Chapter 117 - Cooldown first

Chapter 117 - Cooldown first

Lu Xiyuan sat on the bed for a long time and finally decided to pretend that nothing had happened tonight. She knew that the man that had just intruded had grasped her mentality, so he left a few photos before leaving. Looking at the grip mark on her chest, Lu Xiyuan gritted her teeth.

That man wasn’t just ordinarily cheap; he even took advantage of her before leaving. Not only her chest, but she also felt a stinging pain on her butt.

When Lu Xiyuan got off the bed to open mineral water, her throat immediately felt smooth after a few mouthfuls.

She knew where she stood in Xu Jiangang’s heart. She’s merely a tool for the latter, and the two of them only got together for benefits, there wasn’t any trust or loyalty between them.

Sitting down at the desk, Lu Xiyuan briefly pondered before calling Xu Jiangang, “Su Tao did not come, so we’ve failed.”

A trace of complexity flashed in Xu Jiangang’s eyes as he swirled the wine glass in his hand. “I have investigated Su Tao, and his water runs deep. He has a close relationship with the Poisonous Widow, so we can’t do anything to him.”

There was a flash of rage in Lu Xiyuan’s eyes. Xu Jiangang clearly knew that they couldn’t do anything to Su Tao, and yet, he wanted her to make a move against Su Tao. Wasn’t that dumping her into a pit of fire? Taking a deep breath, Lu Xiyuan asked, “What are you going to do next? Qiao Dehao has been pressing on that matter, and if I can’t give him an explanation, he will surely direct his rage at me.”

Touching his lips, Xu Jiangang replied, “There’s really nothing we can do right now. We can only request for someone from the corporation to resolve this matter. As for Qiao Dehao, he still has worth to the headquarters!”

The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company was a joint venture, and the headquarters was located at the economic heart of China, Yunhai. It’s incredibly close to Hanzhou and was merely a car ride of about an hour. The foreign investments for the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company came from Germany, a traditional medicine manufacturing monopolistic corporation, the Neuer International Corporation. They had high standards in their technological research, especially vaccines and health supplements. They had been the lead in the world.

They had always been in the lead in terms of biological medicines. They had 17 subsidiary corporations under them out of the 47 countries in the world, with over forty thousand employees. They were established in 1857, devoting their efforts in the research and development of new medicines. Last year, the entire corporation saw revenue of over €20,000,000,000, ranking amongst the top ten worldwide.

Xu Jiangang had just revealed a piece of valuable information. His partnership with Qiao Dehao wasn’t merely just distributing medicines in Jianghuai Hospital. There were also other secrets that Lu Xiyuan was unaware of.

But on the contrary, it was good for her not to know some stuff, so Lu Xiyuan sighed, “I’ll leave everything to you, then! I’ll wash my hands clean from this matter.”

Xu Jiangang acknowledged and asked, “I don’t have anyone with me tonight, and since you’re also free, why don’t you come over?”

Despite Lu Xiyuan’s heart being filled with hatred, she still put on an act and acknowledged, “Give me half an hour, I’ll come over immediately!”

With a satisfied smile, Xu Jiangang replied, “What an obedient fox!”

After returning to the Three Flavour Hall, Xia Yu immediately looked for Su Tao. Su Tao still wasn’t asleep and had been waiting for Xia Yu’s return. The instant Xia Yu stepped in, the tea fragrance blew in his face.

“Let me cool down, first!” Xia Yu instantly gulped down two cups of tea the moment he came in.

Xia Yu wiped his mouth as he cursed, “I’m also an ordinary man, alright. If there’s something like this in the future, please don’t send me any more. I’m afraid that I might commit a mistake. That woman’s figure is excellent, and she’s also pretty unrestrained, shaking her booty when she walks by habit. Shit, I can’t talk anymore, the heat is rising back up!”

Xia Yu was a chatterbox and described tonight’s whole process in detail. Although he would also often mention Lu Xiyuan’s flirtatious behavior, he also reported those critical pieces of information that he had obtained.

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao responded with a grave expression, “Looks like Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao have a purpose for getting that villa. It might be an illegal workshop for placentas.”

Xia Yu nodded and said with a grave expression, “What should we do now?”

After a brief moment of pondering, Su Tao replied, “Continue to investigate this matter, but be cautious not to alert them. Furthermore, you have to take care of your own safety, as well.”

Xia Yu smiled as he gulped a cup of tea and smiled. “Rest assured, I know what to do!”

