Chapter 132 - Three Heroes enter the Tiger’s Den

A human’s survival ability would be brought out even more in desperate straits. At the same time, it would also unleash their innate potential. Di Yuqin’s body should have already collapsed from the torture and humiliation after being kept like livestock here. But when the opportunity came, she had burst out with shocking strength, killing Tian Qing while he wasn’t paying attention. Killing someone was something hard, but after going through all the inhumane treatment, it had become natural for her.

Whether it was Xu Jiangang or Tian Qing, none of them treated the subjects in the underground chambers as human beings. They’re like livestock, the lowest of all existences. Although she was already used to the atmosphere here, when she saw the scene in the first door that she opened, he couldn’t help retching from the filth. There was a thin woman in tattered clothing lying on a bed with a dazed expression. Di Yuqin silently closed the door, knowing that this woman had lost the ability to take care of herself, not expecting anyone to help her.

Di Yuqin was filled with depression and disappointment when she opened the second and third door. Her heart had sunk to the bottom, since most of those live subjects had lost the ability to walk after being experimented on countless of times. However, there was one that still had the desire to live. She looked at Di Yuqin and opened her mouth as if she wanted to call for help. However, no voice came out from her.

However, Di Yuqin did not lose her motivation as she opened up the fourth door before a flash of surprise appeared in her eyes. There were two people tied to board beds, and judging from their appearances, they should have just been brought to the underground research facility.

She Wei and Cai Yan were held captive in this chamber. Cai Yan looked at Di Yuqin while wriggling and emanating noise from her mouth. Di Yuqin swiftly went over to remove the bandage on her mouth before undoing the ropes that tied her up.

Glancing at She Wei beside her, Cai Yan swiftly went over to undo the bandage and ropes. She Wei woke up, and it took an instant for her to understand her current situation, so she shook her head. “Cai Yan, don’t care about me and leave here, quickly.”

Shaking her head, Cai Yan declared, “No, if we go, we must do it together!”

Di Yuqin sighed as she rushed, “Quick, someone will come over soon.”

She Wei still hadn’t completely recovered, and she stumbled when her feet touch the ground. With a flash of helplessness in her eyes, Di Yuqin said, “Leave her, we’ll go for now and get someone to save her after we get out of this prison.”

Cai Yan supported She Wei, carrying her and declared, “I must bring her along with me!”

Tears welled up in She Wei’s eyes. You would see who your genuine friends were in times of difficulty. Although Cai Yan took great care of her back in the hospital, she still doubted that Cai Yan might not be sincere in approaching her from the depths of her heart. Or perhaps Cai Yan approached her because of the inheritance. But in such difficult times, Cai Yan still did not abandon her, which made She Wei feel moved and saw Cai Yan as the person closest to her.

She had been living in darkness for the past decade, strongly believing that everyone was evil to their roots. She felt that there’s a motive for benefit in everyone’s actions, and no one would care about her for no reason. But Cai Yan had completely changed her view. Cai Yan was like an unadorned jade that held her kindness. At this moment, She Wei started to regret that she had once hurt Cai Yan.

She Wei was light, roughly around 40kg. However, it still took a great amount of effort for Cai Yan to carry her with sweat dripping from her brows. At this moment, she only had the thought to escape from here.

Seeing that she had a companion, Di Yuqin’s heart calmed down before she carefully walked by the front and found a ladder. She then finally decided to charge out.

Gently pushing the board up, the light that she had not seen for a long time shone into her eyes. Di Yuqin’s heart was filled with joy, and just when she wanted to stretch her head out, she was suddenly kicked from the side, making her fall back down.

The flat-nosed man yelled towards another man beside him, “Someone escaped!”

Di Yuqin fell onto the ground, but she quickly stood back up and saw three robust men charging over with ferocious expressions and knives in their hands. Facing this sort of enemy, Di Yuqin’s first reaction was to retreat, causing Cai Yan to take two steps back while carrying She Wei.

The flat-nosed man pushed over the chamber that housed Di Yuqin and saw Tian Qing lying on the ground with his head crooked. He couldn’t even pull up his pants in time; thus, his butt was openly revealed. The flat-nosed man knitted his brows as he raged, “Fuck, that bitch killed Boss Tian!”

Holding the needle that she had used to kill Tian Qing, Di Yuqin nervously said, “Don’t come here or I’ll kill all of you, too!”

Rage gushed out of the flat-nosed man’s eyes. In his impression, these people were just livestock that couldn’t fight back. With this situation happening, the flat-nosed man was also rejoicing, since he had actually been tempted to make a move against Di Yuqin. Casting a cold glance at her, he raged, “Pretty tough mouth you have there, let’s see how this daddy will tear you apart!”

The reason why Di Yuqin could kill Tian Qing was all because of her schemes. So how could she rival the flat-nosed man with just a needle?

The flat-nosed man held onto Di Yuqin’s wrist and slapped his knife against her face. It instantly caused her to vomit a mouthful of blood and she fainted. However, the flat-nosed man still hadn’t vented all of his anger out and so he stomped on Di Yuqin’s breast. By instinct, Di Yuqin could only twitch twice before she curled on the ground. In the eyes of the flat-nosed man, there weren’t any protective feelings for the fairer sex; they’re only livestock!

