Chapter 114 - Yan Wujin’s Martial Arts Dream

Chapter 114 - Yan Wujin’s Martial Arts Dream

As the proverb says, there’s a master in every skill. Training constantly in any skill to perfection could destroy the heavens and ruin the earth. This move of Knife Demon’s had been simplified to just a simple chop. Drawing a big arc with his arm, along with a step forth, although the knife appeared slow and clumsy, it had a stunning bearing, as if it could split the heavens and earth apart. Enveloped by this aura, Su Tao instantly felt that he couldn’t escape.

It was the domain that Knife Demon had formed. In ancient times, a Martial Arts Expert had achieved the realm of killing one in ten steps. That meant that their domain covered the ten steps. At this moment, Knife Demon had cultivated that mysterious domain, causing Su Tao to feel like livestock for slaughter.

When Knife Demon’s blade came down, he realised that Su Tao had disappeared. He was instantly astonished, since this was something that was practically in the bag and wouldn’t fail!

Su Tao sat on the side, covered in sweat as he had just brushed shoulders with a grim reaper.

In that instant, Su Tao had used the Pulse Art to shorten himself by half an inch, before escaping from the Knife Demon’s knife in a weird position, making a roll and stopped with his back on the wall.

There were records in the Imperial Physician Sculpture that the highest state of the Pulse Art could allow one to change their appearance and physique, that meant to change their body shape through the connection between the Seven Apertures of the body and the Meridians to change the body shape and even appearance.

Su Tao had always thought it to be rubbish, but under that earlier danger, it had allowed him to come in contact with that realm.

Casting a glance at Su Tao, Knife Demon coldly snorted and let out a weird yell before fleeing. Roughly ten-odd seconds later, Yan Wujin had arrived with his hands behind his back at the spot where Knife Demon previously stood. Casting a glance at Su Tao, he asked, “Are you injured?”

“Just superficial injuries.” Su Tao nodded.

Yan Wujin sighed and took several steps forth while muttering, “Are you bullying me, who I couldn’t outrun you at my age?”

When Yan Wujin appeared, Su Tao knew that he had been saved. Recalling the terrifying killing intent emanating from Knife Demon, he felt fearful. His skills were sufficient for him to deal with ordinary folks, but he would be helpless against a Martial Arts Expert like Knife Demon.

After all, Su Tao had focused all his attention on his medical skills, and the energy of a person was limited. If he spent all his energy on Martial Arts, Knife Demon surely wouldn’t be a match for him by now. It’s mainly because one cannot be a jack-of-all-trades, or they would be master of none.

After opening the door and sitting in the hall for half an hour, Yan Wujin returned. There was a huge slit on his azure clothes, the evidence of the danger that he had faced previously.

Seeing Su Tao brewing tea, Yan Wujin took the teacup and said, “Tea made from the Old Street’s well is truly as rumored! Naturally, it is also because of the good tea leaves. This must be freshly picked from the Kongling Mount’s Tea Tree King this year! They only produce a few hundred catty every year.”

Yan Wujin was truly formidable, despite not showing anything, he actually possessed bountiful knowledge in his heart. Su Tao nodded his head. “That’s some keen eyesight, Senior Yan. How’s the matter with Knife Demon?”

Yan Wujin shook his head, “Reaching our level, unless we are willing to fight in a decisive battle, none of us can stop the other party from escaping. It was also uneasy whether I could survive twice under his knife.”

Su Tao bitterly smiled. “I can only say that I’m unlucky. Earlier, I nearly paid a visit to King Yama. It took a freak combination of factors that I could escape from his knife.”

Yan Wujin waved his hand and smiled, “Please don’t say that. If Knife Demon heard that you avoided his assassination by luck, he would probably have his nose crooked from anger.”

Refilling another cup of tea for Yan Wujin, Su Tao briefly pondered before reminding, “Senior Yan, there’s something that I should say about last time. Now that I’ve seen you again, I have to pour out what’s on my mind, no matter what.”

With a broad smile, Yan Wujin waved his hand. “Go ahead!”

After a brief pondering, Su Tao briefly arranged his words before saying, “Actually, you’re not suitable to fight anymore!”

Yan Wujin was briefly stunned, before he shook his head with a bitter smile. “A man can't help but go with the tides. Stepping a foot into this circle, don’t think of getting out.”

Su Tao knew that as an expert at the level of Yan Wujin, they’re actually extremely familiar with their own physiques. They should know their own condition, so he could only try his best to persuade. “You cultivated the Eight Extremist Fists when you were younger. This set of fist techniques is too overbearing, and it belongs to the sort of Martial Arts that harm your enemy and yourself at the same time. Although you have switched to Taiji when you’re about forty, trying to alleviate the repercussions brought by the Eight Extremist Fists, overusing Taiji will also harm the vitality in your body, despite having the effect of strengthening your body.”

