Chapter 135 - Your Prince Charming

With the siren echoing, it was a smooth trip for the jeep. Su Tao, Xia Yu, and Liu Jianwei were separated into three interrogation rooms. Roughly thirty minutes later, Jiang Qinghan sat on the opposite of Su Tao with a notebook under her armpit. Seeing the cuffs still hanging on his wrist, she walked over and undid them, then stowed them to her waist. When she undid the handcuffs, Su Tao could smell a faint fragrance. A pleasant smell that was from neither the scent of the shower gel or shampoo. It was the ordinary soap that matched her bearing of pure, simple, and cool.

Jiang Qinghan looked at Su Tao. She had already investigated the latter’s identity. She was surprised that a Physician of the Jianghuai Hospital would show up in the villa along with two people that defeated dozens and rescued both Cai Yan and She Wei. Furthermore, he even exposed the dark side of the world.

“You’re free to go, now!” Jiang Qinghan briefly pondered before she said, “But your help might be needed for the later investigations.”

Even though the cuffs were loose, Su Tao still rubbed his somewhat numbed wrists and faintly smiled. “Sure! If there’s nothing else, then I’ll leave now.”

When he walked to the entrance, Su Tao suddenly stopped and curiously asked, “The reason why you brought me back to the station was that you’re afraid that I might be targeted by someone else?”

Jiang Qinghan’s gaze flickered. This young man isn’t stupid. It’s no wonder why he would be so cooperative. She replied, “Xu Jiangang has already weaved a complicated net from operating in Hanzhou for so many years. If it wasn’t fortunate that we took the case, I’m afraid that your call to the police might’ve been futile!”

With a weak smile, Su Tao sighed, “I never expected you to tell me the unspoken rules of the Public Security System.”

With a faint tone, Jiang Qinghan replied, “You’ve done me a great deal, and now that we’ve arrested Xu Jiangang, not only did we break She Wei’s kidnapping case, it even gave us clues to another case as well.”

Knowing that this implicated a secret, even though Jiang Qinghan couldn’t divulge too much about it, Su Tao still tried to probe, “That underground research facility?”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head, but she did not explain too much about it and said, “Be careful, I’m afraid that the person backing Xu Jiangang won’t let this matter go so easily. Furthermore, those people that are after She Wei must be hating you as well.”

As Su Tao sighed, he bitterly smiled. “I never expected to get myself into so much trouble. Oh right, now that you know that I will be in danger, aren’t you supposed to apply special protection for me?”

Rolling her eyes, Jiang Qinghan sourly said, “We’re all swamped, how do we have the time to protect you? But don’t worry about it, we will swiftly crack down on that lawless bunch so that you can be out of danger.”

Su Tao realised that he had taken a liking to chatting with Jiang Qinghan. Her being cool was admittedly one of the reasons, but the main factor was the righteous energy on her. Although there were evils like Xu Jiangang in the world, there’s also someone righteous like Jiang Qinghan fighting against the evil forces.

After Su Tao left, Zhang Zhen came in from next door and sighed, “Boss, those three are really powerful.”

Knitting her brows, Jiang Qinghan sighed, “I’m only worried that the enemy might be alerted and the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company will be more cautious, making it harder for us to find their nest around the country.”

Zhang Zhen cast a glance at Jiang Qinghan’s exquisite face. Jiang Qinghan had been paying attention to the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, often putting herself in danger as an undercover to investigate. Zhang Zhen reminded, “Boss, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company is out of our jurisdiction. In the past, we couldn’t investigate it officially. Now that we have flipped one of their lairs in Hanzhou, we can make use of this as a breakthrough to report this matter to the Provisional Committee or even the department to have higher investigation teams handle this!”

Slightly nodding her head, Jiang Qinghan agreed, “Your suggestion is worth considering, but we can’t cut off our investigations!”

Two years ago, Jiang Qinghan received a report that there’s a criminal organization in Hanzhou trafficking children. When she did further investigations into the matter, she realised that those children were used as live subjects. Although she managed to save a few of them, the perpetrator managed to escape without a trace. But when Jiang Qinghan tried to make a further investigation, she was ordered to stop by her superiors.

However, Jiang Qinghan still led her team to secretly investigate this matter without stopping. Along with the exposure of one underground research facility in Hanzhou, the case has been opened, and it’s impossible to stop even if someone might try to stop it.

When Su Tao walked out, he saw Xia Yu and Liu Jianwei. Xia Yu smiled. “Holy shit, I was terrified. I thought that they’re trying to extort a confession out of us.”

Curling his lips in disdain, Liu Jianwei sourly said, “Inexperienced!”

Liu Jianwei often came to the station. But they’re not for any crimes; instead, they’re actually to enforce justice.

“You must all be tired, and it’s not early, either. Let’s find a place to eat.” Su Tao stretched his fist as he bumped it on Xia Yu and Liu Jianwei’s chests. Through this battle, the three’s relationship had gotten much closer.

