Chapter 131 - Di Yuqin’s Revenge

The entire Jianghuai Hospital was in a mess with Mei Dongcheng, the Vice-Bureau Chief of Hanzhou City’s Public Security Bureau, looking at the several plain-clothed policemen while raging, “You people are the elites of Hanzhou, how can you allow someone to disappear under your watch? How am I going to address this to the leaders?!”

Mei Dongcheng was the direct subordinate of the former Public Security Bureau’s leader, Chen Shoujun. Thus, he had been placed with the great responsibility of protecting an important witness. They had initially set up tight security, but they never expected that the witness would disappear in the lift.

Wang Zhu, the captain of the plain-clothed officers, reported, “Chief Mei, I’m suspecting that this matter might be related to the internal staff of the Jianghuai Hospital. The other party had specifically chosen to take action while the CCTV cameras were under maintenance so that we wouldn’t be able to find out who took She Wei away.”

Knitting his brows, Mei Dongcheng took a deep breath. “It has already happened, so don’t find an excuse for it. I have already informed the criminal investigation, they will take over this matter.”

When Mei Dongcheng finished his words, the door was pushed open and a gorgeous female officer wearing a police cap that looked to be in her thirties, along with glittering stars on her shoulder, appeared. With her hair kept in the hat, her ears were revealed with confidence and calmness in her eyes with a cold expression on her face. She did not have any make-up on, but her towering bosom had pushed her uniform apart. Although the uniform was loose, it still revealed her slender legs.

She first gave a salute to Mei Dongcheng before she started her search in the room. With Mei Dongcheng included, everyone held their breaths in fear that they might disrupt her investigations.

After a brief look, she sighed, “According to the deduction of my colleagues and I, the witness should have been kidnapped in the lift along with a lady called Cai Yan. The crime should have taken place between the time frame of 9:30 to 9:45, with at least three people involved in the crime. The other party came prepared, with an insider from the hospital after knowing that there’s no surveillance in the hospital today. I have already got people investigating the CCTV cameras by the roads, and we suspect that they took off in a silver van. But according to my judgment, they are extremely experienced, so they might swap cars to evade us.”

Mei Dongcheng knitted his brows. “Captain Jiang, this person is extremely important. You must solve the case swiftly.”

Jiang Qinghan nodded her head, since Mei Dongcheng had previously told her about it. Otherwise, she also wouldn’t have halted all her work to focus on finding She Wei.

Jiang Qinghan knitted her brows and she burrowed into her thoughts. “What we can do right now is make a statement of the CCTV personnel and see if we can find a suspect. Furthermore, we will see if we can find a clue or any sort through the trace of that van.”

Sighing out, Mei Dongcheng asked, “How confident are you in finding her?”

Jiang Qinghan could see the uneasiness in Mei Dongcheng, so she frankly said, “It’s just a matter of time for us to find her, but alive or dead, that’s another matter.”

With Mei Dongcheng’s temper, if it was someone else, he would’ve started reprimanding. However, Jiang Qinghan was the Bella of Hanzhou police, a heroine. Thus, his tone was naturally more gentle in comparison. “Captain Jiang, I believe that you can resolve this matter swiftly.”

Jiang Qinghan gave another salute as she said, “This matter cannot be delayed, I will go and handle it right now.”

Although the news was controlled, Su Tao still got to know about it from the Vice-Head of the TCM Department, Zhang Chao. Shortly after, Yan Jing also called him up to enquire some matters. Su Tao instantly turned anxious. He didn’t care about Mrs. She, but Cai Yan was also kidnapped as well, which left him depressed.

Xiao Jingjing came over with tea to relieve internal heat and calm one’s mind, which allowed Su Tao to calm down a little after drinking it. Soon after, he realised that something wasn’t right, since Cai Yan had occupied an important location in his heart. He was worried that something might happen to Cai Yan and started to regret letting her get close to She Wei, dragging her into this mess. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if anything happened to Cai Yan.

He was a meticulous and sensitive person. But he also had no idea when he started having these feelings for Cai Yan.

After calming down, Su Tao’s thoughts became sharp as he analysed this matter. He suddenly found something. Bai Fan’s arrival in Hanzhou might be because he’s after She Wei. After all, the Medicine King Valley and Nie Family had a close relationship, and Bai Fan was helping someone to deal with the matter of responsibility.

As he called Xia Yu, Su Tao asked, “Are you still monitoring Xu Jiangang? Did anything happen in the afternoon?”

Xia Yu could tell that something had happened from Su Tao’s speech, so he reported, “Xu Jiangang came to the villa in the morning, with a van arriving after that. The villa is exceptionally busy, and I’m afraid that something big might happen!”

Suppressing his voice, Su Tao said, “I will soon come over with Liu Jianwei!”

