Chapter 127 - Authority is better than Money

After discussing the development of the Three Flavour Hall, Chu Huilin was a little surprised. He clearly didn't expect Su Tao to be so ambitious. Naturally, a considerable effort was required to fulfill this ambition, which made Chu Huilin a little moved.

The key to management was to have tension and relaxation. His relationship with Chu Huilin wasn’t something that could be done in a day or two. Thus, Su Tao had drawn out a big cookie to pacify Chu Huilin, getting him to work in the Three Flavour Hall honestly.

Since he had an appointment made with Di Shiyuan yesterday, Su Tao sharply knocked on Di Shiyuan’s door at 11 a.m. sharp in Di Shiyuan’s new office. Although the Secretary had no idea of Su Tao, Di Shiyuan had informed her that Su Tao was allowed to enter upon hearing the latter’s name. Walking into the room, Di Shiyuan was currently burrowing his head in documents. Compared to the past, he had successfully changed his career, from being a doctor to a politician.

Removing the specks on his nose, Di Shiyuan sighed and weakly smiled. “I have been busy with the reformation of Hanzhou’s Health System, that’s also the reason why I haven't been able to meet you.”

Everyone might think that being a public servant was relaxing, but that wasn’t the case. As someone like Di Shiyuan that commanded the entire health system, many issues arose daily. With the tense relationship between a doctor and patient, any of his decisions and movements could cause an uproar amongst the reporters. Reporters nowadays were very shrewd, and many of them paid attention to the situation in another province. Such as the reporters of Huainan would pay attention to the Huaibei Hospital, and Nanyue’s reports would pay attention to the hospital in Xiangnan. Thus, when a province published its reformations, some of the critical news would also be reported in other provinces.

With a faint smile, Su Tao replied, “Making bold changes upon assuming office. Your predecessor has left a pile of problems, so it’s natural for you to perfect them upon assuming office.”

Sighing, Di Shiyuan said, “My predecessor has done things too muddle-headed with many things not properly done. For example, the dispatch of ambulances hasn’t been properly managed.”

Su Tao had also heard such news in the past. Some time ago, there was an ambulance speeding not for saving lives, but to change tires for a colleague of the hospital. Su Tao analysed, “Actually, you can try and adopt private bids to have the ambulance system covered. There are many privately managed ambulance services, except Hanzhou. It wasn’t because there isn’t a market, but there aren’t any plans for it being done.”

Di Shiyuan’s eyes lit up before he faintly smiled. “I never expected your thoughts to be more open than my own. I have been in meetings for the past few days, and none of them could provide a proper proposal.”

Su Tao modestly replied, “It’s mainly because I’m outside the circle that I can see what others could not.”

Shaking his fingers, Di Shiyuan took out a paper and passed it over to Su Tao. “Actually, you’re wrong about that. Your identity is going to change now.”

Taking the paper from Di Shiyuan, Su Tao glanced at it, and shock was revealed in his eyes after that.

With a faint smile, Di Shiyuan responded, “As I have promised. If you manage to obtain the Physician King’s title, I will apply for you to become Jianghuai Hospital’s Vice-President to the superiors. In a few days, the relevant department will pay a visit to the Jianghuai Hospital to walk through the procedures. If things don’t go wrong, your promotion will be within a month.”

Su Tao never expected that Di Shiyuan would regard him so highly. He had just been in the Jianghuai Hospital for a few months, and he had gone from a temporary Physician to the TCM Department’s head. And now, he was being pushed for the Vice-President position. This could be considered a massive jump, and with the hospital undergoing a reformation, anyone beneath the Vice-President title wouldn’t be considered as part of the administration. If he was promoted to the Vice-President position, the authority in his hands would be completely different. He would be turned into an authoritative figure in Hanzhou as well.

At this moment, Su Tao’s thoughts were complicated. Although he could enhance his own strength, he would also be bound to do what he wishes. With a smile, Su Tao said, “President Di, the Jianghuai Hospital is just moonlighting for me. I’m grateful for you to have high hopes for me, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to satisfy you.”

Gently waving his hand, Di Shiyuan spoke in a sincere tone, “Su Tao, I know that I'm a little forceful, but the Jianghuai Hospital is my baby. I only wish for it to grow better, don’t give yourself too much of a burden. The reason why I’m trying to get you to the Vice-President seat isn’t to have you do administration. I’m just trying to make use of your reputation to bring more development to the Jianghuai Hospital.”

Hearing Di Shiyuan’s words, Su Tao felt relieved. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to bear responsibility, but his attention had to be placed on the Three Flavour Hall. Taking out some documents from his medical box, Su Tao handed them over to Di Shiyuan. “Take a look at these!”

With a grave expression, Di Shiyuan flipped a few pages before he spoke out in a solemn voice, “I initially thought that Qiao Dehao was just abusing his powers to take commissions secretly. But I never expected for there to be such a serious breach of conduct.”

When Su Tao heard Di Shiyuan’s words, he felt bright in his heart. The relationship between Qiao Dehao and the Karry Pharmaceutical Company wasn’t a secret. There wouldn’t be any fish in the clear water, so Di Shiyuan had chosen to turn a blind eye. But after Xia Yu’s investigation, it turned out that Qiao Dehao and the Karry Pharmaceutical Company also had a secret going on. They’re secretly distributing placentas from Jianghuai Hospital’s Obstetrics Department, and there might even be the possibility of illegally selling medicine, which had touched Di Shiyuan’s bottom line.