With his eyes turned to Cai Yan’s face, the flat-nosed man coldly said, “Surrender now. You guys won’t be able to escape!”

Cai Yan kneeled to put She Wei on the ground, then she looked at the flat-nosed man with a cautious gaze. Her wrist was trembling.

She Wei whispered from the side, “Cai Yan, don’t agitate them. I will fulfill their request so you can leave here safely.”

Biting her lips, Cai Yan lowered her voice, “But we can’t stand here and do nothing!”

She Wei sighed and felt that Cai Yan was too foolish. But it was a pity that she didn’t have any ability to protect the latter.

Trying her best to calm down, She Wei said to the flat-nosed man, “If you let me go, I will give each of you ¥10,000,000. I will not go against my promise!”

The flat-nosed man was briefly stunned before he laughed out, “Although I’ve not gone to any school, I’m not stupid enough to believe in empty promises. If you had that sum of money, wouldn’t you use it to kill us, instead?”

A weak smile appeared on She Wei’s lips. This type of person was the hardest to deal with; those without fear.

When the flat-nosed man walked over, Cai Yan lashed out a kick in retaliation. The flat-nosed man suffered a kick, but held onto her neck with greed flashing in his eyes. “If you’re obedient, then I won’t make you suffer too much!”

But suddenly, the flat-nosed man felt the web of his hand hurting. It turned out that Cai Yan had bitten him. The flat-nosed man raged, and just when he wanted to slap her, groans suddenly resounded from his back and two of his brothers were lying on the ground. Liu Jianwei showed up, walking by the front. Dealing with those grunts didn't take much effort for him.

Seeing the disadvantageous position, the flat-nosed man turned his hand and grabbed ahold of Cai Yan’s neck as he threatened, “Who are you guys?!” As he spoke, he felt his throat going numb and realised that he couldn’t speak a single word. After that, his wrist felt painful. A silver needle was by his joint. Looking towards the stairs, he saw a handsome young man with needles in his hands, wearing a solemn expression and unleashed a few other needles in the blink of an eye.

When Cai Yan saw Su Tao, she finally couldn’t help it anymore and choked with sobs, “Su Tao!”

There was actually a voice in her heart telling her that Su Tao would surely find her, he would surely save her. But even when Su Tao had appeared before her, Cai Yan still felt grievance that he was so late!

Liu Jianwei walked ahead to open up a path with Xia Yu following behind him, and Su Tao last.

Xia Yu asked, “We’ve already found them, are we going to retreat now?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao looked at Cai Yan, who was in tears, along with Di Yuqin, who wasn’t moving in the corner, and said in a solemn voice, “We’ll leave after trashing this place apart!”

The underground research facility was akin to hell. If one hadn’t come here personally, they would only think that these kinds of situations would only occur in novels. To experiment on the effect of the supplement, there were a total of eight chambers with live subjects of all ages. They’re either a prisoner on death row or enemies of Xu Jiangang, suffering all sorts of humiliation and torture here.

Opening one chamber after another, they finally reached the last one. There were people still busy here. They’re giving a man a shot of the improved version of the placenta supplement. However, Su Tao and the rest were surprised that the live subject was actually Tian Ya, whom they’ve just recently met.

Isn’t Tian Ya and Xu Jiangang together in this? Su Tao and Liu Jianwei exchanged a look and they saw the fear in each other’s eyes. Xu Jiangang was a person without any morals, and in his world, anyone could be a live subject of the research facility.

“Who are you people?!” Professor Ouyang asked cautiously after seeing some unfamiliar faces.

Liu Jianwei pounced forth and lashed a kick against Professor Ouyang’s abdomen, sending him flying back a few meters before he smashed against the glass apparatus in the experiment chamber, drenching his body in blood. Xia Yu was pretty good as well. He had knocked out Professor Ouyang’s assistant in a few moves. However, he did not feel at ease, since he felt that something was amiss. The security measure in this villa shouldn’t be so weak that the three of them could so easily break through!

Hearing the commotion coming from the entrance, Liu Jianwei knitted his brows. “Finally, the other side has reacted.”

With a chuckle, Xia Yu challenged, “What? You're afraid?”

Liu Jianwei coldly snorted while taking out the dagger that he had been using for a long time, “You guys will closely follow me; otherwise, don’t blame me for not being able to take care of you guys!”

Seeing Liu Jianwei covered in killing intent, Xia Yu spat out the toothpick in his mouth and grinned. “You’re saying that we’ll drag you down. Can you not look down on others? I’m also an expert in bashing people up!”

Liu Jianwei swept his dagger on the table, causing Professor Ouyang to scream out in pain and the equipment worth millions was destroyed.

However, Liu Jianwei couldn’t react in time. Su Tao had already charged towards the entrance. Knitting his brows, Liu Jianwei swiftly followed up, since he didn’t wish to fall behind someone else in beating people up.

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