Chapter 115 - Meat by the Mouth

Xia Yu took two bites from a bun that had been bought for some time. It was a little cold, and the texture wasn’t too good before taking two mouthfuls of soy milk. His attention was on a man not too far away.

Xu Jiangang, the CEO of the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company. He was also one of the most prominent merchants in Hanzhou that dealt with medicine. Ten-odd minutes later, a fashionable woman entered the front passenger seat; the woman was Lu Xiyuan. Not only was she Xu Jiangang’s competent subordinate, but she was also one of his lovers.

The reason why Xu Jiangang could obtain numerous sales channeled in Hanzhou was significantly due to the powerful Marketing Team. Most of them were women, and they’re responsible for public relations. Amongst them, Lu Xiyuan was an outstanding talent. Not only did she have an exceptional appearance, but she was also open-minded as well.

After a few days of tracking, Xia Yu had a good grasp of Xu Jiangang’s lifestyle. This was a fellow with anti-tracking awareness with tight security in his office and residence, so he had been tough to track. Thus, Xia Yu could only follow Xu Jiangang from the surroundings, and through his investigation, Xia Yu could already confirm that Xu Jianguang had an intimate relationship with the leaders of several hospitals, including President Qiao Dehao of the Jianghuai Hospital.

Not only did he provide commission for Qiao Dehao, he even purchased a villa for the latter. Although the name of that apartment was under the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Qiao Dehao would head there to rest every two days, and Xia Yu suspected whether Qiao Dehao had a secret hidden in that villa.

The Land Rover that cost over ¥1,000,000 swiftly drove away with Xia Yu maintaining a distance apart as he followed. A few minutes later, he was a little astonished. The Land Rover was heading towards the Old Street. And as he had expected, the Land Rover stopped by the Three Flavour Hall before Lu Xiyuan and Xu Jiangang exchanged a kiss. Then Lu Xiyuan headed towards the Three Flavour Hall.

“What a flirty chick.” Xia Yu wiped his lips with a tissue and grinned. He imagined that this woman must be mighty in bed.

After Lu Xiyuan turned into an alley, Xia Yu called Su Tao. "Lu Xiyuan will be going to the Three Flavour Hall later. And if it goes as I expected, she should be going to seduce you.”

Su Tao briefly paused before he sourly replied, “Qiao Dehao actually sent his lover over to appease me? Is he underestimating me?”

Xia Yu chuckled, “I’m actually pretty interested in her. That ample booty of hers, she must be insane in bed!”

Recalling the matter in Jianghuai Hospital’s female toilet, Su Tao didn’t think that Xia Yu had misjudged. Lu Xiyuan was genuinely a bewitching fox, but she’s just not Su Tao’s type. Betraying her own dignity for money, a woman like Lu Xiyuan was even lower than a street prostitute.

The street prostitutes did not have any other skills, so they worked in that profession to feed themselves. On the contrary, those in public relations like Lu Xiyuan had resorted to anything for the sake of achieving her motives!

Before he hung up the call with Xia Yu, Su Tao saw Lu Xiyuan come in with a pink handbag. Su Tao lowered his voice, “She’s here. I’ll deal with her first.”

“Divine Physician Su, I’m here to look for you. Can you take a look at my illnesses?” Lu Xiyuan saw Su Tao with a glance and smiled while walking towards the latter.

Cai Yan, who was stationed at the cash register, looked unhappy when she saw Lu Xiyuan walking in. “All customers in Three Flavour Hall have to register. Come and have your information filled out first.”

Lu Xiyuan took a few glances at Cai Yan, and even as a woman, she couldn’t help feeling that Cai Yan possessed an outstanding figure and appearance. However, she did not show any weakness, either. As someone that understood a man’s heart, she knew that presentation might not capture all men, but sometimes, a woman that knew how to utilise means would be able to obtain the heart of a man more easily.

Lu Xiyuan paid no attention to Cai Yan but showed disdain on the corner of her lips as she walked towards Su Tao. She tossed her bag towards Su Tao and bit on her lips, revealing a seductive appearance as she begged, “Divine Physician Su, I’m your loyal fan here. Can’t you make an exception for me?”

Glancing at Cai Yan and seeing her stiffened expression while being on the verge of exploding, he pushed all the responsibility to Cai Yan with a smile. “Wait for a brief moment. Although the Three Flavour Hall isn’t a big place, it is a place with its rules and order. Please forgive me.”

When Lu Xiyuan sat in the waiting area, only then did Cai Yan’s expression look a little better. Lu Xiyuan could tell the ambiguous relationship between Cai Yan and Su Tao, but she had never been afraid of anything. If she could capture Su Tao under these circumstances, that would prove her capability.

