Chapter 129 - Moral without any bottom line

As a follower of Xu Jiangang for so many years, Tian Qing was already used to the former’s style. At the same time, he was also Xu Jiangang’s trusted aide. Otherwise, Xu Jiangang wouldn’t have left the underground research facility to Tian Qing. Tian Qing also managed the research funds of ¥20,000,000 from the Karry Pharmaceutical Company. Thus, Tian Qing enjoyed a good life.

When Xu Jiangang walked out of the room and headed in, the end of the passage was a massive steel door. Pushing the door in, he could see four people with white coats through the glass. All of them wore a mask, dealing with apparatuses. Knowing the rules, Xu Jiangang changed into antibacterial clothes with Tian Qing’s help before entering through the electric-operated door. There was a middle-aged man buried in his work, which he broke out of it after the assistant gently pulled him. Leaving the microscope, he removed his gloves and stretched his hand out. “CEO Xu, nice to meet you!”

Shaking his hand with that middle-aged man, Xu Jiangang passed the supplement to the middle-aged man and faintly said, “Professor Ouyang, this is an improved version of the supplement. There’s only one, and I’ll leave it to you for research.”

With a grave expression, Professor Ouyang looked at the supplement with a solemn expression. “An improved version? Who gave it to you?”

After a brief consideration, Xu Jiangang decided to answer it frankly, “Bai Fan, the new Medicine King. He has added a few herbs as a secret formula to resolve the side-effects of the medicine.”

Placing the supplement on the table, Professor Ouyang faintly said, “CEO Xu, I believe you understand the flaw in our supplement cannot be strictly considered as a flew. It’s a method to gain fortune.”

With the placenta supplement circulating in the black market, there’s a high sales volume, since it contained a dependency. After a full course of injection, the user would have to purchase more. It’s like a drug, or they would undergo a rapid aging process.

Professor Ouyang also came across the side-effects incidentally, but he didn’t think there’s a problem with it. From a certain degree, that could be considered as a guarantee that the user would have a dependency on it.

With a grave tone, Xu Jiangang said, “This the Neuer International Corporation’s main research project. If you don’t provide an improved version, there’s no way we can get an approval for it to circulate in the market legally. There can be two versions of it, we will use the one with side-effects in China, and the improved version internationally. This way, we can kill two birds with one stone.”

With a helpless flash in his eyes, Professor Ouyang knitted his brows. “Fine. I’ll spare some time to get two people to investigate this issue.”

Seeing the unhappiness in Professor Ouyang, Xu Jiangang knitted his brows. “This is a task and order. Professor Ouyang, according to the regulation of the Karry Pharmaceutical Company, they can only support this project for five years, and we’re already in our fourth. If we lose support from headquarters, the funds for our project will drop greatly, which I believe that you don’t want it to happen as well.”

With a complicated expression on his face, Professor Ouyang replied, “Rest assured, CEO Xu. I will decode the formula for the improved version as soon as possible. But I have to test it first and see if it really doesn’t have any side-effects and can resolve the dependency issue.”

Seeing that Professor Ouyang agreed to his order, Xu Jiangang nodded his head in satisfaction. “You never disappointed me. After this project, I will apply to headquarters to have you moved into the research headquarters in Germany. This way, you can come in contact with higher skills, since it has always been your dream.”

Professor Ouyang was a standard research maniac. He was an elite talent at Waterlock University in Biotechnology. In the end, he had used his own students as live subjects and violated ethics. In the end, he was fired by the university. In the end, he had fallen to being a Sales Representative in a small pharmaceutical company. It was also through an occasion that Xu Jiangang found him, and after some understanding, he had set up a research facility along with a research team. Thus, Xu Jiangang was his talent scout, so he was absolutely loyal to Xu Jiangang.

As Professor Ouyang’s brows eased out, he smiled. “CEO Xu, Jingjing called me yesterday and said that her overseas studies will soon end, and hoped to come back to the country.”

Raising his lips, Xu Jiangang said in disdain, “What’s good in the country? If I had a daughter, I surely wouldn’t let her come back after sending her out of the country. After all, you will soon move to Germany. Wouldn’t it be great for you guys to be united overseas?”

With a sigh, Professor Ouyang smiled. “Young girls aren’t sensible. But since this is her own request, I hope that you can arrange it.”

Waving his hand, Xu Jiangang helplessly sighed, “Jingjing is sponsored by the corporation to study overseas. According to the contract, she has to work in headquarters for a few years after her studies. It’s hard for me to get around this, but I’ll try my best.”

Professor Ouyang swiftly smiled. “Then, thanks for the trouble!”

After briefing some matters, Xu Jiangang left the research chamber. Walking beside Xu Jiangang, Tian Qing asked in a soft voice, “Does Professor Ouyang have other thoughts? Why is he trying to get his daughter back to the country?”

Xu Jiangang waved his hand. “Don’t suspect someone we’re using. He shouldn’t betray us, but the key here is his daughter. I will settle this with headquarters to arrange the matter.”

Professor Ouyang’s daughter was sponsored by the corporation to study overseas. In other words, it’s just another form of holding a hostage. If Professor Ouyang revealed this secret, then his daughter would be held hostage. Naturally, all of this was the possibility ‘if’ Professor Ouyang would betray them. Under normal circumstances, his daughter would be adequately arranged in Germany.

