Chapter 133 - Capturing Evil

Su Tao wasn’t trying to act tough, the space was too small, and the slightest carelessness could cause him to be struck. Su Tao’s finger flashed out and tapped on the other party’s body. The other party groaned before falling onto the ground, it was a peculiar scene. After three to four people collapsed on the ground, Liu Jianwei had already come up and dragged Su Tao behind him. He was like a tiger in a flock of sheep. His dagger flickered with terrifying might. Anywhere his dagger came in contact with would cause massive bleeding. The knives of the other party were like rubber as they were blown flying away in pieces. Although Liu Jianwei had held back, there weren’t any eyes on his blade. A few people were lying on the ground, holding onto their wrists and painfully howled.

When Liu Jianwei’s killing intent soared, there wasn’t anything for Su Tao and Xia Yu to do. They followed behind Liu Jianwei, supporting Cai Yan and She Wei as they left.

Xu Jiangang looked at the surveillance camera and felt a little weird. It was like looking at a Hong Kong film from the 1980s. There weren’t any tricks; it was purely a brawl. None of those forty-odd people that he had sent to help could stop the three of them. How was this logical?

Xu Jiangang couldn’t help slapping himself on his face, trying to see if he was dreaming.

However, he still appeared composed. He cut the tip of the cigar before lighting it up with his trembling hand. Finally, he couldn’t hold it back and dialed a number. “Old Qiao, something has happened. Su Tao came to smash the place.”

Knitting his brows, Qiao Dehao asked with a solemn voice, “Su Tao? What is he doing there?”

Xu Jiangang sighed, “He should be coming for She Wei.”

Slamming his palm on the table, Qiao Dehao asked in a low voice, “I have previously reminded you that She Wei was under the heavy protection of the Public Security Bureau. The CID has just talked to me. Old Xu, this matter is getting out of hand, think of a way for us to safely retreat!”

Gritting his teeth, Xu Jiangang replied, “The research facility must stay secret, it cannot be known to others! So we can only stake it all on this and destroy all evidence. I’m just informing you about it!”

Qiao Dehao’s mouth briefly moved before he sighed, “Old Xu, they’re all lives!”

Xu Jiangang’s face suddenly turned sinister. “I’m forced to do this!”

After hearing the noise coming from the other side of the phone, Qiao Dehao knocked his finger on the table and finally couldn’t hold it anymore. He stood up and opened up the safe behind the bookshelf and took out a pile of stuff before shoving them into his briefcase and left his office in a hurry.

Su Tao, Liu Jianwei, and Xia Yu fought their way out. With Liu Jianwei’s strength, he alone was enough for the job. Cai Yan and Mrs. She followed behind. After a brief pondering, Cai Yan reminded, “There’s still a woman down below, she was the one who saved us.”

Liu Jianwei turned back and started to carry Di Yuqin up as well.

Putting a cigarette in his mouth, Xia Yu asked as he looked at Su Tao, “What should we do now?”

In a solemn voice, Su Tao replied, “Call the police first!” He then swept his gaze at the villa and coldly said, “At the same time, we’ll flip this entire living hell upside down.”

As Su Tao, Xia Yu and Li Jianwei headed towards the villa, a huge commotion rang out behind them. Xia Yu’s face was unsightly as he spat a mouthful of phlegm on the ground and cursed, “That bastard Xu Jiangang, he actually exploded this entire place! Luckily we left quickly, or we would be buried along with the research facility.

Licking his lips, Liu Jianwei’s eyes coldly flashed. “That fellow is truly ruthless enough!”

Xu Jiangang was completely deranged. Xu Jiangang’s subordinates and research personnel were in the underground research facility, at least a total of ten-odd people. Even if they’re not dead from the explosion, they would probably be buried alive.

Sweeping a glance at Cai Yan, Su Tao instructed, “Call the police, Xu Jiangang must be in the villa, and we must capture that fellow!”

All the security had been sent to the entrance of the underground research facility, and that fellow clearly wanted the three of them to be buried. However, he had underestimated their strength. It didn’t take ten minutes for them to clear up those people. Thus, when Xu Jiangang decided to trigger the explosion, he had no idea that the three of them had left the research facility. Looking at the three of them through surveillance, Xu Jiangang felt his teeth itching from the hatred. He had finally encountered a hard wall.

When they arrived at the villa, the lady responsible for cleaning looked at the three of them in shock. She was still puzzled regarding the explosions in the courtyard.

With a gentle smile, Su Tao politely asked, “Do you know where CEO Xu is?”

Pointing towards a room far away, the lady asked in a soft voice, “There was an explosion outside?”

Su Tao smiled as he responded, “Something happened to CEO Xu, the police will soon arrive, so you should hide for now.”

