Chapter 106 - Mrs. She’s Will

Chapter 106 - Mrs. She’s Will

When two people interacted for a long time, they would start to neglect each other’s appearance. Because of their familiarity, their shortcomings would be concealed and slowly turned into tolerance.

So, as they got closer, Cai Yan’s merits would be amplified. Perhaps in the eyes of others, her appearance wasn’t as exquisite as Yan Jing, nor was her bearing as abstruse as Lu Shimiao, or was her figure as hot as Vera’s. But in Su Tao’s eyes, Cai Yan was perfect by her own, unique by her own.

Regardless of merits or shortcomings, she was who she was, her emotions, her tantrum. That’s how she was. She’s ordinary, yet uncommon. She would occasionally cause him headaches, sometimes cause him to be happy, as well as pitiful. He had subconsciously started to worry about her, and it was such a woman that made Su Tao feel satisfied.

Cai Yan pushed Su Tao away when she had sensed that she had lost control and took two steps back. Wiping the tears off the corner of her eyes, she asked in doubt, “Who wants to see me?”

“Mrs. She.” Su Tao responded lightly. She knew that Cai Yan and Mrs. She had a complicated relationship; it was due to the ghost marriage that linked the two of them as Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law.

“Her?” Cai Yan’s eyes flashed with a hint of complexity as she replied, “I have nothing to say to her!”

Cai Yan had no idea what happened during the Physician King Tournament. Thus, Su Tao took a deep breath as he explained to her how the Nie Family got destroyed and the role she played in it, which made Cai Yan remain silent for a long time after hearing the story.

Although she appeared to be strong on the surface, she was actually soft-hearted inside, so she lowered her voice. “I never thought that she’s also a pitiful woman.”

Su Tao nodded his head with a smile. “So you’re willing to see her now?”

“That’s because you want me to see her!” Cai Yan helplessly sighed.

Sometimes, a woman could be silly, but when they turned smart, their intelligence was a thousand times that of a man. Su Tao hoped that Cai Yan could see Mrs. She because he felt that there might be an interesting chemical reaction between the two ladies.

Although the arsenic poisoning in Mrs. She’s body had been cleared, she had gotten herself into a mixture of drugs as she feigned civility with Xu Tiande. Thus, trying to remove the poison would require some trouble. Because she trusted Su Tao’s medical skills, she had transferred to the Jianghuai TCM Hospital to start clearing the poison in her body.

TCM had a long history of kicking a drug habit. Back in the 18th century, China already had a complete theory on kicking a drug habit.

In the 18th century, the drug prohibiting hero, Lin Zexu had used the Opium Abducating Pellet, Sore Relieving Pellet, and Nurturing Pellet. By 1930s, there was even the Datura Abducating Pellet.

Even when western medicine was proven to be ineffective, TCM already had deep research in terms of kicking a drug habit in seeking to kick a drug habit and the detoxifying method.

However, Mrs. She’s current body state wasn’t suitable to start the full treatment, so Su Tao could only resort to nurturing means to improve her physique.

After his acupuncture, it could guarantee that the addiction wouldn’t break out within three days, so he smiled. “Mrs. She, I have brought the person whom you wish to see.”

The reason why drugs could cause excitement in humans was mainly due to their effects in stimulating the central nervous system. Although western medicine had means to restrain it, it’s practically the same as using poison against poison. So there would be many side effects after so many medications stimulated the weakened central nervous system. Thus, many biologists have also been researching the properties of TCM herbs to seek a breakthrough.

Hearing that Cai Yan had come, Mrs. She’s haggard gaze beamed as she sputtered, “Quick, invite her in.”

Su Tao walked out of the room in a jiffy, and Cai Yan entered. She’s holding onto a basket of fruits and carefully placed it by the side of the bed.

Mrs. She looked at how uncomfortable Cai Yan was and smiled, “Please, have a seat!”

Cai Yan nodded before she sat down, holding onto her skirt, and started to peel an apple with the fruit knife by the side.

Seeing Cai Yan’s head hung low, and her black glistering hair draped over her shoulders, Mrs. She felt a sudden familiarity for some reason, so she lightly smiled. “You must be surprised that I wanted to see you.”

Cai Yan’s attention was on the fruit knife as she skillfully peeled the apple without any flesh attached on the skin. “I’m indeed, surprised since we’re not familiar with each other.”

Shaking her head, Mrs. She said after a brief silence, “Although we’re not familiar, I have always been paying attention to you.”

Cai Yan was briefly stunned before she slowly raised her head with rage in her eyes. “You must be scheming how to torture me.”

Mrs. She went into a brief silence before said, “You have misunderstood. Actually, I do not wish for any harm to come upon you! The event behind the Emerald Jade Brook was mainly because Nie Haitian’s killing intent was stirred. That time, when we met, the reason why I was so tough on you was all an act!”

“An act? If it wasn’t for Su Tao, my dad would have been murdered by you guys!” Cai Yan sighed as she shook her head.

