Chapter 128 - Rid of Humanity

“I wish for your help to bring someone out of Jianghuai Hospital. I need to meet her.” Pointing at the teacup, Bai Fan casually continued, “Naturally, I need it to be done secretly. No one can discover that her disappearance is related to me.”

With his brows knitted, Xu Jiangang responded in a solemn voice, “Who is this person?”

Taking out a photo, Bai Fan placed it beside Xu Jiangang and said, “She Wei, the wife of Huaibei’s Medicine Merchant, Nie Haitian.”

Xu Jiangang had an extensive network, so he naturally knew about this person that Bai Fan was talking about. Knitting his brows, Xu Jiangang said, “Brother, this is a tough matter. She Wei is now an important witness under the police’s protection. Before Ni Haitian’s crimes are convicted, she won’t be lacking of any police protection. Even the Poisonous Widow, Yan Jing, looks after her especially as well. So her protection is as sturdy as a fortress, you’ve given me a tough question here!”

Shaking his finger, Bai Fan replied, “This is difficult for someone else, but not for you, CEO Xu. With your relationship with Qiao Dehao, getting her out is easy as long as the latter helps you in the dark.”

Xu Jiangang rubbed his chin as his gaze was on the improved version of the placenta supplement. Many of the supplements in the country right now were produced in Japan or South Korea. China had forbidden any research on the placenta, so they have always been blank in this field. The reason why the Karry Pharmaceutical Company set up an underground research facility was to create something even more effective than Japan and South Korea. If he could obtain Bai Fan’s altered formula, they would be able to make a breakthrough in the placenta research, which he would surely be commended for it.

He had always been looking forward to living his life out of the country, and according to the corporation’s usual practice, they could help him to obtain a green card in Germany, allowing him to obtain permanent residency there.

With a sigh, Xu Jiangang said as he fiddled with the box, “I still need time to decide.”

When Bai Fan heard Xu Jiangang’s reply, he knew that he had practically half succeeded. With a smile, Bai Fan said, “To express my sincerity, you can have this improved version of Placenta Supplement for free.”

With shock in his eyes, Xu Jiangang asked with a smile, “Aren’t you afraid that I will bring it back to research and figure out your formula?”

Smiling with confidence, Bai Fan responded, “Why can TCM be passed down for thousands of years and still able to maintain its secrecy, it’s because we have a unique method to keep it a secret. If your research facility can decode my formula, then you can have it without any conditions.”

Xu Jiangang knew that Bai Fan left the improved supplement behind to let him know that the effects were real. As for the number of supplements, it could only be tested and not used to breakdown for the formula.

Seeing that he’s done here, Bai Fan did not continue to stay and left.

When he exited the clubhouse, a black Honda CRV drove over and Bai Fan sat on the front passenger seat. Ole Seventh rubbed his nose as he asked, “How’s the discussion with Xu Jiangang?”

With a deep flash in his eyes, Bai Fan said, “That is a cunning fellow, so if we don’t give him enough benefits, it won’t be easy for him to be hooked. But I believe that he will contact us first. After all, we have solved a problem which has been troubling him for years.”

Ole Seventh coldly sneered as he spoke in disdain, “I heard that in Xu Jiangang’s workshop, he even detained staff to test the medicine on them. I wonder if that’s true.”

“In a society where the strong preys on the weak, anything can happen. The greed of humanity is the hardest disease to deal with. It comes from the desire of humans.” Bai Fan clenched his fists with crackling sounds coming from them.

Ole Seventh was puzzled as he asked, “Are you sure that Xu Jiangang can help us bring She Wei out?”

Nodding his head, Bai Fan replied, “It’s in their turf. With Qiao Dehao being promoted at Jianghuai Hospital, it has practically become Xu Jiangang’s garden. So it’s easy for him to get her out instead of us.”

Old Seventh smiled. “Saves us the trouble that we don’t have to do it ourselves in case we attract the attention of Yan Jing’s group!”

Acknowledging, Bai Fan responded, “We have to control She Wei, since she implicates many great figures. If she disappears, many people will be sleepless.”

With a sigh, Ole Seventh said, “Governer Qin has really made a lot of effort to eliminate someone this time.”

The reason why She Wei wasn’t treated in the hospital of Huaibei was partly due to Su Tao. The other factor was that they’re worried that someone would try to silence the witness in Huaibei. Thus, they believed that having She Wei in Huainan would be safer.

Bai Fan said in a solemn voice, “Success is built on the bones of ten thousand. Since we’ve chosen to stand on the opposite side, then we naturally have to stop She Wei from testifying to protect the safety of those on top.”

Ole Seventh actually couldn’t understand Bai Fan’s arrangement, but he trusted this Senior Brother of his unconditionally. Ole Seventh grinned. “Senior Brother, I believe that under your leadership, we will surely live a good life.”

