Chapter 111 - Your Face is Straight Again!

Chapter 111 - Your Face is Straight Again!

That slap not only made Tian Biao dumbfounded, but even Lu Shimiao was stunned. The patient and doctor relationship had been growing complicated, and it had always been the patient that beat the doctor up, since when was there a doctor that beat the patient up?

Tian Bao took two to three steps back and looked at Su Tao in disbelief. He felt that this doctor was too arrogant, so he toughened his neck. “You dare to hit me?”

Su Tao rolled his eyes in disdain as he continued to take the pulse for Liangliang. On the other hand, Fu Zhen had swiftly walked to Tian Bao and quickly asked, “Dear, are you okay?”

While Tian Bao rubbed his cheek, he still felt the burning sensation and shook his head. “I’m fine. Take my bag over; I’ll call a few brothers over. Today, I want him to take responsibility for his own actions and let him know what a grave mistake has he made!”

Seeing that Tian Biao was hit, Fu Zhen also felt angry, so she swiftly took the bag from the table. When she took out the phone to hand it over to Tian Biao, a shock flashed on her expression. “Dear, what’s wrong with your face?”

Tian Biao only felt numb and stiffness on his cheeks. Slapping his own cheeks, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

When he finished speaking, he took the phone over and opened up the camera before noticing his crooked face.

Su Tao’s slap had deranged his face?

Standing by the side, Lu Shimiao felt anger and hilarity at the same time. She was angry at Su Tao’s temper for giving Tian Biao a slap from the latter’s arrogant words and completely disregarded consequences. At the same time, she also found it hilarious that Tian Biao’s entire face had turned crooked, even his nose, eyes, and mouth were slanted. It looked as if he was making a funny face.

Holding onto the phone, Tian Biao’s hand started to tremble before looking at Su Tao in fear. He knew that he had met an expert, and if Su Tao didn’t wield any martial arts, how could Su Tao make his face crooked?

Su Tao was still checking Liangliang’s body with all his attention focused, as if he wasn’t concerned about what was happening around him. When he finished the check-up, he sighed and he raised his head to look at Tian Biao before speaking to Lu Shimiao, “Liangliang’s illness is severe. Although a few chemotherapies have been done, the effect is subpar. But the main concern is that his foundation hasn’t been good, and if you continue the chemotherapy, it might even worsen his condition, instead of helping it.”

Tian Biao felt enraged that such a young doctor had ignored him and raged, “I have already decided to switch hospitals, you guys are no longer need to treat my son!”

Fu Zhen also screamed from the side and echoed along, “You hurt my husband, and I will make a complaint to the hospital! This matter isn’t done yet! We will also demand the hospital to compensate for our losses!”

Su Tao helplessly glanced at the couple and shook his head. “The reason why I gave him a slap wasn’t because you guys have insulted me, but you guys are irresponsible parents to Liangliang!”

With his mouth crooked, Tian Biao replied, “Irresponsible? Lianlian is our flesh and blood, and ever since his birth, we have been giving him the best!”

“Then let me ask the two of you. Did you guys buy a new house seven years ago, and moved in with your wife pregnant after the renovations have just been completed?”

With her eyes widened, Fu Zhen exclaimed in surprise with her eyes widened, “How do you know about that?”

She was shocked, since Su Tao was entirely right on.

Su Tao faintly replied, “It was just a guess earlier, but I have confirmed it after taking the pulse. The reason why your son has leukemia is all because of you guys being irresponsible parents. I slapped you for Liangliang. Although you guys are his parents and created him, his pain is also caused by the two of you!”

Instantly, the rage in Tian Biao diminished by quite a bit from Su Tao’s words.

There were many possibilities for a child to have leukemia. Firstly, it could come from heredity, if any member of the family had leukemia, there’s a high chance of it being passed on. Secondly, it would be caused by the environment due to formaldehyde from the renovations, it’s also one of the reasons for causing leukemia. Thus, one couldn’t be in a rush to stay in a newly renovated house, since it must be left to dry in the air for half a year before it was suitable for staying.

Taking a deep breath, Tian Biao suppressed the resentment in his heart and solemnly said, “Stop the act! No matter what you say, Liangliang will change hospitals, and you will also pay the price for that earlier slap!”

Looking at Liangliang on the bed, Su Tao calmly said, “Even if you can find a suitable bone marrow in a short period, I’m afraid that he is not suitable for the surgery. As for your intentions to take revenge, do as you wish!”

As Su Tao spoke, he walked towards Tian Biao, and before the latter could react, Su Tao gave him another slap. That slap came quickly and Tian Biao felt his face turning numb again, while Fu Zhen exclaimed from the side, “Dear, your face is straight again!”

Turning his face crooked with a slap, it might be by pure coincidence. But straightening it with another slap, that’s skill!

Seeing Su Tao walking out of the ward, Lu Shimiao swiftly followed up. After they passed by the long hallway, Su Tao slowed his steps, allowing Lu Shimiao to catch up and the latter sighed, “I will help you deal with the matter in the ward today!”

Seeing that Lu Shimiao was willing to be the scapegoat for him, Su Tao smiled. “I was called by you to help, so I will be responsible for my own actions!”

