Chapter 108 - There’s Someone Next Door!

Chapter 108 - There’s Someone Next Door!

That woman bore a remarkable resemblance to Lu Shimiao. She had a ‘V’ shaped face with tan skin. She wasn’t as delicate and natural as Lu Shimiao, and her hair had been tied into a bun, revealing her exquisite ears, and wore some flirtatious lipstick. There was a charm in her eyes that made her look more innocent than Lu Shimiao. This woman looked like a flirty fox.

Su Tao instantly linked it to the video that Qiao Bo had sent, and under confirmation, it might actually be this woman!

The woman was looking at Su Tao with a smile before she stretched her hand out and introduced, “Nice to meet you, Physician Su. I am the Sales Director of Cambell Pharmaceutical Company, Lu Xiyuan.”

It wasn’t surprising that she could recognise him, since Su Tao was now a famous doctor in Jianghuai Hospital. Although he didn’t take charge in any consultations, he had a good reputation and had successfully made a name for himself in Hanzhou’s medical industry. In addition to his victory in the Physician King Tournament, he already had a lot of fans now.

Su Tao knew that Lu Xiyuan must have a complicated relationship with Qiao Dehao, so he maintained his guard while shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you, Director Lu. I still have some matters to deal with, so I’ll take my leave now.”

He entered the lift while seeing Lu Xiyuan stroll towards Qiao Dehao’s office. In that instant, he could hear Lu Xiyuan greet Qiao Dehao in a pampered manner before the lift closed.

After some brief thoughts, he still couldn’t hold back and called Lu Shimiao. Since that event, the two of them had not contacted each other and maintained a distance, since the two of them were still thinking about how they should deal with each other.

Lu Shimiao was dazed when she saw the phone rang a few times before she finally picked it up. “What is it?”

On the other side, Su Tao’s voice sounded in a hurry as he asked, “Are you in the hospital?”

“I am.” Lu Shimiao answered after a brief moment of hesitation.

“Quick, head to the President’s office. I’ll wait for you in the lift.” Su Tao immediately hung the call after speaking.

When she walked out of the lift, she was immediately grabbed by the hand and dragged to the wall. Just when she wanted to speak, her mouth was sealed and she heard a familiar voice. “It’s me!”

Lu Shimiao felt the heat on her back, so she hurriedly struggled free before sourly glaring at Su Tao. “What are you doing? Why are you acting like a thief!”

Su Tao took a few glances at Lu Shimiao. This young married woman had become ampler from the few days of not seeing her. Her hair was tied into a ponytail. Leaving a small scoop of fringe that covered half of her forehead. Her tender eyes, fair and charming face, her pointy nose and her rosy lips all contained charm.

The two of them briefly exchanged a glance before Lu Shimiao immediately turned her head away and Su Tao sourly dragged her head back by her chin. However, this chick’s neck seemed pretty powerful and Su Tao was afraid of hurting her. Thus, he did not dare to use too much force. As the two of them struggled for a while, a commotion finally came from the President’s office and Lu Xiyuan waved, “I’ll make a trip to the washroom, wait for me!”

Su Tao immediately poked Lu Shimiao’s waist and she asked with her brows knitted, “Why are you poking me?”

“Why don’t you have any rapport?” Su Tao nudged his lips in the direction of the toilet. “Follow and see what she’s doing!”

“Are you a pervert?!” Lu Shimiao’s face blushed. She did not expect Su Tao to ask her to follow someone into the female toilet.

Su Tao was instantly speechless. “Isn’t this all for you? Aren’t you curious why Qiao Bo would have that video on you? She should be the actress in that role, and we can take this opportunity to investigate it!”

Lu Shimiao sighed, although she felt that this was a little inappropriate, she still bucked up her courage and followed. There wasn’t much difference between the ladies and gents, it just lacked the urinal in comparison, with two additional cubicles. Before Lu Shimiao entered, she had already heard Lu Xiyuan complain to herself, “Damned old lecher for not wearing any condom. Wearing this is way too troublesome!”

As a married woman, Lu Shimiao naturally knew what Lu Xiyuan was wearing. For contraception, women could choose to wear a female condom, since it was somewhat similar to an inverted male condom. It had a ring on the top and bottom to set in position. Although Lu Xiyuan used this often, it’s still troublesome to be wearing it.

Pinching her nose, Lu Shimiao slowly squeezed towards the rubbish bin, where a stench mixed with steriliser stimulated her nose. She cursed Su Tao a hundred times in her heart, and why did he ask her to do such stuff?

It practically made no sense for a gorgeous and young hospital Bella to be hiding in the toilet to eavesdrop.

When Lu Xiyuan wore it, her phone suddenly rang and she fished it out, then cursed before picking up the phone, “Hello? I’m already in the Jianghuai Hospital. That old fellow’s gut grew fat after going from Second-in-Command to First-in-Command. He wants to play in the office, and I was also caught unexpected, so I immediately rushed to the washroom to have the protection done.”

When Lu Shimiao heard it till there, she immediately fished out her phone and started an audio recording. Although Lu Xiyuan wasn’t speaking in a loud voice, Lu Shimiao could still record whatever she said.