Bai Fan patted Ole Seventh’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He looked as if he’s in deep thought.

After separating with Bai Fan, Xu Jiangang had sobered entirely up and he went straight to the villa. Ferocious barks of dogs rang out when the vehicle stopped. The person in charge there, Tian Qing was informed and had been waiting by the door. Xu Jiangang walked up and nodded his head. “Let’s go to the research chamber!”

They did not enter the villa but to a house behind the courtyard. Tian Qing dragged open a wooden bed that was leaning against the wall, revealing a metal plate on the floor. Tian Qing bent down and pulled the handle. The metal plate fell after that, revealing the stairs to the basement. 

If anyone came here for the first time, they would misunderstand it as an underground labyrinth. Even if the ventilation had cost an enormous sum of money, the atmosphere here still felt stuffy and moist. The labyrinth wasn’t like those in the movies, and the passage could only fit two people walking side by side. If they’re two people walking in the opposite direction, they would have to tilt their bodies for them to walk in the passage. The passage was filled with rooms on the two sides, with shrieks that occasionally resounded from the rooms.

Xu Jiangang suddenly stopped and asked in a malicious tone, “Didn’t I tell you to clear up a few rooms?”

With an awkward smile, Tian Jing replied, “Professor Ouyang said that they still have their worth! Furthermore, we have to use them sparingly with the decrease in live subjects!”

Waving his hand in dissatisfaction, Xu Jiangang said in a solemn voice, “Didn’t I give you a huge sum of money every month to gather live subjects? I do not wish to hear any complaints about insufficient live subjects coming from you!”

Tian Qing sighed as he smiled bitterly. There were two types of live subjects for the Placenta Supplement experiment. Firstly, prisoners on death row, which they had bought with a high price before they were hung. Secondly, buying from the black market. There were some people who required money that would even give their health and life for it.

Tian Qing had been in this for a long time, and he was also already used to it. Coming from his mouth, live subjects weren’t a life, but merchandise to him.

A hard knock suddenly rang out from the right side, startling Xu Jiangang and he asked, “Who’s in there?”

“Di Yuqin, that celebrity past her prime.” Tian Qing lowered his voice.

With a snicker, Xu Jiangang said, “Open up, I’ll talk to her.”

Fishing out a key, Tian Qing reminded with a soft voice, “That woman just came here, she’s full of wildness. You have to be a little more careful; even I was bitten by her yesterday.” Tian Qing awkwardly smiled.

Tian Qing must be coveting her beauty, which was why she bit him. With a faint voice, Xu Jiangang said, “She’s a woman, and I’m a man. Should I be afraid if she turns violent?”

Opening the metal gate, Di Yuqin was briefly stunned before she violently pounced towards Xu Jiangang. Tian Qing, who was standing behind Xu Jiangang, coldly snorted and lashed out a kick towards her waist. Di Yuqin screamed out in pain as she rolled out a few meters before knocking against the wall.

Di Yuqin curled together by the corner. Her dazzling celebrity looks have disappeared. Her skin was yellowish and her hair was in a mess. Even her clothes were tattered and she looked like a wounded beast curling up in the corner.

Walking over, Xu Jiangang quickly grabbed her hair. Seeing her hated stare directing over, he raised his hand and slapped her before speaking in a cold voice, “The pain that you’re suffering today is the consequences for reporting us to the reporters.”

Di Yuqin was, after all, a woman. So how could she bear such torture? Her lips were torn with blood leaking from the wound. But she naturally felt reluctant and she said in a coarse voice, “You people are devoid of conscience and humanity! Peddling fake medicine that gave me Hepatitis B, all of you will receive your karma!”

Grabbing her by the chin, Xu Jiangang responded, “It’s what you deserve. Anyone that wants to become young and slow down the aging process is required to pay the price.”

Due to the uncertainties through the acquiring process of the placentas, some placentas carried AIDs and other transmittable diseases. When they’re extracting it, those diseases would be left behind, so there were hidden dangers in injecting them. This was also why China had forbidden the acquiring of Placentas for medicine.

Despite that, the legend of immortality had still attracted many people, especially celebrities, that relied heavily on their looks. Many people used placenta supplement, and Di Yuqin was one of them. However, she was just unlucky that her Placenta Supplement carried the Hepatitis B virus. When she discovered the truth, she had chosen to report this matter to the media, but she never expected that the Karry Pharmaceutical Company would be so powerful. Not only did they suppress that news, they even captured her.

When Xu Jiangang stood up, Tian Qing immediately came with a sterilising towel for Xu Jiangang. Wiping his hand, Xu Jiangang said, “Use her as the experiment subject this time being!”

With a cruel light in his eyes, Tian Qing responded in a soft voice, “Rest assured. I will surely take good care of her.”

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