After sending Xu Jiangang out of the villa, Tian Qing felt relaxed when he returned to the spacious living room and lit a cigarette while sitting on the couch. Suddenly, his phone rang, and Tian Qing slightly knitted his brows. On the surface, this was Qiao Dehao’s private villa, and Tian Qing was the private butler that Xu Jiangang had prepared for Qiao Dehao.

Using Qiao Dehao’s identity as a cover-up granted more protection for this underground research facility. After all, Qiao Dehao, who worked in the medical field, had prestige amongst the public, as well as his connections. No one would imagine that the President of a top-tiered hospital would actually have a secret research facility beneath the villa.

“President Qiao, is there anything?” Tian Qing asked.

“There will be a batch of goods coming in tomorrow. Pay attention to it; don’t mess it up.” Qiao Dehao reminded in a stern voice.

“Rest assured. I will surely not mess it up!” Tian Qing grinned as he continued, “The buyers are all resourceful nowadays, and we’re running out of supply. Thus, our ingredients have been lacking.”

With a satisfied tone, Qiao Dehao responded, “I will talk to a few friends of mine from the other hospitals and see if they could fix their Obstetrics. If it succeeds, our sales can increase by a few times.”

Tian Qing immediately flattered, “President Qiao is powerful. I believe our business will prosper with your help!”

Qiao Dehao knew that Tian Qing was just putting up a show, since he was not Tian Qing’s real boss, after all. He reminded, “The things that you’re responsible for are extremely important. You must be cautious, and if anything happens, there will be a group of people being dragged down along with you.”

Feeling that Qiao Dehao was a little naggy, Tian Qing smiled impatiently. “President Qiao, rest assured. We’ve cooperated for so many years, so nothing will happen this time as well.”

After Xu Jiangang’s vehicle slowly left, a silhouette appeared by the corner while lighting up a cigarette. But fearing that he might be exposed, he took out a damp tissue from his pocket to extinguish the spark. Looking at the tall wall that’s one or two meters taller than other constructs, he knitted his brows and muttered to himself, “There must be something wrong by making the whole villa like a fort.”

He then called Su Tao, “After Xu Jiangang met Bai Fan, he immediately came to the villa. It looks like Bai Fan is related to this matter as well!”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao was curious about why Bai Fan would come to Hanzhou. Furthermore, he even had a connection with Qiao Dehao, so there must be a special relationship, so he reminded, “Careful for your own safety. For some reason, I feel that Xu Jiangang is a dangerous character, more dangerous than criminals.”

Nodding his head, Xia Yu responded with a soft voice, “I understand. The vilest person in the world is those without morals and a bottom line. To achieve their objective, they would not hesitate to do anything, and Xu Jiangang is this sort of person.”

With a faint smile, Su Tao asked, “Have you looked him up?”

Xia Yu sighed, “Xu Jiangang has several murder cases against him. The most atrocious is that he once raped and kill a girl next door when he was nineteen. In the end, his father bore the crime for him and was sentenced to death.”

After a long silence, Su Tao faintly replied, “This sort of person is a tumor in the society!”

Returning to his home, Xu Jiangang knitted his brows when the lights were still turned on. With the thought that his wife might still be awake, he was shocked when he saw the person sitting on the couch. However, he swiftly calmed down and took a bottle of wine out from the shelf along with two glasses and smiled, “Why are you here?”

Sweeping his glance at Xu Jiangang, Tian Ya did not touch the wine and said in a solemn voice, “I’ve failed. The experts around Su Tao are more than I have imagined, I even suffered injuries. Get a doctor for me!”

With a faint smile, Xu Jiangang swiftly said, “That’s not a problem. I will arrange for it immediately.”

Half an hour later, a doctor from the Jianghuai Hospital, which was arranged by Qiao Dehao, came to Xu Jiangang’s home. After checking Tian Ya’s wounds, that doctor had a grave expression and bitterly smiled. “The patient’s inner organs are injured, and I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to treat him with western medicine. I can only give him some medicine to clear the channels and blood clots. If you want to deal with it once and for all, I’m afraid that you might need a TCM Physician.”

Knitting his brows, Xu Jiangang asked, “Do you have any colleagues good with this stuff?”

With a faint smile, the doctor replied, “It will be easy if it’s Head Su of the TCM Department.”

Tian Ya’s face instantly turned cold as he snorted and slammed his fist on the couch, scaring the doctor. The doctor naturally didn’t know that Tian Ya’s injuries were actually related to Su Tao.

Seeing Tian Ya’s dark expression with killing intent leaking from him, Xu Jiangang was afraid that something might happen, so he immediately interrupted, “Rest assured, I will get a Physician to come and look at you tomorrow. I’m sure that he can treat your injuries.”

Loosening his fist, Tian Ya swept his disdainful gaze at the doctor, sparing the doctor’s life.

On the other hand, Xu Jiangang felt relieved. Headquarters had sent a troublesome person for him, and Tian Ya wasn’t easy to control. If he was careless, he might burn himself instead. Thus, he had to figure out a way to get Tian Ya to leave.

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