing his fists, Zheng Chaoyang cracked his knuckles and ordered, “Pin him down!”

Two goons headed towards Su Tao. Despite his tall height, Su Tao still looked feeble. The two goons each held a knife in their hand, using it to pressure Su Tao mentally that if the latter didn’t cooperate, they would give him a taste of their knives.

They came to Su Tao’s side and wanted to grab ahold of Su Tao’s arm each. But they suddenly screamed and fell onto the ground, holding onto their arms as they rolled.

Zheng Chaoyang was left stunned by this scene and instantly linked this to his arm previously and knew that it wasn’t an accident, Su Tao was skilled! Taking two steps back, he issued more orders, “What are you guys staring at? Go! ALL OF YOU, GO!”

The goons were his trustable aides, and they knew that they could only try their luck with their advantage in numbers. Instantly, all of them swarmed towards Su Tao, since they knew that they wouldn’t be Su Tao’s opponent if they fought him fairly.

Thus, screams and shrieks echoed out incessantly.

Those goons weren’t Su Tao’s opponent, they practically dropped onto the ground with just an exchange and started to sweat.

Beads of sweat appeared on Zheng Chaoyang’s forehead as he started to panic. Casually taking a bottle of red wine, Su Tao walked towards the former and smashed the bottle on Zheng Chaoyang’s head. The bottle instantly shattered, and Zheng Chaoyang’s head was dyed red. No one could tell if it was blood or wine. The head was the most sturdy bone in a human’s body, and Su Tao also knew what he was doing. Thus, Zheng Chaoyang did not collapse on the floor because of it and only stumbled backward.

Everyone in the pub was left stunned by this matter before Su Tao turned to look at Boss Jin with a smile. “Owner, how much does this bottle cost?”

However, Boss Jin couldn’t reply, since he was still in shock.

“Well, since you’re not talking, then I’ll just assume that it’s free!” Su Tao took another bottle and walked in the direction of Steven.

“KYAAAA!” Shortly after, Steven screamed as he touched his forehead and saw his hand drenched in blood. His knees went soft as if it was the most fearsome thing that he had ever seen. As someone born with a silver spoon, since when has he been a victim of violence? His scream echoed, and it was so sharp that it seemed like it could even shatter the glass on the liquor cabinet.

No one expected that a 5’9” man would react in such a manner. Steven had a gentlemanly appearance, but it was his voice that shocked everyone.

Su Tao kicked Steven on the floor, causing the scream to stop as well.

He then turned and walked towards Zheng Chaoyang, grabbed ahold of the latter’s hair and Su Tao looked at the face filled with fear and said in a solemn voice, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Su Tao, the in-house physician of the Three Flavour Hall. If you’re unhappy, you can come and look for me anytime to play!” When he finished, Su Tao even spat on his face.

Lying on the ground, Steven raged, “I’ll let you have a taste of life worse than death!”

But when he finished, there was another smash on Steven’s head and Vera stuck her tongue out. “Why didn’t it shatter?”

Su Tao helplessly rolled his eyes. Vera wasn’t using the right strength, which was why the bottle did not shatter.

Standing beside Steven, another three bangs rang out, and no one in the pub dared to utter a word. Zheng Chaoyang especially, his heart was throbbing every single time he heard the bang, even his face had turned pale.

Vera also felt that Su Tao was too violent. But after seeing the pistol Su Tao pulled out from Zheng Chaoyang’s waist, Vera realised the reason behind Su Tao’s actions.

Steven actually tried to secretly pull out his pistol to deal with Su Tao! Aiming the pistol at Steven’s head, Su Tao asked, “Having another enemy in the world is equivalent to leaving a future threat for yourself. So, what do you think? Should I kill you and erase that threat?”

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