Chapter 112 - Date with a Married Woman

Chapter 112 - Date with a Married Woman

While Qiao Dehao is coaxing Tian Jian, his lungs were actually exploding from the anger and cursed Su Tao in his heart. Not only did that fellow ruin him in physiologically, he even tormented him mentally. There had only been him using someone as a shield, and since when had he become a protection talisman for someone else? But at this moment, he had no choice but to speak up for Su Tao against his will and try to mediate this matter.

“Old Tian, you have to change your mindset a little. Didn’t I tell you that Su Tao is the celebrity Physician of our Jianghuai Hospital? I’m not boasting, but there is definitely not more than the fingers on one’s hand that could surpass him in terms of medical skills in Huainan. Do you still remember the Russian businesswoman that came to the hospital a few months ago? He was the one who treated her.” Qiao Dehao would never imagine that there would be a day where he would praise Su Tao in front of others.

However, Tian Jian still felt it hard to swallow the anger and said, “I don’t believe that in the whole of China, or even the entire world, aside from your Jianghuai Hospital, that no one can treat my grandson!”

Jiang Dehao faintly smiled. “Leukemia in a young child is a tough problem in the entire medical world, and no one can be sure to treat it. Although I cannot promise that he will cure your grandson, but I feel that you can give it a try. If he can’t do it, it won’t be too late to mess with him.”

Hearing Qiao Dehao’s words, Tian Jian gritted his teeth. “Fine. For my grandson, my entire family will swallow this anger. But if he cannot treat my grandson, then don’t blame me for not giving you any face!”

Qiao Dehao acknowledged. The simplest method to deal with something was to drag it out. When someone was fuming with rage, don’t think of pouring a bucket of cold water to quench the fire. The right method was to get him to bear it for now, as time can resolve everything. Once the rage was weakened, then the matter wouldn’t be so big.

Hanging up the phone, Qiao Dehao held his chin and thought for a long time before he finally made a call to Lu Shimiao. Even if Lu Shimiao had witnessed his scandal, he had decided to pretend that nothing had happened. He would just thicken his face, and everything would be more forgivable.

“Miaomiao, I just heard the matter about the Intensive Care Unit. I have already suppressed this matter, but take note, in the future, try not to let such matters happen again.” Qiao Dehao spoke in a gentle voice that could give goosebumps.

Clearly, Lu Shimiao was slightly disbelieved of this as she looked at Su Tao, who was seated opposite of her, playing a game of slicing fruits. With a faint voice, he replied, “I got it!”

After a brief hesitation, Qiao Dehao sighed, “Also, Miaomiao, Dad is also a human; I have my needs. So it’s easier for me to commit a mistake that every young man and woman would commit. I hope that you can understand me!”

Lu Shimiao did not expect Qiao Dehao to mention this, so her brows knitted. “Dad, there are some things that are hard for me to understand. Furthermore, Qiao Bo and I have already reached an agreement to divorce, so don’t obstruct it anymore.”

Knitting his brows, Qiao Dehao lightly knocked on the table. “Miaomiao, you must cherish what you have right now. Without me, will you be able to become the Paediatrics Department Head at such a young age?”

Facing his threat, Lu Shimiao calmly replied, “Dad, I am confident in my own abilities, and if I don’t possess the ability, I will not hang onto this position. Then again, if someone wants to try anything to force me to leave, I will say that I am not someone to be provoked as well. I will also know how to retaliate and take revenge!”

Qiao Dehao never thought that Lu Shimiao would speak in such a manner to him, so he was instantly left speechless. His first reaction was that the matter today had been recorded by Lu Shimiao as evidence.

Hearing the busy signal, Qiao Dehao rubbed his temples and the gorgeous silhouette of Lu Shimiao constantly flashed in his head. Her figure was something that made him feel a strong possessive urge.

However, he knew that there was nothing he could do in this situation. He was the one in the danger zone, and if he took another step forth, he would fall into a bottomless pit. However, it was still hard for him to suppress his emotions.

Hanging up the phone, Lu Shimiao looked at Su Tao, who was still busy slicing fruits. “Just as you expected, Qiao Dehao has suppressed this matter. Sometimes, I wonder if your wisdom is more terrifying than your medical skills.”

Closing the application, Su Tao swept a glance at Lu Shimiao’s chest with a faint smile. “TCM involves many subjects, including psychology. If I change my profession to criminal police, my achievements will probably not be any inferior to Sherlock Holmes.”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “I merely praised you a little, and you got so proud. There’s still half an hour to knock off, do you need to take a look in the TCM Department?”

Su Tao knitted his brows as he shrugged. “Are you chasing me away?”

“Indeed, I am!” Lu Shimiao stretched her waist as she smiled. “Let’s have dinner after our work.”

Loosening his brows, Su Tao flung his lips aside. “That’s better!”

Su Tao took a round in the TCM Department. Because of his Physician King’s title, the TCM Department was extremely popular right now. Even if it’s reaching closing time, the department was still packed with patients. Initially, there weren’t many patients in the TCM Department, so the workers usually had nothing to do and often slacked off. But with more stuff to do and the increment of their salaries, all their expressions were no longer the same.

