Chapter 134 - Freeze! You’re under arrest!

Xu Jiangang had already surpassed the bottom line of morality that a human could bear.

A man that controlled a company with assets over hundreds of millions was a legend no matter where he went. But such a person had kneeled at this moment, which could be considered as a great humiliation. At the same time, he’s a formidable person like Cao Cao; he knew how to be flexible. For his life, he could do anything, so kneeling wasn’t much. He had no idea if those three people would kill!

Su Tao sighed and faintly said, “Even having a dog would be as loyal as you. We will not kill you, nor will we let you go, either. When the police come by, you won’t be able to escape from the responsibility of the law.”

Hearing that Su Tao had already called the police, veins wriggled on Xu Jiangang’s forehead and he lost it, “Surnamed Su, don’t take it too far! I believe that I have never done anything wrong to you so far! Do you think that I have relied on myself to build such a great business? The power behind me can scare you to death! If I’m arrested, someone will swiftly come and take revenge against you, so if you don’t want to have that trouble, you can take a step back now!”

Su Tao was stunned. He did not expect that Xu Jiangang’s words become strong so suddenly, so he jabbed the latter on his chin, causing him to vomit blood. Even a few teeth were knocked out. Su Tao waved his hand. “What you’ve done in the past years are too terrifying. The heavens are watching what we’re doing. You’ve committed so many wrongful doings, and if I let you go, I will suffer the condemnation of my conscience when I go back. So I cannot let you go.”

Spitting out a mouthful of saliva with stains of blood, Xu Jiangang said with his words blurred, “Kill me den, buh dere will surely he someone taking repenge por me!”

Xia Yu couldn’t bear to watch anymore, so he went over and kicked Xu Jiangang before asking Su Tao, “How about we tie him up and stuff his mouth? I really can’t take his ugly face anymore.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao instructed, “Tie him up and hand him over to the police.”

“Captain, we’ve just received a report that the target has appeared in a villa on the western outskirts.” The robust man, Zhang Zhen reported.

“There’s no time to lose, dispatch now!” Jiang Qinghan abruptly stood up and ordered.

“Should we call for assistance? The other party seems to have used explosives.” Zhang Zhen reminded.

Nodding her head, Jiang Qinghan said, “Firstly, we will first head to the scene. Secondly, inform Bureau Chief Mei to get enough people. This mission will be raised to S Rank, codenamed Hunting Tiger. Everyone be careful; we can’t lower our guards.”

As Jiang Qinghan ordered, her subordinates checked their equipment. They might not be sturdily built, but everyone had ample experience in handling cases that they knew the meaning behind an S Rank Mission. There would practically be casualties in every single S Rank Mission. As one of the occupations in the world with the highest deaths in the line of duty, especially criminal police, they were already indifferent with their lives and deaths.

Roughly half an hour later, when the team of ten-odd officers reached the villa, they were startled by the scene that was laid before them. They could see smoke rising from afar with the atmosphere filled with it. Taking two steps forth, they saw a lady running out, agitatedly screaming, “Quick, save people!”

Coming to the courtyard with the lady and seeing the source of the smoke, Jiang Qinghan immediately issued orders to Zhang Zhen, “Inform the civil defense to come quickly!”

After issuing the order, Jiang Qinghan took a glance at the lady and rummaged through her brain for the information of the woman while lowering her voice, “You’re Cai Yan, so where’s She Wei?”

Cai Yan replied, “She’s very safe now, and Xu Jiangang is still in the villa. Go arrest him, quickly!”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head before instructing two of her subordinates, “The two of you follow her to find She Wei, and I’ll arrest Xu Jiangang!”

Although she did not listen to Cai Yan’s explanation, Jiang Qinghan had already sorted out the whole story. The one kidnapping She Wei should be the CEO of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Xu Jiangang. That person often worked amongst the hospitals, with lots of scouts. At the same time, he had a close relationship with one of the Presidents, Qiao Dehao. Actually, Jiang Qinghan had been suspecting if Qiao Dehao was the insider in this kidnapping. But now, she had linked the whole story together. Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao have conspired together to scheme this kidnapping.

The hall was in a mess, with fragments of antiques lying on the ground with a huge hole burnt into the carpet that emanated a dense pungent smell.

Jiang Qinghan did not stop there. She pulled out her pistol and carefully moved along the wall. When she arrived at the room where Xu Jiangang was in, he was being tied up like a rice dumpling. Even his hair had been completely messed up.

After seeing Jiang Qinghan, Xu Jiangang raised his head and said, “Sabe me!”

Jiang Qinghan coldly cast a glance at him before looking at the three other people, then issued the order to her subordinate behind her, “Arrest everyone!”

Xia Yu was stunned before he declared, “We’re the good people here! We’re the one that destroyed Xu Jiangang’s lair!”

Coldly staring at him, Jiang Qinghan said, “Before this is fully investigated, all of you are suspects here!”

Touching his dagger out of habit, the officer behind Jiang Qinghan immediately pulled out his gun and aimed at Liu Jiangwei. Jiang Qinghan’s hand stretched out and pressed on the gun of that officer, “Stow the gun!” After that, she took her cuffs out and walked towards Su Tao, then ordered, “Hands out!”

