Chapter 113 - Knife Demon’s Return

Chapter 113 - Knife Demon’s Return

Lu Shimiao was a woman obsessed with cleanliness. As a doctor, especially a female one, it was natural. Now only would it not minus points for her, it would add more points instead.

The house was much cleaner than before, the mud prints that were initially on the wall had also disappeared, replaced with several graceful impressionism arts.

This was a woman that knew how to live her life. Although she wasn’t skillful in culinary skills, she had a high pursuit of quality in life.

“How do you deal with your stomach, usually?” Su Tao curiously asked seeing how Lu Shimiao ate with gusto.

Wiping her ample rosy lips, Lu Shimiao replied, “I usually ate in the hospital’s canteen. If I’m resting at home, I would occasionally cook noodles or make fruits. As a woman, I can’t eat too well, or we will probably grow fat eating so much oily food like today.”

A good woman was rare, and Lu Shimiao was perfect in the spots that should be plumper and the places that should be slim and tight. Even if she was sitting casually, she still displayed an excellent ‘S’ shape, so Su Tao helplessly smiled. “Women are giving themselves too high a standard, and that proves my point, seeing how someone of your figure still needs to slim down.”

As Lu Shimiao ate the simmer-fried fish, she chewed on her food while her words came out blurred, “Just like men, isn’t earning money a matter of course? Men are responsible for earning money and providing for the family, while women are responsible for staying beautiful.” Su Tao could tell that Lu Shimiao’s mood was pretty good.

Shaking his head, Su Tao faintly smiled. “You’re not that sort of superficial woman.”

Lu Shimiao’s eyes beamed, then she briefly paused before helplessly sighing, “Actually, I also want to become a superficial woman. It’s easier that way, unlike the way I have to be a dead beat every day. But I have also treated it lightheartedly. Sometimes, working hard can also be a joy at the same time, like how I spent most of my money to purchase my car. That BMW was something that I bought myself.”

Su Tao was a little surprised, before he smiled. “I thought that it was given to you by Qiao Bo.”

Lu Shimiao pointed her chopsticks out as she nodded with them towards Su Tao, “That’s when you’re superficial. Can’t a woman have the ability to buy a BMW by herself?”

With Lu Shimiao’s current work experience, her pay a year was roughly about ¥200,000, and a BMW was about ¥400,000-500,000. That’s equivalent to her salary for two years, so she did have the ability to purchase a vehicle herself. Naturally, many people have misunderstood that it was all given by the Qiao Family, since she married into a wealthy family.

This was a simple meal, there wasn’t any candlelight atmosphere, nor was it romantically decorated, just a table with a few home-cooked dishes, and a bottle of red wine. As Su Tao and Lu Shimiao chatted, the two of them also got a deeper understanding of each other.

After the meal, Lu Shimiao held the responsibility of washing the dishes. She wore an apron which outlined her gorgeous figure, especially the arc on her chest, which was simply tempting others to commit a crime!

Su Tao walked around in Lu Shimiao’s room and he could tell that Lu Shimiao was an extremely disciplined person in her life, not your typical woman. There wasn’t any unnecessary stuff on her desk or bed. The bookcase was the most significant highlight, since there were all sorts of collected works of prose. There wasn’t a single professional book.

Without him knowing, Lu Shimiao was standing behind Su Tao and she said, “What are you looking at? To be so entranced?”

Touching his chin and pondering for a long time, Su Tao faintly smiled, “It’s hard to imagine that as someone that works so hard at work, there isn’t a single profession book in your bookshelf.”

Lu Shimiao shrugged her shoulders as she replied, “That’s because I don’t like to bring work back home. Home is a place for rest, so there shouldn’t be any complicated stuff. I like to curl up on the couch with a cut of scented tea beside me as I quietly read a book.”

Sighing, Su Tao responded, “You’s a woman that lacks a sense of security. Actually, you can try to open up your heart.”

Casually sitting on the bed and caressing the bedsheet gently, Lu Shimiao faintly said, “From the day that I am sensible enough, my living environment taught me that I have to depend on myself. There’s no one around me that I can absolutely trust, and Qiao Dehao has thought that he gave everything I have. Actually, he’s extremely wrong, since I’m confident that even without him, I can also obtain my current achievements.”

A confident woman was especially charming, and Lu Shimiao looked extremely confident right now, which gave Su Tao a whole new understanding of her. Lu Shimiao brewed a pot of Roselle Tea and the crimson tea tasted slightly sour. It was sweet in the mouth, quenching thirst. In Su Tao’s mind, his image of Lu Shimiao went up by quite a bit. This was an incredibly unique woman, or to say that every woman had a unique part of her that left a rich aftertaste.

The two of them sat on the couch as they watched television. In recent years, there were lots of dramas about doctors, and the television was currently playing a drama called Healer. The male protagonist was a doctor, and the female was a head nurse. Because they have worked together for a long time, feelings grew between them, but because they were so familiar with each other, they did not poke through that layer of the barrier.

