Chapter 126 - Bribing with Money

Su Tao initially thought that Yan Wujin would accept him as a disciple, but he never expected that Yan Wujin was accepting Su Tao on his daughter-in-law’s behalf. If he were under Yan Wujin, even if he didn’t have any accomplishments, he would still be respected due to his Master.

But if it were Yan Wujin’s daughter-in-law, then it would be a waste. Firstly, there’s a limit to the height that a woman could achieve in martial arts. After all, men and women were different in terms of physiology. Secondly, he had never met Yan Wujin’s daughter-in-law. Thus, Su Tao had no idea of her temper and character, so wouldn’t it be a little too trifling to form their master-disciple relationship?

Pouting her lips, Yan Sha grumbled, “Grandfather, if mother knows that you have accepted a disciple on her behalf, she won’t be happy. Furthermore, she’s busy with work, so how does she have the time to teach someone?”

Yan Wujin lightly smiled before he suddenly knitted his brows and sighed in regret, “If your father was still alive, I would surely get him to accept Su Tao as his disciple. It doesn’t matter if your mother isn’t free, I can do it in her stead.”

When Su Tao heard Yan Wujin’s words, he felt a little better. Nominally, he was the disciple of Yan Wujin’s daughter-in-law, but it would be Yan Wujin teaching him martial arts. So there wasn’t much difference.

After a brief thought, Yan Wujin still came clean with Su Tao so that the latter wouldn’t misunderstand. “When I was young, I have offended many people, even more than the Knife Demon, Liu Jianwei. If those people knew that I had a disciple, they would surely come looking for you after I’m dead.”

Hearing Yan Wujin’s explanation, Su Tao instantly felt that Yan Wujin had given a lot of thought in this matter. Without any hesitation, Su Tao replied, “We’ll go with your idea, Senior Yan.”

Yan Wujin had his own plans to arrange for after his death. While he’s still alive, Su Tao could take care of Yan Sha and her mother on his face. But if he passed away, the relationship between Su Tao, Yan Sha and her mother would turn weak. Old people were always cunning, taking much consideration in a problem, making a decision for themselves with every single step.

After pondering for a long time while holding onto her chin, Yan Sha was also pretty satisfied with this arrangement and said, “Does that mean that Su Tao is my Senior Brother?”

Compared to Yan Wujin, the consideration of a girl was clearly different, and Yan Sha felt relieved that she didn’t have to call Su Tao “Martial Uncle”.

“Since I’m accepting you as a disciple of Yan Sha’s mother on her behalf, we’ll leave the ceremony for another day.” Yan Wujjin was also satisfied with his own arrangement and continued, “If you’re free for a few days, then come over, and I’ll impart a few fist techniques to you.”

After that, Yan Wujin explained several essences of fist techniques. Yan Wujin had a title as the Jiangnan’s Divine Fist, which was due to him practicing his fist techniques to the limit. In terms of strength or technique, he had deep insight into them. Thus, Su Tao listened with great pleasure. It wasn’t because he was extremely interested in martial arts, but they’re closely linked to medical skills. Thus, he could come in contact with those parts that he had been confused about in the past. All paths were linked in the end, and there weren’t any secret techniques of any sort, Yan Wujin was talking about the essence of what he knew.

As a student, Yan Sha slept early every day, and she’s already yawning at this moment. Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, it was getting late, and there’s no rush for him. Thus, he had stood up and bid his farewell.

Sending Su Tao to the door and seeing how he hesitated, Yan Sha rubbed her eyes as she asked, “Is there something?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled. “I never expected for us to be fellow apprentices. In the future, Senior Brother will surely take care of you, but I have a request that I hope that you can fulfill.”

Yan Sha looked at Su Tao in puzzlement. She was just fifteen, and youths were always forgetful. She had long forgotten how Su Tao teased her earlier. Although she did not express it, she was still happy that she had a Senior Brother right now. Putting a long face on purpose, she asked, “Speak!”

Lowering his voice, Su Tao asked, “Do you have a photo of your mother?”

Yan Sha was briefly stunned before she asked in astonishment, “Why do you want the photo of my mother?”

Su Tao smiled as he explained, “Although we haven’t got the actual ceremony done, I can’t possibly treat your mother as a stranger if we meet, right? If I can have a look at your mother’s picture, I can also prepare myself if I ever meet her.”

With Su Tao’s wits, it’s easy for him to fool an innocent girl. Taking out her phone, Yan Sha opened up the album and she displayed a picture before passing it to Su Tao. When Su Tao received it, his eyes had narrowed.