Knowing Su Tao’s medical skills, Yan Wujin gently replied, “How can we let it go so easily? Let’s go one step at a time.”

Yan Wujin had saved his life numerous times, and as a doctor, he couldn’t stand and do nothing. Abruptly standing up, he walked towards the medicine cabinet and pulled the drawer, then casually grabbed some herbs.

Yan Wujin watched from the side, grabbing medicine was a foundation in TCM. Attaining the highest level, they could practically weigh it with their hands, and clearly, Su Tao had reached this level.

It didn’t take a minute, and Su Tao had already returned with a packaged medicine. He smiled, “Vitality Nurturing Powder. Brew it and take it once in the morning and night, it will aide your old illnesses.”

Yan Wujin did not refuse. He finished the tea before leaving with the package.

Sending Yan Wujin to the door, Su Tao briefly glanced at the former’s silhouette and sighed in his heart. He could feel a sense of loneliness coming from Yan Wujin, since ordinary people wouldn’t be able to reach their level. For someone that was so obsessed with Martial Arts, calling them to give up was a mistake, and Su Tao was starting to regret his words.

Yan Wujin strolled, and he could feel the sincerity from Su Tao’s reminder. All along, Yan Wujin had been a Martial Arts Grandmaster in fists, and most people only looked at his appearance and not in his heart. Thus, he had been suffering quietly, but he had to grit his teeth and persevere. Once they’ve stepped in it, giving up was absolutely impossible unless they gave up entirely on it.

Before he knew it, Yan Wujin had already returned to his home, and just when he wanted to push the doors open, Yan Sha opened them from the inside and she looked at Yan Wujin. “Grandfather, you fought again?”

Yan Wujin sighed, “Isn’t it all because of the Yuezhou’s Knife Demon returning? Adding on to his injuries this time, I don’t think he has the guts to return any more.”

Yan Sha knitted her brows before she entered the house and came back out with a treasured sword and knitted her eyebrows. “Why don’t I go and give him another sword?”

“You? You’re still lacking.” Yan Wujin shook his head.

Yan Sha unhappily pulled the sword out. The blade and the sheath rubbed each other, emanating a ringing noise before she said in a clear voice, “Grandfather, didn’t you say that I am talented? It’s just a Knife Demon, and I’m confident that I can deal with him.”

With a gentle smile, Yan Wujin explained, “In terms of strength right now, you might not be weaker than him when he has suffered injuries. But Knife Demon must have experienced all sorts of trials between life and death to be able to make it so far. The more predicaments you are in, the more dangerous it will be, and you have always been lacking in that matter of training, so I cannot allow you to risk your life.”

Sighing out, Yan Sha revealed reluctance in her eyes. “Grandfather, you must bring me along, alright? I will definitely be able to help you!”

Gently rubbing Yan Sha’s hair, Yan Wujin smiled. “Where’s your mother? She’s working OT again?”

There was a flash of disappointment when Yan Wujin mentioned her mother before Yan Sha replied, “She has led the team to hunt down a drug syndicate in another province. I have no idea when she will return.”

Yan Wujin sighed, “She’s working too hard and forgot about her family.”

Although hunting down a drug syndicate might sound dangerous, Yan Wujin knew the ability of this Daughter-in-Law of his, and there’s no issue in her protecting herself.

With a smile, Yan Sha responded, “Grandfather, I don’t see it that way. Mother is a heroine, so I must also become a criminal police like her when I grow up to clean out the poison in society.”

Yan Wujin’s gaze gently flashed. His Daughter-in-Law had been too great of an influence to Yan Sha. Ever since his son had passed away, his Daughter-in-Law has been infatuated with her work. Yan Wujin faintly said, “Rest early. You still have school tomorrow.”

Yan Sha nodded her head with her braids swinging while she went up. When Yan Wujin looked at Yan Sha’s silhouette, he felt a complicated emotion in his heart.

He was already getting on in his age, and he had no idea how long he could protect this mother-daughter pair. Although both of them possessed Martial Arts, they still had to rely on him not to be humiliated by others and stand firmly in society. This was the reason why Yan Wujin would work for the Poisonous Widow, Yan Jing. It wasn’t for his own benefit, but the future of this mother-daughter pair.

Yan Wujin coughed and took a tissue to wipe his lips. There were traces of blood in his phlegm, and Su Tao’s eyesight was shocking.

Suddenly, he recalled the matter that Yan Jing had suggested to him, to see if Su Tao was suitable to be his disciple. He had always been paying attention to Su Tao, and this was a young man with an unwavering heart and plans. Although Yan Sha and his Daughter-in-Law possess Martial Arts, the two of them were still female. In this unfair society where men held power, he had to find a suitable male to inherit his skills.

Although his son possessed outstanding talent, it was a pity that he died early. Standing up, Yan Wujin walked into the courtyard and looked at the sky filled with stars.

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