Zhang Chao had a keen eye. He knew that Su Tao would often show up in the Jianghuai Hospital over these last few days, he had been on standby all the time. Although Su Tao didn’t care much, Zhang Chao still had to give a good appearance. So when Su Tao appeared, Zhang Chao immediately went up with smiles, following Su Tao into his office.

The office was spotless, before Su Tao cast a glance at the CCTV camera at the corner of the room. The position hadn’t changed, so he sat down on the couch, while Zhang Chao smiled. “Department Head Su, our Department hasn’t had a gathering ever since you joined us. Actually, our Department’s funds are pretty ample, so why don’t we look for a time to get all of us together? Many colleagues also wish to talk to you.”

Nodding his head with a light smile, Su Tao replied, “Sure, try to make it as simple as possible. Don’t be too extravagant. You guys fix a time and inform me about it!”

Seeing how Su Tao agreed so easily, Zhang Chao’s eyes flashed with joy and he pondered before saying, “Department Head Su, have you heard about the information that our hospital is going to build a TCM Building?”

That’s how fast news went, when the first person knew about it, it would spread like wildfire. Su Tao faintly smiled. “Yeah, but don’t me too happy too early. After all, the funds aren’t in yet, so anything might happen.”

Obtaining the confirmation from Su Tao himself, Zhang Chao felt a stone lift in his heart, “Department Head Su, you have given too many miracles in our TCM Department.”

Seeing the moisture in Zhang Chao’s eyes, Su Tao didn’t find it fake, so he pondered briefly before sighing out. Zhang Chao wasn’t putting on an act, but he was really moved in his heart. With how TCM had been weakened and being in a comprehensive hospital, they’re basically at the bottom of the pyramid. They had been suppressed by western medicine to the point that they couldn’t even raise their heads. Yet, Su Tao had instantly turned that around by himself, changing this situation and even the Provincial Health Ministry was going to build a TCM Building. It’s certainly something that would never occur in other top-grade Hospitals!

It’s hard for TCM to rise based on a person’s strength alone. However, Su Tao was someone with heroic ideology. He believed that he could change everything by himself. At the same time, he also knew that he had to nurture more seeds for TCM to rise. Whether being the Jianghuai Hospital’s TCM Department or his Three Flavour Hall, they’re all seeds to fulfill his dream; hoping that they could grow into a towering tree one day.

After chatting with Zhang Chao for a while, Su Tao felt that when this guy spoke the truth, Zhang Chao was actually someone pretty much to his liking. Although Zhang Chao was usually cunning, he was still someone that could be read.

After parting with Zhang Chao, Su Tao walked out of the Hospital and stood beneath the bus stop. This was also his rapport with Lu Shimiao, before he saw a BMW driving over from afar. Swiftly entering the front passenger seat, Lu Shimiao joked when he saw how swift and proficient he was, “Why? Is it pressuring to have a date with a married woman?”

This was what Su Tao liked about Lu Shimiao, how she spoke so bluntly. Placing his hand on the puppy cushion beside him, he took two pinches on its chest and smiled. “Yeah, I should feel proud to have courted you. But there is still gossip around, so we have to keep it low key and be careful of places with many people.”

“Who’s being courted by you? What happened that day was all a misunderstanding.” Lu Shimiao said sourly as she rolled her eyes. When she finished speaking, a graceful arc rose on her lips that made Su Tao dazed for a few seconds while he appreciated the beauty.

The two of them were at a loss for a long time in that place. But in the end, they had reached a unanimous suggestion; to make dinner in Lu Shimiao’s newly-rented place. Lu Shimiao was also excited about this, due to her work commitments for the past few years; it was rare for her to have a home-cooked meal at home.

After buying the ingredients in a supermarket, Su Tao regretted it a little when they came to the kitchen. Su Tao realised that Lu Shimiao was practically a blank piece of paper when it came to cooking. She even held the kitchen knife like a scalpel, pinching the knife like how someone drew a bow. Although it looked a little graceful, it was also a hilarious scene at the same time.

Su Tao knew that he would be the protagonist in the kitchen today and he got Lu Shimiao to lay out the table before he started to wash and cut vegetables. Although it had been a long time since he cooked, he definitely wasn’t out of practice. Cooking was like a human being, and once it had been finalised, it would form into a style. How much oil to put, when to put the ingredients in, and how high the fire should be have all been imprinted to him, it was a wonderful feeling.

Roughly half an hour later, five dishes and a soup were laid on the table. Lu Shimiao was a little surprised at this; they smelled and looked pretty good. She placed a piece of sweet-and-sour pork into her mouth. She instantly felt fragrant and tasty, and she couldn’t help raising her thumb as she spoke unclearly with food in her mouth, “I never expected your culinary skills to be so formidable!”

Su Tao humbly smiled. He was a Physician, and Physicians stressed on a healthy diet, since treatment via food was also an important subject. As an all-rounded Physician, cooking and treatment via food have practically been fused.

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