After waiting for an hour, it was finally her turn, so Lu Xiyuan walked into the consultation room. When she saw Su Tao, she removed her jacket and started to reveal the strapped top. Although the consultation room was separated, there was also a door fixed here to secure the patient’s privacy. However, there would still occasionally be people passing by outside.  Lu Xiyuan’s shoulders were exposed, with big patches of white mounds before her chest that attracted Su Tao’s eyes.

Seeing Lu Xiyuan’s gaze wandering around on his body like a bitch in heat, Su Tao sighed, “Direct Lu, don’t beat around the bush. Actually, there’s no need for you to come here as you’re perfectly healthy.”

Lu Xiyuan charmingly smiled. “Do you believe in love at first sight? Ever since our meeting at the lift yesterday, I have found myself falling deeply in love with you.”

Su Tao never expected Lu Xiyuan to be so direct. He shook his head and smiled. “I believe in slow and steady wins the race, even more, I don’t believe in those periods of passion.”

Biting her rosy lips, she pursed her lips against her tongue while squeezing out her devastating cleavage with a smile. “You look so young, but I never expected you to be so conservative. Men and women, they have an affinity with each other as long as they see each other to their liking. If you’re interested, come to the Jaybin Hotel tonight to look for me. Please don’t disappoint me!”

Pushing a name card to Su Tao’s side, she gently placed her hand on the back of Su Tao’s hand and gently caressed it, seducing without any reservation.

Su Tao sighed while storing the name card and smiled. “Refusing the good intention of a woman isn’t a gentlemanly way.”

Seeing Su Tao storing the name card, Lu Xiyuan rejoiced in her heart. In her heart, she thought that Su Tao was a hypocrite. In the end, hadn’t he still fallen to her skirt?

Since she had succeeded, she stood up and left the consultation room. When she saw Cai Yan, she even threw a provocative gaze over.

A few minutes later, Cai Yan burst in fuming with anger and slammed her hand on the table. “Su Tao, why are you fooling around with even this kind of woman?”

Su Tao helplessly shrugged and felt indignant. “You got it wrong; she was the one that came to me.”

Cai Yan was briefly stunned before she turned out in anger. Su Tao knew that this matter had deeply hurt Cai Yan, but there was nothing he could do about it.

This was the meaning of a romantic calamity, and it was all because he was too outstanding, like the flesh of Xuanzhang that attracted all sorts of demons.

He naturally wouldn’t accept Lu Xiyuan’s invitation, so he sighed and called Xia Yu. “As you have guessed, Lu Xiyuan came looking for me and even said that she would be waiting for me in a hotel.”

Xia Yu immediately felt jealous. “Your luck with women is pretty good.”

“Unfortunately, this is something that I cannot enjoy. You can deal with it for me.” Su Tao smiled as he shrugged.

Xia Yu felt admirable for Su Tao to reject the meat that had been placed by his mouth. “Boss, your self-control is pretty good. If it were me standing in your shoes, I would have enjoyed it before anything else.”

“A woman like Lu Xiyuan is like fire. Trouble would endlessly follow if you stuck up to her. It’s natural for men to flirt with girls, but we must have our principles. Not all meat by your mouth has to be eaten.” Su Tao reminded with a smile.

Xia Yu smacked his lips. “Sure, I’ll go deal with her tonight and see if we can get some information out of her.”

From a certain degree, Xia Yu wasn’t someone with righteous morals anyway, and any team required such a character. In Su Tao’s plans, Xia Yu was an information agent, and as his ideas started to grow, he needed a person like Xia Yu. Regardless of the industry or officialdom, information was absolutely necessary. Know thyself, know thy enemy was always the way to obtain victory.

Naturally, Xia Yu still had to prove with time to see if he was suitable.

Lu Xiyuan received a message from an unknown number at 9:10 p.m., which she replied with a smile, “I’m in room 8308, the door isn’t locked. You can come in by pushing it.”

After the message was sent, Lu Xiyuan hummed a tune while opening the door to the bathroom. She wasn’t wearing much clothes and was preparing to shower. Even though the room’s door wasn’t locked, there was a crack left open from the bathroom’s door to haze out the area. Lu Xiyuan was already 27 years old this year and went to the gym at least three times a week. Her figure was well-maintained, and although her chest wasn’t big, it was ample. Her chest belonged to the category that every man would like to fondle. She was confident that as long as Su Tao took a peek from outside the bathroom, his hormones would rage like a bull and push her down immediately.

When the door clicked, Lu Xiyuan, who was washing her own neck, gently touched her towering peak and said in a pampered voice, “Is it Divine Physician Su? Briefly wait for me; I’m still showering!”

When she finished speaking, a silhouette was already standing at the door of the bathroom. Before she could complain, her hand was grabbed and she was pushed against the wall.

“Why are you so anxious!” Lu Xiyuan wasn’t uncomfortable; on the contrary, she was fond of it. With the fish being hooked, wouldn’t she be able to complete her mission quickly?

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