Chapter 118 - Mergence

As the rain of autumn fell, Hanzhou walked into the rainy season. The streets had also become more sparse, even the Old Street that had pretty good popularity had also gone down. Uninterrupted by the rain, Su Tao was leading his three disciples to practice the Pulse Art, with Zhao Jian being the most outstanding one amongst the three. Ever since Su Tao showed off how he shot needles, Zhao Jian was in complete admiration of him. Every day, Zhao Jian would spend a significant amount of time and energy practicing acupuncture in hopes that he could reach Su Tao’s realm.

When they finished practicing the Pulse Art, Cai Yan walked over with a few hot towels while sourly staring at Su Tao., “Strengthening your body even when it’s raining, can’t you do it inside? Why do you have to get wet in the rain, what if you’re sick?”

Wang Peng grabbed onto the edge of the towel, but because it was too hot, he bounced it between his hand and smiled. “That’s because you have no idea of Master’s good intentions. He’s trying to advertise to attract the attention of others. Don’t see how it might seem useless, who knows, there might be a day where people would come to watch us!”

Su Tao felt that the mind of this third disciple of his was pretty good. Although he was inferior in terms of medical skills when compared to Xiao Jingjing, he was blessed with a quick mind and could guess his own thoughts. Wiping the rain on his face, Su Tao said, “The tourism attraction project will start soon, and in about a year from now, this will become one of Hanzhou’s attractions. We’re doing that so that those outsides of Hanzhou will know about our Three Flavour Hall, and it can also attract more tourists, spreading the Three Flavour Hall’s spirit throughout the country.”

Looking at Su Tao, Xiao Jingjing’s eyes shone. Despite Su Tao’s young age, his words contained the grace of a grandmaster.

Cai Yan rolled her eyes, sourly. “Why don’t we just be realistic and focus on our work daily. Although we have more workforce in the Three Flavour Hall, our customers are also increasing. Some customers left because we were too busy, so I need to remind all of you to work faster. Especially Wang Peng, don’t play on your phone the moment you have time!”

With a bitter expression, Wang Peng said, “Big Sister Cai, aren’t you trying to squeeze our cheap labor force dry? I have to date too, so I have to relax occasionally.”

Shaking her finger, Cai Yan responded, “Firstly, you don’t have a girlfriend right now. If there’s a girl that takes a fancy of you one day, I will consider giving you time for that. Secondly, your hard work isn’t cheap. The standard of a doctor in Jianghuai Hospital is around ¥5,000 a month, and you’re only an apprentice right now. Yet, you’re taking ¥4,000 every month. We’re even providing the meals and lodging, and I’m certain that aside from the Three Flavour Hall, you won’t find such treatment elsewhere.”

Once Cai Yan brought out the imposing manner of a housekeeper, Wang Peng could only pout and helplessly sighed.

Su Tao did not interfere in the operation, since he had left it all to Cai Yan. It was pretty good with Cai Yan’s help. Although the Three Flavour Hall was just a small business, it still required strict management. Even though Cai Yan was willing to play the villain, she’s also giving some leeway to him, which made Su Tao give Cai Yan an inward thumbs-up.

When his disciples entered the dining room, Cai Yan then looked at Su Tao and unhappily said, “According to the current development of the Three Flavour Hall, the current scale is insufficient. Not only do we lack in terms of manpower, but we also need to expand our shop front.”

Knitting his brows, Su Tao responded, “The neighbors are all old inhabitants, they have their own business, and I’m afraid that they won’t let it go so easily, right?”

Cai Yan was stunned, before she answered, “I’m preparing to demolish the Emerald Jade Brook!”

Su Tao was astonished by her words and said, “You have to think about it clearly; that was something that Uncle Cai has left for you!”

Shaking her head, Cai Yan replied, “I talked to my father through the phone a few days ago. I told him my thoughts, which he had expressed his agreement. The reputation of the Emerald Jade Brook is completely ruined with him in prison, and reputation is crucial when it comes to antiques. So if we continue, we will only suffer a loss. Three Flavour Hall wants to expand, and I also happen to work in the Three Flavour Hall as well, so I might as well use the Emerald Jade Brook for it. Naturally, you have to be clear that we’re in a partnership relationship, and if you’re willing to accept the Emerald Jade Brook to expand the shop front, we will be partners in the future. Thus, the profits of the Three Flavour Hall will also be separated in terms of percentage.”

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao pondered for a long time before he answered, “Since you’re pestering to invest in me, I’ll agree with you, then.”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes and waved her fists. “Don’t pretend to be mistreated after gaining favor!”

When she finished speaking, she walked into the dining hall. Su Tao looked at Cai Yan’s silhouette for a long time. Her recently excellent mood had also benefited her Heavenly Yin Physique, so her figure looked more graceful than in the past.

Cai Yan’s suggestion had truly resolved one of Su Tao’s worries. If the Three Flavour Hall wanted to develop, they would have to expand and increase the conditions here. Furthermore, if Cai Yan really demolished the Emerald Jade Brook, and combined it with the Three Flavour Hall, she’d become the second shareholder in the Three Flavour Hall, so it was more logical for her to manage it.

