Chapter 138 - Give this Big Bro face

Alcohol was not intoxicating if one was not in the mood. When they got off work, Vera dragged Su Tao to the pub. She had let herself open today, showing signs of intoxication for just a while. This pub was opened by a Russian, and foreigners frequent this place. Sitting with a bunch of foreigners, Su Tao felt a little discomfort as he looked at the provocative dance on the stage.

“Hi, it’s been a long time!” A tall-built foreigner youth walked towards Vera as he greeted with English.

“Do we know each other?” Vera raised her brows as she asked while touching her chin.

“We do, you were drinking alone there three months ago, and I treated you to a glass of Fritz Windisch Chardonnay Spatlese. But it’s fine if you’ve forgotten, it’s not too late for us to get to know each other now!” The youth looked at Vera with smiles written on his face. “I’m Steven, from England. Here’s my name card!”

For the wealthy, name cards were a symbol of status. In the current age, watches weren’t the only things that were being manually manufactured as a status symbol, it went the same for name cards, as well. The name card was metallic with several dazzling jewels embedded on it, which Vera could tell from a glance that it cost at least a few thousand pounds.

“Not interested!” Vera merely cast a glance at it before she turned to look at Su Tao. She saw a smile hanging on his face, as if he was watching an excellent performance here.

Steven knitted his brows before nudging his lips in the direction of his seat, which attracted a roar of laughter. Evidently, there’s a story behind it, so Steven patiently explained, “I made a bet with my friends, which I’d win if I can get you to drink a glass with me!”

Tapping on her pearly-white face with her fingers, Vera shook her head and smiled. “You’ll have to see if my boyfriend agrees!”

Steven then turned to look at the Chinese man sitting beside her and he smiled as he spoke in Mandarin with a weird accent in it, “Can I play borrow your girlfriend for a moment?”

Sourly glancing at Steven, Su Tao said, “I only just got to know her five minutes ago, so if she’s willing, I will absolutely not refuse.”

Scratching his blond hair, Steven wasn’t stupid, so he shrugged and sighed, “Alright then, sorry for disturbing.”

After Steven left, Vera stared at Su Tao and she unhappily asked, “Why did you say that we just got to know each other five minutes ago? Do you want me to drink with that bunch?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “I want to make him feel a setback. If I said that we’re a couple and he failed to hit on you, wouldn’t that give him a good reason to explain?”

Rolling her eyes, Vera responded, “You think he can’t see through that little wit of yours?”

When she finished, Vera took her glass and headed in the direction of Steven, which left Su Tao briefly stunned before he bitterly smiled. The thoughts of a woman were truly unpredictable. Such as, although Vera didn’t like Steven, she still put up an act to irritate him.

Sitting beside Steven, Vera smiled, “Get me a glass?”

Steven was a little surprised by this sudden event before signaling his friends with his eyes. His friend swiftly poured a cup for Vera, which Vera gulped down completely, so Steven praised, “Good liquor capacity!”

When Vera turned to purposely cast a glance in the direction of Su Tao, her lungs nearly burst with anger, since a lady was sitting on her seat. She gently snorted, “Another cup!”

Steven would naturally not stop her. In this entire pub, Vera was the prettiest around, so the few of them made a bet and see if Steven could take her down. However, he never expected that Vera hadn’t given him any face. But on the contrary, she came over after he left.

The amber liquor felt burning as it went down her throat with a lingering sweet fragrance. After Vera finished two glasses, Steven felt that the time was right, so he started to put his hand over her shoulder. Although Vera was a little disgusted, her gaze was fixated on Su Tao. That fellow was currently chatting happily with that lady. Harboring the intention of taking revenge, she allowed Steven to get close to her and made intimate actions!

“I’m staying in the Covo Hotel, are you interested to come and have a seat?” Steven whispered by Vera’s ears. The fragrance that emanated from Vera made him feel intoxicated, and in his view, a woman coming to a pub alone was surely after a romantic night. Steven had always been seeking excitement since he’s out of the country. But it was a first for him to encounter such a peerless-grade beauty like Vera, so he absolutely would not allow himself to let this opportunity go.

“No thanks, I’m only here to drink.” Vera finally couldn’t stand Steven anymore. His hand was wandering down her shoulder towards her crotch. This was how men were, give them an opportunity, and they would take it further.

Vera couldn’t stand it anymore, one being Steven could be more fearless in his touch, and secondly, she cannot stand how Su Tao was chatting so happily with that lady over there. Thus, she stood up, giving Steven an apologetic gaze before walking towards Su Tao.

Seeing that Vera was coming back from afar, Su Tao smiled towards the lady he was talking with. “Sorry, but my friend is coming back.”

