Chapter 116 - Lu Xiyuan’s Miscalculation

Chapter 116 - Lu Xiyuan’s Miscalculation

Lu Xiyuan exclaimed from the pain as a strong, big hand slapped her ample butt. Because of the force, it made her buttcheeks ripple, and she had subconsciously wanted to turn her head over. However, her neck was being held, and her face was placed under the shower. She couldn’t help opening her mouth, and she gulped water down. Feeling that something was amiss, she wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t exert any strength in her body.

“Fuck, I’ve never seen such a slutty woman like you. What a pity that you’re only a public bus that makes anyone that gets on have bad luck!” Xia Yu felt a smooth texture from his hand, admiring Lu Xiyuan’s body with a sinister smile hanging on his lips.

“Who are you?” Lu Xiyuan finally realised that it wasn’t Su Tao and she was terrified. After some thoughts, there could only be one possibility for this person to have her number. Su Tao must have given her name card to someone else, and when Lu Xiyuan thought about this, she felt angered and terrified at the same time.

Su Tao looked cultured and refined. He wasn’t that sort of reckless person, unlike this man behind her. This man emanated a wild aura, and in his eyes, she’s a weak bunny. He only needed to use a little more strength to snap her neck.

With a sigh, Xia Yu faintly smiled. “It doesn’t matter who I am. You only have a choice right now, to cooperate and tell me everything you know.”

A complicated emotion flashed in Lu Xiyuan’s eyes as she snickered, “Don’t dream on! Do you believe that I won’t call the police? You have to consider the consequences of this!”

Xia Yu laughed, “Pretty cocky, there. Let’s see if I can teach you how to behave!”

Xia Yu realised that Lu Xiyuan was pretty calm. As someone in this circle, she also had ample experience. He took out a dagger from his pocket and slowly swiped at Lu Xiyuan’s neck. She felt a numbing pain coming from her back, so she was instantly terrified.

There weren’t any veins in this spot, so Xia Yu was only letting some blood out to terrify her, and the blood was easy to stop.

Lu Xiyuan looked down as her face was drained of all color when she saw blood on the ground. Her legs started to shiver as Xia Yu looked back while sneering before taking a towel from the side and tossed it to her, then he ordered, “Put it on, we’ll talk outside!”

Although Lu Xiyuan was a PR Queen, she hadn’t encountered a criminal before. In her heart, her life was more important, even if the other party wanted her body, as long as he could spare her life. But Lu Xiyuan was surprised that although Xia Yu took several small movements, he showed no signs of raping her. After wrapping the towel around her, she followed Xia Yu out with her head lowered.

Xia Yu had a deep understanding of a person’s heart, and as long as you took a woman like Lu Xiyuan down to intimidate her, she would surely cooperate obediently!

As a Private Investigator, Xia Yu was extremely sensitive to cameras. He used his dagger to pat on the wall a few times before suddenly sticking the dagger down, then made a turn and a pinhole camera was dugout. Toying around with it in his hand, Xia Yu sighed, “Pretty new equipment you have here. I’ve been looking around the black market for a long time, but because of the price, I couldn’t even bear to buy a second-hand one. I never expected to find one today, that’s a pretty lucky find.”

Lu Xiyuan was terrified to the point that her face had turned pale. She had actually set up a scheme when luring Su Tao to the hotel. As long as Su Tao had an affair with Lu Xiyuan today, that would be equivalent to leaving a handle for Qiao Dehao, allowing the two of them to be ants on a rope.

However, the plan had failed. It could be described as an utter failure, not only did Su Tao not appear, he even sent an expert in this field over. Calming her heart down, Lu Xiyuan figured that Xia Yu wouldn’t claim her life and she sighed, “What do you want?! You don’t seem like a criminal, and you must come with an objective since Su Tao sent you. Why don’t we discuss and see if we can figure things out!”

Looking at Lu Xiyuan, she didn’t have any make-up on and lacked the elegance that she usually possessed. However, her figure was fiery hot, so Xia Yu placed the dagger on the table and faintly said, “I would like the know the transaction between Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao, and the secrets hidden in the villa!”

Lu Xiyuan was briefly stunned, before she replied, “I suggest that you do not to touch that secret. Curiosity will kill the cat, don’t you know about that? How about this, as long as you let me go, I’ll give you ¥1,000,000. How much can you earn anyways from working for Su Tao.”

Xia Yu was surprised. He never thought that Lu Xiyuan would try to instigate him to turn on Su Tao. He sighed, “It looks like I have been too gentle with you.”

