Chapter 107 - A cheap in the world

Chapter 107 - A cheap in the world

There’s a form of cheap in the world, and it’s the earnest cheap. Su Tao wore a serious expression, even when he's trying to instigate Cai Yan to plot after the fortune of someone else that gave off an undeniable holy halo. It’s mainly because it’s money being sent right up to the door. A man could occasionally be foolish, but they must be smart in the face of serious matters and know how to grasp the opportunity.

If they grasped it well, then a bicycle would be turned into a yacht and live happily ever after.

Cai Yan smiled, since this was the Su Tao she knew. Sometimes, he’s so cheap that you would want to slap him, but at the same time, you couldn’t bear to do so, and he could always brighten the mood of a person.

Cai Yan asked, “Have you never thought before that since the money doesn’t belong to you, it will be a burning potato if you to take it?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “An ordinary man isn’t guilty, but a wealthy man is guilty. Everyone that wants to be rich must bear the pressure, unless you only intend to live a normal life.”

Raising her rosy lips, Cai Yan knitted her brows. “I naturally want to be rich, but shouldn’t I earn it through my own hard work?”

Looking at it directly, Cai Yan’s thinking was very positive and subjective. However, Su Tao had to patiently educate her the reality of this world, “99% of every successful entrepreneur is guilty in their first bucket of gold. As long as it’s a sudden huge profit, then it must have been gotten through a dishonest manner. As for the Three Flavour Cosmetics International Limited, it was because the funds are coming from Yan Jing and Vera. If you think about it carefully, I don’t have a completely clear conscience, either.”

Cai Yan had indeed started to hesitate at this moment, so she asked, “You hope that I can inherit Mrs. She’s fortune?”

Shaking his head, Su Tao sighed, “Since she placed you in the most important position before her death, I suggest that you try and come in contact with her. Looking at it from the angle of a doctor taking pity, I wish that you can visit her more often, make some good food for her and say something interesting to make her happy. But you mustn’t make it so clear that you’re after her assets.”

Cai Yan rolled her eyes as she helplessly said, “You’re asking me to con her fortune!”

Widening his eyes, Su Tao felt that this doll wasn’t so easy to brainwash. He spread his hands out and frankly said, “Indeed, I’m asking you to con her fortune. With the Nie Family’s demise, most of their assets have gone to Mrs. She. So at this moment, she’s filthy rich, even compared to before her death! Right now, it’s the best opportunity for you to come in contact with Mrs. She and benefit from it. Riches are just within your reach!”

A smile appeared on Cai Yan’s lips. “Although it’s hard to make the turn, I am a kindhearted woman. So out of humanitarian spirit, I will take good care of her during this period.”

Su Tao was slightly stunned. Cai Yan was indeed, a smart woman. An intelligent woman could always distinguish the situation clearly. She, who was just at a loss a moment ago had figured out how to deal with this matter.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was from Qiao Dehao’s secretary. Di Shiyuan had already left the Jianghuai Hospital for the City Health Bureau, so Qiao Dehao had also been promoted to be the Jianghuai Hospital’s President and also held another post as the Secretary of the Regional Party.

The Secretary’s words were friendly, since it was no longer the same as the past. Su Tao had just obtained the Physician King’s title while representing the Jianghuai Hospital. Thus, Qiao Dehao had also received a reward from the leader in the Provisional Health Ministry, and they’re also preparing a sum of money to upgrade the TCM Department’s facilities in the Jianghuai Hospital.

Although Qiao Dehao had many dissatisfactions with Su Tao, he could only swallow his anger to wait for the funds from the Provisional Health Ministry before planning on how to kick Su Tao out of the Jianghuai Hospital.

Qiao Dehao had arranged a bigger office for himself, since Di Shiyuan’s office was too small. Thus, it was immediately abandoned and was used as a storeroom. Qiao Dehao had linked two rooms together and even renovated it. The furniture in the office was all brand new, with a wide bookcase on the east side of the room, filled with new hard-covered books. Evidently, they weren’t read and were only used as a decoration.

Strolling into the office, Qiao Dehao was standing beside the small desk with a brush and a superior-quality paper beneath it, wiring with the demeanor of a literary master.

Su Tao knocked onto the door, but Qiao Dehao did not raise his head. He waited till he finished the last word before he placed the brush down and cast a glance at Su Tao. “You’re here, Xiao Su!”

There were four words on the paper, ‘The Doctor’s Miraculous Hands’. They were written nearly with strength behind every brush. Qiao Dehao actually had the time and mood to be practicing his calligraphy here; it was completely different from Di Shiyuan, who had always been busy.

Su Tao knew that Qiao Dehao had purposely let him wait, and if he raged, it would go against the latter’s wishes. With a gentle smile, Su Tao replied, “I have actually been waiting here for a long time. It’s just that Secretary Qiao has been so focused on your calligraphy that you did not notice me!”

