Chapter 110 - A Pair of Exotic Parents

Chapter 110 - A Pair of Exotic Parents

“Are you busy today?” Su Tao and Lu Shimiao walked side-by-side while wearing white coats. She was tall and fair-skinned, along with a gorgeous appearance, while the man casually stuck his hands into his pockets with a smile hanging on the corner of his lips, looking graceful. This pair attracted all sorts of gazes, and if Lu Shimiao hadn’t been married, someone might have thought that they’re the golden couple of Jianghuai Hospital.

“Not particularly busy! Usually, the Paediatrics Department will be busy on the weekend, so I’m usually freer after 10 a.m.” Lu Shimiao subconsciously walked one step behind Su Tao as she followed him.

Su Tao sighed and lowered his voice, “Then pay attention to your rest. Looking from your complexion, your mental state doesn’t seem too good. Are your periods irregular as well? Do you need me to prescribe you something?”

Raising her head to look at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao blushed. “Who needs you to act like you care?!”

When she finished, she quickened her steps, leaving Su Tao stunned before he helplessly shook his head and followed up. According to Su Tao’s guess, Lu Shimiao should have been experiencing insomnia over the last few days, causing the disorder in her body. If it wasn’t treated for a long time, it might even result in her period being in disorder.

Seeing that Su Tao was following her, Lu Shimiao felt relieved in her heart. Since that incident from before, she had been feeling guilty about it for a long time. In terms of age, she’s a few years older than Su Tao, and it was naturally her initiative that caused the mistakes between them.

Lu Shimiao had once considered not to have alone time with Su Tao anymore after he’s back and purely stay in contact as colleagues. But when she saw how Su Tao cheaply smiled, she felt her heart thumping out of her control. Is this love?

She had always been the kind of person that didn’t put love in the front in her heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have married Qiao Bo without having a deep understanding of the latter.

Su Tao followed her into the Paediatrics Department and Lu Shimiao looked at him for a few seconds before bursting into smiles, that left Su Tao a little surprised. Could it be that she had gone insane?

“You’re a shadow following me! You’re the TCM Department’s Head, so why are you following me and not returning to your own office?” Lu Shimiao flipped through the medical documents and chose two tough ones and tossed one to Su Tao as she ordered, “Since you’ve sent yourself up to my door, then I have to grasp the opportunity well. Help me look at these two patients!”

Su Tao initially intended to chat with Lu Shimiao to ease the tension in their relationship. But seeing that she had immediately dumped work to him, he could only helplessly smile while flipping through the file. “Leukemia in young children?”

Nodding her head, Lu Shimiao spoke with a grave expression. “If it’s not a tough one, how can I let you, the famed Divine Physician of Jianghuai Hospital look at? The Donghu District has been expanding its paper making factories, causing pollution in the environment. The foundation of TCM was based on balance and slowly seeking an opportunity to live. As society progressed along with the development of science, it had also disrupted the foundation of TCM.

If TCM wanted to develop, they must advance further and treat problems that couldn’t be treated with western medicine, so that they could achieve a breakthrough with the society that had the dominating western medicine.

The treatment for leukemia was mainly through chemotherapy. But if one wanted to resolve it completely, then they would have to undergo bone marrow transplant surgery.

Knitting his brows, Su Tao sighed, “If they haven’t gone through any chemotherapy, I would have 90% confidence. But they have already undergone three chemotherapy sessions, and it will be troublesome for me to treat them now.”

Clearly, Lu Shimiao didn’t have much understanding, so she knitted her brows and asked, “Treating leukemia with chemotherapy is the best method.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao said in a soft voice, “Chemotherapy disregards the balance in a person’s body. Regardless if it’s good or bad, it has adopted a principle of eliminating. Looking at it from the TCM’s view, that’s the same as exhausting the blood essence in a person’s body, and that is the essence of life. If the blood essence is fully exhausted, then they won’t be far from death.”

Lu Shimiao sighed as she took the case file and asked, “I’m going to conduct a routine visit, are you coming?”

“Well, I have no reason to refuse.” Su Tao shrugged.

Lu Shimiao wanted to let Su Tao take a look at the two patients, and perhaps, Su Tao might be able to give them a new life.

She was a prideful person, and she would never admire someone. However, Su Tao had utterly won her over with his skills, allowing her to know that divine physicians really existed in the world. Facing all sorts of illnesses, they could easily resolve them with their pair of hands.

When they came to the Intensive Care Unit for the Paediatrics Department, Lu Shimiao walked towards a girl that looked roughly eight and smiled. “Xiaoxiao, how are you feeling today?”

Xiaoxiao was wearing a hat, since all her hair had fallen off. With a pale expression, she replied in a soft voice, “Aunt Lu, I have already gotten better. Why don’t you talk to my mother and let me discharge in the afternoon?”

