Chapter 121 - The Rain and Woman of Jiangnan

Although it’s already autumn, the flowers in the Canal Flowerbeds still remain blossomed. There weren’t any large-scaled entertainment equipment, only the flowerbeds have formed into the only scenery here. As the autumn rain continued to fall, Lu Shimiao’s clothes were drenched, vaguely revealing her skin. As Su Tao stood before the windmill, looking at Lu Shimiao’s marvelous figure walking over, he felt grateful for the heavens pity to allow him to encounter such a peerless beauty.

With the hazy rain in Jiangnan, as a woman from Jiangnan, she also had a graceful figure.

Standing beside Su Tao, Lu Shimiao used a towel to wipe the sweat on her forehead as she sighed, “Are you really that heartless to watch me get drenched in the rain?”

Looking at Lu Shimiao, Su Tao chuckled, “Why do I feel that you’re enjoying the feeling of strolling in the rain?”

Lu Shimiao was slightly stunned, before she smiled. “I’ve liked rainy days since young. Whenever it rains at the orphanage, there would be a delicious soup prepared that still lingers in my memories.”

When she finished, she sneezed and Su Tao sighed. He grabbed her hand and massaged her Shenmen Acupoint, allowing her to feel comfortable in her body, and the coldness from before had instantly disappeared.

Looking at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao gathered up her courage and asked, “As a man yourself, don’t you feel that it’s weird to be always hanging around a married woman like me?”

Su Tao shrugged and replied with a smile, “Age is not an issue. If I like someone, I will get close to that person. It’s something from my subconscious, it’s not something that’s under my control.”

Lu Shimiao smiled before tapping on Su Tao’s forehead. “In my eyes, you’re like an ungrown child. I’m just bored right now, so I’m always pulling you along with me. When the day comes that my emotions have calmed down, I might send you flying with a kick.”

Su Tao shook his head. “If you’re that powerful, then I will return your freedom without any hesitation. I will certainly not tangle with you.”

With a gentle snort, Lu Shimiao responded, “That’s a promise, then!”

In his heart, promises were the most unreliable. Since she’s his woman, how could Su Tao allow her to escape?

Facing the magnificent view of holland tulips, Su Tao suggested, “Why don’t we take a selfie together?”

Lu Shimiao instantly fell into hesitation. As a wife, she felt that it was an awkward matter to be taking a photo with another man other than her husband. “Why not something else instead?”

Although she tried to refuse, she was still pulled to a corner by Su Tao’s strong request. Since Su Tao’s arm was longer, his arms were akin to a natural selfie stick. After a brief adjustment of the angle, lights flickered and the two of them were recorded by the camera function. But seeing that Lu Shimiao was a little unhappy, Su Tao asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Shimiao sourly replied, “I never expected your schemes to run so deep. You purposely pulled me a little when we’re taking the photo to make my face look bigger, while yours smaller.”

“What about the face being big? Never heard before that having a bigger face walks further around?” Su Tao replied with twisted logic.

With a gentle snort, Lu Shimiao replied, “In anyhow, I’m not satisfied with it. Delete it and take a new one.”

“Sure!” Su Tao naturally wouldn’t reject taking a few more photos with a beauty. “Actually, the with the two of us looking so outstanding, we can take however we want. Look at that ugly couple, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it will be all wasted.”

Lu Shimiao followed Su Tao’s finger and felt that she was tricked by Su Tao, since that pair wasn’t bad-looking. “Have some propriety in speech, or be careful that your future kids will have no…”

Lu Shimiao did not manage to finish her words in the end, which made Su Tao shrug before he adjusted his posture, and when he tapped on the shutter, he suddenly stared at Lu Shimiao face-to-face. Lu Shimiao was stunned for a long time before she recovered. Su Tao was already ten-odd meters out.

Pointing at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao commanded with anger, “Come here!”

“Why should I? So that I can be slapped by you?” Su Tao asked with a smile.

“Just come here!” Lu Shimiao’s tone turned stern as she spoke in an overbearing manner.

“Then I’ll be coming over!” Su Tao also felt that Lu Shimiao couldn’t do anything to him anyways.

When Su Tao walked over, Lu Shimiao smiled and knocked his head, then chose to forgive Su Tao for his rude actions.

However, Su Tao was startled by the sudden assault, which he swiftly recovered from and smiled as they looked at each other.

His relationship with Lu Shimiao shouldn’t be that unfamiliar, to begin with.

Not knowing how long later, Lu Shimiao lowered her face as she asked with a blush, “Remember to send them to me through WeChat later.”

When she finished speaking, she had quickly turned around and left.

Taking two to three steps forth, she realised that an umbrella was over her head, Su Tao had followed after her.

A person’s heart would change, and through their interaction, Lu Shimiao had changed from being blankly at a loss to cleared up. She could finally define her relationship with Su Tao. She was afraid that she would really fall for Su Tao, this man that’s a few years younger than her.