They chose a food stall and ordered a bunch of barbecues. Even if Su Tao knew that this was going against the philosophy of Su Tao’s health maintenance, he knew that men like Liu Jianwei and Xia Yu liked the atmosphere. Although there was sufficient cumin powder sprinkled on the goat’s kidney, there was still an odor on it. In just a brief moment, Liu Jianwei had already eaten three sets of it, so Xia Yu reminded with a smile, “Careful that it might get too heaty and explode.”

Taking the goat kidney in Xia Yu’s plate before him, Liu Jianwei replied, “Since you’re afraid of exploding, then I’ll deal with them for you!”

Su Tao ordered two more sets for the two of them when his phone suddenly rang; it was Cai Yan. After being kidnapped, Cai Yan’s phone had also been taken away from her. So when he was brought to the police station, they had temporarily lost contact with each other. However, Su Tao knew that Cai Yan was extremely safe now, so he asked, “Where are you right now? Do you need me to pick you up?”

With a sigh, Cai Yan looked around before she whispered, “I have no idea where I am, either. I only know that I’m surrounded by soldiers. If I’m not wrong, they should be from the military!”

Su Tao was stunned. It seemed that the higher-ups have realised that the Jianghuai Hospital wasn’t safe enough. Thus, they mobilised their military force to provide secure protection for She Wei. Su Tao could hear the uneasiness from Cai Yan’s voice, so he comforted, “Relax, we will be able to meet soon.”

After a brief pause, Cai Yan said in a gentle tone, “Thanks for saving me again!”

Su Tao was briefly stunned by her words before he laughed, “Yeah, I’m your Prince Charming. Every time you’re in danger, I will always appear.”

With soldiers beside her, Cai Yan couldn’t speak the words that were actually in her heart, so she could only softly whisper, “It’s good to have you!”

Those simple words had melted Su Tao’s heart. In that instant, when he knew that something had happened to Cai Yan, Su Tao felt that his heart had clenched. He practically charged towards the villa without any plans, using brute force to destroy the demon lair. It wasn’t something of Su Tao’s usual style.

Receiving Cai Yan’s call, Su Tao finally felt relieved and made an exception to eat the unhealthy barbeque. It was a strong taste that filled his mouth with salt and oil. The charcoal flames entirely covered the flavor of the meat, but it was stimulating to the tongue, causing his brain to secrete an unusual adrenaline.

The three of them could hold their liquor pretty well too, but Xia Yu was the weakest. He collapsed on the table muttering nonsense after drinking about four bottles of 350ml Red Star Wine. On the other hand, Liu Jianwei had a bottom line, and after six bottles, he wouldn’t take another sip, no matter what. On the contrary, Su Tao was more sober the more he drank. Liu Jianwei looked over as he hiccuped with his breath filled with alcohol, “Never drink till you knock out like Xia Yu. If there’s an enemy nearby, then you wouldn’t even know how you died!”

With a faint smile, Su Tao responded, “He’s treating us like brothers, so he revealed his back to us.”

Liu Jianwei was briefly stunned, before he sighed. He seemed to be hesitating, before he softly said, “I don’t believe in that stuff.”

Su Tao could tell the weak confidence in Liu Jianwei’s words. The heart was made of flesh, and even a cold heart could be melted with enough warmth. Taking out a bank card, Su Tao placed it beside Liu Jianwei. “The profits that the Three Flavour Hall has earned since opening are all in there. You can have it. The money should be enough. If there’s excess, treat it as your living expenses. Don’t refuse me; consider it as me employing you to risk your life.”

Liu Jianwei briefly moved his lips before he took the card with resolution flashing in his eyes. “I understand!”

When Su Tao woke up the next morning, he saw Liu Jianwei and Xia Yu lying on the ground with their limbs spread open. He scratched his head, but couldn’t recall how he got back home last night. Feeling that his phone was still in his pocket, he took it out and tapped on it. When the phone lit up, there were several calls left for him, all of them were from Yan Jing. Walking out of his bedroom, he returned the call, and he soon heard a grumble from the other side.

“Can you use your brain when you do things next time? You brought two people with you to charge into Xu Jiangang’s lair? Are you tired of living?!” Yan Jing sounded extremely annoyed.

Scratching his head, Su Tao helplessly replied, “I was anxious at that time!”

A sigh resounded from the other side before Yan Jing said with a grave voice, “I hope that next time, you can choose to believe that I can handle things like these well.”

With a grin, Su Tao joked, “I’m a man, how can I leave everything to women to handle them for me?”

Hearing his words, Yan Jing sourly reprimanded, “You’re a gigolo, how are you a man? Do you know how much I have invested in you? If you died, wouldn’t I suffer a great loss?!”

Su Tao moved his mouth, but he was left speechless.

Changing her tone, Yan Jing continued, “You have to live well for Hua Yan’s sake!”

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