Chapter 12 - Feeling in Love

Chapter 12 - Feeling in Love

The garden wasn’t far from Old Street. Su Tao led Vera to the Old Street and chose a clean restaurant where he was familiar with the boss. Seeing that Su Tao had brought a foreigner with him, the boss spoke with his voice lowered by Su Tao’s ears, “I’ll add two more dishes to your order.”

“Boss, bring out your skills.” Su Tao greeted. The demolition event had caused Su Tao to become a celebrity in the Old Street.

The boss responded with his thumbs up, “Leave it to me.”

Vera looked around. She had never tried eating in a Chinese restaurant in such a street. However, she wasn’t unhappy, and it even felt fresh to her, which made her filled with expectations.

“You must have a motive to bring me here to eat, right?” Vera smiled as she fiddled with the chopsticks.

“Not only are you pretty, but you’re also even smart!” Su Tao poured Vera a Red Star Wine as he continued, “What do you think about the old street? Is it filled with our culture?”

Vera raised her head before she downed the highly concentrated wine, which allowed Su Tao to see her fair neck from his view.

Vera gracefully wiped her lips with her thumb, then smiled. “You want me to preserve this Old Street?”

Having his thoughts predicted by Vera again, Su Tao raised his thumb at her. “I believe you have seen the business opportunity in the Old Street. Homogeneous is intense this year, and only industry with a meaning behind it could be competitive and provide more opportunities for revenue.”

Vera smiled. She never thought that Su Tao would suddenly analyse in the view of a businessman. She stared at him for a long time. “Let’s hear your proposal. If it’s attractive, then I can consider investing in it! Since the investment project hasn’t been finalised yet, it’s alright to add some interesting elements in it.”

Su Tao fished out his phone, opened a file and handed it over to Vera which caused Vera to be surprised. She never thought that he would be this prepared.

Su Tao patiently explained, “Everyone in the country is focusing on the tourism and film industry, but most of them are reforming everything. There isn’t much that’s preserved the original culture. The Old Street isn’t big, but it’s filled with all sorts of stuff. So if the foundation of this place is reconstructed, it will bring you passive income.”

Su Tao had investigated Vera’s details. She was a businesswoman that had a favourable opinion of the Chinese culture. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so versed in her Mandarin.

Vera momentarily paused before she explained, “A quarter of my blood originated from China. My maternal grandfather is Chinese, which influenced me greatly. So I’m fond of the Chinese culture. I will get someone to research your suggestion, and if it’s suitable, I will give it some consideration.”

Su Tao snapped his fingers as he smiled. “Since we’re done with official matters, then let us start our feast.”

Hanzhou cuisine was considered a branch of the Jiangnan cuisine with a mild flavour that concerned mainly on knife work, unlike the northern cuisines with Steamed Meatballs, Shredded Dried Bean Soup, Baby Cabbage and Sweet-and-Sour Pork Ribs. Despite being a small restaurant, the boss’s skill was excellent.

Vera had tried white wine in the past, but she mostly tried famous white wines like Mao Tai. The Red Star Wine was strong and spicy, so before she knew it, Vera was already intoxicated.

Su Tao swiftly supported Vera when he saw her staggering and his lower abdomen accidentally touched Vera’s perky butt. The soft sensation made him shiver as his blood started to boil.

Vera snorted as she breathed out at Su Tao’s face, tickling his heart.

When he was considering if he should bring Vera back to the Three Flavour Hall, a Buick GL8 drove over before Secretary Li and a well-built Russian woman stepped out. When she saw Vera intoxicated with alcohol, she stared at Su Tao before helping Vera into the car.

Secretary Li then walked to Su Tao and whispered, “That’s Vera’s caretaker. Her status is even higher than mine.”

Su Tao took out a medical bottle from his pocket and smiled. “Give one to her when she wakes up. It’d help her with the hangover.”

Secretary Li received the bottle and knew that it was good stuff before waving to Su Tao and entered the car.

Su Tao helplessly shook his head while muttering to himself, “There’s a saying that a middle-aged Russian woman and a lady are two creatures. Truly as rumoured.”

At the same time, he was worried since he wondered if Vera would turn into the caretaker when she’s at that age, which would be too much of a pity!

When the Buick GL8 drove off, Vera sobered a little from the alcohol before she was puzzled, “Shara, what are you doing here?”

Shara sighed as she replied, “Miss, you nearly scared me to death. How can you be alone with a guy? How am I going to explain to Master if anything happens to you?”

“This is China. Our enemies won’t dare to recklessly make a move here.” Vera looked out the window, her emerald eyes lighting up. “Oh right, I think I’m feeling love.”

Vera’s words choked Shara before she replied, “You’re someone with an engagement!”