Just as he had guessed, Yan Sha shared a resemblance to her mother. It was a photo of the two of them that should have been taken recently with a hotpot on the table and all sorts of meat dishes laid out. Yan Sha had an old fashioned peace sign, while her mother had a smile on her face. Her beautiful eyes flashed with experience and capability while wearing a white shirt. Her collar was slightly opened, with a silver necklace hanging from her neck and her collarbones looked extremely attractive to the eyes. Yan Sha belonged to the pretty fair category of girls, and the skin of her mother was glistening as well. Pearl-white skin with a voluptuous figure, along with the heroic aura flashing between her brows. Compared to her, Yan Sha was a little lacking in charm.

Seeing his future Master having such an outstanding look, Su Tao felt relieved.

Although Yan Sha had no idea what was going through Su Tao’s mind, she felt a little improper when she saw how focused Su Tao was. Snatching the phone from his hand, Yan Sha sourly said, “Have you taken a close look? Next time when you see my mother, don’t forget to address her as Master.” When she finished speaking, she turned around and returned to the house.

Su Tao gave a self-ridiculing smile and felt that this lolita Junior Sister of his was pretty interesting. At least she was unique. Although she wasn’t old, her speech was mature, and it should be influenced by her daily life. After all, Yan Sha had lost her father at a young age, while her mother was often busy with work. Thus, she had been with her grandfather most of the time, relying on each other.

Chu Huilin of the Great Compassion Gate became a famous doctor in the Three Flavour Hall. Many people came because of his reputation, which had nearly surpassed Su Tao’s. This was also the situation that Su Tao wanted. If the Three Flavour Hall intended to grow, just relying on one person wasn’t enough.

The power of a person was limited; Su Tao was a human and not a god. He only had two hands and ten fingers, and he couldn’t do everything by himself. Thus, with Chu Huilin standing in the Three Flavour Hall, it gave Su Tao more free time. Naturally, Su Tao still considered increasing in the number of Physicians. After all, the customers in the Three Flavour Hall have even surpassed Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department, becoming a locally famous TCM Clinic.

After Chu Huilin treated a patient, Su Tao quietly walked in.

Time could grind down the barrier, and during this period of interacting with Su Tao, Chu Huilin had sorted out his own position. He fell in love with the current work. Even if he was the focus of grooming in the past, he could only stand beside his Seniors due to his young age. He couldn’t come in contact with many patients that often, but over here, he could practice his skills. He was exposed to many patients, and he had also fallen in love with the feeling of treating his patients of their illnesses, allowing him to find his initial aspirations for TCM.

Furthermore, the treatment that Su Tao gave him even surpassed the treatment that he had in the past. Thus, he was now full of motivation.

The most important thing was that Su Tao had cleared up his kidney channels, allowing him to find his manhood again. Furthermore, Chu Huilin realised that not only was it not affected, but it had also been strengthened, which could be considered a fortune after a disaster.

“Boss, you’re looking for me?” Chu Huilin wiped his hand and asked. Chu Huilin had already gotten used to Su Tao’s age and saw the latter as his supervisor.

Shaking the paper in his hand, Su Tao smiled. “Take a look at this.”

After a glance, Chu Huilin was shocked as he said, “Am I seeing things right? You’re going to give me the shares of the Three Flavour Hall?”

Gently tapping his finger on the table, Su Tao responded, “You’re wrong. Not only the Three Flavour Hall but shares from the Three Flavour Cosmetics International as well.”

Chu Huilin felt his throat tickling from being too emotional. He felt like he was suffocating. He felt even more stimulation than passing through a volcano. It was forced upon him to come to the Three Flavour Hall, which he had already made preparations to be squeezed dry. But he never expected the contrast after being here, not only did Su Tao gave him sufficient respect, Su Tao was also rest assured in letting him treat patients. And now, Su Tao even wanted to provide him with shares.

Holding his breath for a long time, Chu Huilin sighed, “I’m really curious about why you are trusting me so much. After all… I tried to harm you once.”

Shaking his finger, Su Tao faintly smiled. “Truth be told. I cannot trust you completely, even now. But if you’re willing to sign this agreement, then I will trust you completely.”

Chu Huilin was briefly stunned before he bitterly smiled. “Your logic is weird.”

A light flashed across Su Tao’s eyes as he said in a solemn voice, “I have already researched on you before the Physician King Tournament. Your skills aren’t any weaker than Bai Fan, you only lacked confidence, and at the same time, you’re too eager to win. Thus, you attempted to use schemes against me. If you refuse to sign this, then the relationship between us will only be maintained as an employer and an employee. But if you sign this, we will be partners.”

“You’re trying to bribe me?” Chu Huilin understood what Su Tao was trying to do; he’s trying to bind them together through benefits. Although the intention wasn’t pure, Chu Huilin was still tempted by it, since the Three Flavour Cosmetics International has gotten pretty well-received from their two products. Now that they’re trying to get the company listed, and if Su Tao transferred part of his shares, wouldn’t that make Chu Huilin become a Board Member of a soon-to-be listed company?

With a smile, Su Tao nodded his head. “You’re someone that loves money, and I believe that this is a good method to pull you over to my side!”

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