Chapter 109 - Secret of the Ladies

Chapter 109 - Secret of the Ladies

Even if the two of them had suppressed their rough breathing, Su Tao and Lu Shimiao could still hear the commotion, since they’re merely separated by a partition. Lu Shimiao lowered her head and did not dare to look at Su Tao. She had unconsciously clamped her legs together, since it was typical for a chemical reaction to occur in such an ambiguous atmosphere.

Although Su Tao was occasionally cheap, he wasn’t that bored to the point that he would listen to people making love in the ladies. He was worried that Lu Shimiao might be discovered after seeing Qiao Dehao suddenly charge into the ladies, and thus, he came in as well.

He never expected that Qiao Dehao would be so daring and do it publicly in the ladies.

Su Tao had always regarded himself as gutsy, but compared to Qiao Dehao, he was inferior in comparison.

As Lu Shimiao heard the rough breathing of her Father-in-Law, she finally couldn’t stand it anymore and moved her lips without any sound coming out, “Are we just going to stay here?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao moved his lips to respond as well, “Let’s wait till they’re fully engrossed in it before leaving!”

Lu Shimiao nearly laughed out, so she held her mouth. Because of this incident, the barrier between them had seemed to disappear instantly.

Initially, Lu Shimiao thought that it would definitely be awkward meeting Su Tao, since it felt weird for such a thing to occur between colleagues. But with this event, it made the previous awkwardness that they had to be disregarded.

As the banging sounds rang out from the partition, Su Tao found Qiao Dehao’s pace to be fast, since such a huge commotion had given them a chance to get out of there. Lu Shimiao had also noticed this, so she gently pushed the door open and slowly creeped out while Su Tao followed behind. When he was out, he forcefully slammed the door behind him.

A huge bang rang out and Lu Shimiao saw Su Tao dash in her direction before she subconsciously put her hand out and was held by Su Tao. The two of them swiftly made a turn and they turned towards the stairs.

After going down several floors, Lu Shimiao couldn’t run anymore and panted with tears at the corner of her eyes from laughter. “Why did you use so much force? Qiao Dehao is probably terrified by you!”

Su Tao was also a little exhausted, so he caught his breath and replied, “This is a warning for him not to be so fearless in the future.”

Sourly glancing at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao teased, “He’s surely stamping with fury to find out who was in the toilet!”

“I know, so he will have a shadow in his heart for his entire life.” Su Tao rubbed his chin as he fell into a brief silence, “Actually, it’s simple for him to find us. He just needs to retrieve the CCTV footage to know about it.”

Lu Shimiao suddenly panicked and anxiously asked, “Then, what should we do?”

Su Tao faintly smiled as he reminded, “He’s the one that should be nervous now. After all, we know about his secret and even hold some evidence against him.”

Encountering such an issue, most people would feel nervous. After all, they had budged into the taboo of someone else, so their first reaction was to be afraid of revenge coming their way. But after thinking about it clearly, you had the evidence of the other party, so the other party should be the one fearful of you. Not to mention that Qiao Dehao was messing in the office building, it’s practically absurd, and Lu Shimiao even had the conversation between the two of them recorded as evidence.

With a complicated flash in her eyes, Lu Shimiao asked, “What should we do now? Should we send the evidence to the relevant department?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao rubbed his chin and pondered for a brief moment. “We’re in the shadows, and he’s in the light. He’s the one with the disadvantage, so we just need to watch the changes!”

Lu Shimiao gently sighed. She still seemed to be under the adrenaline rush from the incident earlier. She exclaimed, “The first time I met him, he gave me a pretty good impression. Even if his medical skills were so-so, he gave off a righteous aura. But I never expected him to be so vile down to his bones.”

Su Tao shrugged. “Disguising themselves is a subconscious action of a human being. When you lack in something, you will subconsciously want to fake a misperception to confuse others.”

Casting a complicated glance at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao said, “Are you also disguising yourself?”

Nodding his head without any hesitation, Su Tao responded, “If you don’t know how to disguise yourself, you will be easily hurt. So everyone has to learn how to disguise themselves!”

Laughing mockingly at herself, Lu Shimiao said, “But I’m more stupid than others, I still can’t do it!”

Shaking his fingers, Su Tao faintly replied, “You're too modest. You’re actually passionate on the inside, despite your cold appearance. If my disguising skill is ranked first, then you’re second!”

After a brief rest, Lu Shimiao caught her breath back and sourly cast a glance at Su Tao. “You’re talking nonsense again!”

When Qiao Dehao heard the slam coming from next door, he was instantly scared into a shrimp. He exchanged a look with Lu Xiyuan for a long time before he reacted and frantically pulled his pants up. At this moment, he felt like a thief and did not dare to go out, fearing that he might bump into someone. At the same time, he was also curious about who it was earlier.

