Chapter 119 - ‘That’

Chapter 119 - ‘That’

Because Xiaoxiao had gone through chemotherapy, many of her white blood cells were being killed. Thus, her immunity had been significantly damaged. Therefore, Su Tao’s first step was to raise Xiaoxiao’s bodily functions, especially the balance in her white blood cells.

Chemotherapy could destroy the targeted cells, but at the same time, they could also damage and destroy the healthy cells. Strictly speaking, it’s akin to killing the patient.

At this moment, Su Tao needed to replenish the blood essence that had been damaged from chemotherapy.

Roughly half an hour later, Su Tao ended his treatment. Although it did not allow her to recover completely, he only needed to control the speed of the tumor’s growth for this sort of disease. Thus, he had succeeded in a small step. It’s the same as lung cancer, and surgical procedures could remove the necrosis, to prevent it from spreading to other undamaged organs. The reason why leukemia was so difficult to treat was that once the cancerous cells mixed into the blood, they could exist anywhere in the body. Unless the patient can change their bone marrow, there’s no other alternative method for it. Right now, Xiaoxiao’s immune system had been damaged, and Su Tao could only try to stimulate the Conception Meridian to construct a new immune system for her.

Walking out of the patient’s ward, Xiaoxiao’s mother charged up and asked with full of expectations on her face, “Physician Su, how is Xiaoxiao?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “She has already slept, and for the time being, she doesn’t need any chemotherapy. I’ll perform acupuncture on her at regular intervals to increase her immunity.”

When Xiaoxiao’s mother heard that there was no need for any more chemotherapy, she felt relieved in her heart. Firstly, it was the costly fees for the treatment, and secondly, it was a great pain for Xiaoxiao to go through the procedure.

Passing a prescription to Xiaoxiao’s mother, Su Tao said, “Give her the medicine according to this prescription twice a day, morning and night.”

Acupuncture could only assist, and the main factor here was the prescription. This prescription originated from the final years of the Sui Dynasty, when the Emperor’s beloved concubine had contracted an odd illness and was weak in her limbs. All sorts of prescriptions to treat typhoid were inefficient, and there was an Imperial Physician, surnamed Li, who gave this prescription after determining it to be blood stagnation.

After giving some further instructions to Xiaoxiao’s mother, Su Tao walked towards Lu Shimiao.

When he saw the complicated expression on the latter’s face, he smiled. “Isn’t there another patient?”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “Because of the conflict last night, the other party will surely be unhappy with us.”

Gently flicking his finger on Lu Shimiao’s forehead, Su Tao smiled. “That’s so unlike you. The Department Head Lu that always places her patients first is actually cowering now?”

With a bitter smile, Lu Shimiao replied, “Actually, I am already prepared to give up on that patient. If they want to change hospitals, then let them leave.”

Su Tao knew that Lu Shimiao was purposely saying words in a moment of anger, so he responded, “Taking the risk despite knowing the dangers. As doctors, if there’s no conviction to facing the challenge, how can we improve ourselves?”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “What if Tian Biao continues to make things difficult for us?”

Stretching out his fair hand, Su Tao fanned his hand in the air and smiled. “God has given me a pair of hands for a reason. I’ll just give him a slap without saying anything!”

When they came to Liangliang’s ward, Tian Biao immediately stood up and looked at Su Tao in rage.

Seeing that Tian Biao was no longer as arrogant and rampant as before, Su Tao knew that the former was afraid of him from the slap. He said, “I’ll perform acupuncture on Liangliang now, please go out.”

“Acupuncture?” Tian Biao knitted his brows. “Aren’t we going to do chemotherapy?”

Lu Shimiao explained, “We’re now trying the TCM method, and Su Tao is the best Physician that this hospital can offer.”

“The best physician? Aren’t all of them old geezers?” Tian Biao felt that he was fooled, so he continued, “Don’t think you can try and con us of our money since you guys can’t treat Liangliang. We do not lack money, nor are we fools. Don’t bother acupuncture; we will get the transferral procedures done this afternoon.”

Su Tao knitted his brows. He was also helpless against this type of parent, and the reason why he gave Tian Biao two slaps yesterday was to remind him that he must treat his child well. However, Su Tao never expected him to be so difficult to communicate with today. Su Tao knew that he had been foolish. How can the character and habits of a person change so easily? Especially someone so arrogant like Tian Biao, who thinks that money can do wonders.

Lu Shimiao gently pulled Su Tao’s wrist to stop him from taking any actions and whispered, “Let us respect the parent’s wishes.”

Lu Shimiao was the attending doctor, and Su Tao was merely an external help. Since the attending doctor had already spoken, he could only follow her out of the ward.

Xu Zhen sighed as she looked at Tian Biao, whose gaze was flickering with anger. “Dear, are we really going to transfer hospitals?”

Tian Biao nodded his head. “I have already contracted a Hospital in Yunhai, they have a high deposit of bone marrow. If we transfer there, there’s a high chance that we might find a suitable bone marrow. Liangliang will surely be able to recover.”