“The cost of the new medication is ¥300,000, and that old fellow actually wants a profit of 50%… Aside from this, he also wants to increase the percentage he takes in other medicine by 5%!” Qiao Dehao’s greed had also angered Lu Xiyuan, so she spoke extremely quickly and constantly blamed Qiao Dehao.

Lu Shimiao initially only wanted to try her luck, and never expected to really find something. Thus, her hand which was holding onto the phone slightly trembled.

She didn’t have any experience in this sort of matter. When she realised that the door wasn’t locked, she fell into a dilemma and feared that Lu Xiyuan might hear it. Suddenly, she heard urgent footsteps coming from the door, and a voice resounded, “Sweetheart, where are you?”

That voice actually belonged to Qiao Dehao! It sounded vulgar, shameless and perverted!

Lu Shimiao had instantly became afraid that Qiao Dehao would charge into the cubicle that she was in, and the awkward situation, while cursing Su Tao a hundred times in her heart.

Lu Xiyuan reacted swiftly. She immediately hung up the phone and sourly said, “Why are you here?”

Qiao Dehao chuckled, “Because I can’t bear it any longer, so I rushed over to look for you!”

As he spoke, he moved his hand that was on the cubicle that Lu Shimiao was in and pushed it towards Lu Xiyuan’s cubicle and knocked.

“How impatient!” Lu Xiyuan unhappily cursed before she unlocked the door and Qiao Dehao’s plump body squeezed in and carried her before leaning against the wall.

“Aren’t you afraid that someone might come?” Although Lu Xiyuan was a little unhappy with Qiao Dehao’s rough actions, she had no choice but to bear it. After all, Qiao Dehao was someone who gave her good results every year, and with Qiao Dehao in power, Lu Xiyuan was still thinking of expanding her achievements.

Qiao Dehao chuckled, “There aren’t any females working on this floor, so this washroom is specially reserved for you, so why are you afraid?”

Seeing Qiao Dehao’s lips coming over, she bore it and stuck her tongue out and the two of them engaged in a french kiss. Lu Xiyuan grabbed onto Qiao Dehao’s lifeline as she warned, “Don’t be anxious; we have to clearly talk it out before you can enjoy the VIP treatment.”

Qiao Dehao was briefly stunned before said in a little resentful tone, “Sweetheart, we have worked together for so long already. Are you afraid that I will act dumb?”

With a chuckle, Lu Xiyuan’s finger tapped on Qiao Dehao’s lower abdomen. “Can’t help it, since I have been cheated many times. So it’s my habit to be cautious!”

Helplessly knitting his brows, Qiao Dehao said in a stern voice, “Rest assured. I know your ability. Last time when the new medications did not go through Di Shiyuan’s audit, didn’t you send the video to my son? Till today, my son thinks that you’re his wife!”

“Lu Shimiao and I indeed share some resemblance, this was an accident! But it also wasn’t once that you called her name while you’re with me. As a father-in-law, you’re truly a pervert!” Lu Xiyyuan chuckled, “No matter what, you have to give me a promise, or you can dream on having your wish!”

At this moment, lust has already blazed Qiao Dehao’s body, so he replied, “I can promise you, but we still have to deal with it a little, right?”

Lu Xiyuan blinked before she took out a few papers and a pen with a pleased smile. “I have brought the contract with me, you can sign it now, and I will serve you immediately!”

Qiao Dehao was speechless, since this was the first time that he was signing a contract in the female toilet.

While Lu Shimiao was eavesdropping in the cubicle next door, she was dazed. Who could have imagined that Qiao Dehao, who had always been dignified, would be so perverted?

At the same time, the truth of the video was also revealed. It was actually something that Lu Xiyuan used to threaten Qiao Dehao and sent it to Qiao Bo through a unique method.

After Qiao Dehao signed the contract, lecherous voices resounded from the cubicle next door that could make anyone’s face turn red. There were several times that Lu Shimiao couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to leave. However, she still bore it in the end when she thought of the responsibilities that were on her shoulders and continued to record it quietly.

Suddenly, the door was slowly pushed open and a silhouette entered. Lu Shimiao had widened her eyes. She did not expect that Su Tao would follow him. The two of them exchanged a gaze in rapport and Lu Shimiao gently took half a step out. Despite being careful, it still caused some noise.

Suddenly, the actions next door stopped and Qiao Dehao knitted his brows before cautiously asked, “Is there someone next door?”

“What? Are you gutless now? Then get lost from me right now!” Lu Xiyuan was being pressed against the wall by Qiao Dehao. She felt her waist being sore before and only wanted Qiao Dehao to finish this as soon as possible!

Gently biting her bosom, Qiao Dehao chuckled, “You want to skimp after getting the benefits? Impossible! I’m thinking of letting you crawl out of Jianghuai Hospital today!”

Lu Xiyuan flung her hair as she laughed, “Somebody! Somebody!”

Being in the cubicle next door, Su Tao and Lu Shimiao awkwardly smiled. This event today was fascinating enough!

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