 Cai Yan woke up and saw that she was tied to an operating table with her mouth sealed by a bandage. She shook her head left and right before realising that She Wei was lying on the bed beside her. Because of being too weak, She Wei had already fainted.

“Boss Tian, this chick is gorgeous. Isn’t it a little wasteful to use her as a test subject?” A man with big eyes and a flat nose joked with Tian Qing.

Glancing an eye at the man, Tian Qing said, “This woman cannot be touched, along with that old one. The Boss will come with someone to make a transaction.”

“What a pity!” The man sighed as he continued, “I’ll go look for Di Yuqin to have some fun, then.”

Tian Qing suddenly stretched his hand out and grabbed onto the collar of that man. “Haven’t I warned you not to touch her? Are you deaf?”

The man was startled before he swiftly said, “Boss Tian, don’t get angry. I know what to do, rest assured that I will not touch Di Yuqin. Mhm? That lady seems to be awake.”

Tian Qing nodded and loosened his grip on the man before walking to Cai Yan and removed the bandage.

“Who are you guys? What do you guys want to do?” Cai Yan asked with her eyes widened.

Tian Qing faintly smiled. “You’re not qualified to ask anything as the prisoner. The reason why I removed your bandage was to listen to your voice, and you haven’t disappointed me with your sweet voice.” When he finished speaking, he sealed Cai Yan’s mouth again with the bandage. Although he didn’t dare to touch this woman, teasing her a little made him feel happy.

Waving his hand with the man, he coldly said, “Let’s go.”

The man licked his lips before taking a deep glare at Cai Yan with reluctance to leave.

Being tied up, Cai Yan had already figured out her own situation. She’s currently being kidnapped, and it might be related to She Wei, since she didn’t have such enemies. However, she also did not regret walking so closely with She Wei. At this moment, she was only thinking about how to escape together with She Wei.

With Tian Qing walking by the front and the other man behind, they arrived at the room where Di Yuqin was kept and the former ordered, “You go up first, I’ll come shortly.”

With a playful smile, the man responded, “Then, I’ll not disturb Boss Tian!”

When the man left, Tian Qing took out a key and opened the door. Di Yiqin was currently curled up on the bed, shivering while her back was facing the wall.

Knitting his brows, Tian Qing asked, “How are you doing?”

Di Yuqin replied, “My head hurts. I’m also feeling nauseous and weak.”

Tian Qing sighed, since he knew that her Hepatitis B had flared up. He said while taking antibiotic and needles out, “Then I’ll give you a needle first!”

Because of the facility, there’s no possibility of Di Yuqin receiving medical attention. Thus, Tian Qing was planning to give her the cheapest antibiotic that could raise her immunity for a brief period. But if it was used for a long time, it would speed up her death.

Di Yuqin had been kept here for months, and during this period, Tian Qing had a relationship with her. Truthfully speaking, he didn’t wish for her to die so quickly, but he had to follow the rules here. Anyone that entered here was practically sentenced to death.

Compared to the past, Di Yuqin was more skinny. Tian Qing was injecting the antibiotic to her while caressing her back. Although she was suffering malnutrition, causing her to be so thin, her appearance was still outstanding. With her brows knitted, it made others take pity on her.

Looking at the charm emanated from Di Yuqin, vile thoughts started to rise. Tian Qing knew that he’s very perverted, but it was hard for him to endure the heat. After he injected the antibiotic, his animal instincts suddenly rose and he ripped Di Yuqin’s already tattered pants apart.

In this underground prison, everyone had already thrown their ego away.

“I beg you. Please, let me go!” In Di Yuqin’s eyes, Tian Qing was akin to a demon.

With a sinister smile, Tian Qing responded, “Rest assured, let me have some fun!”

Di Yuqin tried to push Tian Qing away, causing the latter to be angered and he suddenly raised his hand, slapping her face as he cursed, “Fuck, you dare to disobey me?!”

Tian Qing suddenly stopped as he looked at Di Yuqin with a dumbfounded expression. Fear had filled his eyes as the needle that was previously used to inject the antibiotic for Di Yuqin was currently on his head. Di Yuqin’s eyes had also turned cold as the fear in her eyes had disappeared entirely.

She fooled him! That was the last conscious thought in his mind.

Seeing Tian Qing lying on the ground, Di Yuqin still wasn’t assured, so she pulled out the needle and continuously stabbed the former’s face. She only stopped after his face was riddled with needle holes and sat on the ground.

For a long time, she had been suffering humiliation, waiting for this opportunity to arrive. Initially, she only thought about how to kill this scumbag. But when her objective was finally achieved, she finally started to consider how to escape from here.

The security here must be tight, and if she charged out in this manner, she would surely be captured again. There must also be other live subjects like her in the other rooms, and if she could gather them up, there might be a chance of survival!

After figuring out here next action, Di Yuqin took the keys hanging from Tian Qing’s waist and she stumbled as she walked out of the room.

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