Lu Shimiao and Su Tao weren’t paying too much attention to the plot. They would talk about the unreasonable medical knowledge that was in the show.

Noticing that it’s no longer early, she suddenly stopped talking before staring at Su Tao and reminded, “It’s getting late now, you can return.”

Su Tao pretended to receive a sudden insight and he gently slapped his head with a smile. “We’ve been talking too happily, and I forgot about it.”

Staring at Su Tao and saw that Su Tao had no intention on getting up, Lu Shimiao dragged him up from the couch and Su Tao pretended to resist while taking a few gropes on her body.

“Are you leaving or not?” Lu Shimiao spoke in a stern voice after taking two steps back with her ears reddened.

Slapping his own face, Su Tao smiled. “I’ll get lost now, you sleep early tonight. You’ll definitely have a beautiful dream tonight!”

Watching Su Tao wear his shoes and disappear by the door with smiles, Lu Shimiao gently closed the door and felt somewhat at a loss.

Lu Shimiao actually hoped that Su Tao could stay, but she had many matters of concern. Firstly, she hadn’t gone through the divorce procedures, so there was a barrier on morality that bound onto her soul. Secondly, there’s a massive gap between her age and Su Tao, not to mention that she was a married woman and Su Tao was still young.

When Su Tao walked down the stairs, he looked in the direction of Lu Shimiao’s home and saw the lights in the balcony light up. A smile appeared on his face before he flagged a cab back to the Three Flavour Hall!

When Su Tao got out of the cab after taking the invoice and change from the driver, he felt something was amiss. All his pores were opened up when he took two steps forth. It felt as if there was an explosion.

A gentle breeze blew against his face, separating a few strands of hair in the process. Su Tao’s sixth sense had saved his life, or he would be a headless corpse by now.

An assassination! Furthermore, the opposing party was dominant. Su Tao swiftly made a decision and pounced forth, rolling a few meters out. However, the killing intent still followed and stuck to his back. As Su Tao cursed, a metallic blade collided with the tiles and ignited sparks in the process.

Su Tao was entirely focused on running, and before he ran out of the Old Street, he stopped.

There was a robust and well-built 5’8” figure standing before him with a cold sneer hanging on his lips. It was the Knife Demon that was chased away by Yan Wujin, who was also hired by Qiao Bo!

Placing the knife on his shoulder, Knife Demon faintly said, “Brat, I have to give it to you. Your agility is pretty good, and your skills in escaping are top-notch. But you can consider yourself unfortunate for meeting me. Hand your life over obediently, so that you might be spared from some suffering!”

Sweeping a glance at Knife Demon, Su Tao had guessed that it would take half a year for the former to fully recover from the injuries that Yan Wujin had given him, and looking from the Knife Demon’s complexion, he did seem to be injured. The reason he came back must be planning to take Su Tao by surprise.

With an arc rising on the corner of his lips, Su Tao loosen up. “Your injuries are still not healed yet, aren’t you afraid of Senior Yan coming after you?”

When Su Tao mentioned Yan Wujin, Knife Demon instantly flew into a rage, “Don’t mention that old fart with me! He’s just someone that likes to play tricks, and if I re-encounter him, I will surely hack him apart!”

With his rage meter rising, Knife Demon’s face grew sinister. He knew that it was futile to speak to Su Tao. Thinking about how Yan Wujin might appear anytime now, he had to deal with this matter as swiftly as possible.

As an assassin, once you have taken the job, you must finish the mission as long as the target wasn’t dead!

Knife Demon tapped his foot on the ground and disappeared. In the next instant, he appeared before Su Tao. All sorts of martial arts in the world could be broken through with speed. As the reflection of light shone onto Su Tao’s face, his pores instantly opened up and he could only retreat; this was the strength of the Knife Demon.

The blade aura was domineering, striking an urge to escape in Su Tao’s heart. Under the knife, even a Martial Arts Grandmaster like Yan Wujin could only dodge.

As Su Tao retreated, silver needles appeared in his hand. He did not send them towards Knife Demon, but threw them on the ground as a trap to slow down the Knife Demon’s speed.

Knife Demon was caught unexpected by this move, but he was only affected for an instant. He swept his knife towards the ground, instantly blowing the needles away and they shot into the sturdy walls at the sides.

Su Tao cursed in his heart. Anyone meeting such an expert would be rendered helpless. Naturally, it wasn’t easy it drag it out with Knife Demon for so long, causing Knife Demon to be more annoyed in the process. An expert at his level had a form of telepathy, so he could vaguely sense a powerful aura coming in his direction, and if it’s according to his expectations, it should be that old turtle, Yan Wujin!

If he were in his top form, it wouldn’t take long for him to deal with Su Tao. But it was a pity that not only was he heavily injured, Su Tao was also as slippery as a fish. Su Tao practically wouldn’t exchange moves with him and only tried to stall for time!

Halting his steps, Knife Demon took a deep breath, and he shot out like a cannon with a roar. This was his ultimate move, and if he couldn’t succeed, then he would have to flee immediately!

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