Chapter 130 - Cai Yan in Danger

When Xu Jiangang entered his bedroom, he saw his wife being tied up like a dumpling on the bed. With a solemn expression, he removed the sock that was stuffed in her mouth, and his wife, Qiu Hui, nervously asked, “That person outside claims to be your friend, who is he, actually?”

At this moment, Xu Jiangang had figured out what was wrong. Qiu Hui must have said something that Tian Ya didn’t like to hear, causing the latter to tie her up, and to prevent her from screaming, he shoved a sock in her mouth.

Putting his finger on her lips, he hushed, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this.”

At this moment, he was feeling complicated in his heart. He initially made a request to headquarters for help, but he never expected to invite such a devil over. Not only did this devil barge into his home, but even his wife was tied up. This could be considered as him lifting the stone and smashing it on his own feet.

When the first sunlight shone, two people dressed in white, along with a mask, came to Xu Jiangang’s home. Seeing Tian Ya, the one leading introduced, “I’m here to treat your injuries!”

Tian Ya had maintained his guard while sitting in the living room awake for the entire night. Even if he was suffering internal injuries, he showed no signs of tiredness. Tian Ya nodded his head. “What do I have to do?”

The physician said, “I will first take your pulse to determine your current condition before treating according to the issue.”

Tian Ya nodded his head. After the physician took his pulse, the physician nodded his head. “You’ve suffered internal injuries, I will first perform acupuncture on you to loosen up your meridians and improve your blood circulation.”

Tian Ya could tell that the medical skill of this person was pretty good, and thus, he closed his eyes. The other party opened up the medical box and skilfully retrieved his golden needles before placing them on a few acupoints. A warm current traveled through Tian Ya’s limbs, which made him relax. As a martial artist, he understood his body exceptionally well. He could feel the clot in his body being cleared up as a warm current slowly circulated through it.

“Your medical skills are pretty good; you must be a master!” With his eyes still closed, Tian Ya praised.

“Thanks for your praise.” The physician did not show any emotions. He was like a robot and continued to perform acupuncture for Tian Ya.

Suddenly, a numbing sensation spread out and Tian Ya was shocked. He instantly felt something was amiss, so he sounded out, “Why do I feel powerless in my limbs?”

With a calm voice, the physician said, “You’re pretty sensitive. It’s right if you’re feeling powerless, as it’s the medicine taking effect in your body!”

Tian Ya realised that he had been tricked, so he ferociously stood up. But a wave of dizziness hit him and he fell to the ground. The physician took two steps back and removed his mask, revealing a handsome appearance and turned to look not far away. “CEO Xu, as per your request, this person is powerless now.”

Clapping his hands, Xu Jiangang walked out with a smile. “Medicine King Bai Fan is truly exceptional.”

At this moment, Tian Ya’s forehead was covered with sweat. He wanted to roar out in rage, but he didn’t even have the power to speak loudly.

“You dare to make a move against me, aren’t you afraid that you might offend headquarters?” Tian Ya felt that Xu Jiangang was too daring.

Walking to Tian Ya, Xu Jiangang stepped on Tian Ya’s face and said in a solemn voice, “You’re belittling me too much! I hate being threatened the most, and you think that I will be afraid of you if you barge into my home and tie up my wife? Since I dared to make a move against you, I naturally have a method to cover this up as well. I will let you disappear from this world without any commotion!”

At this instant, Tian Ya felt extremely regretful. He finally realised that he had misjudged Xu Jiangang. Although the latter might be obedient on the surface, it was just a façade. Tian Ya wasn’t an amateur, so he naturally knew how vicious the world was. But he never expected that he would get done in by Xu Jiangang!

The person standing beside Bai Fan removed his mask as well. It was Xu Jiangang’s trusted aide, Tian Qing, who asked, “CEO Xu, what are we going to do now?”

Xu Jiangang faintly responded, “Isn’t the underground research facility expanding? We’ll let him make an effort in the expansion of the facility, then.”

Tian Qing understood Xu Jiangang’s meaning. The latter was asking him to bury Tian Ya with concrete.

A pity that an expert like Tian Ya was done in. He soon lost consciousness as the poison spread out.

After Tian Qing arranged for a few people to drag Tian Ya away, Bai Fan faintly said, “Are we sincere enough to deal with a problem for you?”

Raising his thumbs towards Bai Fan, Xu Jiangang smiled. “I admire those with ability, and I will get Tian Qing to visit the Jianghuai Hospital later. I guarantee that within two hours, you will be able to see She Wei.”

Bai Fan already had a rough grasp of Xu Jiangang’s character, someone even more vicious than his master, Xu Tiande. It’s fortunate that they’re partners and not enemies. Taking out a box from his pocket, there were ten bottles of medicine in it. “We will exchange when I have She Wei.”