Informing Di Shiyuan of his investigation results was the main reason for this meeting, so Su Tao faintly smiled. “I’m prepared to make a personal trip to the villa and take a look to see what Qiao Dehao and Xu Jiangang are up to!”

Knitting his brows, Di Shiyuan sighed, “Is there any danger?”

Su Tao replied, “I have already given this evidence to the police, but the police still haven’t taken any action till today. So I’m worried that someone in the police might have been bribed by them to protect them.”

With a flash of sharpness in his eyes, Di Shiyuan lowered his voice, “The Karry Pharmaceutical Company is a medicine giant in the country with powerful strength, and Qiao Dehao has been in Hanzhou’s medical field for many years, possessing connections as well. Thus, the Karry Pharmaceutical Company has chosen to work with him. I can make use of my connections to investigate this matter, don’t make any rash action to attract unwanted trouble onto yourself.”

“I will do as I see fit.” Seeing that Di Shiyuan didn’t want him to take any actions, Su Tao felt somewhat moved, so he nodded his head with a smile. All of a sudden, a silhouette appeared in his mind, so he changed the topic, “How’s Yin Le doing?”

Di Shiyuan smiled and shook his head. He initially wanted to matchmake the two of them together, but he never expected that Yin Le would suddenly return to Qiongjin, so he sighed, “She had left Hanzhou sometime ago for Qiongjin. The family has found a pretty good position for her in the province’s television station. She is an outstanding hostess, and with a good platform, it will be beneficial to her development.”

When Su Tao heard that, he felt a little unhappy. He had helped her so much and yet, she quietly left without even thanking him. It made him feel hurt.

Di Shiyuan was part of the reason why Su Tao had helped her and also sensed that her background wasn’t ordinary.

His meeting with Di Shiyuan had left a long-lasting influence on Su Tao, since he had opened up a path for Su Tao, which even Su Tao had never thought of.

Su Tao was a smart person, so he knew that to progress well in this world, he not only needed money, he needed authority as well. Especially in China, as long as he had the power, he would be able to control everything that he wanted.

As someone fond of freedom, Su Tao was once in disdain for power. But after the Physician King Tournament, he suddenly realised that without power, he would only be dragged around and become someone else’s tool and pawn.

When Xu Jiangang walked out of the pub, there was a strong breeze that blew the alcoholic smell on him. His vision was dazed, and it was already midnight, but the pub was crowded with people. Lighting up a cigarette and taking a puff, he looked at the person walking out of the corner with astonishment. That person had an eerie smile hanging on his face as he walked towards Xu Jiangang. The robust man standing behind Xu Jiangang immediately went up to block the man from approaching while looking at the latter with a cautious gaze.

That person stood three meters away and took out an exquisitely-made name card from his pocket and handed it over, “CEO Xu, let me introduce myself. My name’s Bai Fan.”

Xu Jiangang gave a signal with his eyes to his bodyguard, which the latter had taken the name card before handing it to Xu Jiangang.

“The CEO of the Medicine King Valley, Bai Fan?” As a medicine merchant, Xu Jiangang naturally knew about the TCM Sects as well. Thus, a flash flickered through his eyes as he said, “So, it’s the new Medicine King, pardon my rudeness.”

Bai Fan smiled as he said, “CEO Xu, can we find a place to talk?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Xu Jiangang smiled. “Sure!”

Bai Fan entered Xu Jiangang’s vehicle, and at this moment, the alcoholic effect on Xu Jiangang had disappeared and he started to ponder the purpose for Bai Fan’s visit!

The vehicle arrived at Xu Jiangang’s private clubhouse, where the workers have already prepared the room. When the two of them entered, there was a gorgeous woman brewing tea. The temperature of the air-conditioner in the club was high, so the woman only wore a thin cheongsam as her work attire, revealing her skin that sparked the imagination.

Xu Jiangang’s gaze was fixed on Bai Fan. Right from the beginning, the latter’s gaze was calm. He had merely cast his glance at the woman briefly. With his ample experience and vicious gaze, he could tell that Bai Fan was an extremely cold-blooded person.

Waving his hand towards the woman, Xu Jiangang got her to leave and he smiled. “Now, there’s no one here. Young Master Bai can tell me your purpose for coming here.”

Taking a sip of the tea, Bai Fan gently said, “I know that the Karry Pharmaceutical Company has Underground Research Facilities, and I hope to cooperate with you.”

Xu Jiangang was briefly stunned before he put his guard up. “According to what I know, the Karry Pharmaceutical Company doesn’t have any research facilities in Union City. Why did you look for me and not your local facilities?”

Bai Fan put his hand into his pocket and slowly took out a box, giving it to Xu Jiangang.

When Xu Jiangang opened the box, there was an orange bottle with an unknown liquid in it. After looking at it clearly, Xu Jiangang exclaimed, “The Placenta Supplement that we’ve been researching!”

Shaking his finger, Bai Fan faintly replied, “You’re wrong, this is an improved version. Yours has serious side-effects. Although it can give pretty good effect after consuming for a short time, it will be addictive in the long term. The moment you stop taking it, there will be a rebound where a person will age swiftly. This is processed by our Medicine King Valley, we have added a special herb to erase the reliability and side-effects. If you don’t believe me, you can test it when you go back!”

Xu Jiangang’s eyes lit up and if what Bai Fan said was true, the problem which had been troubling them for years had finally been resolved!

However, he knew that there were no free lunches in the world, and Bai Fan wouldn’t just give him the formula for free.

Folding his arms, Xu Jiangang nodded his head. “Let’s stop beating around the bush. What do you want from me?”

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