That lady shrugged before she left unhappily.

Vera folded her arms as she angrily looked at Su Tao with a stern expression.

Pouring a cup of mineral water for Vera, Su Tao smiled. “If you look at me in this manner, I will only feel that you’re cute!”

Stretching her hand out and knocking on the table, Vera solemnly said, “Speak, who is that woman?”

Su Tao shrugged. “I have no idea, anyone that comes here alone is lonely, so no one will ask for each other’s name as long as you have the desire! But I could guess some stuff through our conversation. Firstly, she’s French, and secondly, she felt that I might be a customer of hers.”

“She’s a prostitute?” Vera revealed shock in her eyes.

Su Tao nodded. “In a pub like this, with a foreigner atmosphere, there would occasionally be a Chinese face around, which she would determine with common sense that they’re here to seek excitement.”

As long as desire existed in humanity, the body of a woman could be turned into a product. Due to the deteriorating economy in foreign countries, the number of unemployed had also increased. But working in the sex industry wasn’t exactly booming either, so many foreigners have targeted the Chinese market. Anyone hanging around in this pub also had some status, so it was easier for them to earn money compared to their own countries.

After hearing that it wasn’t Su Tao that first struck the conversation, Vera felt a lot better in her heart, but she snorted, “You’re a playboy, too many insecurities with you.”

Su Tao smirked, “Well, who asked you not to guard me properly?”

How was this her fault now? Vera pouted as she said, “Alright then, we’re both wrong. From now on, we will guard each other and not give those with ill thoughts the opportunity!”

Su Tao helplessly smiled as he glanced at Steven, who was sitting not too far away and felt that the matter today wouldn’t be that simple. Vera had previously gone over to provoke him, and as a normal man, no one could swallow this humiliation. It’s like how male animals would flash their muscles and show their strength on the grassland to contest for the affection of females.

If it was someone else, that wouldn’t mean much. But judging from the name card from Steven, he seemed to be someone with status and identity, so he would surely not give up so easily.

Roughly half an hour later, a group of people walked into the pub with a crew cut man leading the way. That man seemed to be in his mid-twenties with a cigarette hanging on his mouth. He walked to Steven. “What are your orders?”

Pointing his finger in Su Tao’s direction, Steven took out six piles of cash and said, “Inform that man that if it gives up today, this money is his.”

The crew cut youth was briefly stunned till someone beside him translated those words for him. He instantly understood what was going on, so he chuckled, “So it’s that fellow being blind and stole your woman! You’re the VIP of me, Zheng Chaoyang. Since you’re here in Hanzhou to have fun, I will surely deal with this matter for you. There’s no need for money, I’ll grab that woman over right now, and if that brat dares to object, I’ll beat him up!”

Steven faintly smiled. From deep in his bones, he looked down on these money-grubbing Chinese. He stood up and carefully shoved the cash into Zheng Chaoyang’s pocket and whispered, “Keep the money, I insist. Consider that my treat to you and your brothers!” In his heart, he was looking down on these money-grubbing Chinese. If you didn’t give them some benefits, how would they risk their lives for you?

Zheng Chaoyang’s parents were wealthy, so he had some status in Hanzhou. He was also the one that invited Steven over for a partnership project. Through the relations of his father, he had obtained land near the river of Hanzhou. He planned to build a large-scale amusement park. Since this was something he had invested, Zheng Chaoyang initially wanted to follow up, but this Steven loved freedom and asked a few friends from England to the pub, and refused his goodwill.

Some people liked this sort of low-key flirting. Instead of using his identity and status to attract women, he would rather conceal it and use his own charm to fulfill the desire in his heart.

Just a moment ago, Zheng Chaoyang received a call that Steven had encountered a problem. Thus, he immediately brought a group over to help. He didn’t care much about that few dozen grand, but Steven’s investment cannot get messed up! This was a project that he had obtained for his father, so he needed to show some achievements.

Zheng Chaoyang gave the money to those people behind him before walking in Su Tao’s direction and sat down straightforwardly. He first looked at Vera and understood the reason why Steven had called him over. She has a portrait beauty. She’s charming, cute, gorgeous with a voluptuous figure. A woman that could make the heart of any man itch. As for Su Tao, he dressed ordinarily in a shirt, casual pants and sneakers. None of them looked branded, and in general, such a woman shouldn’t be sitting beside such a man.

Lowering his voice, Zheng Chaoyang said to Su Tao, “Chairman Steven wishes to play with that woman. As for you, how about giving this big bro some face? In the future, I’ll look after you in Hanzhou!”

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