Seeing that Qiao Dehao had been scared, Lu Xiyuan stretched her hand and pushed Qiao Dehao’s chest. “Quick, leave, or are you going to stay here forever?”

A bitter expression appeared on Qiao Dehao’s face as he sighed, “Damn it, I don’t have any feelings down below anymore. Will it be crippled from now on?”

Glaring at Qiao Dehao, Lu Xiyuan sourly said, “Then go and quickly check who it was earlier so that you can do your homework. It’s common for such mistakes to occur; it’s not like the sky has fallen.”

Qiao Dehao pinched Lu Xiyuan’s cheeks as he took several breaths. He was now the President of Jianghuai Hospital. In the past, when Di Shiyuan was in charge, he had always been unrestrained, and now that he was the First-in-Command, such things could be considered trifles.

After the two of them tidied up their clothes, Lu Xiyuan went out first to scout and after determining that there wasn’t any commotion coming from outside, only then did Qiao Dehao slowly come out. After a brief consideration, Qiao Dehao still decided to retrieve the CCTV footage from the Security Chamber.

When the workers in the Security Chamber saw that Qiao Dehao came with Lu Xiyuan, they were caught by surprise, since Qiao Dehao rarely came here. Qiao Dehao came up with a nonsensical reason to send the security guards on duty away and found the footage in his office, then scrolled the time back and soon recognise a familiar figure.

“How surprising, I never expected that it’s your Daughter-in-Law.” Not long after Lu Xiyuan walked into the toilet, Lu Shimiao entered as well, which Lu Xiyuan teased as she chuckled out.

Qiao Dehao had been thinking of his own Daughter-in-Law all the time and even brought Lu Xiyuan to the newly-wed house of her son and messed around in there. Now that his Daughter-in-Law discovered him, how coincidental was this?!

Qiao Dehao’s face was unsightly, and a few minutes later, he could see himself sneaking into the ladies as he rubbed his chin. “Why would she come to the ladies in my office?”

Thinking of how Lu Shimiao discovered his secret, Qiao Dehao felt a complicated relationship. The reason why he was charmed by Lu Xiyuan was due to her sharing some resemblance to Lu Shimiao in terms of appearance. From Lu Xiyuan, he could get the thrill of subduing his own Daughter-in-Law, but he never expected that today’s matter would be discovered by Lu Shimiao. How would he face her in the future?

However, the complicated thoughts merely flashed in his mind as Qiao Dehao continued to watch the footage patiently, and when Su Tao showed up, he finally understood what was going on. “So it’s Su Tao that called Lu Shimiao over!”

Lu Xiyuan was also stunned before she exclaimed, “I clearly saw him entering the lift, could it be that he hadn’t left?”

Qiao Dehao was too careless and committed such a low-leveled mistake. When he saw Lu Xiyuan, his mind was dominated by lust that resulted in being eyed by someone else. Thinking of how shrewd Su Tao was, he instantly felt his back turn cold, as if he had a gun pointed to him and could burst his at head any moment.

The matter would be much easier if someone else saw it. He could use some means to seal the other party’s mouth, but Su Tao was a stubborn fellow, and Qiao Dehao suddenly felt powerless. Qiao Dehao briefly considered that this matter couldn’t be exposed, and thus, he could only try to outsmart him. With a low voice, he said, “Help me come in contact with Su Tao and see what he wants.”

With her brows knitted, Lu Xiyuan faintly replied, “President Qiao, I’m afraid that it’s not part of my job, right?”

Sweeping a glance at Lu Xiyuan unhappily, Qiao Dehao replied, “We’re tied together now! If I fall, all your hard work in Jianghuai Hospital will also be reduced to ashes, so think clearly before making a decision!”

Lu Xiyuan did not expect Qiao Dehao’s face to change so quickly, since he was still talking nonsense in the toilet just a moment ago, and in the blink of an eye, he had turned to be so oppressive. She was a person good at decoding facial expressions, and thus, she knew that what Qiao Dehao said wasn’t wrong. She truly couldn’t escape, so she took a deep breath and tapped her finger on Qiao Dehao’s forehead with a helpless sigh. “Forget it, I’ll sacrifice my charm a little and make a honey trap to seduce him. How about it?”

Qiao Dehao swept his gaze over Lu Xiyuan, he knew that she was a woman that would even betray her own conscience for money. Lowering his voice, he promised, “If you can help me deal with Su Tao, I will not ask for any compensation from the new batch of medicines. Consider it all the fee of your service.”

“That’s a promise, then!” Lu Xiyuan did not expect Qiao Dehao to be so generous. With a rough calculation, the compensation was at least a few hundred thousand! There was definitely bound to be courageous people under money, and seeing that there wasn’t anyone around, Lu Xiyuan moved closer and gave a peck on Qiao Dehao’s cheek.

Qiao Dehao immediately took a tissue and wiped the lipstick away as he sourly pinched her butt. “You vixen, this is all your fault!”

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