Perhaps it was the temptation in her heart and the stimulation that was caused that night. But as time passed, the desire from the beginning changed into a reliance. From the bottom of her heart, Lu Shimiao felt that Su Tao was a man that could be trusted. Not only in her livelihood, but such tendencies also appeared in work as well.

Lu Shimiao first sent Su Tao to the Old Street before she left. The emotions of a person could affect mutually, which Su Tao had also sensed the subtle change between him and Lu Shimiao.

There was a man dressed like a cowboy that looked to be in his thirties standing by the road. Despite his ordinary appearance, he had attracted Su Tao’s attention.

That man had been staring at him without any expression, as if he was waiting for something to arrive, and Su Tao could smell a similar scent coming from him that was similar to the Knife Demon. This was a dangerous time bomb!

“Waiting for me?” Su Tao sighed.

“Yes, but also not at the same time!” Tian Ya simply replied.

That cockiness was practically soaring through the roof.

Su Tao inwardly sighed in his heart. He could feel that this fellow was coming for him. He had been attracting quite a bit of enemies lately. Qiao Bo, the Nie Family, Bai Fan, Wang Guofeng, and Chen Lingfeng. All with the possibility to hire someone to assassinate him.

With a helpless smile, Su Tao responded, “Since you’re still waiting for someone else, then I’ll accompany you.” Since Tian Ya had already targeted him, he had a feeling that Tian Ya would suddenly hurt him if he took another step forth.

Leaning against the azure-tiled wall, Tian Ya closed his eyes. As an assassin at his level, it must feel challenging for him, and if he ended Su Tao in this manner, wouldn’t it just degrade his worth?

After some time, a man and woman walked over from the entrance of the Old Street. Yan Wujin was strolling at a slow pace, but his actual speed was nowhere slow. Yan Sha’s movements felt a little lively, since her feet would gently tap on the ground every time they touched the ground and hopped quite a few distances forth.

At this moment, Su Tao figured out that aside from him, this Tian Ya was also here for Yan Wujin as well.

“You’ve been waiting.” Yan Wujin casually said.

“It’s the honor of any martial artist to be able to meet the Jiangnan’s Divine Fists, Senior Yan!” Tian Ya also did not act arrogantly and showed sufficient etiquette for Yan Wujin.

Yan Sha knitted her brows and shook the ornament hanging by the sword hilt with unhappiness. “Grandfather, why don’t you let me deal with him?”

With a gentle smile, Yan Wujin smiled. “Let me do it, you’re not his opponent.”

Seeing the acknowledgment of his strength from Yan Wujin, Tian Ya nodded his head and seriously replied, “I’ll first defeat you before I accomplish my mission.”

“What is your mission?” Yan Sha instantly felt curious.

Taking a deep glance at Su Tao, Tian Ya replied, “I’m here for him, either crippled or dead.”

Yan Sha knitted her brows and roared, “Then, we’ll have to see if you’re capable enough to accomplish that!”

Yan Wujin took two steps forth to block Yan Sha before him with a grave expression. With his eyesight, he could tell that Tian Ya was a formidable figure. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to act so arrogantly.

Tian Ya slowly removed his denim jacket and revealed his tight-fitted clothes with a bandage wrapped around his hand. Slowly removing them, Tian Ya’s eyes grew excited before pulling out a silver flexible sword from his waist. He briefly brandished it, which straighten the sword up, and it emanated sizzling noises.

There were many experts in the martial society that used a sword, but those that used flexible swords were few in numbers.

Tian Ya unleashed a gentle holler, “Take this!”

He was agile, leaving behind afterimages of swords before he charged a few meters forth. However, his body suddenly stopped before he leaped up and took several steps back before he could stabilise himself.

There was another person present, with a robust body and a worn-out knife in his hand that emanated an eerie killing intent, the Knife Demon.

Pointing at Tian Ya, the Knife Demon spat a mouthful of phlegm on the ground. “Which chick is this trying to snatch the business of this daddy?”

It turned out that the Knife Demon had been following after Su Tao to try and find an opportunity.

Tian Ya could sense the wounds that the Knife Demon suffered, but the latter still had a shocking bearing. From the latter’s words, Tian Ya could determine that the Knife Demon and Su Tao shouldn’t be standing on the same camp, so he knitted his brows. “My name is Tian Ya, here to look for Su Tao. If our objective is the same, why don’t we cooperate?”

The Knife Demon’s appearance had ruined Tian Ya’s rhythm. It’s not difficult to deal with Yan Wujin, but a Knife Demon would put him at a disadvantage.

Gently patting the knife against his hand, the Knife Demon sneered. “This daddy has no habit of working together. I have already decided to hack you to death first before hacking Old Goat Yan to death, and finally Su Tao!”

Su Tao, who was standing by the side, suddenly laughed out. Where was this going?

What’s going on? A fight between two hounds?

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