Mrs. She coughed. She wasn’t surprised by Cai Yan’s reaction and calmed down. “Actually, I had a card hidden behind, and I would not allow your father to die. But it was out of my expectations for Nie Yaozong to return. Regardless if you believe me, I have no hostility towards you.”

When she finished her words, Mrs. She took out a kraft envelope and handed it over to Cai Yan.

Cai Yan placed the apple that was half peeled down and wiped her hands before taking the papers out from the envelope, and soon after, her eyes flashed with disbelief. “This is?”

“My will!” Mrs. She lightly nodded her head with a gentle gaze. Before she fell out with Nie Haitian completely, she already had it all mapped out, and this will was one of the vital arrangements. Naturally, it was now ineffective with her recovery.

Shoving the papers back, Cai Yan was puzzled. “Why are you giving me all your assets?”

Mrs. She looked at the ceiling and bitterly smiled. “I also couldn’t understand my own way of thinking. You’re the wife of my son, although he has already died, I feel that everything that belongs to me should go to him, and you’re his only concern in the world.”

With a complicated smile, Cai Yan responded, “It is indeed hard for me to understand, since you could leave all your fortune to your other relatives. Although your son and I are related through a ghost marriage, we have never spent a day of our married life together, not to mention any feelings nor family. He’s merely a stranger to me.”

Mrs. She muttered to herself, “Relatives? They’re already gone!”

Looking at Mrs. She’s desolate eyes, Cai Yan suddenly felt pitiful as she recalled their first encounter. She was covered in glittering gems with a great bearing. Yet, her face was haggard, her skin was loose, and her hair was all in a mess now. She looked no different from a sick middle-aged woman, which Cai Yan instantly felt that Mrs. She had been turned into an ordinary woman. She did not speak, but chose to continue to peel the apple, cut it into pieces and arranged them on the bowl along with toothpicks. “I will come to revisit you!”

Looking at Cai Yan’s departure, Mrs. She’s eyes flashed with complicated flickers, since she never expected that Cai Yan would choose to ignore her completely.

Very quickly, Su Tao had returned to the room and guessed everything from Mrs. She’s disappointed expression. “Your decision is shocking, so it is understandable for Cai Yan’s choice.”

The reason why Cai Yan refused was there were no free lunches in the world, and there wouldn’t be something like a pie falling from the sky for her. Furthermore, she had maintained her cautious towards Mrs. She at all times, fearing that she would be used after looking at Cai Zhongpu’s circumstances.

With a slight smile, Mrs. She felt heavily relieved. “Indeed, if she had straightforwardly accepted my heavy gifts, I would feel regret instead. On the contrary, her current reaction makes me feel gratified and also firmed my confidence.”

Seeing that Mrs. She tried to sit up with some difficulty, Su Tao walked over and supported her.

Picking up a slice of apple with the toothpick, Mrs. She felt that her dry throat was feeling more comfortable and she slowly said, “I haven’t had the chance to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I would be dead by now. Actually, it would be a good thing for me to die, since I would no longer have anything to be concerned about.”

Su Tao guessed that Mrs. She must be in low spirits right now, since she lived with hatred, similar to Yan Jing. But right now, Yan Jing already had someone to care about, Hua Yan. On the contrary, Mrs. She had lost her meaning in life, so she felt at a loss, and a psychological issue was hard for a doctor to interfere with. He could only try and guide her to comprehend herself.

Mrs. She’s physical state was still exceedingly terrible, and despite his brilliant medical skills, it’s hard for her to leap and frisk about instantly, especially after taking the mixed drug that Xu Tiande had created himself. That drug was exceptionally overbearing and significantly damaged the human body, so she required a long time to recuperate and treatment via food.

Treatment via food was one of the common methods in TCM. Sometimes, there wasn’t a need to use TCM herbs, but a proper meal for a long time to nurture the body slowly.

Walking out of the room, Su Tao saw Cai Yan sitting in the rest area with a complicated expression. When he walked over, he saw Cai Yan laughing to herself, “Honestly speaking, I had an urge to promise her earlier.”

Su Tao analysed, “Everyone has greed in them, it’s normal for you to waver. However, since you have chosen to refuse, that means that you still have your rationale!”

Casting a glance at Su Tao, Cai Yan asked in doubt, “You don’t agree that I should take her fortune?”

Su Tao faintly smiled. “At least not at the moment. I suggest that you should have contact with her more often. When the two of you are close, and no longer unfamiliar, perhaps this will change.”

Rubbing her temples, Cai Yan sighed, “You seem to be in approval of me receiving her inheritance!”

Su Tao sourly rolled his eyes. This lady was so pure that she’s stupid. He had also seen Mrs. She’s will before, and as her doctor, he knew the reality of that inheritance. Because if Mrs. She did not encounter him; she would surely be dead by now. So when a person was about to die, their words would be benevolent. No matter how vicious Mrs. She was, there was no falsehoods in her will!

With a deadpan expression, Su Tao said, “If you refused free money, then you are stupid.”

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