Chapter 120 - Romantic

Not only was Lu Shimiao the Department Head of Jianghuai Hospital, but she was also the Vice-Leader of the specialist team that the City Health Bureau had set up. Thus, her employment was managed by the City Health Bureau’s Human Resources. So Qiao Dehao couldn’t decide on getting her to leave unless Lu Shimiao hands in her resignation letter, and it would be another matter if the department approved it.

Qiao Dehao wanted to restrict Lu Shimiao with a suspension. With his relationship with her going this far, it had utterly ruined his plan. His original plan was that even if the marriage between her and Qiao Bo only remained in name, he could comfort her and show her the warmth of a family. In this way, he could pull their relationship closer, but it was a pity that he had no idea why their relationship got further apart instead.

Something unattainable was always the best. Whenever Qiao Dehao thought of the outstanding appearance of his daughter-in-law, he would feel ants biting his heart. He had several lovers and even changed them to new ones. However, none of them could be comparable to Lu Shimiao. His attraction to Lu Shimiao wasn’t just by her appearance, but also mentality.

Practically every single day, he would make a trip to the Paediatrics Department to take a few glances at Lu Shimiao, to see what she was wearing today and what color her lipstick was. Although Lu Shimiao had never smiled at him, Qiao Dehao felt in his heart that she did.

Despite knowing that this was a sort of an abnormal state, Qiao Dehao still fell deeper into it.

Returning to his office, Qiao Dehao noticed someone sitting in his seat and knitted his brows before he unhappily said, “Why didn’t you inform me that you were coming?”

Xu Jiangang extinguished the cigarette that he had just lit and said, “I know that you’re busy, and since I’m free, I decided to wait here for you.”

Qiao Dehao pulled out his drawer and took out a box of cigars in a white casing. This belonged to a privately distributed cigar, and the source of it was also a little complicated. Taking one from Qiao Dehao, Xu Jiangang gave it a whiff by his nose before Qiao Dehao lit it up for him. “I have arranged Lu Xiyuan to help me with something.”

Xu Jiangang nodded his head while taking a puff. “And I’m here to inform you that it wasn’t successful. Su Tao did not get hooked up!”

There was a haze flashing across Qiao Dehao’s eyes. He had figured it out when he saw Su Tao. “That person is a trouble to me.”

Xu Jiangang lowered his voice as he responded, “How troublesome can he be? I have already requested from headquarters to get someone to get rid of him.”

A shock flashed in Qiao Dehao’s eyes as he replied, “Old Xu, he’s still useful to me. For the time being, nothing can happen to him.”

Xu Jiangang sneered, “I know what you’re thinking. The Jianghuai Hospital is going to build a TCM Building, and you have to request the finance department. But you have to think about it clearly. If you allow him to develop, you’re just keeping a tiger that might bite you at any time. I’m trying to get rid of the future troubles for you.”

Qiao Dehao’s face turned dark as he took two puffs. “I have previously made myself clear to you. We can cooperate, but nothing outrageous.”

“Childish!” Xu Jiangang said in disdain as he continued, “Old Qiao, we have cooperated for so many years, and you know how much money I’ve sent to your Switzerland Bank Account. I know you want to make a name for yourself, but remember this logic. A fish and bear can never stay together, and it’s hard for everything to go as you wish. If you want to have stacks and stacks of cash, then you can’t just develop the Jianghuai Hospital alone. Su Tao has been checking up on your secrets, and I do not wish for the matter to get out of hand, ultimately ruining our riches.”

Waving his hand, Qiao Dehao agreed, “I understand your meaning, do as you want, then.”

Xu Jiangang nodded his head in satisfaction. “Do you need me to help you deal with that daughter-in-law of yours?”

Qiao Dehao knitted his brows. “Don’t mess around in this matter!”

“Haha!” Xu Jiangang laughed, “If I was in your shoes, I would have forced my way in. Why are you thinking so much? How about this, I’ll get someone to bring her to a secluded area, while you mask yourself and force your way onto her?”

Waving his hand, Qiao Dehao said, “Then the excitement is all lost. What I want is for her to follow me willingly.”

“Fuck, Old Qiao, you’re truly perverted. But it’s because of this that I like to work together with you!” Xu Jiangang no longer stayed after speaking everything he needed. He took out a few stacks of cash from his briefcase and said, “This is your allowance today. As usual, the bonus will be sent to your account.”

Qiao Dehao nodded his head. “But be cautious. If we’re discovered, none of us will be able to walk away freely.”

With a faint smile, Xu Jiangang said, “Rest assured, are you not assured in my efficiency?”

After Xu Jiangang left, Qiao Dehao embraced the stacks of cash and pulled out a book at the bottom right corner of the bookshelf. A creaking noise resounded as the entire bookshelf opened out, revealing a safe. Qiao Dehao placed them all neatly in there with a faint smile.