Su Tao still had some understanding of Xia Yu. As a natural when it came to collecting information, Xia Yu would get excited the more dangerous it was, since his curiosity urged him to dig the truth out.

After analysing the information that Xia Yu had recently gathered, Su Tao could be sure that Qiao Dehao had a unique identity and was also related to many unknown forces. Otherwise, Di Shiyuan wouldn’t be so helpless against Qiao Dehao with his power.

After staying for another ten-odd minutes, Xia Yu left. Although Xia Yu knew nothing about tea, he still took tea leaves that were worth several grand with him before he left.

Su Tao also didn’t mind him taking them. Since Xia Yu could take them so openly, that meant that Xia Yu knew he’s standing on the same line as Su Tao.

He had to deal with the situation in the Jianghuai Hospital swiftly. Not only did he have to handle the conflict between him and Qiao Dehao, but he also felt, in his subconscious, that there's a bigger conspiration around.

The reason why Su Tao got Xia Yu to investigate the relationship between Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao was that when Qiao Dehao sent the ¥1,000,000 compensation for Qiao Bo back then, it was done through Xu Jiangang’s account. That wasn’t a small sum of money, and Xu Jiangang still did it anyway. That proved that the benefits between those two had already been tied together.

As the economic heart of China, it was one of the key factors that sped up the development of Yunhai. Although there weren’t any huge factories, or marketing type companies, many companies had stationed their regional headquarters in Yunhai. Thus, this was also the location where most funds in China were gathered.

The land was extremely expensive in the financial district of Yunhai, and being able to establish their headquarters here represented a symbol of status. Millionaires were the norm here, and anyone here could set off an economic storm.

On the 33rd floor of the Financial Building, stood a foreigner in a suit. His height couldn’t be considered tall, since he was only around 5’7”. He looked at the scenery outside the window. This building wasn’t the tallest in Yunhai, but it had a broad view, making it one of the more popular locations in this region.

The entire scenery down below could be seen, along with a broader view up ahead.

Five years ago, this man was dispatched to China by the headquarters and had been depressed about it. Because of his excellent education and training, he felt that he was more suitable in Germany, where he could unleash his own ability and talent.

But when he came to China, he was shocked that there’s a massive market here. It’s practically an unmined gold mine. Through steady footsteps, he had obtained great achievements, and with the economic crisis in Europe, China had become one of the critical pillars for the corporation.

Just last week, he received a piece of news that he would be able to leave China in about a month. He would be able to return to headquarters as the youngest Vice-President responsible for the whole operation in Asia.

A phone in the office rang, disrupting his thoughts, so he picked up the phone and spoke in standard mandarin, “Hans speaking!”

“President, I’ve just received news from Hanzhou regarding a troublesome problem that needs our support.” The secretary reported.

Hans was a graceful man, so even though there was a problem, he maintained his elegance as he asked, “Support? In what aspect?”

“Martial support!” The secretary knew the habit of Hans, so he tried to simplify it as much as possible. “The research center in Hanzhou has encountered a threat; it’s a matter related to the Poisonous Widow. With their current force, it’s hard for them to keep the situation under control.”

“Hanzhou?” Hans knitted his brows while taking a deep breath and continued, “That is a significant location. You arrange it, and we’re currently going through the transition phase, so there mustn’t be any failure!”

Hans had waited five years for this moment, so he absolutely cannot allow anything to affect his return to Germany!

In his impression, Hanzhou’s research center was responsible for the research and usage of placentas. Since the supervisory in this domain was still blank, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company had hidden a secret research center to produce goods at low cost and to use it for the clinical test through the black market.

The placentas products made in Hanzhou’s underground workshop wasn’t completed. It’s still under research, so those that bought them were all lab rats. They would be free testers, and when there were no side effects from the products, only then would the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company produce them officially and introduce them to the world.

Thinking about it was terrifying, an underground workshop hidden in society was actually a research center for a pharmaceutical giant, and the users have all become lab rats to the new medicine. The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company had ten-odds of such research centers, assuming many research projects of the corporation.

After giving out the commands, a smile appeared on Hans’ lips. As a regional company of the Neuer International Corporation, they provided 60% of new biological medicine to the cooperation, an achievement that he had created.

It was because of being under his control that the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company could grow so swiftly. Even after he left China, those underground research centers would still continue to exist, since they’re not something that could be replicated in other countries. After all, not all of the countries were blank in this matter, to allow him to exploit a loophole.

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