Qiao Dehao was extremely sensitive with the title ‘Secretary’ and had ordered others time and time again to address him as President Qiao. However, he couldn’t have such high requirements for Su Tao and was satisfied since the latter could talk to him in this manner. He was surprised that Su Tao’s tone had instantly changed, so he coughed, “I have two things by calling you here. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the hospital for obtaining the Physician King’s title, and because of this, the hospital is planning to increase the investment to upgrade the TCM Department. Not only are we going to refurnish the salary and treatment of the physicians, but the office will also be upgraded. We’re preparing to construct a TCM Building!”

“Secondly, once the TCM Building is done, I hope that you can divert all your attention into the hospital to set a model example and develop the TCM Department into the star department of the hospital.”

Qiao Dehao’s words could be considered giving honey and a wooden club after that. The meaning behind his words was clear, he wanted Su Tao to develop in the hospital, and he would provide better conditions to the latter than Di Shiyuan on the prerequisite that Su Tao must be loyal to him!

“I understand! If there’s nothing, then I’ll take my leave now.” Su Tao said with indifference.

Qiao Dehao knitted his brows as Su Tao’s reaction had left him astonished as this was a multiple-choice question. So Su Tao had to answer before he left and Qiao Dehao pressed on the matter with his brows knitted. “Xiao Su, President Di has been promoted, and a wise man submits to circumstances. You’re a talent, and I have my ambitions and goals. If the two of us work together, you can obtain everything you want. According to my plan, I will be able to promote you to be the Vice-President, how about that?”

Seeing that Qiao Dehao even gave out promises, Su Tao sighed, “Firstly, I’m not interested if the Jianghuai Hospital is building a TCM Building. Secondly, I will not give up on the Three Flavour Hall, and if you think that my attention is diverted, you can fire me from the Jianghuai Hospital. Thirdly, I’m really not interested in the Vice-President position, so if you want to tempt me, perhaps you can offer me the President position!”

“You!” Qiao Dehao’s fuse finally blew when he realised that he had been terribly wrong. Su Tao didn’t take either the soft or hard method and was incredibly stubborn. Qiao Dehao continued to say, “Su Tao, please remember your current status. I am the President of the Jianghuai Hospital, and you’re a doctor of the Jianghuai Hospital. You have to obey my orders!”

Su Tao sighed as he helplessly smiled. “If you think that I’m irksome, then you can fire me as you wish!”

Qiao Dehao’s face was awkward, since he had encountered a cactus like Su Tao. At this point, he really couldn’t fire Su Tao, since he still needs Su Tao’s name to receive the funds from the Provisional Health Ministry. If the TCM Building was built, not only could he fish a sum of commission from the project, it might even become one of his primary achievements a few years later.

Qiao Dehao took a deep breath before he suppressed all his emotions. “Su Tao, I am sincerely trying to make our relationship better. Since your attitude is so bad, then I’ll just say it frankly. I can give you all the policies that Di Shiyuan has given you, but you must coordinate with the hospital and perform well!”

Su Tao understood the meaning behind Qiao Dehao’s words. The hospital wanted to obtain the funds from the Provisional Health Ministry, and Su Tao was a crucial factor in this equation. Occasionally, the matters on the surface still had to be dealt with.

With an expression of disdain, Su Tao replied, “I can coordinate with the work in the Jianghuai Hospital, but that is to fulfill President Di’s wish. As for the TCM Building, it is to benefit the residents of Hanzhou. But I have to remind you not to be too greedy, and if there’s any flaw in the building, you will receive your punishment!”

When he finished his words, Su Tao had immediately left Qiao Dehao’s office.

Su Tao also couldn’t be bothered to put up an act while facing such a cunning person like Qiao Dehao, so why not just lay his cards on the table?

After Su Tao left, Qiao Dehao walked to the desk and tore the calligraphy that he had just written into pieces. Today, he was initially planning to make a concession to get Su Tao to face reality and compromise with him, before gifting this calligraphy to him. This way, their relationship would smooth out, but he never expected Su Tao to be so stubborn and not give him any face!

Right now, Qiao Dehao was helpless against Su Tao. If Su Tao did not have the Physician King’s title, then he would have tons of ways to frame Su Tao. However, Su Tao was now enveloped in a halo, and more importantly, he had attracted the intention of the Provisional Health Ministry. They even wanted to absorb him into the Government Healthcare Division’s Specialist Team!

If Su Tao passed the screening of the Government Healthcare Division, it would be undoubtedly a leap into the sky. After all, the Specialist Team was something that all hospitals were fighting over.

Even if he had become the President of the Jianghuai Hospital as he wished, Qiao Dehao was actually helpless against a doctor under him, which made him feel terrible.

In that instant, when Su Tao walked into the lift, he was stunned when he raised his head to see. It was a woman with a gentle expression. He nearly mistaken her for someone else!

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