Vera bitterly smiled. “I will not reject the marriage. But before our marriage, I have to feel what love is like. After all, I’m fed up with the arranged marriage.”

Shara took a deep breath before she continued, “Are you ill somewhere? You’re scaring me! You said that you would become someone that disregards love and thinks that love is ridiculous! This cannot do, I have to make a report back to Master, and you also have to return to Russia right now!”

Vera’s thin brows twitched as she mischievously said, “Haha, how can someone as noble as me speak about love? I was joking with you!”

Shara looked at Vera with a complicated gaze. She had watched Vera growing up, and Vera didn’t seem to be in a right state, which worried her.

Vera turned her head, looked out of the window and sighed.

No matter how beautiful love was, one had to part with it one day.

Su Tao walked in a slow pace, and when he reached the Three Flavour Hall, the headlights of a champagne-coloured BMW flashed. However, he wasn’t bothered by it and fished out his key, making use of the light to unlock the door.

Suddenly, a white-collared lady walked out of the BMW and spoke in a demanding tone, “Our Chairman wishes to speak with you.”

The lady looked pretty beautiful with her pointy chin and oval face, an 80 pointer! However, Su Tao’s brows raised as he replied in contempt, “Not free!”

The white-collared lady looked as if she had suffered great humiliation. She furiously pointed at Su Tao before walking back to the car.

When Su Tao opened the door, another tall lady walked out of the car that looks less than the age of 30. She wore a translucent shirt and her bra could be vaguely seen, as well as with her flat and exquisite navel. Her legs were long and slim. She had a bewitching face, as if every expression on her face had a story behind it. She belonged to the category of vixen that was lethal to guys of any age.

“My name is Yan Jing, the partner of Nie Weiting.” Yan Jing smiled charmingly, which gave Su Tao a misconception that she had no hostility towards him.

But judging from her bearing alone, Yan Jing’s identity didn’t seem to be as simple as being Nie Weiting’s partner. She might even be the one that controlled him behind the scenes. Su Tao helplessly answered, “Still coming again? You should know Nie Weiting’s state, and you still want to annoy me?”

Yan Jing shook her finger while smiling bewitchingly. “No, no. Nie Weiting has already tried. I am just interested in you, since I can’t find any of your history for the past ten years. However, you’re extremely skilled, and I’m here to ask you to be my partner instead.”

Su Tao’s brows lifted as he shrugged. “You have the vision, I have to give you that. But… I’m not interested in the cooperation, so you can leave.”

No matter how excellent her acting was, Su Tao could still guess her thoughts pretty accurately. Yan Jing was trying to test him by recruiting him to gauge his character.

However, Su Tao had always portrayed his character as a simple, fearless and reckless brat!

Yan Jing saw how Su Tao closed the door without any hesitation, a cold light flashed in her eyes as she returned to the car and lit up a cigarette, clamping it between her fingers with her brows knitted.

Her secretary was puzzled by her action, so she asked, “With your status, why do you want to degrade yourself by coming to him personally?”

In the secretary’s eyes, Su Tao was merely a low-born so even if he could fight, how could he rival the Poisonous Widow with power and wealth at the same time?

Yan Jing replied, “Not even the Jiang Clan could find any information about him, so that can only mean that he comes from a powerful organisation!”

“Someone special like the Dragon's Talon?” The secretary exclaimed.

Yan Jing did not answer her question, but instructed, “Pay close attention to his movements. Regardless of using gentleness or force, we have to take down the Old Street.”

Yan Jing knew that Su Tao wasn’t simple, since ordinary men would show great emotions when they looked at her. But despite Su Tao’s looks, he had a firm heart that wasn’t crazy about her.

A canal separated Hanzhou into the Eastern and Western Regions. The Qiaodong District developed swiftly with significant numbers of high rise buildings while the Qiaoxi District was filled with houses. Two black cars were parked under the bridge of the canal where two silhouettes conversed under the bridge lamp.

“You’ll place these samples in Su Tao’s office when he comes to work later. Remember, no one must know about it. I have already prepared for a great show.” Qiao Dehao instructed in a cold voice.

Xie Teng received the bag from Qiao Dehao and spoke in a low voice, “After this is done…”

Qiao Dehao slowly patted Xie Cheng’s shoulders as he appeased, “Rest assured, you will take over Su Tao’s position as the Department Head after he’s gone. In my view, you’re extremely talented in the ways of management. After my position is stable, I will definitely push you to become the Vice-President as my right-hand man.”

Xie Cheng’s wrist trembled. He was about to do something that went against his conscience, but if he didn’t give it a try, how could he change his life?

Su Tao had seized Xie Cheng’s prospects, and he was blinded by jealousy in his heart. So he had decided to take a risk after being tempted by Qiao De Hao. “Secretary Qiao, I will surely get this done, rest assured!”

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