He stood up and walked towards Lu Xiyuan, covering her mouth to forbid her from screaming while he took out a military-grade rope to tie her up and threw her on the bed.

It was extremely professionally done. He had tied her limbs together, deeply sinking the rope into her skin where traces of blood could be seen if she struggled a little.

Xia Yu sighed and took out a red porcelain bottle from his pocket. “I am not a criminal, but that doesn’t mean I won’t kill. There are many ways to kill, and the easiest is to make others misunderstand it as suicide! This bottle is filled with a stimulant that will make a person excited and stop your heart. According to your usual style, I just have to arrange the scene a little, and many people will misunderstand it as you overdosing on drugs while having fun with one of your lovers. Do you want to give it a try?”

At this moment, Lu Xiyuan was extremely terrified, and under fear, even if Xia Yu was full of loopholes, she also couldn’t differentiate it.

Xia Yu opened the bottle with the dagger as he used the tip of the dagger for fishing out some liquid before shoving it in Lu Xiyuan's mouth. It tasted sweet and a hint of spiciness. Just as Xia Yu had said, this drug could really cause a person to be excited. Lu Xiyuan felt her body heating up, and her breathing also started to speed up.

Xia Yu shoved a little more into her mouth and suddenly felt a bit perverted at this moment, like those hentai porns, using all sorts of means to torture Lu Xiyuan. Actually, Xia Yu merely fed Lu Xiyuan ketchup mixed with chili. If an average person consumed it, it would cause one to be excited. So at this moment, Lu Xiyuan really thought that she had taken some sort of drug.

Lu Xiyuan’s firm mentality finally started to collapse, then she swung her head and begged, “Please, let me go. I’ll tell you what Xu Jiangang and Qiao Dehao are planning. They have set up a channel to resell placenta. That villa is used to store the placentas, and every month, buyers would come to retrieve the goods. The two of them have been relying on this business to earn a fortune for the past few years!”

There’s high nourishment in placentas, so many pharmacies had started to research on using them to create medicine. Xia Yu was slightly stunned, since he knew that hospitals had strict regulations on placentas. So others couldn't gain a fortune through them. He exclaimed in surprise, “Has the Obstetrics Department gone out of control in the Jianghuai Hospital to allow Qiao Dehao to do this?!”

Disdain flashed in Lu Xiyuan’s eyes as she responded, “Men die for money, while birds die for food. Qiao Dehao is an expert in manipulation, so he only has to bribe a few Obstetrics Department’s doctors to control it. Let me offer a bit of advice not to investigate this matter any further. Powerful pharmaceutical companies are involved in this, and Qiao Dehao is merely a pawn in this.”

Seeing how Lu Xiyuan came out honest, Xia Yu gently patted the dagger on his hand and struck the blunt bottom side against Lu Xiyuan’s head without taking any pity for her.

Xia Yu was actually a cruel person and knew how terrifying a woman like Lu Xiyuan was. The moment you showed sympathy for her, you would most likely be manipulated by her and devoured without a bone remaining.

Gently pinching Lu Xiyuan’s ample booty to get a sensation of it, Xia Yu started to work and took photos of the scenery. He knew that Lu Xiyuan would surely take revenge on him, so he had to restrain Lu Xiyuan from leaking everything that happened today.

Half an hour later, Lu Xiyuan slowly woke up and realised that she was lying on the bed. All the ropes have disappeared, and if it wasn’t for the pain that was on the back of her head, she would have thought that what just happened was a dream. She slowly stood up and walked towards the desk, where she found an envelope. When she opened it, her face was pale. It was all the photos of her, including the pictures of her meeting with an executive from Paradise Pharmaceutical Company.

The Paradise Pharmaceutical Company was the arch-enemy of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company; both of them were competing in their products. So to strike a blow at their opponent, the Paradise Pharmaceutical Company even tried to approach Lu Xiyuan. However, Lu Xiyuan hadn’t agreed to hop over yet, since they were still negotiating the salary and benefits.

“Bastard!” Lu Xiyuan raged.

She initially wanted to seduce Su Tao, and hold a card against the latter. However, she had been reversed!

Aside from the photo with the executive of the Paradise Pharmaceutical Company, there were still many naked photos of her. This was a warning from Xia Yu not to do anything stupid, since he held the material that could ruin her!

Naturally, Lu Xiyuan knew that Xia Yu was merely an executor, and the mastermind was the young man that always had a smile on his face. However, she never expected him to be such a schemer!

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