After a brief hesitation, Lu Shimiao lowered her voice, “That Tian Biao has been insulting me many times. Sometimes when his wife isn’t around, he would even be touchy, and I have been annoyed with him. So I have to thank you for teaching him a lesson today.”

Hearing Lu Shimiao’s words, Su Tao instantly grew unhappy and his face turned dark. “Looks like those two slaps from before was too light! That won’t do, I have to return and teach him a good lesson so that he will behave properly in the future!”

Knowing Su Tao being someone that would do as he said, Lu Shimiao immediately stopped him. “Forget it. There are many people in the world without any class, and you can’t slap them all, right?”

Lowering his voice, Su Tao lightly chuckled, “For you, I can even slap all of them twice!”

“Childish!” Lu Shimiao commented before continuing after seeing the arc on the corner of Su Tao’s lips, “It’s a pity for Liangliang. He’s innocent, and he did not have a choice, since the heavens have arranged such parents for him.”

Su Tao gently sighed as he promised, “As long as Liangliang doesn’t switch hospitals, I will do my best to treat him.”

A splendor flashed in Lu Shimiao’s eyes. This was why Su Tao had attracted her. Although he might appear to be wanton and unrestrained, he would never hesitate when it came to serious issues. At the same time, he also had the heart of a doctor. She bitterly smiled. “Don’t you have anything to miss in the Jianghuai Hospital? Aren’t you afraid of Qiao Dehao firing you?”

Su Tao shook his head and gently smiled. “No matter how dissatisfied Qiao Dehao is with me, he does not dare to kick me out right now, since I am still precious. The Provincial Health Ministry is going to build a TCM Building for me, and that is a huge project. Do you think that Qiao Dehao is willing to let me go?”

With a deep glance, Lu Shimiao asked, “What if Tian Biao really calls someone to cause trouble for you?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Your Father-in-Law is a sophisticated man. If he can’t even resolve such a simple matter, how is he qualified to sit in the President’s seat? Treat this as his test, then.”

Not long after Qiao Dehao deleted the CCTV footage and separated with Lu Xiyuan, the phone on his table rang and the voice of his old friend, Tian Jian's voice resounded. Initially, Qiao Dehao thought that this old friend of his must be worried about his grandson, and just when he intended to shake it off, he heard Tian Jian’s raging voice sounded out, “Old Qiao, isn’t your hospital too arrogant? A doctor of your hospital actually dared to hit a family of the patient! Is being a top-grade Hospital amazing? Do you believe that I won’t call people over to stop your business operations?”

Qiao Dehao knitted his brows as he asked in puzzlement, “What’s going on? You have to let me investigate it, at the very least!”

“I have asked about it clearly! Your Daughter-in-Law, Lu Shimiao, called a young TCM Physician over to check on Liangliang. My son was a little worried and said a few words, but that physician slapped him in the end.” Tian Jian slammed his palm on the desk as he continued, “How is this a hospital that you are operating? You’re practically running a syndicate!”

Qiao Dehao was briefly stunned before he instantly linked everything together. Although Tian Jian did not mention who the young TCM Physician was, he could vaguely determine that it must be Su Tao.

He instantly cursed in his heart, Su Tao could offend anyone, but he just has to offend Tian Jian. That fellow was the Head of the Economic Development Zone, a Deputy-Divisional Leader, someone of the same rank as him that held great authority and the favorite of the Mayor.

Clearing his head, Qiao Dehao sighed. He knew that this matter had to be suppressed, or if Su Tao was really kicked out of the Jianghuai Hospital, then the funds from the Provincial Health Ministry would go down the drain.

With a smile, Qiao Dehao replied, “Aiya, Head Tian, I’m sure that you have no idea about it. I was the one that sent the young man over.”

“Ah?” Tian Jian was shocked by Qiao Dehao’s words.

What’s going on, was Qiao Dehao saying that he’s the one that sent someone to slap his son?

Qiao Dehao coughed as he patiently explained, “There’s a Physician King in our Jianghuai Hospital. Some time ago, the Provincial Health Ministry even issued a document to honor this matter. That young man is called Su Tao, someone with exceptional medical skills. But it’s also unavoidable for geniuses to be arrogant and untamed, so he has been unscrupulous when it comes to handling stuff!”

Tian Jian replied unhappily, “Even if he has a fiery temple, he still can’t hit someone, right?”

Qiao Dehao continued to toughen his scalp and persuaded, “I will surely investigate this matter. If there’s a reason for that, then it’s fine. After all, he isn’t your average person that can be dealt with. If your son is in the wrong, then just bear it a little.”

Tian Jian initially came to criticise, but he never thought that Qiao Dehao would actually want him to let the matter rest. He instantly grew unhappy and raged, “Old Qiao, I’m talking to you nicely now because it’s you. If you are really going to tolerate and let a vile person grow, then don’t blame me!”

Knitting his brows, Qiao Dehao sighed, “Old Tian, we’re poker friends. Let’s not talk about stuff that would harm our relationship. How about this, I’ll let you win more next time when we play poker to compensate you, how about it?”

Tian Jian was also someone experienced and knew that Qiao Dehao was someone with a backing, so since there’s no need to make things worse, he took a deep breath, “Then my grandson has to change hospitals immediately!”

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