Widening her mouth, the lady exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

Su Tao sighed, “He’s too evil, so it’s natural for something to happen with him.”

The lady nodded before she bitterly smiled. “Aiya, if something happens to him, won’t my salary this month be gone?”

Looking at a shelf of antiques not too far away, Su Tao walked over and chose a Ming Dynasty’s porcelain vase and shoved it in her hands. “Take this as your salary and leave quickly.”

Shock flashed on her face. As someone that cleaned this place up on a daily basis, she knew that those things were extremely valuable, so she said, “How can I take something from my employer’s home?”

“Take it. If you don’t, you won’t have another chance.” Su Tao sighed.

The lady embraced the porcelain vase that cost millions and walked out with unease. Before she left, she realised that the young man raised his feet and kicked the antique shelf. The antiques all fell onto the ground and shattered to pieces!

Xia Yu took out a lighter from his pocket to lit the scrolls on fire, raising smoke as they vented their dissatisfaction.

While Xu Jiangang watched this in the surveillance room, he felt his heart bleeding. He started to regret why he placed such valuable stuff by the living room. Those antiques were for him to show off, and now, they had been completely ruined by three brutes!

He pulled out a drawer that had a pistol in it. Xu Jiangang was a member of Qiongjin’s Shooting Club. He would take part in the activities of the club every month, and at the same time, he had gotten this commonly seen Black Star Pistol from the black market.

Holding onto the pistol, he aimed it at the door. The moment the door opened, he would pull the trigger and fire.

Xu Jiangang initially felt that no matter how the situation blew up, it was still under his control. But since the three of them were coming for him, trying to do him in, then he’d risk it all!

With a bang, the door was smashed open. Xu Jiangang widened his eyes and saw the door flying out.

Smoke rose, so he couldn’t get a clear view and could only pull the trigger to continuously fire shots until he emptied his magazine. He felt beads of sweat falling from his forehead. A tattered knife was on his chin as Su Tao, and Xia Yu walked in.

Xu Jiangang knew that he’s a goner, but a faint smile appeared on the corner of his lips. He loosened his grip on the pistol and Xia Yu picked it up, then fiddled with it before shoving it into his pants.

Sitting straight up, Xu Jiangang calmly placed his hands on the ground as he stared at Su Tao. “I have long heard of Divine Physician Su’s reputation, and wanted to sit down with you to have a chat about building our relationship. I never expect that we would meet in this situation, what a pity…”

With a faint smile, Su Tao looked around the room and said, “CEO Xu, I’ve seen a lot of shameless people, but I’ve never seen someone as disgusting as you.”

Forcing out a calm smile, Xu Jiangang said, “Every man is out for themselves. Actually, I also do not wish to be so extreme, all of this is because of you guys. You guys ruined my plan, so that’s why I chose to burn the boats. As the saying goes, we will never get to know each other if we didn’t fight. I admire you for daring to barge in here. How about this, this matter will come to a stop now, and we can cooperate in the future. You will always need helpers in society, and I know some badasses in the business world, political circles, and even the entertainment… You can just let me know if you need my help in the future!”

Xu Jiangang was an expert in acting, making promises as he tried to convince Su Tao as if nothing had happened.

Su Tao sighed, “You want me to go with your words after I’ve spent such great effort?”

Xu Jiangang coughed as he took out a checkbook and wrote a string of words and smiled. “Here’s a fee for your work, and I’ll come to find you with our cooperation fees after you’ve backed down!”

Su Tao flicked his finger on the check that he had just received. ¥3,000,000, a sum that would tempt anyone.

With a smile, Xu Jiangang asked, “Are you satisfied? There are more benefits from cooperating with me!”

Su Tao found Xu Jiangang extremely ugly right now, so he tore up the check without any expression before throwing them on the latter’s face. “Money is good, but a gentleman has his ways of obtaining money. Yours are too filthy, and I dare not to accept them. I have already called the police, and they will be here shortly to arrest you. You’re finished!”

Xu Jiangang’s face turned ugly. He knew that Su Tao wouldn’t budge, no matter what. Raising his hands, he bitterly smiled. “How about this, there’s ¥5,000,000 in cash in the safe, along with some pieces of jewelry and gold bars. If you’re willing to spare me, you can have all of them!”

Liu Jianwei finally couldn’t hold it anymore, so he gave Xu Jiangang a hard slap and roared, “Stop bitching around! Who wants your dirty money?! Even tearing you apart ten thousand times isn’t enough for what you’ve done!”

Seeing that Su Tao wouldn’t budge no matter what he did, he suddenly knelt with tears in his eyes as he started to beg, “Please, let me go! I’ll do anything you want!”

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