Xu Zhen briefly hesitated before saying, “But the ward next door is also accepting the TCM treatment.”

With disdain on his lips, Tian Biao mocked, “TCM? They’re all just conmen. The circumstances of the family next door aren’t good, so they would resort to TCM after hearing that it can save quite a bit of money. Don’t be fooled.”

Knowing that Tian Biao had already made a decision, Xu Zhen nodded her head. “With so many conflicts between us, staying in this hospital is truly unsuitable.”

Parents would always worry about their kids. Tian Biao had a hot temper, and often offended others. However, he wouldn’t hesitate to give for his own son.

After making the rounds in the ordinary ward, Su Tao realised that despite Lu Shimiao’s cold outer appearance, her relationship with her patients was pretty good. All of her patients trusted her a lot.

When Lu Shimiao returned to her office, she discovered someone sitting in there. Qiao Dehao was currently looking through a black notebook, and Lu Shimiao’s expression instantly turned unsightly upon seeing this. That notebook was something that had recorded all of her insights, and aside from her working experiences, she would also occasionally write down some fragments of emotions. Seeing Qiao Dehao reading it, Lu Shimiao instantly felt that her privacy was being invaded. With anger, she anxiously paced over and snatched it away. “President Qiao, why are you flipping through someone else’s things without their permission?”

Sweeping a glance at Lu Shimiao, Qiao Dehao faintly smiled. “Firstly, I am your father-in-law, and we’re a family, Miaomiao. So there are no secrets between us. Furthermore, this is the Jianghuai Hospital, and as the President here, don’t I have the authority to check on my employees’ results?”

With a cold snort, Lu Shimiao responded, “You’re twisting logic. I have decided to divorce with Qiao Bo, and even if you stop me from going through the proper channels, I have also intended to appeal to the court. Furthermore, even if you are the President, you can’t go through your employees’ stuff without permission.”

Qiao Dehao sighed and stretched his waist. “Miaomiao, let us sit down and talk. I can tell that you have a deep misunderstanding of me. There’s an outsider here, and I will not speak much for the moment. The main reason why I’m here is to ask why is Liangliang going to transfer?”

Without any emotions in her tone, Lu Shimiao replied, “Because they don’t trust the standards and ability of our hospital.”

Knitting his brows, Qiao Dehao said, “That’s the grandson of Head Tian. Do you know how much trouble you’ve given me since they’re leaving unhappily?”

With a calm and composed manner, Lu Shimiao replied, “President Qiao, I am a doctor. In my eyes, everyone is equal, they’re all patients, and I have the responsibility and obligation to do my best in treating them. At the same time, I am not a tool of power, and I will not lower my pride to curry favor with the patients.”

Noticing that Lu Shimiao had lost control, Qiao Dehao knocked in fingers on the desk. “Since you have a problem in your attitude, take a rest for a few days. When you’ve figured it out, come and look for me, and I’ll arrange a job for you based on the situation.”

Qiao Dehao’s actions were evident, he was trying to give Lu Shimiao a suspension notice.

He couldn’t do anything to Su Tao, since the latter was a celebrity in the TCM domain now, the famous person in the hospital. However, Lu Shimiao was someone that he held up. Since his scandal had been exposed, he also needed to give her a warning not to spread it around, so that the two of them would be fearful of him.

Thus, Qiao Dehao had suspended Lu Shimiao in front of Su Tao.

Lu Shimiao felt humiliated. She had always been cautious and conscientious ever since she came into the Jianghuai Hospital. However, she was still suppressed by Qiao Dehao in the end. With a snicker, she removed the pin on her chest and her white coat. “I don’t need someone to give me a notice of suspension, I will hand my resignation to you right now!”

Qiao Dehao was a little surprised by Lu Shimiao’s actions and his brows knitted together. Slamming his hand on the desk, he hollered, “What attitude is this? I’m trying to get you to reflect on your attitude, and you’re quitting?”

Lu Shimiao paid no attention to Qiao Dehao. She turned around and left. Su Tao also gave a deep glance at Qiao Dehao before chasing after Lu Shimiao.

Looking at the two of them disappearing in his sight, a complacent smile hung on his lips. “Since you won’t be my toy obediently, then I’ll ruin you completely.”

Lu Shimiao got into her vehicle and saw Su Tao sitting in the front passenger seat.

She did not start the car, but asked, “Am I making a mistake?”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao sighed, “Women would occasionally make a mistake, especially when ‘that’ comes. Their temper would be fiery, so it’s absolutely normal.”

With her face reddened, Su Tao’s eyes were too sharp, since he could even tell ‘that.’

“What am I going to do now? I actually resigned!” Lu Shimiao helplessly patted on the steering wheel.

“A gentleman keeps to his words, but you’re a woman, not a gentleman. So you can completely treat the words you’ve spoken as a fart.” Su Tao appeased.

Lu Shimiao’s feeling wasn’t that bad anymore. She refuted, “Hmph, you’re the one talking fart from your mouth.”

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