Mrs. She was out in the garden on a wheelchair with Cai Yan pushing it. Her eyes were glistening with a smile as she greeted a few familiar faces. Staring in the Jianghuai Hospital for a period, she had gotten used to the living environment here. It was peaceful without any conflicts, which had improved her mental state as well, causing the treatment to be more productive. According to Su Tao’s estimation, she would need acupuncture for another half a month before she could use medicine to nurture her body for the remaining treatment.

A middle-aged woman in patient’s clothes walked over with a smile. “Big Sister She, your daughter is pretty filial to visit you every day. You’re so blessed, unlike my children. All of them are busy with work, and they’re hardly seen all the time. I’m so envious of you.”

Mrs. She quickly explained, “You’re wrong; she’s not my daughter.”

“How can that be?” Shock flashed in the woman’s eyes. “The two of you look pretty alike with oval faces and big eyes. If you guys walk together, no one would think that the two of you aren’t mother and daughter!”

Mrs. She faintly smiled, but she did not explain much. Sneaking a peek at Cai Yan, she saw the latter having a smile on her face. She clearly wasn’t bothered by this. After talking for a little while more, they bid their farewells with the middle-aged woman.

Recently, Mrs. She grew a dependency for Cai Yan. When you’re alone, and a lifesaver appears, you would want to grab onto it, no matter what. At this moment, Cai Yan was her lifesaver. Even if Cai Yan seemed indifferent, she was meticulous, which Mrs. She felt that Cai Yan was a kind-hearted girl. For example, whenever Cai Yan left, she would warm up a glass of milk, just because Su Tao had briefly mentioned that milk would be beneficial to her recovery.

“Actually, you don’t have to come every day.” Mrs. She continued, “You’re pretty busy as well, and I’m just a nobody to you, it’s not worth it to spend so much time with me!”

Shaking her head, Cai Yan responded with a soft voice, “If you can recover faster, it is all worth it.”

After interacting with Mrs. She for a long time, the ice in Cai Yan’s heart had melted. Mrs. She was very entertaining in a conversation with ample experience. Most importantly, Cai Yan had lost her mother when she was young, so every single time she saw Mrs. She look at her, her heart would tremble. Perhaps she could obtain the motherly love that she had lacked from Mrs. She.

A few men were wearing plain clothes not far away, looking in their direction. Cai Yan knew that they’re responsible for secretly protecting Mrs. She. Actually, Cai Yan’s heart was filled with pity that not only did Mrs. She have an issue with her health, she’s also in danger of her life being threatened at any moment.

When they entered the lift, a few people were standing there. When they saw Mrs. She in a wheelchair, those few people moved towards the wall. When Cai Yan pressed the button to the eighth floor, she suddenly felt a little weird, since those people did not push any buttons. Were they all heading towards the eighth floor as well?

The atmosphere was a little unusual, since no one entered the lift in this period. It was a smooth trip to the eighth floor, and when Cai Yan was about to push Mrs. She out of the elevator, she was suddenly hugged and an abnormal scent burrowed into her nose. There was someone beside her covering her nose and mouth with a towel drenched in diethyl ether.

“Boss Tian, this chick is pretty gorgeous, can we have some fun with her later?” The man who was hugging Cai Yan chuckled with lust.

“Fuck you, pay attention to the official duty. Don’t create trouble for me!” Tian Qing roared.

Seeing Tian Qing furious, the few other men also did not dare to try any tricks. They pressed on B1, and a silver vehicle was already waiting there. The driver opened the back door and the few of them proficiently shoved the fainted Cai Yan and She Wei into the vehicle.

The few of them were proficient in this, and it’s considered a daily job for them, since this was how they kidnapped living subjects for the research facility.

When the vehicle drove out of Jianghuai Hospital, Tian Qing was relieved and he sent a message to Qiao Dehao. “We have already successfully left!”

After Qiao Dehao received the message, he also felt relieved. He had arranged for the CCTV company to do maintenance in the morning, so all the CCTVs in the hospital were paralysed for that half an hour. Thus, there wasn’t any record of traces regarding Tian Qing’s group!

Every ten minutes, Tian Qing would get someone to change the car license plate, and when they left the downtown, they even changed vehicles twice as a precaution so that the police wouldn’t be able to track them.

An hour later, a blue vehicle slowly drove into the villa. Tian Qing hopped down from the front passenger seat and reported to Xu Jiangang, who had been waiting for a long time, “CEO Xu, they’re here.”

Seeing another person other than Mrs. She, Xu Jiangang knitted his brows. “Why is there another one?”

Tian Qing bitterly smiled. “This woman has a close relationship to our target, so we’ve kidnapped her as well.”

Seeing Cai Yan’s gorgeous appearance, Xu Jiangang felt his heart itching, so he nodded his head. “Well done, send them underground first.”

Xu Jiangang had to think of how to make the transaction with Bai Fan secure absolute benefits for himself!

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