Lu Shimiao turned around to look at the young married woman sitting by the bed with tears welling up in her eyes as she shook her head with a complicated smile. Clearly, she felt exceedingly terrible due to Xiaoxiao’s ignorance.

Turning her head to look at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao gently said to Xiaoxiao, “Is it alright to let this uncle make a check for you?”

Xiaoxiao’s eyes instantly lit up as she laughed, “Wow, what a handsome Big Brother!”

Su Tao smiled as he said to Lu Shimiao, “Xiaoxiao is smart to differentiate me as the Big Brother compared to someone that wants to define me as an uncle.”

Rolling her eyes, Lu Shimiao responded, “Being cocky from Xiaoxiao’s unintentional words!”

Instantly, Su Tao’s impression of Xiaoxiao turned better. He had encountered many patients that had a depressed mood due to their illnesses, especially leukemia patients. After their chemotherapy, their emotions would be unstable. But it wasn’t the same for Xiaoxiao, she looked calm, and having a good mood would be beneficial to health.

Su Tao took her pulse, and ever since the finals of the Physician King Tournament, he could enter into an anatta realm when taking a pulse. Through the beating of the pulse, he could form a diagram in his mind of the patient’s bone structure, meridians, five viscera, and six bowels. After taking the pulse for ten-odd minutes, it was akin to a full body check-up.

With a smile, Su Tao said, “Xiaoxiao, rest assured. Although you can’t go to school, for the time being, you will have what you wish soon enough, to go to school like every other kid.”

Hearing Su Tao’s words, Lu Shimiao rejoiced in her heart. With her understanding of Su Tao, she knew that he wasn’t someone that would boast. Since he said that Xiaoxiao could fully recover, then he must be able to treat her.

After their check-ups, they went to the ward next door. When they entered, they were blocked by a robust figure with a thick gold chain hanging on his neck. His cheeks were plump and he pointed at Lu Shimiao’s nose and cursed, “I’ve been waiting for you. Why is my son’s health deteriorating every day since the treatment has started? Not to mention the expensive medicine, are you conning us on purpose?”

Lu Shimiao was also used to this parent’s attitude, so she sighed and patiently explained, “Chemotherapy will cause damage to the body, but if it’s not done in this way, the patient’s situation will grow worse.”

That patient was called Tian Liangliang, he’s six this year, and this man was the father of the patient. His name was Tian Biao, a Vice-General Manager of an internet company.

“I’m doubting your standards now. It’s still the hospital in Yunhai that’s skilled in these sorts of illnesses. Doctors like you only know how to con money!” Tian Biao said unhappily.

Maintaining her grace, Lu Shimiao patiently explained, “I will not object to you switching hospitals, but as long as he is in the hospital for one day, as the attending doctor of Liangliang, I will take responsibility of his illness. Let me do a simple check-up for him now.”

A woman came over, she was Liangliang’s mother, and her name was Fu Zhen. Although she had knitted her brows, her tone was still gentle, hiding her complaints as she said, “Doctor Lu, I’m sorry for my husband’s temper. It’s also because he is concerned with Liangliang’s condition, so that’s why he has spoken those words. But do understand our circumstances as well. Although our family conditions aren’t that bad, we’ve still spent so much money on Liangliang. Yet, there are no signs of him getting better! Shouldn’t the hospital give us an explanation? Do you have a method to treat him? If not, we will switch hospitals!”

Tian Bu snickered, “Wifey, don’t think that she’s a good person. How many doctors nowadays aren’t aiming for money? If it weren’t for my parents knowing your President Qiao, I wouldn’t have wanted to come to such a second-tiered hospital!”

Knitting her brows, Lu Shimiao sighed, “It’s the parent’s decision if you want to switch hospitals. I have no right of speech in this matter, nor will I forbid you from doing so!”

When she finished speaking, she walked into the ward and saw Liangliang lying on the bed, sleeping.

She turned to glance at Su Tao, which he helplessly shook his head. As he had expected, both Liangliang and Xiaoxiao were patients of leukemia, but Liangliang’s physical condition was worse than Xiaoxiao. That was also due to the body’s state.

Just when Su Tao was going to take the pulse to check Liangliang’s body condition, he was obstructed by Tian Biao and the latter spoke up with caution, “What are you trying to do?”

This pair had been extremely dissatisfied with the hospital, and under such conditions, it wouldn’t be easy to treat the patient. Helplessly retracting his hand, he faintly said, “I wish to take his pulse to understand his body’s condition!”

Tian Biao grinned, revealing his yellow teeth that had been stained from cigarettes and said in disdain, “Pulse? Am I hearing you right?”

Su Tao nodded. “I am a TCM Physician, is there a problem in taking the pulse of the patient?”

“Fuck you and your TCM, get lost!” Tian Biao straightforwardly cursed.

Knitting his brows, Su Tao instantly waved a slap at Tian Biao’s face.

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