Xu Jiangang knew how to handle things. He knew the temptation of money, so he would personally send some stacks of cash for Qiao Dehao. Even if the latter knew that this was merely a small amount, Qiao Dehao still felt extremely satisfied. Xu Jiangang understood his own thoughts. Qiao Dehao initially wanted to keep Su Tao to use him and progress his career. After all, if there’s a TCM Building, then it would be equivalent to Di Shiyuan’s contributions to the Jianghuai Hospital.

But what Xu Jiangang said made sense, and Su Tao was a dangerous person. What Qiao Dehao was going was the same as keeping a tiger in his home, and he might be bitten before the TCM Building was finished.

Walking out of the Jianghuai Hospital, Xu Jiangang received a call from his secretary and rushed to a villa in the eastern outskirts. The moment he entered, he saw a 5’9” robust man shaking his leg on the couch. With his face full of smiles, Xu Jiangang walked over and politely said, “You must be Mr. Tian Ya, right?”

Tian Ya did not bother to shake hands with Xu Jiangang but faintly said, “Give me the target’s information. It’s good for us that this matter is resolved swiftly.”

Xu Jiangang had also previously dealt with personnel from headquarters. They’re entirely different from others, and Tian Ya had a lone wolf character that didn’t seem friendly. He knew that Tian Ya belonged to the category of unique talents, so that explained his character. Swiftly waved his hand at his secretary. The secretary walked up with a few documents, which Tian Ya casually flipped through and knitted his brows. “Only these?”

With an awkward smile, Xu Jiangang explained, “That person is akin to an unknown, there’s practically no history about him. But he has a good relationship with Huainan’s Poisonous Widow, receiving her protection.”

Touching his chin, Tian Ya said, “The Poisonous Widow is a famous person, and I have heard of her name before. She has a grandmaster expert around her, called Yan Wujin. This person is extremely formidable. Just based on this alone, coming to Huainan is worthwhile for me. It’s been a long time since I fought with a grandmaster, and I hope that Yan Wujin doesn’t disappoint me!”

Xu Jiangang awkwardly smiled. He wanted to deal with Su Tao, so how did the grandmaster, Yan Wujin, get implicated into this matter? As he inwardly sighed, Xu Jiangang smiled. “Then, what are you going to do?”

With a sinister smile, Tian Ya said, “Make the initiative, of course. Otherwise, wouldn’t I have to be idle for opportunities?”

When he finished, Tian Ya headed out of the villa, and when he disappeared, Xu Jiangang felt that his entire back was drenched in sweat. That Tian Ya’s aura was too powerful, it even made him feel suffocating.

Sitting in Lu Shimiao’s BMW, she had no idea where to drive, and she couldn’t possibly keep bringing him back to her home, so she asked, “Where do you want to go?”

“Since I’m with a beauty, a secluded place, naturally.” Su Tao’s brows were raised. He looked like he needed some bashing.

Lu Shimiao blushed and reminded, “Behave yourself. You know about my current situation, so keep those thoughts of yours.”

Su Tao sighed, since Lu Shimiao was literally having a bloody day, it was genuinely unsuitable for such activities, so he smiled. “Let’s go take a look by the riverside. I heard there’s a park there with a pretty good environment. The weather is good today too, and it’s definitely great for us to take a few photos there.”

Lu Shimiao finally felt that Su Tao had made a suggestion like a normal man, but she did not expect Su Tao’s next words that nearly caused her to spat blood out.

“In places with pretty good scenery, there must be many beauties as well. Who knows, I might have an encounter.”

Hanzhou had been focused on building tourist attraction sites over these two years, so they had created several theme parks, with the Canal Flowerbeds being the most special ones. Although it’s the rainy season, there were still many couples that came here to play.

When Lu Shimiao took out an umbrella from the trunk, Su Tao took it from her and gently opened it up. It was like a flower blooming, since there were many flowery patterns on the umbrella. When Lu Shimiao saw the astonishment in Su Tao’s eyes, she smiled. “I bought it a long time ago, but I just didn’t have the opportunity to use it. Finally, it can be put to use today.”

As Su Tao took two steps forth, Lu Shimiao had subconsciously followed him and naturally hooked her hands with his arm. Su Tao felt that the feeling was pretty good, so he recalled many poet’s depictions of Jiangnan’s rainy season. “Despite the suns in Jiangnan, it’s the misty rain that’s imprinted into the hearts of people. Jiangnan’s rain is slanted and fine, slanted like how swallow soars. Fine rain forming into ripples, and Jiangnan’s rain is the clothes that grandmas pound by the river bank.”

After a small romantic atmosphere, it’s also time for a small ambiguousness.

Lu Shimiao suddenly knitted her brows slightly. There was a light pressure coming from her chest. Instantly, she couldn’t help pinching Su Tao’s waist, causing the latter to scream as the umbrella flew out.

With the rain paddling on her face, body, and heart, a small arc rose on her lips.

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