After breakfast, Su Tao came to the Jianghuai Hospital to perform acupuncture on Mrs. She. Her mental state had also gotten much better, so she responded with a smile, “Divine Physician Su, I feel much better now, so when can I be discharged?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao appeased, “Don’t be in a rush, you still have to wait at least two months. It’s easy for the drug addiction to return, so I have to clean up all the poison in your body before I can discharge you.”

Nodding her head, Mrs. She responded, “I know that you’ve done many things to make my mood better. Although we don’t speak much when Cai Yan comes to visit me every day, I can feel that our relationship is improving.”

Su Tao sighed before he frantically responded, “You had no anchor to life before, so it’s not beneficial to your illness. I am only making the best of new opportunities to have Cai Yan accompany you so that you might recover better.”

With a brief pause, Mrs. She asked, “What’s your relationship with Cai Yan?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “It should be closer compared to neighbors.”

Mrs. She smiled. “I understand. Even if I feel uncomfortable about it in my heart, I have also thought it all out after facing death once. Even if Cai Yan and my son are related through the ghost marriage, she should have her own freedom.”

Walking out of the TCM ward, Su Tao headed towards the Paediatrics Department. Since he had promised Lu Shimiao to treat the two leukemia patients, he still had to do his best, even if he wasn’t 100% confident.

Perhaps Lu Shimiao slept pretty well last night, her expression was a lot better. She wasn’t engaged in any outpatient service today, so when she saw Su Tao, she immediately brought him to Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao’s memory was pretty good, and when he saw Lu Shimiao and Su Tao, she immediately called out, “Good morning Aunt Lu, Uncle Su!”

Placing the medical box to the side, Su Tao asked, “Uncle will perform acupuncture on you today, are you afraid?”

Shaking her head, Xiaoxiao strongly said, “I’m not afraid. I’m the bravest!”

Nodding his head, Su Tao took out a pill from his pocket and gave it to Xiaoxiao. “Take it and rest for a while before we conduct the acupuncture session.”

Knowing that Xiaoxiao would soon begin her treatment, Lu Shimiao immediately pulled Xiaoxiao’s mother out of the ward.

Xiaoxiao’s mother looked nervous. She was constantly rubbing her hands, pacing back and forth. Lu Shimiao was also a little worried, since leukemia wasn’t your average illness. It belonged to one of the hardest problems in the world without any treatment that could guarantee a 100% recovery.

Gently holding onto Xiaoxiao mother’s wrist, Lu Shimiao comforted, “Rest assured, Physician Su is the best in Jianghuai Hospital, and since he’s willing to treat Xiaoxiao, that must mean that he has confidence in it.”

Xiaoxiao’s mother sighed, “Xiaoxiao has been especially obedient and sensible ever since she was small, her grades are good in school as well. While staying in the hospital, her classmates often called me to ask when their monitor can return to class. When Xiaoxiao got diagnosed with this illness, the entire family was dumbfounded. Our family conditions are ordinary, and her father has taken several jobs to treat Xiaoxiao. It’s actually nothing for us to have it harder as long as Xiaoxiao can recover so all our efforts can be worth it.”

Xiaoxiao closed her eyes. She’s an obedient girl, and Su Tao also knew the heavy responsibility that he bore. This not only concerned a life, it even involved the happiness of a family.

As humans continued to evolve, they gradually rose to the peak of the food chain with only a natural predator, disease.

The ecosystem in the world was exceptionally bizarre. When humanity had conquered ferocious animals more powerful than themselves, they discovered that the toughest problem was the tiny bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

Leukemia belonged to a type of tumor and was also known as blood cancer. An ordinary person’s blood was crimson because of the red blood cells in their blood. If the red blood cells were removed, then there’s still the existence of white blood cells in the blood, and when the white blood cells develop frantically, it would form into leukemia.

Thus, Su Tao intended to use acupuncture to control the production rate of Xiaoxiao’s white blood cells.

The acupuncture of TCM could trigger the meridians and acupoints, thus affecting the five viscera and six bowels. However, it was rarely heard that it could control the blood.

Su Tao was trying his best. Ever since he had treated a patient in a vegetative state during the Physician King Tournament, he had a deep understanding of the Conception and Governing Meridians. The Governing Meridian was responsible for the Qi circulation of the body, while the Conception Meridian was responsible for the flow of blood. Thus, Su Tao was going to work on the Conception Meridian now. Unlike the past, when he treated the vegetative patient, he had to slow down the production of white blood cells in the body, so it was more difficult.

Su Tao calmed his mind and focused all his attention to comprehend. Even if he didn’t possess any x-ray vision, he could sense the production of white blood cells in Xiaoxiao’s body, with thousands and tens of thousands of cells. Naturally, because of the chemotherapy, a portion of it as lost its vigor.

He infused Qi into the needles before slowly placing them on Xiaoxiao’s Conception Meridian, the Heavenseizing Hand controlled the Pulse Art’s Qi to nourish Xiaoxiao’s body, raising her immunity.

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