Su Tao helplessly sighed and fearlessly swept his gaze over her pearly-white face. With the mechanism sounding out, Su Tao tried moving his wrist and realized that the cuff was loose. Furthermore, it was by the front, which didn’t seem professional. He then instructed Xia Yu and Liu Jianwei, “Let’s cooperate with the police work.”

The civil defense came swiftly after, arriving at the scene in just ten minutes. When they dug down, they were shocked and a few of them even retched. This underground research facility was practically a living hell. After the explosion, the underground was on the verge of collapse, with roughly twenty to thirty people not only suffering from burn wounds, they even suffered cuts and lost the ability to fight. When they opened the chamber, the scene was even more shocking. Those living subjects looked like zombies from the torture of an experiment.

The explosion came from the research chamber. Professor Ouyang and a few others have been killed by the blast, including the grandmaster, Tian Ya, was lying on the bed with only half of his body intact…

When the civil defense arrived, a black vehicle slowly turned around and left the scene. The vehicle did not drive through any official road, but drove through a village. Roughly ten-odd minutes later, only then did they drive onto a main road.

Ole Seventh flicked the cigarette in his hand and helplessly said. “I never thought that the plan would have fallen apart after being late! If we’d arrived 5 minutes earlier to get She Wei away, our mission would have been completed.”

With a cold light flickering in his eyes, Bai Fan solemnly said, “We’ve lost the opportunity now that we’ve alerted them. It’ll be harder for us to capture She Wei next time.”

Ole Seventh sneered, “Senior Brother, it’s that Su Tao who spoiled our plan again! Should I find an opportunity to get rid of him?”

Waving his hand, Bai Fan sighed, “Su Tao brought two people over. Have you seen them? They’re experts, not to mention that Su Tao isn’t weak, to begin with. So it’s not easy to do anything to him.”

Ole Seventh unhappily said, “But I cannot swallow this grudge down!”

With a cold flicker in Bai Fan’s eyes, he said, “My enmity with him isn’t something that can be resolved in a day or two.”

Ole Seventh sighed while feeling unhappy for Bai Fan. In his heart, Bai Fan should be the undisputed Physician King!

After a long pondering, Bai Fan dialed a number. “I’m sorry, our plans have failed. I wasn’t able to get She Wei.”

“How disappointing, I initially thought that you’re more capable than Xu Tiande. I never expected that you couldn’t even handle a small matter.” That person from the other side hollered.

Bai Fan took a deep breath as he explained, “Although I’ve failed, I have other plans as well.”

Waving his hand, that person solemnly said, “Don’t be involved in this matter anymore. The Province Committee has already determined the Nie Family’s problem through discussion. It’s no longer important if She Wei testifies in court. We have to break the wrist to secure the benefits of the majority.”

“What about the Medicine King Garden?” Bai Fan asked in a low voice.

That person coldly said, “This matter isn’t touchy. What? You want the Medicine King Valley?” When he finished speaking, he felt his tone was a little too much, so he slowly said, “The Nie Family has been uprooted, and as their claws, Xu Tiande is useless now. We need to nurture a new power to oversee those that they’ve not discovered yet. Even though you’ve failed in this time, but we’re patient enough. Next, we will push for the Medicine King Valley’s development to complete a chain in Huaibei. After that, we will push towards the expansion of the whole country.”

Bai Fan knew that the other party had drawn up a cake for him, but he still felt his heart surging as he replied, “Thanks for your trust!”

In Hanzhou’s Train Station, the busiest place in the city.

A middle-aged man with a felt hat and a mask placed his heavy luggage on the security check equipment. He then handed his ticket to the staff, which the staff first verified the train and time before using a metal detector to sweep over his body. Discovering nothing amiss, the middle-aged man walked in with two officers making checks of some people. The middle-aged man lowered his felt hat while heading towards the hall of the train, dragging his luggage.

He was pretty lucky that the two officers did not discover him. According to the ticket, he found the booth, so he removed his mask and suppressed the uneasiness on his face.

Qiao Dehao never expected that there would be a day when he would have to escape Hanzhou like a defeated dog.

Back then, when he chose to cooperate with Xu Jiangang, he had already expected this situation today. But humans were all greedy. Although Qiao Dehao had never entered the research facility himself, he had helped them. Not only did he supply a huge amount of placenta, he even helped Xu Jiangang find live subjects.

In short, Qiao Dehao knew that if he was charged, his crimes wouldn't be any lighter than Xu Jiangang’s. If Xu Jiangang was the criminal, then he’s the accomplice.

Qiao Dehao took out a fake identity card from his wallet, something that he had prepared a long time ago if anything happened for him to hide his identity. When the broadcast finally reported that the train that would soon take him to Qianwan Xiangbei Province, he mixed into the crowd with his head quietly lowered to cover his uneasiness.

After his ticket was scanned, Qiao Dehao suddenly felt something was amiss. Two people were looking at him on his right before they yelled, “Freeze!”

Qiao Dehao immediately panicked and his first reaction was that those two should be plain-clothed police officers. He wanted to run, but it was a pity that his path was completely blocked.

He could only try to jump out from the ticketing machine, but it was a pity that he didn’t have the ability to do so. He stumbled and fell onto the ground while two plain-clothed officers pinned him down and one of them coldly said, “You’re under arrest!”

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